New Halloween Themed FarmVille Animals: Super Chicken & Candycorn Pony

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New Halloween Themed FarmVille Animals: Super Chicken & Candycorn Pony

Posted on October 19, 2010 9:56 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille Super Chicken

FarmVille Candy Corn Pony

New Limited Edition Animals premiered this evening. FarmVille Horse Breeders should be happy to see a one is the previously unreleased Candycorn Pony (There was also an unreleased foal)! The Chicken is ready for Halloween donning a Superhero costume.

These new Animals can be purchased only for the next 14 days, so scoop them up while you can!

New FarmVille Limited Edition Halloween Animals (Released October 20th, 2010):

  • Candycorn Pony – 34 $FV
  • Super Chicken – 20 $FV

NOTE: Super Chickens lay Golden Mystery Eggs when placed in coop.

FarmVille Super Chicken

FarmVille Candy Corn Pony

What do you think of these new animals? Is it essential to add them to your collection?

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20 Responses to “New Halloween Themed FarmVille Animals: Super Chicken & Candycorn Pony” »

  1. Melodie Says:

    u said the pony is 34 but the pic says 24

  2. Michelle Says:

    Still it’s for a pony that’s only relevant for the next few weeks.

  3. mimi0726 Says:


  4. Miss Conservative Says:

    Pity the super chicken only lays golden eggs – if they laid some special egg I would get one…

  5. Genkadin Says:

    I got the Super Chicken in a gold Egg! It happened about 10 minutes before this post came up!

    How the heck do I retrieve a print screen?

  6. Lori Says:

    Got a super chicken in an egg… don’t buy it, just collect eggs!

  7. Angel G. Says:

    Thats a shame. I would spend my FV bills only if this super chicken laid special eggs..
    And the pony is kinda pretty, but I dont really think it worths spending my money on it.

  8. farmer amy Says:

    i bought a pony! sooooo cuteee!

  9. Lori Says:

    for print screen hit your print screen button then open a different app (picture program, word, paint…) and right click your mouse then click paste. Now you can save it as a jpeg or bitmap or another pic format and post it to your feed.

  10. Fernando Says:

    For those who are thinking about getting the super chicken, don’t waste your farm cash. I got one from a golden egg. I couldn’t believe it but it’s true. Try it out hopefully someone else has the same luck as I did. If anybody gets one let people know others know it’s true.

  11. Jim Says:

    Super Chicken is probably a glorified Gold Chicken in costume….but prove me wrong…we can only hope….it should have been a rooster instead or a different kind of chicken.

  12. JNB Says:

    All animals they sell for FV cash should be harvested for much more coins :S

  13. Craigy Says:

    Will the candy pony be able to produce candy foals???

  14. rachel Says:

    is the candycorn pony breedable does anyone know?

  15. B Says:

    I can confirm that the candy corn pony is breedable and it actually produces cute, little candy corn foals. :)

  16. B Says:

    The first golden egg I opened had a super chicken in it. It did say something about only 10 days left. Does that mean that my super chicken only lasts for 10 days or that we have 10 days to obtain super chickens?

  17. Denis Says:

    The Pony has a great animation;it ”throws” candy corn.Even though I like I won’t buy.I prefer ”big horses” :P

  18. Larry Says:

    If the chicken only lays golden eggs then it would be a waste to put one in your coop. Keep it out where it’s visible. I got one with one of the first eggs that I opened this morning.

    Denis, I prefer the miniature pony as it produced every 23 hours and it’s footprint is only 1/16th of a plot, not 1/4 like the rest of the horses. Does the candy corn foal grow up to be a candy corn horse? If so, it’s irresponsible of FV to make expensive FV$ animals available for nothing as shared animals.

  19. B Says:

    Larry– I doubt the foal produces a candy corn horse in the nursery, but I could be wrong. :)

  20. Anon Farmer Says:

    Larry, the offspring of FV$ horses/ponies do not grow into those same adult animals. (In fact, off the top of my head, the only foals that grow into the “same” adult are those that are only produced by the Nursery in the first place). All of the other FV$ Pony foals turn into Blue Ponies, which produce Blue Pony Foals. I can’t imagine it would be any different with this one.