FarmVille White, Brown, Pink, Green Baby Calfs!

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FarmVille White, Brown, Pink, Green Baby Calfs!

Posted on December 9, 2009 8:11 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Baby Calfs are the latest animals to hit FarmVille.

FarmVille White Calf

FarmVille White Calf

FarmVille Brown Calf

FarmVille Brown Calf

FarmVille Pink Calf

FarmVille Pink Calf

FarmVille Green Calf

FarmVille Green Calf

This feature works much like the Chicken Coops and Mystery Eggs. This is how it works:

First, you will need an adoptable Bull. Then, you must place your Bull in the Dairy Farm and upon harvesting your Dairy Farm you will have the possibility of yielding a Baby Calf! Yes, the Bull mates with one of your White, Brown, Pink , or Alien (green) Cows and yields a Baby Calf just like in real life :)

If your Dairy Farm is already full, try removing one of your Cows and then replacing it with a Bull.

A Stork will then deliver your Baby Calf to your Facebook newsfeed and make it adoptable for all your FarmVille neighbors. Since it is an adoptable animal only, if you yield a Baby Calf after harvesting your Dairy Farm you cannot keep it for yourself. Likewise, the only way to get your own Baby Calf is to adopt one from one of your FarmVille neighbors.

The Baby Calf will yield Calf Hair in 1 day for 120 coins. It stays as a baby Calf and does NOT transform into an adult Cow.

There are 4 different Baby Calf versions available,  see below for all their cuteness.

-White Baby Calf

FarmVille White Calf Announcement

FarmVille White Calf Announcement

FarmVille White Calf Adoption

FarmVille White Calf Adoption

-Pink Baby Calf

FarmVille Pink Calf Annoucement

FarmVille Pink Calf Annoucement

FarmVille Pink Calf Adoption

FarmVille Pink Calf Adoption

-Brown Baby Calf

FarmVille Brown Calf Announcement

FarmVille Brown Calf Announcement

FarmVille Brown Calf Adoption

FarmVille Brown Calf Adoption

-Alien Baby Calf 

FarmVille Green Calf Announcement on Facebook

FarmVille Green Calf Announcement on Facebook

FarmVille Green Calf Adoption

FarmVille Green Calf Adoption

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120 Responses to “FarmVille White, Brown, Pink, Green Baby Calfs!” »

  1. Michael Spinelli Says:

    I can confirm the alien baby calf. I just adopted one.

  2. Marcus Lee Says:

    will the offspring be all baby girls? any baby boys?

  3. Dr. Green Thumb Says:

    send pictures to if you can!

  4. Chandler Says:

    1. The thing will pop up saying you found an egg. click okay or whatever it says.
    2. the post will pop up. right click the picture of the egg. click copy shortcut, (if you have a pc).
    3. paste what you coppied on to the im sender and send it to a friend.
    P.S. I havent tried this for a calf but it probally would work.

  5. billy Says:

    of course it would work its just giving the person the link that anybody would get by just clicking it themselves… dont think it works for bonus on ribbons though because you have to be friends with the person pretty sure thats what happend to me

  6. Jordan Says:

    Can I make veal out of my baby calf?

  7. deniz Says:

    There is also new lonely bulls!

  8. zarp Says:

    anyone here who can send me a calf

  9. KimmyKimz Says:

    I want a calf. can someone send me one plz

  10. Dawn Says:

    No it works with bonuses too.

  11. billy Says:

    well i am wrong then lol.

    but is this alien calf real? ive tried about 6 times with only green cows and havent gotten one…

  12. mark Says:

    hey looking for new friends on farmville add me and send me a neighbor request

  13. Treblinka Says:

    I can confirm the alien calf. I just got a message with the stork with a baby alien calf. I’m still curious as to if they can grow up as bulls, or are they just cows?

  14. Apuuli Says:

    Calf hair? Seriously?

  15. bella Says:

    do they grow into adults?

