FarmVille Tip: Tourist Penguin Needs to Live in Lighthouse Cove!

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FarmVille Tip: Tourist Penguin Needs to Live in Lighthouse Cove!

Posted on November 26, 2011 2:15 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Tourist Penguin


Several FarmVille Freaks have contacted us about a pesky penguin causing problems with completing Lighthouse Cove Chapter 10 Quests, so we’d like to give you a heads up so that you don’t make the same mistake and also offer our condolences to those FarmVille Freaks that did. :( At the moment, there is nothing that you can do to remedy this issue.

Chapter 10 Lighthouse Cove Quests are the current quests in Lighthouse Cove. After completing the requirements for Part III “Fashion Statement” you are rewarded with a Tourist Penguin. In the immediately following quest, Bonus Challenge 1, you are asked to then harvest the Tourist Penguin.

“FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 10 Quest III: Fashion Statement

  • Requirements: Get 3 Warm Sweaters, Harvest 110 Hay, & Make Black Raspberry Wine Twice
  • Rewards: 300 XP, Tourist Penguin, & 2,500 Farm Coins

FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Chapter 10 Quest: Bonus Challenge 1

  • Requirements: Harvest 160 Butter and Sugar Corn, Harvest 1 Tourist Penguin, & Harvest Lighthouse Cove
  • Rewards: 500 XP, Seagull Wood, & 2,500 Farm Coins”

The problem arises for those players who placed their Tourist Penguin on their Home Farm or English Countryside Farm because duh! they will not be able to harvest the Tourist Penguin in Lighthouse Cove because he doesn’t live there! As you know, there is no transferrable storage available to and from Lighthouse Cove farms (yet).

We understand that this problem is frustrating as those of you that placed the Tourist Penguin on other farms will not be able to complete the Bonus Challenges. We’d like to encourage you to read our FarmVille Freak Quest Guides so that you know what to expect in the following quests and also share them with your farming friends. Here are some helpful links below:

LINK: FarmVille Freak Guide for Lighthouse Cove Chapter 10 Quests

LINK: FarmVille Freak Guide for all current FarmVille Quests and unreleased Quests

Did you encounter this same problem with your Chapter 10 Quests?

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72 Responses to “FarmVille Tip: Tourist Penguin Needs to Live in Lighthouse Cove!” »

  1. bj jennings Says:

    Thats to bad that I can’t finish it does not say to keep it on the cove and the other quest workrd from the other farms :(

  2. Leanne Stookey Says:

    Placing the penguin on the wrong farm is not the only troubling issue with the tourist penguin. I did not even receive the penguin so there is no way I can continue the quest. FV/Zynga customer support is aware of this issue and for right now, says the quest is on hold so who knows if it will even be completed.
    Yet another frustrating quest issue. Let’s hope the winter wonderland quests are glitch free but I highly doubt it.

    Thank you for letting me vent.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  3. Diana Says:

    He’s been on my Cove for over a day, he is at 36% maturity! No way to finish challenge if he takes 3 days to harvest. Just letting you know!

    Don’t spend your cash ~ boycott FV with your money until they fix some of these things!

  4. chris Says:

    a little late to say something about this

  5. Terri Says:

    Farmville should not allow you to place on incorrect farm. Very confusing when 2 quests have the same type farmville animal!

  6. anne hood Says:

    My Tourist Penguin harvested in the Cove from the Zoo.

  7. monica Says:

    Leanne- I didn’t get the penguin either! I did all the requirements for the quest and moved on to the bonus quests, but the penguin didnt end up in my giftbox… :-(

  8. Ani Says:

    I don’t know why the others put it on the wrong farm but i think for everybody it should be obviously that you HAVE TO PUT IT ON THE LIGHTHOUSE COVE…since the quest is JUST for lighthouse cove and also if you want to harvest it in 1 day you should put the penguin in a zoo…for me it worked just fine :D and now i’m at the last bonus.

  9. karen Says:

    I had no problem because I read your guide and left him on the Cove Farm. When I got him I put him in the Zoo pen that was ready to harvest, that brought the Zoo down to 97% ready but that was OK. I finish all of the quests, sometimes just barely though but it is all because I read the quest guides and refer back to them constantly to stay ahead of the game. Really appreciate the help!!! Thanks!!!

  10. james Says:

    i agree if it is supposed to be ONLY place on the cove farm why didn’t they lock it to the cove farm DUH.

