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FarmVille Deer

Posted on January 12, 2010 8:04 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

The FarmVille Deer debuted in an Animal Mystery Box released on 01.12.10.

The Deer cannot be purchased in the FarmVille Market and is not found elsewhere in FarmVille, making it an exclusive item.

The Deer is ready to harvest in 2 days and yields deer hair for 80 coins.  (200 XP when opening Animal Mystery Box).

FarmVille Freak Tom's Deer

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19 Responses to “FarmVille Deer” »

  1. Austin Says:

    I will give you a picture of me in my farm for this.

  2. leiam Says:

    if the trade thing comes out ill trade someone an ox, peacock or jackalope 4 a deer

  3. George Says:

    Ill trade a peacock a deer or a jackalope for a buffalo. I opened 7 and i got everything but a buffalo, the only thing i wanted :( Email me if ur thinking of trading :)

  4. kiki Says:

    if anyone wants to trade a donkey for a peacock let me know

  5. Emma Says:

    I have deer to trade for the pea**** or a donkey, if the trade thingy comes out.

  6. Jessi Says:

    i while trade a donkey for a deer emma

  7. Jessi Says:

    i mean will. lol

  8. lisa Says:

    how do you trade…would love a peacock for a donkey…..

  9. Jessi Says:

    its a new feture not yet available. but its coming soon.

  10. Chad Gilbeck Says:

    I notice at the top of this page (farmville freak) there is a ROOSTER!!! Where is this from??? Is it a real animal coming out?


  11. ZOE Says:

    I would like a donkey and a deer and an alpaca – I can trade a buffalo or ox or jackalope – but not sure how to so a trade ?

  12. Jessi Says:

    i have alot of donkeys willing to trade for any mystery box animals

  13. Jessi Says:

    trading is a new feture not yet available. but its coming soon.

  14. Emma Says:

    Jessi, you are on, I have 3 ox, 3 buffalo and 4 deer, will rade for a donkey when it comes out. Will contact you here when the trading thing starts – if it starts!?

  15. Emma Says:

    Trade!! lol!

  16. Jessi Says:

    ok. ur on. lol. i have like 16 donkeys!!!!

  17. kiki Says:

    I can trade u a donkey for an ox :D

  18. Nelita Says:

    i trade donkey for any animal and i trade green calfs

  19. Jangsara Says:

    It’s now known as Buck O_o