  16. Marcus Lee Says:

    no! don’t grow into adults please!
    the calf worth $120 but the cow worth $15 only !!!!!!!

  17. Dawn Says:

    If you harvest calf hair maybe that’s a sign they stay babies!

  18. dustin Says:

    just produced a green calf. I’m going to go on record and see these could turn into the multiple egg frenzy people are into right now. People with large amounts of space with 200 cows, all ready for “harvest” then fill up their dairies and produce calfs!

  19. Santhosh Says:

    wow. cute..

    I got a bull.. so waiting to see this :)

  20. Rebecca Says:

    omg so cute, I must have them.

    wish you could keep yours though going to be annoying to watch for when a neighbor gets one so I can grab it.

  21. Rain Estella Says:

    I got a bull but I need more neighbours to get a cowshed so I can get calfs. Add me?

    Rain Estella

  22. mila Says:

    I got an alien one!!!
    by the way, if someone wants to add me as neighbour:

  23. Faceless Bob Says:

    I want these so bad! Anyone willing to share? I’ll share mine when I harvest them, too! Level 24 and growing farmer, gift daily. Lots of gold, black, and brown mystery eggs. Please add me! Thanks!

  24. Adrienn Voros Says:

    I’ve got an alien baby calf, too. :) It’s so adorable. :)

  25. Crystal Says:

    There’s also a bull. You adopt him and put him in your dairy farm. I found one this morning and my daughter adopted him. She found one roaming on her farm and posted it. When I logged into my account it had disappeared.

    My daughter needs more friends before she gets the dairy farm. She is only 10 so I don’t see adding strangers or a bunch of adults. I’d love to see what happens, lol, when you put the bull in the dairy farm. I’m guessing we get those babies you guys posted?

  26. Adrienn Voros Says:

    If someone wants to add me as neighbour and see my farm and baby calfs, etc:

  27. Dave Says:

    Can you put calves in the dairy farm?

  28. Louse Says:

    Add me to get daily gifts,fertilizer, get closer to your blue ribbon, adoptable feed, reward feed and Gifts for ure tree!!!

  29. keydee Says:

    i want to get the babycow for myself and not to give it to my friends.
    Is there any way to get the calv I’ve found???

  30. FarmGoddess Says:

    If you produce a baby Calf in your Dairy Farm, then you cannot keep it for yourself. It can only be adopted by you neighbors. The only way for you to get one for yourself is to adopt one from one of your FarmVille neighbors as well.

  31. keydee Says:

    i think thats not fair that the others get my babycow… :-(
    thank you for your answer!!!

  32. dawn Says:

    Anyone having trouble with publishing the calf and bull? Besides me?

    It wouldn’t let me publish bull this morning-it went out of sync and just now got pink calf that would not publish-it froze up probably because right after that a reindeer notice popped up. I hate errors like that – it takes the fun out of the game.

  33. AShleigh Says:

    how the hell can i get a bull none have romed onto my property and i reeally rreaslly want one can anyone help pllplpplplppllplplplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    oh and is there any cheat way i can get FV Cash without buying it

  34. Jordan Says:

    I think the calves are worth more money because you can make veal out of them.

  35. Bryan A.K.A farmville lover lol Says:

    OMG i wants one soooo bad any mind sharing with me PLZZZZZ . and if ya want add me i send gift daily ,fertilize daily

  36. Mando Says:

    Not to brag… but my calf nurses…

  37. Terrence Says:

    Anybody’s Dairy farm produces Green Calfs?? add me yeah? I’m at level 65


  38. Jan josef benedict Abarquez Says:

    i already have those 4 since yesterday. to get specific cow. put 1 bull, any 1 of those cow then harvest.

    Happy Holidays…. God bless

  39. bella Says:

    if i adopt the green baby, and it grows into adult then ill have an animal that is retired! its my dream. im new so i want a cute lil baby green cow so it can grow then i can put it in my dairy and produce more green cows!!!!!!!

