FarmVille Arborists & Farmhands now available!

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FarmVille Arborists & Farmhands now available!

Posted on February 19, 2010 2:27 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille has added two new functions that help you with the upkeep of tending to your farm and save your fingers from a lot of unnecessary clicking!

In the FarmVille Market under the “Upgrade Farm” tab you will see that you can now purchase Arborists and Farmhands.

Arborists will harvest all your ripe trees in one single action and Farmhands will harvest and collect from all of your FarmVille roaming animals in one action as well!

FramVille Arborist

FarmVille Farmhands

Both the Arborist and the Farmhand can be purchased in the FarmVille Market  each for 5 FV$ or farm cash. Please, note this is a ONE-time, single use purchase, not a permanent item. You will have to re-purchase Arborists and Farmhands each time you would like to use their function.

In addition to being available in the FarmVille Market, you may also receive free one-time use Arborist or Farmhand when harvesting your Horse Stable! Another way to receive the Arborist or Farmhand for free is if you collect one from one of your neighbor’s Facebook newsfeed posts.

Here are some frequently asked questions about these functions:

  • Are the Arborist and Farmhand one time use functions? Yes, they are both one-time usage purchases.
  • Does the Farmhand only harvest from ROAMING animals? What about the other animals? The Farmhand will harvest all roaming animals, meaning the ones that are not stored in a functional building (Chicken Coop, Horse Stable, Dairy Farm).
  • Will the Farmhand transform my Baby Turkey or Ugly Duckling that I do not wish to transform? So far, FarmVille Freaks are reporting  mixed answers. Some are reporting it did not transform them, while others say it did. As of now we cannot confirm either one, so please be cautious of the risk involved using this function which may or may not transform your Baby Turkeys and Ugly Ducklings.

What do you think of these new features? If you’ve tried them what has your experience been?

FarmVille Arborists Announcement

FarmVille Farmhands Announcement

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70 Responses to “FarmVille Arborists & Farmhands now available!” »

  1. Charlotte Says:

    What about my baby turkeys and ugly ducklings? I have some farmhands sitting in my giftbox, but I DO NOT want to transform these by mistake!?

  2. Marta Says:

    I hope they aren’t one time use function.

  3. sirdigbychknczr Says:

    These are one use items.

    I got a farmhand and they harvest from ALL animals NOT in buildings simultaneously

  4. Sonia Khan Says:

    I had these in my giftbox. I used them too but I don’t know how I got them :/

  5. Niall Says:

    ders a new mystery box its dark blue and light blue

  6. LaurFarmer Says:

    fyi: you can now redeem your “game stop gift cards” on the add cash/coins page. there is a link if you use

  7. Justin Says:

    if itd one time its a ripoff

  8. Grefix Says:

    Anyone else found a chicken coop in his giftbox too? Eventhough I already got one it was there (picture: )

    Not sure where I got it (egg perhaps?)

  9. JoseBxNYC Says:

    freakin sweet!

  10. Sonia Khan Says:

    @ Charlotte, I used mine but it didn’t transform my ugly ducklings.

  11. Terri Says:

    Dang it this a one time use thing! I want my Farm Cash back!

  12. Jon Says:

    is it one time?

    woo, there’s a new giftable tree

  13. Coco Blues Says:

    Did anyone else get a level upgrade tonight? When I logged on about half an hour ago, I got a message along the lines of “we’ve readjusted the levels because they were too difficult to obtain”. I got bumped up to level 35, but I didn’t get a $FV. The next level is now 10,000 XP away, so how is that any easier to obtain?

  14. Pika Says:

    One of my friends posted this:
    ______’s horses were so helpful on their farm, _____ was able to get Farmhands to help them! ______ wants to share this bounty with their friends!

    And after I clicked to get a bonus I got the one that harvests animals. And it didn’t transform my ugly ducklings.

  15. ECamp Says:

    Harvest all animals roaming on the farm.
    DOES NOT “transform” Baby Turkeys, Ugly Ducklings, or anything of that nature.
    One time use.

  16. lafko06 Says:

    I bought it … one time use! Also, a golden egg just gave me a second chicken coop??? Even though I’m already halfway through my 2nd expansion???? Weirdness.

  17. Cathy Says:

    I got a second chicken coop from a golden egg, too. But the next time I logged in, it had disappeared from my farm.

  18. Nico Says:

    Roaming means not in a stable, dairy farm, or coop.

  19. Jon Says:

    One time use??? Ridiculous! I was almost thinking of sending them money. Yeah, converting 5 FV dollars to a small amount of coins, what are they smoking crack or something?

  20. Brittany Says:

    This is ridiculous. I bought one thinking it was really cheap for a permanent item.. only to find it disappear after I used it. Really Farmville?! 5FV$ for a one time use item? I would’ve really liked being told I was blowing 5FV$ on a one use item.


  21. Chelsea Says:

    It is definitely a rip off. $5 FV cash for a one harvest sucks. Why couldn’t they just make it easier to harvest the trees & animals without having to go through the selection box?