  11. Cindy Says:

    Here is a trick I figured out recently (works most of the time): If you have room in the appropriate pen, run, etc., place the animal that needs harvesting in it. This does not make you harvest right away before the item is in it. Used to be able to harvest right after, but now it starts at around 95%, which does not take too long. If something needs to be harvested twice, and you have two of the pens, just remove from the first, and place in the second. This also works for trees.

  12. Boomer Says:

    I placed Tourist Penguin on Home Farm in Zoo on Home Farm due the to progress of the Zoo. Of course, it harvested but I did not receive credit. Contacted Zynga and WITHIN 10 MINUTES I was contacted back and proper credit given! Was totally flabbergasted after hearing all the bad stories about Zynga Customer Service. Of course, he is now “stuck” on my Home Farm.

  13. Lori Says:

    Ok, they got me too. And Leanne, I guess that explains why my quest disappeared! This really was an error on their part…..again. On the bright side, I would have only sold the fence and lighthouse. Who has room for decorations?! Zynga really does try to keep us happy……if you get the right person. I complained about this issue early this morning, later checked my email and found that they claim to complete the quest for me and the gifts should be in my giftbox….they aren’t…but since I would only sell them anyway……More importantly, they gave me some FV$ to keep me happy. I am VERY happy!!!!!! :D

  14. janet wiegers Says:

    thank you for posting friend published it.thats how i found out.but i had already put it on the right farm.will post for my other friends.

  15. dale linn Says:

    We put the tourist penquin on the cove and after 2 going on 3 days it is still only 50% done.

  16. Tara Says:

    This is what happens when you have several farms with mulitple quests going on at the same time on each farm. Zynga should have realized there would be confusion and stopped the ability to just place stuff on any farm. This is exactly why I don’t bother with Lighthouse Cove or the Countryside (well that along with the glitches).

  17. miruna Says:

    at this quest no, but last week, I recall that after reading on this site that I have to harvest a turkey 10 times, yes, I doubted that I’m gonna finish. so, folks, in the future be careful on figures. keep up this good work and thanks :)

  18. Debbie Says:

    I didn’t have this problem this time, but learned about it in an earlier quest on something easier to fix. I didn’t have any horses on my lighthouse cove farm, and harvesting them on other farms didn’t work. No one told me about it, I just figured it out. You can tell what quests are “active” on each farm by whether or not the icon for that quest appears when you’re at that farm. I was annoyed that I had to put the tourist penguin in lighthouse cove, though, because my tourist cow is on another farm.

  19. Loretta Ayres Says:

    Add me to the list of people that didn’t read. What can I do now? Guess I will just move on and try to not be so stupid any more.

  20. Stu Says:

    No worries. I wrote to Zynga Support and received the following response:

    I understand you concern in regards to this Quest and I found that there are other accounts affected with this inconvenience.

    According to the development team, the resolution is in progress and please bear with us while we resolve this.

    The issue is in development and will be applied soon in FarmVille.

    I have skipped that step on the Quest and the following items were added to your account:

    500 XP
    1 Fence
    2,500 Coins

  21. Aaues Says:

    Take the 15 second to Nicely email zynga and explain that you placed it on the wrong farm, when I did this they got back to me and finished that part of the quest for me so I was able to move onto the next. You get more bees with honey then with piss and vinegar so try a new tactic and be courteous to customer support. It really would have been nice if they had locked this penguin to the cove so that no one had to go through it. To the person posting about it taking 3 days for the penguin to be ready, build a zoo and put it in, then it only takes 24 hours

  22. marty Says:

    For some reason i don’t get the cove quests anymore… :(

  23. Lisa Says:

    Can anyone else get any of their animals harvested?? I can not get any that are outside of buildings to harvest

  24. Memike Says:

    A little to late for me and a couple of my neighbors as well, but we all contacted Zynga customer support and while the outcome was varied for each of us (some got the individual quest completed for them, while me and some others where given the $25 FV cash so we can skip it) they where willing to help out. If you did place the tourist penguin on the wrong farm, contact support, I’m sure they would be willing to help you out if you explain the situation.

  25. Zukira Phaera Says:

    have to have a zoo on the cove to put him in to complete in time too

  26. rui Says:

    Well, i didn’t have the problem because I read the guide to the quest, then I placed it on the zoo of lighthouse farm and it was fast to harvest :)
    But there is an idea for those who put it in another farm: place it in a zoo with no more animals, and hope when you harvest it gives you a baby, Then put the baby in the lighthouse and breed it there!