  40. Terrence Says:

    i heard from my friends that the calfs dun grow into cows

  41. Jay Says:

    Why doesnt my green calf have a shadow?

  42. Annika Says:

    I’ve just found the first little calf in my dairy farm and want one for myself. So, if you’ve got a bull in your dairy farm, plz add me:

  43. Margaret Says:

    I am really wanting one of these calves so could someone help me if possible. I saw one on another person’s page and have the little lamb now which you can buy and I wish they would let us by the calves too likewise foals and baby goats.

  44. masfsd Says:

    wont let me keep it even though i hit adopt

  45. masfsd Says:

    plz add me if you get calfs! im desperate. none of my friends do but i do, we can share!

  46. Emmet Says:

    Awk they’re cute but I thought they would have grown into cows when they’re ready? Guess not, but I’m not complaining :)


  47. kfa Says:

    it’s so unfair that my cow and bull do all the hardwork and i don’t get to keep the calf . was soooooooooooo pissed. the calf is sooooooooo cute i wanted to keep it

  48. Cookie Says:

    regular cows are UGLY and take up so much space. i was glad when i first heard they didnt transform. but im pretty sure farmville doesnt make animals transform into something bigger then the actual space they are already taking up. such as the baby turkey taking up one small space and transforming it into a turkey that only takes up one space as well. same with the ugly ducklings/swans :) so far i have a bit over 10 baby calves on my farm. have only posted 2(pink and green) so far. i really wish they would’ve been like the chicken coops. they’re more like the lost animals, 1 every 24 hours. if you find another one, it’s by mistake and voids the previous one :/

  49. Tim Says:

    I got the best Idea! Baby horse!

  50. Karen Says:

    So I have 2 full dairy barns and got a bull. I took out 1 cow and tried to put the bull in but even though the barn said 19/20 the message came up that the barn was full…tried to put the cow back in and couldn’t. Anybody know what’s up with that?

  51. kelly-ann Says:

    thats weird you can harvest for 120 cause mine only harvest for 80 dollars

  52. Caroline Says:

    hey, ill fertilize crops daily and send gifts to whoever will add me.

    i have a bull in my dairy farm and 19 cows so i get a calf every day.

  53. hilda Says:

    hi ! it’s been awhile now that i ‘m not getting any bonus and adopt of any kind for the last two weeks…i wonder why
    could you possibly help me in order to be able to adopt and get the bonuses again ….thank you so much! i ‘m really enjoying playing farmville….thank you once again!

  54. ell Says:

    I can confirm this. I have some of each. 2 Green, 4 Pink, 7 White and 3 Brown. This is a completely factual site. All the truth, I can confirm from experience.


    New Lambs are now available in the market! These cost 9 FV, and are sendable! I have 1 and do not yet know what they yeild.

  55. kit Says:

    I tried to see if you could put the calves in the dairy barn and it turned my baby calf into a grown regular cow :-(. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

  56. James Says:

    I think the adoptable calves remain calves. Not sure about the ones born in the barn.
    The green calves have no shadow cause their alien. I think

  57. Amber Says:

    these are the cutest little things i have ever seen! :)

  58. Harry Says:

    I so hate this feature. I have 5 dairy farms and all have bulls. I don’t get one calf per yield. It seems to be random, just keep your fingers crossed. What I have the most is, I don’t get to keep the calf my friends do :(

  59. Kate Says:

    I reeallly want the calves! Who has many that always come to there farm for adoption??? Please i really want one!!!!!!

  60. Natalie Says:

    i give out green calf people they are born on my farm you can add me if you like…

  61. Natalie Says:

    The calf so not transforn people i have a bunch of them they are so cute

  62. Loke808lai Says:

    Can someone that makes green baby calfs add me please.