  22. Grefix Says:

    chicken coop dissapeared btw (the one i posted about before in these comments)

    Guess it was a glitch

  23. Emma Says:

    Purchasing farmhands?! Seriously?! Am I the only one that smells the reek of slavery here?!

  24. Zman Says:

    I wish they werent one time use…

  25. DebbieCla Says:

    I want my FV cash back. I should have come here first to read the comments on the farmhands before I spent the 5 fv. I’m so disappointed.

  26. Dawn Says:

    I got extra XP from my horse stable. I got the farm help from clicking on someones post (from their horse stable). Have not seen the arbor one yet.

  27. Heather Says:

    “Purchasing farmhands?! Seriously?! Am I the only one that smells the reek of slavery here?!”

    Um…. In real life you HIRE farmhands. And they’re not slaves. o.o; It’s the same thing. They have a weekly/bi-weekly salary, not a one-time purchase price, just like these. This is more of “hiring someone to help you out for a day.”

    But, for a game, this is such a rip off. Though, apparently you can harvest some from the horse stable? In which case, it’s awesome for free!

  28. Charlotte Says:

    Thanks for the duckling/baby turkey comments. Horse stables produce these, that’s how I got mine – so if you like them, I’m sure you’ll be able to get them out of your stables without spending the cash.

  29. Yaniv Sims Says:

    THIS IS A HUGE JOKE!!!!!! Who ON EARTH would convert 5 FARM CASH for a few thousands coins ?!?!? people want to convert coins to Farm cash NOT the other way around….

    really their desprate need to find new milking cows in the shape of player got out of hand …..

    NO ONE is stupid enough to buy that….. evantually they will give it out like they give out fuel now….

  30. Terri Says:

    Not slaves, day laborers LOL! I also noticed a new award for getting things from horse barn. Farmville just released a glut of new stuff. I can’t log off my computer for 5 min without finding something new when I return

  31. Roli Dabear Says:

    ive tried it…. very cool feature. and they are ONE USE. but you can always get more from your friends. they will remain in your gift box until you decide to use one.

    arborist will harvest all ready trees… likewise, farm hands will harvest from all ready animals.

    note: IT WILL NOT TRANSFORM transformable animals such as an ugly duckling to swan as my duckling remained ugly after using farm hands.

    hope this helps.

  32. Peter Says:

    Some one also published an Arborist as a bonus from harvesting their horse stable. It just stays in your gift box until you elect to use it.

  33. amika Says:

    one time use, ugh. no thanks.

  34. edis Says:

    only notification you get the golden egg to chicken coop

  35. gokce Says:

    i just got that arborist from my horse stable! and i could also publish it and my friends got the same too so buying doesnt make sense:) also there is a new mystery box turquoise-purple but i couldnt see it on farmville freak yet,anoyone purchased it?

  36. Roli Dabear Says:

    don’t buy it. there’s plenty to get from publishing friends.

  37. Emma Says:

    @ Heather: exactly, you don’t PURCHASE farmhands, you hire them. It’s the wording that bothers me.

  38. Carolyn Mio Says:

    I picked up an arborist that someone published. Just so happened I was waiting to harvest all trees at once and I have a TON of trees. It was wonderful! $20000 with one click. Hope I get more freebies like this.

  39. Taqdees Says:

    I must say , Zynga ‘ You are greedy bast***s and real AssO’s …Anybody who don;t know it. Don’t waste your cash . As this function is really awesome but can only use once for 5 CASH .. I wasted :(

  40. Scott Says:

    What about collection items you may get, i.e. blue feathers, cowbells, twine? Do you get anything when using them?

  41. DocMaverick Says:

    The farmhand boost DID transform my ugly ducklings and my baby turkeys!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

  42. Rob Says:

    This is fantastic. Anyone who is complaining that they bought it and only got one use is just an impulsive shopper. Do your research before spending your money. You can get plenty of them from your friends’ stables, just like eggs or collectibles. You wouldn’t spend 25 FV$ for a gold chicken would you? If you were hasty and needed to buy one right away, you really shouldn’t come in here and bitch about it. You should have just done a little research first, you have no one to blame but yourself. No doubt some dope will be getting ready to sue Zynga again over this one as well.

  43. aikane Says:

    It didn’t transform my ugly ducklings!

  44. Eloy Says:

    its safe to use, It didn’t transform my ugly ducklingsand my beby turkeys! im so happy! but 5fc$ :S

  45. Matthew Says:

    Don’t listen to DocMaverick above (#41) I just used one (while I held my breath) and my baby turkeys & ugly ducks were fine. The zynga forums can confirm this w/ dozens of people that say the same also


  46. Peter Says:

    There would appear to be a limit on the number of items harvestable by the farmhands. I had about 300 animals to harvest and it did all of them but 3 chickens – the rest were calves and chickens!

