The Complete Set of FarmVille Foals

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The Complete Set of FarmVille Foals

Posted on April 12, 2010 8:51 am by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

Placing a Wandering Stallion or White Stallion in your stable gives you a chance to breed  a Foal, of which  5 of your friends may adopt after posting it to your Facebook homefeed. There are currently 8 breeds of Foals , FarmVille Benjoni recently sent us a request to see all them on a farm:

Hey FarmVille Freak owner.

I was wondering if anyone has got all the foals yet. I really want to see all of the foals lined up on a actual farm. I really want to see these so I can know what to get them one day.

I think the rarest ones have to be the pink pony, brown pony and white foal.

Thanks a lot,


FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's Foals

The above picture shows the White Foal, Clydesdale Foal, Brown Foal, Grey Foal, Pinto Foal, Percheron Foal, Pink Pony Foal and Pony Foal.

In the last podcast Lexilicious mentioned that a Nursery Barn was headed to FarmVille, this new building with purpose will allow us to grow our Calves and Foals into adults.

Do you want to grow your Foals/Calves into adults? Or keep them babies forever?

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134 Responses to “The Complete Set of FarmVille Foals” »

  1. Sam Says:

    Lol that’s so cool seeing them lined up

  2. Robbie Says:

    Who cares if I’m first?

  3. Matt Says:

    i wish i could have them all

  4. lynn Says:

    That is cool to see them all lined up.

    I have 5 of each of the gray and regular foal…. Will keep them that way too. I already have enough horses to fill up my stable, so unless they’re going to give me another stable to put these horses in once the foals grow up– I’m not about to use it.

  5. Terri Says:

    I have a special method I use to try to get at least one consumable and 2-3 foals each day.

    First I use a stable filled with regular horses with no stallion. Then I empty the stable and add my white stallion and a grey or regular horse. After that remove them and then add a pony and the stallion. Then I remove those and add in my pink pony, regular pony and stallion. I remove them and add my Clydsdale, both ponies and the stallion. I remove all of them and put in my Perchon, then my ponies, Clydesdale and stallion.

    After all that I remove them all and use my high kick horse and 19 regular horses to try to get a consumable. Then I empty out and use my pseudocorn and 19 regular horses, and finally I use my extra grey and 19 others to fill the stable on last time.

    Last night I managed to get a brown pony foal and a white foal as well as 100 XP.

    I figure a lot of people don’t have the “fancy” horses so my neighbors would appreciate it if I breed mine as much as possible to help them get a full collection. It only takes about 15-20 minutes a day.

    I currently have one each of the brown, grey and white foals. I just want one of each type.

  6. Cristina Says:

    I think the rarest has to be the brown pony. I’ve got two/three of each, but I don’t have, nor did I see a brown pony calf ever posted. I personally can’t wait for them to grow up. I’ll keep one calf of each, but that’s it! I’m very excited about the white foal growing up to be a white stallion. I can’t wait!!!

  7. Robin Says:

    I have a psudocorn and would really like to see a foal come from it! I was very disappointed when I had it in the stable with a stallion, and when I harvested them, no little psudocorn! Maybe they can fix that in the future? I hope so!

  8. EM Says:

    @Terri Thank you …. it is so good to hear someone not being selfish and petty about their neighbours getting something they paid for. Not to mention actually going out of their way to help them – that says a lot about you. You are making me wish we were neighbours LOL.

  9. Amanda Says:

    whoooa where did anyone get the pink horse from?!?! I never saw that one!

  10. Belmin Says:

    I have 6or 7pinto foals , 4 perachoun , 3 pink hair pony foals 2 clydesdales and 2 brown ponies. I also have one pinto horse and one pink hair pony.i will grow all FV foals

  11. Belmin Says:

    And i forgot white foals

  12. Oliver Says:

    @Terri and @EM: Yeah I do the same thing, But Only have Pinto, Perch And Clyde Horses, I regret not having bought The Mystery boxes with the ponys and stallions before. I paid 22FV$ for my Clyde and it was 12FV$ (the cheapest horse ever and one of the most beautiful). I really enjoy posting rare foals and see the coments about ppl happy to get it

  13. michelle Says:

    terri! i wish iwas ur neighbor so i can add you lol none of my neighbors have special horses (other than gray and brown)

  14. Visions Says:

    So, let me get this straight. Zynga ask us to purchase horses with our own money so that we can have a rare item. Then they let anyone obtain the same horse by having a nursery for free. I guess I should just save my money and wait for Zynga to just give me the item.