  27. Havrane Says:

    Huh, are you kidding? How can be someone so dumb and place penguin in another farm? You finish quest 3, click on share, and then pops out immediately bonus quest#1 where you can see(!) what is your next requirements. I really don’t get it. Will you not read it and instead of it you going immediately to another farm? Oh come on…

  28. Christine Says:

    It would have been Really Nice if FV would have warned us about this. I think they are getting sneaky. I have put actual money into FV and have been playing from the beginning but this is making me rethink spending 24/7 figuring out the Rules.

  29. Reg Wells Says:

    Am I the only one who had the sense to harvest it in a pen on LC farm. Not exactly rocket science.

  30. Harley Says:

    if hes on your lighthouse cove put him in your zoo on the farm it only takes a day tops to have it harvest. mine was at 50% when i put the penguin in and itw as harvested in 12 hours.. and dont blame zynga on mistake you out to know jeesh think about it tourist gnome was a reward for teh lighthouse cove, tourist cow ect. the lighthouse cove is supposed to be a fall getaway . sorry you guys messed up and all but come on cant blame everything on zynga after all this website and others had the guide up a week in advance

  31. Christina Says:

    My issue with this quest is the Penguin Tourist just vanished off my farm and Zynga hasn’t done a dang thing to fix it. I emailed them twice now and each time they say it’s in my gift box, but isn’t. Aargh.

  32. Regius Says:

    @ Diana, by placing the Tourist Penguin in a Zoo on your Lighthouse Cove farm he’ll only take at the very most one day to harvest. :)

  33. Kiran Says:

    The tourist penguin can be placed in the zoo and when you harvest the zoo, the penguin is harvested as well so that’s how you getting around the annoying three day harvest time.I had a zoo on my light house cove farm from the earlier cove quests and i just put the penguin in my zoo and harvested it. Also for anyone who put the penguin on the wrong farm, maybe you could try putting it in the zoo and see if you can get another tourist penguin from a mystery baby. It’s available and it’s a yellow baby so it should be a little easier to get. To be sure you get the right baby, take all the other animals out of your zoo except the tourist penguin and harvest the zoo. Then if you manage to get the baby, place it on your LHC farm and harvest it in the zoo. Hope this helps.

  34. Sickleduster Says:

    Got the penguin, he’s even in the cove, but he takes too long to harvest and cannot be put in any of the animal shelters. Oh well, since the prizes are crappy for this quest I’m not that annoyed – just a bit.

  35. peter boykin Says:

    What you should do is get on Zynga Farmville customer service chat and let me know what happened, they have always been nice and either completed that part of the quest or completed the quest. If you have an issue just let them know.

  36. Pamela Savoy Says:

    Why don’t they just gift us another tourist penquin and that would take care of the problem???????

  37. Crabclaw Says:

    I am unable to harvest animals in Lighthouse Cove as a stand alone. I am able to harvest them if the are in a ground (stable, aviary, etc.) Is anyone else having this problem?

  38. Laurie Hollerbach Says:

    @Diana – agreed, every item that has been rewarded and must be harvested for the following quest has been that way…Speaker tree, Founder duck, Fairy zebra, Bowtie tree, etc. and now Tourist penguin – they use the length of time it takes to harvest along with the deadline for the quests to push us into spending farmCash.
    NOT NICE ! – -also, i did put my tourist penguin on the cove, but just plain luck and i would be SO MAD if i hadn’t! why can’t they lock it to cove like they do for other items in the gift box?
    that is all.

  39. deb Says:

    My penguin is on day 3 and still only at about 60%, with only one day left it’s not possible to finish this quest. Way to go farmville.

  40. flmdrpeena Says:

    Well mucked with my game by not releasing tourist penguin separately from quest step.
    & I messed up. Tourist penguin was in my giftbox- – not like the other lighthouse cove animals that you have to put there. Took it out by mistake on English countryside farm & put it in the zoo. Harvested zoo in Englad & it’s not counted on L.C. quest. Can’t go buy another. Can’t take animal from other farms to Lighthouse cove. So, set of quests are totally blown. Can’t expand Lighthouse Cove becausse zynga not crediting new friends. CAN’T GET ZYNGA CUSTOMER SUPPORT not answering E-Mail, Link at bottom of page take to a link that can’t be found. Even forum under construction.

  41. Lisa Sweeney Says:

    How do I get started with farmville freaks

  42. Thomas Says:

    Yup… I did this and had a “OMG are you stupid or what” moment. *sigh* ah well, next time I’ll make sure my head isn’t up my butt when doing the LightHouse Cove quest… it’s the only one I’ll not have been able to complete…

  43. Shell Says:

    Ditto what Diana says – after a whole day on my farm, the maturity level is so low, there will be no way to complete all the bonus challenges within the timeframe allotted.

