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FarmVille Mystical Groves: Halloween Neighbor Gifting Event

Thu ,12/09/2013

FarmVille Celebrate Halloween

FarmVille Celebrate Halloween

The new FarmVille Mystical Groves farm will have its very own special neighbor friendship offers.

This is a preview of the Mystical Groves’ “Celebrate Halloween” friendship offer where you will be able to send your friends an exclusive gift and be rewarded with your own unique prize for your kindness.

You will be able to send your friends a Skeleton Stallion and for every stallion you send, you will receive a free Phantom Pegasus for yourself.

These friendship offers require you to use Farm Cash to send the gift to a friend and are entirely optional.

Are you interested in participating in this (still unreleased) FarmVille Mystical Groves Halloween friendship offer?

FarmVille Skeleton Stallion (Send)

FarmVille Phantom Pegasus (Receive


FarmVille Cow Coin Giftable

Tue ,12/06/2012

FarmVille Cow Coin

There is currently a Cow Coin in the free Giftables that you can access through FarmVille’s Free Gifts Page!

FarmVille Cow Coin Giftable

FarmVille Gifts Farmers with Free Combine

Mon ,14/05/2012

FarmVille Free Combine Pop-up Notice

As you can see in the pop-up notice above, many FarmVille Freaks are reporting that they’ve been gifted a free Combine tractor from FarmVille for being a diligent farmer!

As you already know, FarmVille Combines are all-in-one vehicles that can plow, plant, and harvest your crops simultaneously. Combines can be purchased completed with Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market or without using Farm Cash you can purchase just the Combine frame (for Farm Coins) and collect Vehicle parts for your Combine with friend help.

If you’ve been gifted a free Combine from FarmVille, find it in your FarmVille Gift Box.

Did you receive a free Combine from FarmVille? Take the poll below. 


FarmVille Daily Fuel Emails Notice

Fri ,11/05/2012

FarmVille Sign Up Email Notice

For those of you FarmVille Freaks that signed up and allowed Zynga to email you, you’ve been treated to free FarmVille Fuel and the Daily Fuel Email is here to stay.

FarmVille announced via in-game FarmVille pop-ups that the Daily Fuel Email has become a permanent feature. If you don’t participate in this feature it’s not too late to sign up and of course FarmVille gives you another opportunity to take care of that in the same pop-up (or decline).

FarmVille Email Sign Up Okay

Do you participate in FarmVille’s Daily Fuel Email program?

FarmVille & Dish Network Offering Hopper for Free on FarmVille Gifting Page!

Thu ,12/04/2012

FarmVille Hopper from DISH

FarmVille has teamed up with Dish Newtwork and are offering their Hopper mascot in its FarmVille virtualness as a free giftable.

You can send and receive Hopper from Dish for free via the FarmVille Gifting Page during the next 7 days.

FarmVille Hopper from DISH Giftable

Hopper is a decorative animal. In other words he cannot be harvested for Farm Coins.

If you only need one Hopper for your farm, you can sell the rest for 6,000 Farm Coins per Hopper.

Will you be sending your FarmVille friends a free Hopper? 

FarmVille In Game Promotion: Zynga Slingo & 3 Free Mystery Game Darts

Fri ,16/03/2012

FarmVille Slingo Billboard

Zynga’s new game Slingo is offering 3 free Mystery Darts to FarmVille players who play Slingo and get at least 30 Medals.

Similar to other Zynga game cross-promotions, you will be rewarded with 3 free Mystery Darts to use in FarmVille after achieving the 30 Medal count in Slingo.

This offer can be found as a “billboard” advertisement on the outskirts of your farm, usually on the bottom.

FarmVille Slingo Promotion Notice

Will you try out this game for the free darts?


FarmVille 2011 Holiday Gift Now Giftable

Wed ,07/12/2011

FarmVille 2011 Holiday Gift

Looks like FarmVille is gearing up for the release of the FarmVille Holiday Tree!

Holiday Gifts can now be found on the FarmVille Gifting Page. You can start sending and receiving these free gifts with your FarmVille neighbors and stock up before the official release of the Holiday Tree.

FarmVille 2011 Holiday Gift

The Holiday Gifts will work with the soon-to-be released Holiday Tree, where you will fill your tree with presents similar to other FarmVille collection events.

On a side note, we would like to remind you that is a fan site dedicated to FarmVille and FarmVille players. We are here to help you! We are NOT FarmVille or Zynga, therefore it is not our decision to control naming rights to in-game items such as calling the Holiday Tree as opposed to Christmas Tree. Thanks!

Have you started sending Holiday Gifts yet? 

FarmVille CastleVille Instant Grow & Unwither Promotion

Tue ,06/12/2011


FarmVille CastleVille Instant Grow

FarmVille CastleVille Unwither


FarmVille CastleVille Unwither & Instant Grow

In a new cross-promotion between FarmVille and CastleVille there are even more freebies to score for trying out CastleVille.

Along with the previous offer of 5 FarmVille Instant Grows when you level up to Level 5 in CastleVille, they’ve also thrown in 10 FarmVille Unwithers when you level up to Level 10 in CastleVille.

When you attain the required level in CastleVille, you can find the FarmVille goodies in your FarmVille Gift Box. Prizes will not be granted until December 19th 2011.

From time to time, Zynga offers these cross-promotions as an incentive for FarmVille players to play one of their other Zynga games.

Will you play CastleVille to get these free FarmVille rewards?

FarmVille Valentines Countdown Day 6: Caramel Bear

Mon ,14/02/2011

FarmVille Caramel Bear

We are now at Day 6 of the Valentine’s Day Countdown! Tonight’s item is the Caramel Bear.

You all know that you can get these items by asking one from your neighbors, for which you can publish a feed on Facebook.

FarmVille Caramel Bear

Those farmers that participate and collect all 12 days of the FarmVille Valentines Countdown will receive a special bonus prize of the Purple Heart Cow.

To see a spoiler of all the prizes in the Countdown and also a sneak peek at the the Purple Valentines Cow, see the FarmVille Freak Valentines Countdown Revealed post by clicking  here.

FarmVille Holiday Tree Returns as a Limited Time Giftable!

Sun ,23/01/2011

FarmVille Holiday Tree

Most of you may remember this cool Holiday Tree that gave many farmers quite some trouble! The Holiday Tree was only available through, and players had a lot of issues accepting, and hence getting this tree to their farms!

Now, for a limited time only, this tree is available through FarmVille on Facebook! It is available on the Free Gifts page.

FarmVille Holiday Tree Giftable

The Holiday Tree is not only a harvestable tree, but can also be mastered!

Holiday Tree

  • Level 1 – 75
  • Level 2 – 150
  • Level 3 – 225

Have you gifted this tree to your neighbors yet?

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