  15. ikillyou! Says:

    Terri and Oliver, i would like to be your neighbor because i also love to complete the foal collection like you guys! XD

  16. Laurie Says:

    I would not raise the foals and calfs to be adults. Already have plenty of grown horses and cows. Would prefer expansion of stable and dairy barn to hold more of the adults I already have! Only 1 of my neighbors has fancy horses, and I have a couple. We are the only way for each other to get any fancy babies. Sigh.

  17. Lucas Says:

    it’s weird iv’e tried most methods for giving my neighbors more than just grey foals but i bet i’ll probably have to buy more horses .. so sad i didn;t buy the mystery boxes with the stallion and pony , I’d love to be neighbors with Terri and Oliver and most everyone else

  18. Oliver Says:

    I don´t feel bad that people get free stuff, things for which I paid in the case of horses, look at the mini pagoda for example, is almost like normal pagoda just 1 floor less and you can get it for free. I am happy to have 1 normal pagoda and 2 mini pagodas. Looks great with my forbiden city.
    I think in the case of the new nursery barn will be acquired via FV$…. There are many special horse owners complaining that their neighbors might get special horses for free. Personally I would not mind paying FV$ for the Barn Nursery. I have the whole set of Foals but I would like to see them grow.

  19. Vanessa Says:

    I have all but the White, Pink Hair and Brown Pony Foals. I just need them. Laurie, if you put the rare ones, ie, White, Percheron, Pinto, Clydesdale foals and Pink Hair and Brown Pony foals in the Nursery and let them grow up, then put them in your stable, more of the rare foals will be available to your neighbors. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to. I have all the horses. I’m going to be getting a couple more Pintos, Percherons and Clydesdales, since I only have one of each in my stable, but I get a lot of those foals from my stable. I also got my very first White one the other day. I’m happy to allow my neighbors to get them.

  20. Tim Says:

    I have at least ten of each. I will grow half of them and keep the other half a s foals. I had all of them a long time ago.

  21. Laura Says:

    She said look forward to building, the nursery, so i really dont see it being for FC. Im pretty excited for it, ive gotten at least 2-3 of each baby for that specific reason. One adult for the stable, one adult to display outside with a baby.

  22. Marie Says:

    If i had all the different types of horses i’d post them to my feed so others could get them. It’s a shame i can’t get some of the rarer ones. @terri ; i would kill to be your neighbour :)

  23. Kyriacos Says:

    I have them all grown up and babies except the white stallion and foal and the brown pony and brown pony foal. However if you want to addme search for me with my e-mail: (doesnt mean anything)

  24. Khan Says:

    It doesn’t have a pseudocorn.

  25. Beth Says:

    I have a white stallion and pink pony in my stable, and a bunch of black and brown horses. All I have gotten so far are brown foals. Very disappointed. Waiting for a pink foal to share with someone! (Maybe I should take everything out of the stable except the stallion and the pink pony?)

  26. Adrienn Says:

    It’s not a big deal…I have 4 pcs from all of the 8 foals, too (with horses of course). :)

  27. Sembilan Says:

    I also have all of them, 10 of each sort. I also produce 10 white foals every day since it’s so easy to get them if you have a white stallion. I even get white foals from combination white stallion + 3 percheron horses. That kinda sucks coz I wanted percheron foals.

  28. Kejon Says:

    I have got them all. Just waiting on my neighbors to breed a pink patch calf for me and my collection will be complete. Adults calfs, and foals as well as many more rare animals. I share my babies with my neighbors, although I know some ppl that hold them hostage for farm cash items. I would rather have an enclosured for my other animals before I start growing my babies. I will keep them babies, so I hope the barn has that option to keep them small or I will not get it.

  29. Crys7y Says:

    Clydesdale Foal is really beautiful. I have one too.