  63. Joshua Says:

    I have 2 / 3 bulls and i have already got one baby calf born.
    Please add me as a neighbor @

    Natalie please say where we can add you. (web address)

  64. kika Says:

    calfs DO NOT yield calf hair u brush them!like the bulls

  65. Lindsey Draper Says:

    Hi! I would really like an alien calf or more calves. I’m working on getting a dairy farm, but have plenty of bulls and a pink cow for when I do.Add me as a neighbor! I give presents daily, fertilize daily, and share everything.

  66. Lindsey Draper Says:

    Hi! I would really like an alien calf or more calves. I’m working on getting a dairy farm, but have plenty of bulls and a pink cow for when I do.Add me as a neighbor! I give presents daily, fertilize daily, and share everything.

    My link is:

    I don’t have many friends who play farmville, so more neighbors would be great.

  67. Estelle Says:

    I’m french and I lay Farmville. I just to have a baby green calf; please become my neighbors if you have alien cow !

  68. Karen Says:

    If anyone is finding alien calves, I really want one, so my alien cow isn’t alone. Please add me. Thanks!

  69. ruth Says:

    I think the calves are a fun idea…I’ve had green, pink and regular so far. I think it’s stupid that they didn’t make them to transform though..that would be much more entertaining!

  70. Morton Says:

    is it just me or does the bull look like it is turned on?

  71. emily Says:

    If the whole bulls with cows makes a calf thing happens just like real life than the calf should become a cow or bull like real life…. this is just stupid they stay little forever

  72. Dragonfyre Says:

    When the alien cows came out, I filled a milkhouse with them…so I was able to get a green calf…unfortunately, none of my neighbours did the same…

  73. Nick Barnett Says:

    I want a green cow add me if you find a green Calf

  74. shannon Says:

    i have never seen a green cow or calf awwwwwwww

  75. Jaleesa Says:

    hey I have a all the calves except the green on if anyone produces them or justs wants a few calves (i’ve made pink brown and white) add me

    heres a pic

  76. AD Says:

    I have had a bull in ym dairy farm for about 5 days with andother 8 cows and still no calf aaahhh so annoying what am i doing wrong.

  77. naeem Says:

    herez a pic of 2 normal calfs and a green one

  78. naeem Says:

    hers a picture ofa green calf and 2 normal calfshttp

  79. WEECHI Says:

    these alien calfs r so rare have not seen one posted yet and have not made one and i have like 10 green cows in my dairy farm. wack

  80. sm Says:

    I THINK ALL MY FRIENDS, most of whom I don’t know, just send the alien calf through messages!! Waaa! They are never posted!!! Can anyone befriend and send me one?

  81. baha Says:

    Really? theres a fanpage? really?

  82. sara Says:

    why will the baby calfs never grow? i want an adult brown and green cow..but cant..but can get babys? i think its dumb..they should be able to grow so we can make more of them with the bulls in the dairy farms..

  83. chrissy Says:

    i have al the calfs but the normal 1!!!!

  84. Noah Cabrera Says:

    people who finds pink or green calfs add me on facebook ( i have a picture of a white puppy) Thanks :)

  85. Stephany Says:

    Hey, I just put a bull in with my cows, so I’m fixing to have some babies! If you want a chance at one, add me.. I’ll be anyones neighbor, and I fertilize/gift daily… add me!

  86. Ashton Says:

    There are penguins now too! I just adopted one.

  87. dave Says:

    we should be able to choose if we want them to grow up or not.. i would rather fill my dairy farm instead of have them on my farm

  88. Joey Says:

    Calves are the best thing to get coins! The Acai tree gets 158 coins for 2 days, but a calf gets 80 coins in 1 day (80*2=160 coins in 2 days.)

  89. Marcie Says:

    I have 4 dairy farms. each with a different color cow and one bull. I have been harvesting all of them for a week and no calves. Why?