  44. Kelli Mc Says:

    I have always put any Reward I have received from a Lighthouse Cove Quest on my Lighthouse Cove Farm, that’s where it belongs for a Lighthouse Cove quest! I figured also anything that belongs in the Ocean should be on the lighthouse Cove farm.

  45. Marla Says:

    how do you harvest this stupid penguin?? I have him on the correct farm but he won’t be ready for 3 more days and he’s been on there two days already and isn’t even half way done!

  46. Katherine Says:

    @Diana, the Penguin will go in a Wild life habit, therefore cutting down the 3 days, to one day.

  47. Lara w Says:

    Placing the penguin on the wrong farm is not the only troubling issue with the tourist penguin. i got it from the quest and put in in the right place (cove) it takes 3 days to harvest it,,,and i was on time in all quests,,,,but the 3 bonus quests u can never finish them here becos of this penguin,,,,i’m still wating for him since 3 days still 64%,,,,
    so son’t worry guys noone will finish these 3 bonus quests unless he pays for the extra grow to harvest this dum penguin,,,,farmcash again ZYNGA!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Rachel Says:

    I don’t see why this is such a surprise. It is only logical that whatever farm you receive the quest item on, that is the farm you will need it on in the future.

  49. All Says:

    As usual the idiots at zynga by not saying he can only go in the cove…So of the christmas trees I have been getting are locked to the “holiday ” cove, island,inlet whatever they are going to call it….it you can lock the trees to the right place, you can lock the animals for that same reason …and in cause you didn’t catch it, This is a VERY SERIOUS NY ATTITUDE !!!!!

  50. shannon97405 Says:

    I made the mistake of placing the Tourist Penguin on the wrong farm. I contacted Zynga customer service and politely explained the problem. Result? I received 100 FV$ ! That was enough to enable me to complete that portion of the quest with a nice tidy amount left over. CS has always been very helpful. The key to getting this kind of response is to be very polite, succinct and admit that the mistake was yours and NOT Zynga screwing up!

  51. Annette Says:

    My penguins hang out on my home farm! I have a great sanctuary their with the new slip & slide, a snow fort from last year and a pool! I don’t want to split up my penguins…even though the tourist penguin wants to fly the coup! Fix this Zynga!

  52. Sandy Says:

    @ Diana, if you have a zoo you can place him in there and harvest in a day. I just harvested my zoo and it counted towards the quest.

    @ Chris. Zynga has been posting quests guides for the current Lighthouse Cove quests for weeks now with screen shots. AND they are stickied at the top of the forum so you really can’t miss them. So they did fully inform players of what was to come. It just sucks that they didn’t lock the stupid penguin to LC.

    The last 3 rewards aren’t really anything special anyways. Nothing to master and the forum doesn’t say anything about unlocking LC storage like with the EC quests. The customer service people are really nice and they usually fix this kind of thing or auto complete them in a timely manner. At least that has been my experience. Just keep hounding them.

  53. joni bach Says:

    I am screwed, my penguin in in my zoo on home farm… what do i do to get it back to cove?

  54. Debbie Says:

    I placed the tourist penguin on my English farm. Once I realized it wouldn’t count towards the cove quest, I contacted Zynga and they sent me another penguin within 24 hours, and I was able to complete my quest.

  55. Carrie Says:

    I suspected this might be the case…but deliberately put him on my Home farm instead. The penguin is so beyond out of place on the Cove when everything else penguin related is on the other farms.

    I don’t mind not completing the Bonus Quests, I never do.

  56. SnakeAngel Says:

    To Farmvilee Freak – i always read the guide ahead but i can’t find it anywhere that u have to place the Tourist Penguin on the Cove Farm :(

  57. Pooh Says:

    God! I did the same mistake… I wasn’t thinking clearly, I guess. I wanted to harvest the penguin fast and quick so I placed it in the almost ready Zoo at my home farm… Grrr… :(
    Anyways, if I can’t complete the quest then too its ok. It is not the end of the world. Duh! I will be careful next time onwards.

  58. Pooh Says:

    Sandy: I totally agree with you as you have said that Zynga should have locked the penguin to Lighthouse cove farm. I earned the buildings as rewards in previous Lighthouse quests and they are locked in my gift box… Jeez, this totally sounds justifiable if it was locked then the players might not have made such a mistake!!!

