FarmVille Unreleased Turkey Roost

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FarmVille Unreleased Turkey Roost

Posted on October 28, 2010 3:01 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Will our FarmVille Turkeys soon have their own pads? From the unreleased images below it looks like Turkeys will find a special place to hide, perhaps just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Linkaholic for finding these unreleased FarmVille Turkey Roost menu screens!

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58 Responses to “FarmVille Unreleased Turkey Roost” »

  1. Kyle Says:

    Who really saved 20 turkeys though ? Not most, and it would be pointless building a barn for something you don’t have just to have your neighbours send you animals you don’t want. Zynga need to think before releasing things. This better not come out before the much needed orchard

  2. Roland Says:

    when can we have a new land expansion? do you guys have a clue?

  3. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Can we please stack the pigpen, turkey roost and lost animal feeder to save space? They are four plots each.

    Where are we going to place orchards? They will be four plots each as well.

  4. Drag Racer Says:

    Gobble gobble gobble :)

    Gobblety gook crap Zynga :(

  5. Suresh Says:

    turkeys might appear as a limited time giftable one.. so watch out!

  6. Jamie Says:

    Okay I think this is a cute idea, I’ll be the first to say it I guess! Zanga your doing a great job with new items, yes it holds space but its nice none the less. Expansions would be great, but thank you for all you do because this is a free game to most (except the ones who pay for cash) and still people complain, shame on them! Keep up the good work!

  7. Leslie Isaacs Says:

    i saved 8 turkeys from last year because they were so cool. are we to expect more turkeys this year to fill the roost? that new animal trough thing….it’s cool to look at, but it’s a waste of space unless we can put animals in it. we need something to put our sheep and goats in! and i’d LOVE to see them expand the size of our chicken coop. i have it filled PLUS another 100 hanging around it. my ONE major question is, why do they keep releasing stuff that only bogs up the game? it used to be that we were lucky to get a new release once a month, now it seems to be once a week!!!

  8. Damiana Says:

    People complain b/c Zynga doesn’t care about their players unless they’re spending money. You lose stuff and Zynga has no intentions of helping you get back the stuff that game glitches lost!!! That’s why we complain!!!

  9. Daphne Says:

    Amen Jamie! I have had a blast playing fv and have never had to pay for any of the items I have gotten. It is funny and sad to see how many complain about a free game and seem to never be happy. I have 100 building materials in my box so I am hoping that they get a use soon.

  10. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Last Thanksgiving there was no storage and I was overrun by Turkeys. Most of them were slaughtered shortly after the feast. I have retained 4 turkeys and 4 chicks (which I will not allow to convert to adult so they have pink balloons all the time) from then.

    There were also FV$ turkeys last year but I did not purchase any.

    This leads me to expect there will be more than one turkey type appearing in the not too distant future.

  11. Ben Says:

    Agreed Daphne and Jamie!
    I have only ONCE bought farmcash-and it was only 1.00 worth(i needed very little for 1 LE item) but i do not get these others. My Aunt spent 200.00 one WEEK

  12. Denise Says:

    Kyle? Did you forget that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? I’d say that the turkey’s will probably be released again. Maybe not the same as what we have already but something. I don’t think Zynga would release something like this without having something to put in them. lol To many have joined since the first release of them for them not to.

  13. Jinger Says:

    I think you people need to suck it up! Its a great entertaining game and I like everything they release. Sure sometimes everything can go for cash that sometimes should be sold for coins, but I have played this game since it was in beta..and its great.. Stop pitching your fits and farm.. like most farmvillers do.

  14. Farmer Susana Says:

    This is great! I wasn’t here last year, so I don’t have any turkeys , but I want some. And I like that there’s a place to keep them.

    Can anyone say SHEEP SHEARING SHED????

  15. zorze Says:


  16. Roland Says:

    remember paying customers have the right to complain, suggest and question.

  17. Andosia Says:

    I’d love to see a building we can throw all the animals in, or another expansion finally. With all these buildings, items, and trees I won’t even put out the trough because I have limited space to actually farm, and my storage is almost packed to the 500 limit. Maybe if the turkeys would room with the sheep and goats I’d be all for it ;)

  18. Allen Says:

    non sense. I only have 5 turkeys, and I have no more space for everything…. I hope they will give us chicken coop and pig pen expansion as well as sheep or goat coop…

  19. Kara S Says:

    Thanksgiving is coming. I’m sure we’ll get more turkeys. I have 5 from last year.