  47. rogers farm Says:

    the dang arborist thing killed my ribbon bonuses i was saving them and this popped up…and took all the ribbons and tossed them in the trash…i was going to post them all at once today or tomorrow…now they are trashed

  48. oOoCarnieGirloOo Says:

    Every single animal on my farm needed to be harvested I was so behind with the valentine rush – it was worth the 5 FV cash to get it all done and taken care of!!

    I was in the middle of remodeling and it was a huge pain trying to move the animals before harvesting (dont ya just love those pink diamonds?) and I started to get aggravated a bit – to me it could not have come atta better time!

    I made 23,899 coins from it and it took probably less than a second … it was a miracle for me and I will be using it on an emergency basis – hope it stays=)

  49. ida Says:

    i got farmhands from my stable somebody else who found farmhands from buildings?

  50. Dom Says:

    Really, this feature should be a give in. It seems like zynga makes farmville as difficult and frustrating to use as possible, so it can profit off the common sense solution later on. Why can’t there be a button that does this by default? If zynga redesigned navigation and selection, I would seriously pay into it. But as it stands right now, I’m not going to pay for items, knowing what a ‘pita’ it will be to redesign the farm. I don’t even harvest/plow very often anymore, because I cringe at the thought of all those clicks.

    The game designers don’t care about the user experience. And because of that, I’m going to hold on to my wallet.

  51. breezygirl Says:

    my 2 cents…

    just used a Farmhand that I got from a friend and it harvested ALL of my ready animals. well over 300 animals which was over 40,000 coins (no animals in buildings which weren’t ready)

    baby turkey and ugly ducklings were NOT transformed.

  52. lisa Says:

    has anyone used the farmhands and received a collectible yet?


  53. Wendi Says:

    I was one of the person’s who purchased both the arborist and the farmhand the moment they appeared. There was no mention that they would work one time only and so I ended up losing 10 FV that I could really not afford to do. I have plenty of coins and would be willing to purchase them each time with that.

    I realize it is a glitch and there is nothing that can be done but it is quite frustrating.

  54. Jaya Says:

    I got a farmhands while harvesting my stable!!


  55. Jaya Says:

    I used the farmhands just now and it didnt transform ugly ducklings and baby turkey.

  56. Elikiera Says:

    What about collectibles gained from harvesting trees and animals like cows and hens? Will using farmhands keep you from getting any of those?

  57. Dragonfyre Says:

    I just used my farmhand and got collectibles…so it doesn’t prevent you from getting them.

  58. Dana Says:

    If and when you use these new features, do you lose collectibles ie. feathers, bugs, butterflies and so forth? Do the affect the status of your ribbon count? I have read stories they do and they don’t can anyone other than post 57 verify?

  59. Nishant Says:

    Yes i verify post 57. I got a collectible, though i cannot be sure that this was added to my collectible list. It did come up as a popup, and since I already had a couple of the collectible type with me, I am not sure if this 1 was added up. But I suspect it was added.

  60. Jim Says:

    why is it now when your on another wall that is not listed in your friends list you can no longer collect collectables and hatch eggs? also you can not collect from ribbons! and now when you have a blue ribbon on your own page it will not post????

  61. PR Says:

    Has anyone figured out just how often your stable produces a farmhand and arborist?

  62. Peppermintcream Says:

    Why can I not claim farmhands/arborists from my friends walls? When I click to claim them all I get is an OK and a prompt to install the Farmville toolbar.

  63. karmor Says:

    Do you find more items when you harvest animals individually rather than using the farmhands? and harvest trees individually rather than using the arborist? When i use the farmhands i get no messages about finding truffles from my pigs but if i harvest each pig individually i get the message. Are there negatives to using the farmhands and arborists?

  64. Ana M Ojer Says:

    I’m a long-time fan of Farmville but lately you’ve begun to show signs of too much greed and fraudulent behavior. I bought TWO (2) “arborists” and neither one allowed me to harvest my trees!!!!!!!!!!!!#$$$%#@#$%^&^*())?><#@!! They didn't work!!!!!!! I WANT MY DAMN MONEY BACK. FARM CASH IS ACTUAL MONEY YO HAVE TO PURCHASE. WHAT A FRACKING RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Sabya Says:

    Whoever syas there is no mention of it is one time use, OPEN your eyes and click on “What is this?”. Get it, cry babies

  66. lydia Says:

    Just got a farmhand from a golden egg! Thanks for all the posts-wasn’t sure what it did(thought at first it harvested crops) and now I’ll just hold on to it til I see all my animals are ready

  67. Jacqueline L Pierce Says:

    I’m frustrated like so many of you all are regarding receiving Farm Hands. Have had to click away for hours daily and am getting so tired; keeps me on Farmville too long. Ugh! Wonder if this is the strategy? Couldn’t believe how much it had changed as I was gone for two long cruises and prior to that, no problem getting Farm Hands. Thanks for everyone who shared their frustration of knowledge.

  68. john frank labuschagne Says:

    help i had 46 Arborists in my gift box to harvest my trees , they gone

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