  90. giggity master Says:

    GIFT AND RECIEVE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! you can get any calf or a black sheep or kittens or fuel or anything it is free and if you get gifts put them under your tree then open you will get a very fun little surprise i got 5 alien cows and 3 alien calfs COME ON DO IT ALREADY STOP READIN GT HIS GO FAMILY GUY

  91. Krystal Says:

    Well I have achieved lots of alien calves lol. AS well as the brown calves. I have three dairy farms, all three with bulls. If anyone wants to add me, my email is

  92. FarmvilleFan Says:

    Hey guys,
    If you dont know how to adopt baby calves, heres the answer:
    Look on your friends walls and it will say if they have got a new ribbon, flower givaways, and of course animals up for adoption. Then click adopt. Hope this works for you!!

  93. ellissa Says:

    OMFG i just got all of them ive got like five white ones and 2 brown ones 3 pink ones and 4 green ones

  94. josh Says:

    i got 20 calves 5 brows claves an d 2 green calves.. i hate that you can’t make them grow up but all the other things that you want to stay a baby like baby turkey, ugly duckling,etc grows up

  95. isabel Says:

    i got a green one!!!!!! :D

  96. danny Says:

    how do u get 1 ???
    ??? :D

  97. degas22 Says:

    wouldnt it be awesome with pink and alien bullls also

  98. jake Says:

    y cant i keep my baby clafes

  99. Andie Says:

    hello =)

    could someone answer me this… is suppose calf’s disappear??
    i had one and it was almost near the 100%… and then… no more calf… gone…

  100. Silver Lime Says:

    i have a few regular ones and a green one. i want pink and brown. so cute!

  101. abley Says:

    If the calves disappear, that means they wondered off. So that is why you need to keep them fenced in.

  102. Becks Says:

    I think its kind of silly to have calves that don’t grow up… although, since i do have so many i get a lot of gold out of them :) that’s probably the only upside to them tho :P

  103. Esperanto Says:

    i reckon when we get to increase the size of our dairys, there’ll also somehow be an option to turn our calves into cows – wouldn’t be surprised if it involves spending farmville cash…

  104. Mark Says:

    do i need to have a dairy farm to do this

  105. Bkreed Says:

    I just found a bull and he mated with one of my regular cows… I wish we could keep them, even though I already have 2 others..

  106. stephanie Says:

    why cant baby cows transform like ugly ducklings? how do we get lambs?

  107. skyler Says:

    alien calf is REAL iv found like 50 0f them in my 3 dairies

  108. Olivia Says:

    I have60 calfs

  109. Grape Says:

    have you tried putting a Fan Cow in one of your dairy farms?.. i harvested a fan calf early today, no joke. i was surprised coz i put it there as an experiment. try it, you guys.. :D

  110. Nathan Says:

    Do i only put a bull and the cow that i want a baby calf from in the dairy farm?

  111. artur Says:

    i have found a lot of fan calfs and holstein calfs but i want green calf too!!!!!

  112. Alix Says:

    green caqlfs are still out there but kind of rare. I just got one this morning, can anyone tell me how to get an green adult cow?

  113. jesus Says:

    need a friend that has a dairy farm a green cow and a bull please add me or just anyone

  114. Dawn Says:

    I breed all the cows can anyone answer this question….OK how many calves come out of the dairy for my friends to adopt? I have saw people list 10 people and I have saw people list only 5, so is it 5 or 10? I am confused now! LOL…..thanks in advance to whoever can answer this question. :)

  115. tannerfairhope9 Says:

    can anyone send me a bull or tell me how to get one?

  116. cj Says:

    wat about the neopolitan calfs and groovy calfs

  117. andrew Says:

    i got a calf different then all of these,the cow that cost real money had it

  118. Elsie Says:

    Theres also a chocolate calf. Yes, its different from the brown calf. And a Holstein calf.

  119. Grace Says:

    I got holstein, fan, groovy and chocolate calf :3

  120. DarnNub218 Says:

    My baby alien calf grew into a chocolate calf but you said it wont grow up?