  20. Catherine Zilla Says:

    We need more space!

  21. Anon Says:

    I got rid of all but 4 turkeys on my farm since last Thanksgiving… so this is a pointless feature… however, I expect an influx of turkeys (much like the pigs for the pig sty).

    We need a sheep pen over any other type of animal storage!!! And make them a bit smaller – big and fugly looking!

  22. Mon-chan Says:

    I need more space. I won’t bother with this. I deleted my nursery today – I don’t want my LE foals and calves growing up and I don’t need anymore of the animals that grow up from it!! I deleted my pig pen too. Waste of space. I only collect one of each animal. Got the poncho goat (so ugly) and deleted the trough as well! I’m freaking out about orchards, it seems like it’s gonna be a big hassle. Ughhh!

  23. zaroucitizen Says:

    i might consider my self as the only person that has all the available turkeys?? i have 3 baby turkey (not evolved) 4 turkeys 5 wild turkeys from over a year and one wild (the blue one from far west theme) so you may released it with all my blessing :P

  24. FV freak Says:

    Who wants Turkey Roost????!!! Give something easier like non – build-able stuff like the chicken coop unlike the pigpen that we need to construct.i deleted my horse stable and nursery barn.I mean seriously,i am dying for the orchards and this idiotic Turkey Roost comes in the middle.I seriously hope that the orchards come first than the TURKEY ROOST! Hate it!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

  25. JAN Says:

    With the giftable farmhands, arborists, and now the trough that only holds 20 feeds, my gift box is full and no room for other gifts or building supplies.

  26. Hannah Says:

    Special delivery boxes have been giving me building supplies that I don’t need – will this release be buildable or is something else coming soon? Orchards need nails?

  27. Mike Says:

    “One of my favorite things to do is to view the FarmvilleFreak comments and watch all the whiners complain about every little thing. I chuckle quietly to myself, knowing how infantile they all behave”

  28. murx Says:

    @ Susana:


  29. Donna SF Says:

    If they provide turkeys this is good idea, I guess. I would really like a rabbit hutch that makes little bunnies… *hint *hint ;-) We have the rabbits but not so much the turkeys. In my Elvis voice; Thank you, Thank you very much

  30. nm Says:

    If I can put my turkey’s in here and they make babies i can brush and not have the pink bubble on top their heads all the time I’m all for this. Would love to have babies that would make money like my calf’s. I still have some from last year that I didn’t turn because their so adorable!

  31. andrew Says:

    to the people complaining about space um…..your’e not going to have your haunted house up after halloween right? because you could easily remove that and put this in its place

  32. hmmm Says:

    I think Jinger is a spy for the company. If not she/he should save themselves the frustration of reading comments. Of course players will bellyache to each other. There are plenty of areas to be dissatisfied in relation to Farmville.

  33. Bobsun Says:

    Well I have 27 Turkeys and I’d love to put them in a coop or roost as it says :))

  34. Noel Says:

    I’m betting this will be as useful as the pig sty that none of my neighbors never return the truffles for anymore ROFLMAO :P

  35. dawn Says:

    I probably have more than 20 turkeys, they don’t take up a lot of room, plus I’m sure there will be more soon. Maybe they will come out with a farm extension or someplace where will can place all the buildings.

  36. Jaymes Says:

    i gave up on the pigpen, so i got rid of it.if this thing sucks like the pigpen then i will remove it too! cheers!:-)

  37. Heather Says:

    At first I thought this would be a waste and laughed it off (never placed the trough either)….but in general I am a big fan of any 1-click animal harvester as it removes the need to collect farmhands (even though I have like 50 of them now….would love to not need them). SO I am happy to increase capacity on existing animal buildings and add new ones (agree that sheep and goat barns would be FANTASTIC).

    Since turkeys also give banded quills I have decided I would love a turkey coop so I can get another 20 animals on 1-click harvesting and sell off all of the geese. Bring it on. Eventually I want to have little or no animals outside of animal buildings and get rid of the need for farmhands, no matter how hard or easy they are to get. I never seem to be near a computer when Zynga makes them available for gifting for an hour or two

    And not to be picky….but for those complaining that the pigpen only holds 20 pigs and takes up more space than the pigs would, keep in mind that the pigpen allows you to harvest a 2-day animal every day – so it’s really more like having 40 pigs.

