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FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm Preview: Everything you need to know!

Mon ,04/11/2013

FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm

FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm

FarmVille’s latest destination farm, FarmVille Holiday Lights, is here!

Early access to Holiday Lights farm begins on Monday, November 4th 2013 and regular, free access will begin one week later on November 11th 2013. More information about early access can be found below.

For the first time ever this new FarmVille farm concept has giving in mind that allows players to donate to the Feeding America organization. For example, if you opt to purchase early access to the Holiday Lights farm, Zynga will donate 100% of its proceeds to Feeding America. The cost of early access is 45 Farm Cash. There are also many other ways for players to give back by in-game Holiday Lights purchases and play.

Not sure how you feel about another FarmVille farm? Take our FarmVille Freak Poll here. has a special preview, of everything you need to know about farming in Holiday Lights whether you opt to travel there early or wait until free access arrives a week later week.

To learn more about each topic click on the link to visit its article. Note, this information is accurate at time of publishing but is subject to change without notice upon actual release by Zynga.

FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm

Farm Preview

Holiday Lights Farm (Aerial View)
Holiday Lights Video Intro
Holiday Lights Characters
Holiday Lights Music

Holiday Lights Farm Early Acces Info

  • Dates: Monday, November 4th 2013
  • Cost: 45 Farm Cash *The cost of early access admission will be donated to Feeding America by Zynga.
  • Early access to farm, crops, and market.
  • Exclusive quest line and its rewards.
  • Bonus: Holiday Lights Combine vehicle, Free avatar costume

Holiday Lights Farm Regular Access

  • Date: Monday, November 11th 2013 one week after early access date
  • Cost: FREE

FarmVille Holiday Lights Farm On Arrival

  • 12×12 Farm with 12 plowed plots (ready for seeds)
  • free Tree (ready to harvest)
  • free Tree (ready to harvest)
  • free animal (ready to harvest)
  • free animal (ready to harvest)
  • Chicken Coop (ready to harvest)
  • Storage Cellar
  • Holiday Lights animal pen  (with 10/30 parts completed)
  • Holiday Lights Orchard (with 10/30 parts completed)
  • Holiday Lights Garage (with 1/30 parts completed)

Note: Frames for other animal pens available in FarmVille Market with coins. Special Delivery Boxes can be used to construct animal pens, storage, orchard, garage, and market stalls.

FarmVille Holiday Lights Farming Basics

Holiday Lights Animals
Holiday Lights Trees
Holiday Lights Decorations
Holiday Lights Buildings (Decorative)
Holiday Lights Crops
Holiday Lights Vehicles
Holiday Lights XP

FarmVille Holiday Lights Buildings & Features

Holiday Lights Animal Pens & Storage facilities 
Holiday Lights Treasures (Buried Treasures)
Holiday Lights crafting Recipes
NEW! Holiday Lights Bright General Store
NEW! Holiday Lights buildable Holly Bright City feature
NEW! Holiday Lights Hollybright Park feature

FarmVille Holiday Lights Special Items 

Holiday Lights  Unwither Ring
Holiday Lights Double XP Statue
Holiday Lights Neighbor Gifting event
Holiday Lights Starter Packs
Holiday Lights Shipping License

FarmVille Holiday Lights Challenges & Quests

Holiday Lights Chapter 1 Quest Guide (Early Access Only)
Holiday Lights Chapter 2 Quest Guide
Holiday Lights Escapade 
Holiday Lights Beat Holiday Lights Challenge

What are your thoughts about the new Holiday Lights farm, FarmVille Freaks? Tell us how you feel about the new farm in the comments below.

FarmVille 8th Farm “Holiday Town” in the horizon of Haunted Hollow Farm!

Tue ,18/09/2012

FarmVille Hollow Holiday Town Horizon

For those of you FarmVille Freaks who have already purchased Early Access to FarmVille Haunted Hollow- have you seen the Christmasy Holiday farm in the horizon? You can check it out in the image above where you can see it in the background of the Haunted Hollow farm towards the top right side. Hmmm. Interesting!

No doubt, it must be FarmVille’s way of teasing us farmers of what’s to come next. It matches perfectly and supports the existing evidence that FarmVille’s eighth farm will be Holiday themed! A special thanks to FarmVille Freak Gabriella’s very keen eyes.

In case you missed it…We already shared with you an unreleased Holiday Crafting building that first sparked the rumor of the next holiday farm, possibly called “Holiday Town”. You can visit that FarmVille Freak post by clicking here.

It’s definitely happening, FarmVille Freaks.

There’s even a speculative release date for the next destination FarmVille farm expected to release on:

  • Early Access: November 5th 2012
  • Regular Release: November 19th 2012

But wait- don’t we already have Winter Wonderland? Who cares, I’ll take another. Give it to me, Zynga.

FarmVille Freak Dark Farmer’s Haunted Hollow Farm

Tell us what you think below and take our FarmVille Freak Poll…are you looking forward to another winter Holiday farm? 

FarmVille 8th Farm Coming Soon: Holiday Town!

Sun ,16/09/2012

FarmVille Holiday Crafting Stage 1

FarmVille Holiday Crafting Stage 2

FarmVille Holiday Crafting Stage 3

FarmVille Holiday Crafting Stage 4

FarmVille Holiday Crafting Stage 5

Before the Haunted Hollow farm arrives … there’s already rumors of yet another new FarmVille Farm which will be FarmVille’s eight destination farm in the works!

The next destination farm after Haunted Hollow is expected to be a Holiday or Christmas themed farm called FarmVille Holiday Town! You can see the Holiday Crafting building in the unreleased images above.

We know what many of you are already thinking- “we already have Winter Wonderland farm”. But remember, only players who were playing during the release of Winter Wonderland have access to it. Another wintery holiday themed farm will provide those players who missed out another chance at having a winter themed farm and for all of us who already have Winter Wonderland, it’s an opportunity to own more FarmVille real estate. Win!

It is Expected to arrive on:

  • Early Access: November 5th
  • Regular Release: November 19th
Note, this information is speculative and is subject to change without prior notice. 

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Mohammad for finding these unreleased FarmVille Possible 8th Farm Crafting Building Images!

What do you think FarmVille Freaks?