  30. Amber Says:

    I have 5 of every foal… except the pink pony (only 2 of those! hoping to get the rest soon!) I will for sure grow some of my foals, and keep some of them as foals. The same with the calfs! I could never grow all of them.

  31. Taylor Says:

    How did you get the horse statue? This is the first time that I have saw one. I am level 39 and have never seen it…

  32. Laura Says:

    i have all =)

  33. George Says:

    I have 6 of each and I really like them! :)
    They are lined up and they look cute but don’t know how to take a photo of my Farm and upload it here.
    It was easy to get all of them but the most difficult of all were the brown pony foals.
    I had to search very much for them! :P

  34. Ransley Says:

    I realy want the nursery to come out cause i have a green calf and realy want an alien cow but i wasnt playing farmville back then and i have about five of each foal and im gonne let 2 of each grow up but i realy just want an Alien Cow

  35. Timmy Says:

    I am hoping that the calf barn will just be normal like the other ones, i don’t want them to grow up and plus i spent farmcash on a Clydesdale and i have seen many people post that they have many special horses so i think its unfair to grow the all the calf’s up. Also i just want farmville gods to spending time on expanding the cow barn and horse stables before the come out with all this new stuff. I currently have 27 plots worth taken up by horses and cows that i am waiting to put in my expanded barns and stable, so i really don’t need anymore cows and horses farmville! Also they should make homes such as a sheep yard before they get involved in a hole another project. Please just finish the expanding buildings option before you get into more stuff!

  36. Rita Roslely Simanjuntak Says:

    I breed percherons, pinto, clydesdale and white. That’s my real Fb name, feel free to add me if u want those types. I am searching if someone breed Pink Patch Calf. Ouw Man, still can’t find any.

  37. Damo Says:

    As usual Zynga is being really unfair. Not only people who never spend a single farmcash are able to get the foals and calves that we publish (without being able to keep one), but now they will even be able to get the adults for free, while we spent farmcash to get them in the first place.

  38. FarmVille Freak Jay Says:

    i have all the adult special horses except the brown pony, i think im the only one out of my neighbors who has them, its a lil annoying knowing that im the only one just because i wont ever get any of the special foals, all i have are brown & grey foals, i dont mind ppl (my neighbors getting them from me for free) i just wish i would be able to get them from them too!

  39. Shehears Says:

    How to produce rare foals…
    Step 1: Empty stable

    Step 2: Snag a wandering stallion or put in white stallion… but DON’T do both or put in 2 white stallions… they seem to cancel each other out.

    Step 3: Put in a grey/brown mare (NOTE: ANY horse that is at least 34% ready will make the horse stable’s corn kernel pop up… GUARANTEED!)

    Step 4: Load up the horses you want to try for (i.e. if you want a pink pony, load JUST the pinks)

    Step 5: —OPTIONAL— REMOVE the original grey or brown horse from the stable… Here’s the deal with this one: IF you remove the grey or brown horse, and IF you get a foal, it WILL be a rare foal… But if you leave it in, I’ve found, that while you may get an occassional brown or grey foal, you actually INCREASE your chances of pulling a foal, and probably 8 out of 10 times it will be the rare one that you want, and not the grey or brown one… BUT IT DOES HAPPEN, AND YOU WILL GET BROWN AND GREY FOALS IF YOU LEAVE THEM IN… SOMETIMES…….

    Step 6: Harvest the stable… No, you don’t have to leave the farm… No, you don’t have to refresh the farm… BUT… BUT… BUT… again, I’ve noticed that IF you go and do something else… harvest a couple chickens… use a couple things from your gift box… whatever… it seems like I get more posts than coins… after you harvest, EMPTY the stable AGAIN and repeat… No, you don’t have to leave or refresh the farm in between loads… I’ve actually found that I can post more items when I DON’T reload or refresh… Sometimes getting 3 or 4 posts/foals in a row!

    Via Bill B, proving to K.H, that she is NOT special, anyone can produce foals! I, myself, have produced quite a few this way!