  59. Janice Terey Says:

    I put penquin in appropriate pen on cove and then went to home farm and found a penquin in my gift box and thought they just gave me a second one. Placed in pen on home farm and lo and behold, couldn’t finish the quest. Contacted Zynga and they immediately finished that quest for me.

  60. Kara S Says:

    I put the tourist penguin on the cove to complete the quest but I didn’t really want him there. I’m trying to keep my cove “real” looking. I don’t want animals in funny clothes there. And since I don’t want a zoo on my cove I can’t hide him away inside it.

    I wish I could transfer him to my EC and the zoo there since I have now harvested him for the quest. But I can’t. Oh well, I guess I’ll deal with it.

  61. rosemary plato Says:

    sadly yes this happened to me to with tourist penquin

  62. Regius Says:

    @ Carrie…. what part of “TOURIST” do you not understand? :p

  63. V Says:

    TIP for all who misplaced the tourist penguin:

    well, I also placed it on the wrong farm, but when I understood what happened I took out all animals from the zoo, leaving the penguin inside only. harvesting the zoo gave me a yellow zoo baby, which I placed in lighthouse cove :) it of course grew to be the same tourist penguin.. and I was back on the quest :) try it!

  64. rachael Says:

    Placed him on the cover but at 36% after one day and quest to finish tomorrow so looks like this is another I won’t get finished. I don’t have a zoo on the cove but I’ve just started building one which means it won’t be ready to harvest for a couple of days anyway. Zygna help has been amazing on another issue. They response quickly and resolve the problem and very kindly gave me abit of FV cash and a tree. What a bonus! Emailed them back my huge thanks! :-)

  65. margaret Says:

    3 days to harvest this freaking thing is a bit much. I had all my stuff planted and ready to go to finish it off. Only had 2 farmville cash couldn’t use that to make it go faster. I never put a zoo pen on my LHC farm. What a bunch of shit. I finished my last 2 quests in no time at all even had many days left this one was a bunch of crap. They need a add a few day’s for problems in the quests that they come up with!!

  66. charl8sweb Says:

    I did put the penguin on my LC farm but I’m still not going to be able to harvest the penguin in time to finish the quest. Kinda crappy.

  67. jennifer Says:

    I placed my Penguin on the correct farm cause it was the reward for the Cove quests so I figured it went on the Cove out of the process of reasoning. Plus you guys posted all the quests that told us what we needed to do, and it clearly stated that we would need to harvest the Tourist Penguin for the next quest. Also I placed my Penguin into a 100 % ready zoo on my cove. It dropped it to 96% and within an hour He was harvested and I moved onto the next quest. Thank you Freaks for posting the quests ahead of time. I have been able to finish all the cove quests including the bonus ones with your postings.
    The Penguin quests took me 3 days and I only flew my plane 1 time at 3 farm cash for the 23 hour hay crop.

  68. jeanne Says:

    I put the penguin on the cove. It takes 3 days to harvest. Stop with the “I was smarter than you” posts. None of the cove quests has ever required a zoo before. With the winter farm coming, and us collecting other penguins, why in the world would I want to put a new zoo on my cove. I’m thinking the candy cane light house would have been nice for the winter farm. Whatever. I did manage to harvest the tourist penguin and got a stupid piece of fence. In fact, I don’t see anything about another cove quest so I’m glad I didn’t build a useless zoo. The cove is dead, people. I’m sick about the 120 or so parts I have stuck toward building the stupid cove to level 10….I’ve been trying to upgrade the paddock and the cow pen. All wasted since we will have to build new ones on the winter farm.

  69. Charlie Says:

    Well actually you can move stuff from Home/England to the cove just gotta know how to use Charles Proxy or just use farmville bot with the items overlap plugin.

  70. jesus Says:

    wow has this really happen? dont people see that the cove quest Icon disappears when you move to another farm just like with the english country farm quest when you moved to your home farm

  71. Mary Carroll Cooper Hodkinson Says:

    If you put your tourist penguin on your home farm or English farm, email Zynga and they will help you get past the problem of not being able to harvest the tourist penguin!!!! PLUS they will give you FREE STUFF for your trouble!!!

  72. Pooh Says:

    I contacted Farmville support mentioning my problem that I put the penguin on my home farm zoo. I got a response the same day (though it was a Sunday) that they have placed another tourist penguin in my gift box which I can place on my LHC farm. Plus they gave me 3 Capital one instant grows(for animals) to grow the penguin instantly :D
    I think this was really thoughtful of them! Also, this was the 1st time I contacted their support – level 91 (playing since March, 2011)