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FarmVille Glitch Alert: Grow Pink Hollyhock Bulb, Share Orange Tangerine Spotted Turtle

Thu ,30/08/2012

FarmVille Orange Tangerine Spotted Turtle

FarmVille Freaks are getting a Turtle surprise after clicking on Pink Hollyhock shares.

In a new glitch, shares of the Pink Hollyhock Bloom flower are giving Orange Tangerine Spotted Turtles! Could FarmVille be getting glitchy in anticipation of the release of the new and upcoming Turtle Breeding Pen?

If you missed the scoop on the Turtle Breeding Pen, get the scoop here.

FarmVille Pink Hollyhock Wall Share

FarmVille Orange Tangerine Spotted Turtle Gift Recieved Instead

Have you experienced this glitch for yourself? 

FarmVille Limited Time “Offer”: 100 Farm Cash for Camargue Stallion

Tue ,24/07/2012

FarmVille 100 Farm Cash Camargue Stallion Offer

In what may be FarmVille’s worst deal ever, the Camargue Stallion makes an appearance as a “Limited Time Offer” at the whopping price of 100 Farm Cash. That’s not a discount at all, as it’s usual price is just 26 Farm Cash so you would be spending 74FV$ more Farm Cash than what he’s worth.

We suspect that this was an error on FarmVille’s part, but we still wanted to let you click-happy FarmVille Freaks searching for a bargain know! What happens to those of you that may have clicked and unknowingly purchased this horse at an outrageous price? I’m sure that FarmVille will give you a refund, but who wants to go through the hassle?

FarmVille Limited Time “Offer” (July 24, 2012)

  • FarmVille Camargue Stallion (Re-released) – 100 Farm Cash

FarmVille 100 Farm Cash Camargue Stallion

FarmVille Known Issue: Shares Not Working

Wed ,16/05/2012

FarmVille sent out a blast to all farmers in that dreaded yellow box above our in-game FarmVille play area letting us know that many users are experiencing problems posting shares to their Facebook News Feed.

Of course it’s hard to complete quests and other FarmVille tasks without being able to post shares so this is quite annoying and problematic. But there is a glimmer of hope, a workaround that may work for you is that you can add text to your share which should allow you to post it to your feed. You know, add words to the “say something about this” area which for now should fix the problem for most players.

Zynga is aware of the problem and working on a solution.

Says the yellow box:

“Howdy Farmers! We are currently experiencing an issue with not being able to post feeds and are investigating a fix. Thank you for your patience on this issue. You can currently work around this issue by adding text to your feed and the share button will work again.”

Have you experienced a problem posting a FarmVille share to your Facebook News Feed?

FarmVille Known Issue 05/15/12: Missing Items from Storage

Tue ,15/05/2012

FarmVille Storage

Are you missing items on your FarmVille Farm? One of the latest FarmVille Known Issues that some players are experiencing is missing items from their Storage after “Enhancement”.

FarmVille is aware of the issue and working on a fix. In the meantime stay tuned to for more info.

FarmVille Known Issue: Storage items missing after enhancement

Last Update: 05-15-2012
Description: Since 5-15-2012, players have reported that their items in storage and their stored goods have disappeared after the last enhancement.
Status: The FarmVille studio is investigating this issue.
Workaround: N/A

(Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Have you experienced this problem, FarmVille Freaks? 

FarmVille Glitch: Green Anole for Farm Coins!

Wed ,09/05/2012

FarmVille Green Anole Lizard

FarmVille may have accidentally released a Green Anole lizard to the FarmVille Market for just 35,000 Farm Coins!

Simply search keyword “Green Anole” in your FarmVille Market and snap up this animal for Farm Coins while you still can.

FarmVille Freak Farmgoddess' Green Anole Lizard

Did you purchase a Green Anole lizard for your farm?

