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FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow Farm Free Access Begins Today!

Mon ,22/09/2014

Today marks the first day of FREE, regular access to the new FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow farm.

Be sure to stop by and visit the newest FarmVille farm expansion!

FarmVille Mausoleum Guide: Collect Prizes & Earn a Free Unwither Ring for Horseman’s Hollow!

Thu ,18/09/2014

The FarmVille Mausoleum feature is here and offers a fun way for you to earn free prizes just by farming!

You can win up to 30 awesome and FREE prizes. Visit your FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow farm to get started farming. Each time you harvest specific Horseman’s Hollow crops you have a chance to earn Jack-O-Lanterns that can be used to redeem the Mausoleum prizes.

These Horseman’s Hollow crops listed below can yield Jack-O-Lanterns.

FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow Crops that Yield Jack-O-Lanterns:

  • Protea
  • Prickly Potato
  • Yellow Jasmine
  • Green Camellia
  • Purple Geniola

Additionally, Jack-O-Lanterns can be crafted in your FarmVille Craftshop.

If you Open ALL 30 Mausoleum presents then you get a FREE Horseman’s Hollow Unwither Ring! Unwither Rings will grant you unlimited use of no withering while activated on your Horseman’s Hollow farm. Note, Unwither Rings only work on the farm they are placed on and cannot be transferred for use on other FarmVille farms.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Land Expansions for Farm Coins!

Thu ,13/12/2012

FarmVille has listened to the people- more FarmVille Haunted Hollow land expansions are now available with Farm Coins!

You can now expand your FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm using Farm Coins up to the 36×36 land expansions. Hooray!

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm’s Land Expansions 

  • 20×20 Ghostly Town – 75,000 Farm Coins (or 60 Farm Cash)
  • 22×22 Witchy Pastures – 250,000 Farm Coins (or 80 Farm Cash)
  • 24×24 Freaky Farmstead – 500,000 Farm Coins (or 100 Farm Cash)
  • 26×26 Foggy Fields – 1,000,000 Farm Coins (or 120 Farm Cash)
  • 28×28 Marshly Meadows – 2,000,000 Farm Coins (or 150 Farm Cash)
  • 30×30 Eerie Plains – 4,000,000 Farm Coins (or 180 Farm Cash)
  • 32×32 Ghoulish Grassland – 6,000,000 Farm Coins (or 200 Farm Cash)
  • 34×34 Monstrous Moorland – 8,000,000 Farm Coins (or 220 Farm Cash)
  • 36×36 Scary Steppe – 10,000,000 Farm Coins (or 250 Farm Cash)
Will you be expanding your FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm now that more expansions are available with Farm Coins? 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Expansions Discounted to 80% Off!

Mon ,19/11/2012

FarmVille 40×40 Expansion

FarmVille has once again discounted the FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm expansions which are now 80% off their regular price.

Beat Haunted Hollow faster with more land and expand your farm today!

Will you take advantage of this sale to expand your Haunted Hollow farm?

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm Land Expansions Discounted to 60% Off & Haunted Hollow Shipping License Discounted to 50% Off!

Mon ,05/11/2012

FarmVille 40×40 Expansion

Continuing with the theme of price-dropping FarmVille Haunted Hollow land expansions on a weekly basis, FarmVille has once again lowered the price of all FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm’s land expansions (up to the 40×40) to now a discounted 60% off.

You can beat the Haunted Hollow challenge earlier by expanding your farm with more space to farm.

Additionally the Haunted Hollow Shipping License is 50% off. The Shipping License will allow you to transfer items between your farms to Haunted Hollow farm.

Will you be expanding your FarmVile Haunted Hollow farm during this sale or wil you be waiting around to take advantage of possibly an even greater discount? Will you purchase a Haunted Hollow Shipping License now that it is 50% off?

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Expansions Discounted to 50% Off!

Mon ,29/10/2012

FarmVille 40×40 Expansion

FarmVille Haunted Hollow land expansions are now discounted to 50% off including the 40 x 40 farm size land expansion!

FarmVille announced the sale above the FarmVille in-game play area in the yellow message box. The discount is an additional 20% off from last week’s 30% off sale.

Will you be expanding your Haunted Hollow farm during this sale? 

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Land Expansions Discounted to 30% Off!

Tue ,23/10/2012

FarmVille 40×40 Expansion

This week, FarmVille has further discounted its FarmVille Haunted Hollow land expansions to 30% off up to the 34 x 34 expansion.

Take advantage of the offer and beat Haunted Hollow faster.

The new 42 x 42 Haunted Hollow expansion has also been released to the FarmVille Market for the first time.

Will you be expanding your FarmVille Haunted Hollow farm any further this week? 

FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Challenge!

Thu ,18/10/2012

FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Statue

FarmVille began  slowly rolling out the Beat Haunted Hollow Challenge. Note, you may not have access to this challenge as it is slowly rolling out to all players.

The tasks for “beating Haunted Hollow” can be found below. Among other free goodies, there’s a free Shipping License up for grabs!

Check it out below and be sure to share the news with your farmin’ friends.


FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Tasks:

 FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Task 1
Requirements: Get The Highest Level Mosnter In The Monster Lab
Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo

 FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Task 2
Requirements: Master All Haunted Hollow Crops to Level 3 (Wormwood, Jack O’Lantern, Zombie, Franken Fruit, Tombstones, Sage, Candied Corn, Ghoul Garlic, Green Toadstool, Spectre Berries, Phantom Frond & Wolfsbane)
Rewards: Mystery Game Dart

 FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Task 3
Requirements: Complete Haunted Mansion to Level 7
Rewards: Instagrow

 FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Task 4
Requirements: Have a 5 star Potion Shop!
Rewards: Spooky Points

 FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Task 4
Requirements: Complete all previous 4 Tasks
Rewards: Beat Haunted Hollow Statue & Haunted Hollow Shipping License

Are you ready to take on the new “Beat Haunted Hollow Challenge” in FarmVille?

FarmVille Double Spooky Points Statue Coming Soon

Tue ,16/10/2012

FarmVille Double Spooky Points Statue

Double your Spooky Points, double the fun! FarmVille has plans for an upcoming “Double Spooky Points Statue” that will do just that- double your Haunted Hollow Spooky Points.

The Double Spooky Points Statue will have a limited availability and is expected to release soon.

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding these unreleased FarmVille Double Spooky Points Images!

FarmVille Double Spooky Points Loading Screen

What do you think of a Double Spooky Points Statue? Do you find this useful for your FarmVille farm?

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Rose’s Challenge: Save The Nursery!

Tue ,16/10/2012

FarmVille Save the Nursery

Rose is back with a new “Save the Nursery” challenge for us in FarmVille Haunted Hollow!

You will have about two days to complete this challenge. This challenge can only be accessed via your Haunted Hollow farm.

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Rose Challenge: Save the Nursery!

Task: Recruit the help of 9 friends (Request help from specific friends)
Time: 2 days
Reward: Bramble Pump decoration
Skip: 30 Farm Cash (optional)

Will you be working on this Rose’s challenge in FarmVille Haunted Hollow?

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