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FarmVille Buffalo

Posted on January 12, 2010 8:23 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

The FarmVille Buffalo debuted in the first Animal Mystery Box released on 01.12.10.

FarmVille Freak ArtisticPhotosMI's Buffalo

The Buffalo cannot be purchased in the FarmVille Market and is not found elsewhere in FarmVille, making it an exclusive item.

The Buffalo is ready to harvest in 3 days and yields buffalo hair for 105 coins.  (400 XP when opening Animal Mystery Box).

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29 Responses to “FarmVille Buffalo” »

  1. Aiko Says:


  2. Haley Says:

    I got a jackalope. He’s really cute.

  3. RainyShadow Says:

    A closer view:


  4. Giuseppe Says:


  5. david Says:

    i’d trade so many golden chickens to get a buffalo… i hope they bring in the trade feature soon.

  6. Ethnog Says:


  7. joemomma Says:

    its eyes look weird

  8. pwincess mia Says:

    awh man!..i wish i cud buy it.but no fv cash..jus hav 9 of it!

  9. chrissy Says:

    im rely low on fv cash now just brought the bunny and 1 box got a peacock wanted the jackalope tho :(

  10. funk Says:

    i got a jackalope and a buffalo and a deer and a peacock soooooooo cooooool

  11. TJWright156 Says:

    Wellll wanted a Peac ock :( Opened liked 10 or more Boxes lol, got like 3 Ox, 5 Deer & 3 Jackalope, i hope they doa trade feature, as I’d like a couple of Buffalo & a Peac ock or two :(

    ^Moan over :D
    BUT how awesome are they!!! Got my own lil Deer Forest going on lol

  12. cheyenne Says:

    how do you get the donkey…he is cute.snd i wish i could buy one but i got no fv cash

  13. TJWright156 Says:

    They can appear in Gold Eggs that people find :)

  14. Phillip Says:

    I opened three mystery crates and got three peacocks. Yes!

  15. Starscream Says:

    I would waiste anything to get either a Buffalo or an Elephant!!! Hope the trade feature comes soon:(

  16. pwincess mia Says:


  17. Tanya Says:

    Opened 10 boxes, got every single one except what I wanted, buffalo.
    It’s always the way……………..

  18. Alison Says:

    I wish Zynga would be more creative about what you can harvest with these animals. I mean you get buffalo mozarella, reindeer milk, goose and duck eggs and jackalope milk is said to be very medicinal :-)

  19. BEN G Says:

    This is the my favourite animal in the mystery box, i was going to buy one but their 20 fv $ and not 16 like regular boxes. Let down. :(

  20. Rafael Suarez Says:

    If anyone won a buffalo in the mystery animal, when the trade feature comes, i’ll be more than happy to trade peac-o-c-ks… I won 5 ( I also won an ox if someone wants)

  21. leiam Says:

    if the trade thing comes out ill trade someone a peac-o-c-k or an ox a jackalope for a buffalo. plz if this trade thing comes out really want a buffallo

  22. Rhonda Bertram Says:

    I’ve been trying to get 2 ox…I have 4 peacocks, 2 jackalopes, 4 deer and 3 buffalo. Will trade a buffalo or a deer to get 2 ox. Thx.

  23. Rafael Suarez Says:

    @Rhonda Bertram :

    Ill trade you one of my peac-o-c-ks or an ox for just one buffalo

  24. George Says:

    Ill trade a peacock a deer or a jackalope for a buffalo. I opened 7 and i got everything but a buffalo, the only thing i wanted :( Email me if ur thinking of trading :)

  25. leiam Says:

    this sucks i used 260 farmcash on those crates and i got every animal except a buffalo the one i wanted the most

  26. chrissy Says:

    i am a little disopointed as i brought 10 mystery boxs and got all the animals but i spent so much money on them trying 2 get a jackalope i got 3 out of my last 3 boxs but i neva miss a single animal even fv cash 1s i just pay out the money 2 get fv cash but it can be very disopointing 4 those who cnt pay 4 fvcash i wil hav 2 stop buying it at somepoint, i for 1 am getting sic of this its allways far cash!!!! :@ and why is it sensoring pea c o ck?? beacuase the c o ck part wel thats a bit low :/

  27. Stacie Says:

    I got everything but the buffalo too, I got 3 deer, 2 jackalopes, 2 peacocks, and one ox, would of rather had more peacocks than 3 deer and wanted a buffalo!

  28. Mara Says:

    Hello, just wanted to ask, but in the mistery box there are always animals or there can be smth else? thxxx

  29. OiMoi Says:

    Didn’t let me send my mustang link to any of mu friends, where do I find it?