FarmVille Known Issues as of July 31st 2011

Sun ,31/07/2011

FarmVille Sad Cow

There are several problems happening on the farm that Zynga is aware of working on a fix.

If any of these troubles are pestering the peace on your farm, rest assured that a solution is in the works. Some of the common reported known issues have already been resolved, check the list below for an update.

To find out more details on the known issue, click on its name which will take you to the post on the official FarmVille Forum.

Known Issues as of July 31st, 2011

Can’t access Mystery Game

  • Last Update: 7-31-2011
  • Description: Since late 7/30, players have reported that they cannot access and play the Mystery Game.
  • Status: This issue has been confirmed by the FarmVille studio. We are investigating solutions and will update this issue to keep you informed.
  • Workaround: RESOLVED on 7/31

Coins Switching to a Negative Value

  • Last Update: 7-29-2011
  • Description: Players who obtain more than 2,147,483,647 coins on their farms switch to a negative value for their coin bank. This prevents them from purchasing any coin item in the game, blocking access to all crops.
  • Status: This issue has been confirmed by the FarmVille studio. We are exploring solutions and will update this issue to keep you informed.
  • Workaround: Keep your active coin balance lower than 2,147,483,647.

Unable to add Craftshop Helpers

  • Last Update: 7-29-2011
  • Description: Since 7/28, players are reporting that they are unable to add Craftshop Helpers.
  • Status: The FarmVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.
  • Workaround: N/A

Timers Conflict when Crafting Same Item on Both Farms

  • Last Update: 7/28
  • Description: Since 7/27, users are reporting when attempting to craft an item on a second farm (that it is already baking on the first farm), that item’s timer on the first farm resets.
  • Status: The FarmVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.
  • Workaround: N/A


FarmVille Invisible Vineyard Goat

Sun ,31/07/2011

FarmVille Vineyard Goat

The Limited Edition Vineyard Goat entered the FarmVille Market a few days ago, but you may have missed it because its invisible!

The Vineyard Goat, which is part of the Limited Edition Vineyard theme, appears invisibile both on the farm and on its Market icon. Search “Vineyard Goat” in the FarmVille Market and you’ll find it. Instead of the Vineyard Goat, you’ll see a Vineyard Sheep as its

FarmVille Freak TIP: Can’t find the Vineyard Goat in your FarmVille Market? Use the Search Button by searching keywords “Vineyard Goat”. Note, the wrong image is displayed on the market icon, instead of seeing the actual Vineyard Goat you will see the Vineyard Sheep.

FarmVille Vineyard Goat

When it first entered the FarmVille Market many farmers jumped on the chance at buying this Farm Coin decorative animal thinking that its price was just an accident. After placing the broken goat on your farm, you will only be able to see its green circle or “footprint” along with its text description.

FarmVille Vineyard Goat on Farm

It costs 120,000 Farm Coins and even though you can’t see it (yet) have hope, as the big Z is working on a fix. The Invisible Goat has been added to the list of Zynga’s current FarmVille known issues.

FarmVille Vineyard Goat

FarmVille Known Issue: FarmVille Vineyard Goat is Invisible.

  • Last Update: 7-30-2011
  • Description: The Vineyard Goat is available in the Market, and can be purchased and placed on your farm. In every instance, this animal is invisible.
  • Status: This issue has been confirmed by the Farmville studio. We are investigating solutions and will update this issue to keep you informed.
  • Workaround: N/A (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Have you purchased a Vineyard Goat for your farm yet?

FarmVille Bug: Mystery Game & Missing French Unicorn

Mon ,25/07/2011

FarmVille French Unicorn

In case you missed it and are wondering what happend to your promised French Unicorn, the Mystery Game has a bug!

As you know the Mystery Game has been updated to include a new free bonus prize after you receive all the regular prizes. If that’s news to you then you might want to check out this post on FarmVille Freak by clicking here.

Many FarmVille Freaks reported that after they played the Mystery Game and received all the six regular prizes, they never received their free bonus French Unicorn.