  38. Emi Says:

    I only have 1 turkey, so it’s useless to me. I think most people are in more need of a sheep/goat storage.

  39. Annie Says:

    I read that as “Turkey Roast”. Thought it was a cross-promotion with Shady Brook Farms…….

  40. F Says:

    Of course they will release turkeys again if they are releasing a roost for them. Some of you are chomping at the bit so hard to complain you don’t even stop to think.

  41. Rose Says:

    FarmVille we need a bunkhouse for all these arborists and farmhands that clog up our gift box!! Give us buildings that will store the things that take up all the space in our gitboxes first!!

  42. Amanda Says:

    I kept my turkeys from last year, so I can’t wait!

  43. Aimee Says:

    Didn’t start playing until the first of this year, so I didn’t get to see Thanksgiving last year. However, I did end up getting 25 turkeys today, because I figured I’d have some place to put them around my farm during thanksgiving, but I would really enjoy the turkey roosts!!

    I don’t have any money, so I’m very happy to play this free game!! (Although I did really like nightmare chicken, but, I can live without. lol.)

  44. Edgar Says:

    NO PEOPLE WE DONT NEED MORE SPACE, YOU SIMPLY NEED TO STOP COLLECTING SOME MUCH OF A SINGLE ITEM. I dont get the point of having i,e, 40+ golden gnomes, over 00 chickens outside your coop. SELL THEM!!!!! Stop colletcting so much of one item. Too much greed.

  45. Edgar Says:

    100 i mean

  46. Chris Says:

    The concept is actually a good one,more than likely it will also introduce a third tier of turkeys. Because may I remind everyone there are also Wild Turkeys from feed? The concept isn’t to have every plot filled with junk, it’s to resemble a real, functional farm,what animals you choose to participate with are your choice. But for me… props to Zynga (if it works day one).

  47. KA Says:

    It`s not useless. When they release the turkey barn, they also are going to release previous and new turkeys, I love it. Everybody who complain, SHUT UP. It is nothing to complain over. Be happy the build-buildings is free for everyone who plays it.

  48. joseph vasecka Says:

    since you made a turkey coop for thanks giving will we see a cage & pen for rabbits and or a duck pond for swans and ducks. You have some great ideas but most people dont have that many turkeys. And will see a pen for reindeer this year?

  49. bugs68 Says:

    does this new building give new animal or something interesting?
    i have a pigpen with 20 pigs and i bored with feeding them and hunting for truffles that gives me NOTHING !!! maybe i will take it off and just keep one of each pig i have…
    what about turkey roost? tis this the same thing? feeding turkeys just for fun?

    i don’t know how many different turkeys exists but i don’t put this roost just for one. Maybe Zynga should to this for sheaps but not for turkeys…

  50. zapper Says:

    I still did not get my turkey coop in my gift box

  51. sandra Says:

    je suis très heureuse d’avoir connu ce jeu de farmville, je me régale d’y jouer mais je trouve qu’il faudrait une nouvelle extension de terre car je n’ai pu de place pour semer et c’est dommage et le stockage a 500 items c’est trop juste, alors mesdames et messieurs les concepteurs de jeu pensez à prendre en compte nos requêtes

    merci d’avance d’avoir pris le temps de lire ce commentaire et faites le neccessaire

  52. pamela lipper Says:

    if the turkey roost were sent out to everyone i never recived mine i have alot of turkeys and really need a turkey roost how can i get mine that i never got?

  53. harkirat Says:

    can anyone tell me where to get turkey roost

  54. kristin d Says:

    Farm Ville is a free game that i enjoy, I like everything about it im at level 52 now and i still think they should make more challenges for the game, and i think it still will be fun with out it too… ITS called if you don’t like the stuff why have it on ur farm get rid of it you don’t have to have it… enjoy the game people its free fun and you can play when you wanna play…… Put the Farm how you want to put it they are not telling you how to raise your animals or put ur farm the way they want it… ENJOY FARM VILLE EVERYONE

  55. FV Player Says:

    The turkey roost is nowhere in the market ! How do I get one?

  56. jarrod short Says:

    will this item ever be put back on farmville i want one realy bad!!!

  57. Jack Says:

    Please Give Me A Link For A Turkey Roost I Want One Desperatly


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