This is a known issue that Zynga is aware of and they are asking farmers to contact Customer Support so that they can get their free French Unicorn.

You can contact Zynga’s Customer Support by clicking the link below.

Zynga Customer Support

From FarmVille:

“French Unicorn missing after collecting 6 mystery animals
Last Update: 7/25

Description: Since 7/24, players are reporting that their French Unicorn is no where to be found after collecting all 6 mystery animals.

Status: The FarmVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.

Workaround: Please contact Customer Support until a fix has been issued. ” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Did you experience problems with a missing French Unicorn?

FarmVille Known Issues as of July 19, 2011

Wed ,20/07/2011

FarmVille Sad Cow

There have been some recent issues and bugs invading FarmVille that has a lot of FarmVille Freaks uneasy.

We thought now would be a great time to update you on the current “Known Issues”. This means that Zynga is aware of the problem and diligently working on a fix, so hold tight.

Each of the problems listed below are currently under investigation and on their way to being resolved. You can visit the thread on the official FarmVille Forum by clicking on the title of each issue. If a workaround suggested by Zynga is available it is listed.

Crops Locked to Home or English Countryside Farm

  • Description: Crops are locked to their original farms.
  • Status: The FarmVille team is aware and working on a fix.
  • Workaround: Plant crops you still have available within this lock until the bug is resolved.
  • You can read more about details on this issue on FarmVille Freak by clicking here.

Moving Bred Sheep Causing OOS (Out of Sync)

  • Description: Since 7/16, Players are reporting that their attempts to move bred sheep between farms (via Storage) causes an OOS and rollback on the progress. No sheep are actually able to be moved.
  • Status: The FarmVille team is aware and working on a fix.
  • Workaround: Not available.

Unable to Activate Summer Quests

  • Description: Since 7/18, players are reporting that the Summer Quests are not appearing on their farm.
  • Status: The FarmVille team is aware of these issues and is working on a fix.
  • Workaround: “Try visiting the Model farm or traveling to your second farm. Then go back to your favored farm.”

Summer Quest Mission 3 “Buggy”

  • Description: Since 7/18, some players are not receiving the 8 turtles to fulfill the third Summer Fun Quest. After 6 turtles are sent, the friends who are trying to send more, receive a message that the event has expired.
  • Status: The FarmVille team is aware of these issues and is working on a fix.
  • Workaround: Not available.

Craftshop Not Recognizing Field Beans

  • Description: Since 7/14, some farmers Craftshop recognizes 0 Field Bean Bushels after harvesting Field Beans.
  • Status: The FarmVille team is aware and working on a fix.
  • Workaround: Not available.

And probably the saddest issue:

Cannot Load FarmVille! :(

Have you experienced any of these FarmVille bugs?

Sharing FarmVille Bushel Facebook News Feeds Error

Mon ,06/06/2011

FarmVille Electric Roses Bushel

Currently, there is an error occurring whenever you try to share Bushels with your neighbors (you’re sucha good neighbor!) from your Farmer’s Market by posting a Facebook News Feed. Specifically, this bug is happening after you make a bushel purchase from a neighbor and when you chose to share back.

FarmVille Send an Order Bushel FaceBook Notice

What’s happening when the News Feed share is published is that the incorrect text is displayed. Instead of “Get Bushel” the share states, “Send an Order”. Then, whenever one of your neighbor clicks on the share, they will most likely get an error.

FarmVille Error After Clicking Bushel

From FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious:

Feed for sharing bushels is showing incorrect text and results in an error when clicked on

Last Update: 6/6

When publishing/sharing a bushel from the Farmers Market (after purchasing bushels from neighbors), the feed states “Send an order” instead of “Get bushel” When clicking this feed, players receive an error.

This issue is currently under investigation by the FarmVille Team.

N/A ” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

Have you experienced this Bushel error for yourself?

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