  40. Flavio Duarte Says:

    keep baby 4ever

  41. Derrik Says:

    I think this new nursery is a horrible idea! I paid good money to own those “rare” horses, and now FV is just gonna let anyone have them but allowing people to raise their FVC calfs and foals into adults? No Sir! I’m pissed off!

  42. Faraj Says:

    i have two white:) a dotted one thingy and the regular ones too

  43. Musa Says:

    Have all foals :) and all horses expect brown pony.

  44. Renuka Says:

    Anyone on here who wants to post links for rare foal…please add me. I need the clydesdale one and have a pinto horse and white stalion but not having much luck getting foals. I would be happy to share with you. I want to have 2 foals each. 1 for display and 1 to grow into a horse/pony…so any links would be appreciated. i will return the favour – also I have yet to get the pink patch/green patch calfs so those would be nice as well: add me: renuka odedra(pic of south park) xx

  45. Jayke1981 Says:

    I only have the grey foals and and horses – I don’t have the farmville dollars to get all the special horses. but I do like the idea of a nursery barn on the condition that you can expand the nursery to house 60 calves and foals, and stables and dairy farms up to 60 too!

  46. Toni Says:

    My set, i will grow one of each of brands, and one of each will keep babies “forever” :)

    i have and bonus white foals, hope they will grow to pretty white stallion :D

  47. SusiQ Says:

    OK – Terri and Shebears…. I am sooooo confused (lol) ! I tried what you posted and my barn still says 0% ready …. so how do you guys harvest 3 or 4 foals a day? Am I reading/understanding this wrong? You can message me privately if you like – my ID # is 1076815123 – Many thanks for any help! :)

  48. Austin Says:

    hey I’d love to get a Pink Pony/Pony foal, but seeing as none of my friends have them, I’d really like it if someother farmville freaks out there who have these ponies could add me on facebook and as a farmville neighbour – Austin Read, PLEASE add! it would be much appreciated.

  49. Toni Says:

    http: //i43.tinypic. com/2rhwyh5. jpg

  50. U81 Says:

    i WISH the Nursery barn can only be purchased with Farm Cash, so people do not get what I spent my money in for free

  51. Rob Says:

    The nursery is a good idea, it should lead to more rare horses and cows for everyone who has the rare calves, and ultimately to more rare calves for everyone once people put their new rare adult animals into their stables/dairy farms.

  52. nickythemime Says:

    i wish i could keep the foals i produce. i bought a white stallion, so i deserve his kid.

  53. Randy Solt Says:

    I think it would be neat to be able to do some of both. Keep some little but gro the ones that you would not have access too. Like the Alien Calf to cow or if you missed out on an oppty to get one of the special ones like the white stallion that I know not everyone has.

  54. Austin Says:

    @Nickythemime – I think this is the point of the Nursery Barn, say your neighbour gets your foal, it can grow it up, placing it in their horse stable, thus meaning you can get a foal from them.

  55. Thorsten Says:

    I have all calfs (kelly green, pink patch…), foals and sheep

  56. arwen Says:


    You doing it wrong because they write wrong things, this way how they do it you cant do a darn thing, but i produce about 10-12 foals a day, have all horses, and it is really simple to do that!
    The way how terry do this thing is sooo funny and, may i say st…, and this other is impossible, from that what is written!

  57. rucki Says:

    I have every foal too
    i have: 2 perchies
    1 pink pony
    1 brown pony
    6 clydes
    4 stallions
    when i have at least 4 of every i will grow two up and let two be foals

  58. Esperanza Says:

    I have way to many calves as it is…Yet they yield me many coins in the morning.Why have a nursery and have them grow, when we already have a barn for the bull and the females. The pink cow yields more coins. Then to sell them are different prices(cheap). If getting a nursery for the babies then they can keep it I would have hundreds of COWS,and they don’t yield as many coins as the babies do….Besides they are still adoptable. Who wants that many I sure don’t…..

  59. Diddle Farmer Says:

    This would be great considering my Stable was deleted by Ca-chynga, and I was forced to start from scratch which mean I lost all of my special horses and ponies and had to rebuild my stable. And yes I contacted them about resolving the issue, and only got a continue run around, so it’s still unresolved but hopefully they will still be able to help me out.

  60. Will Says:

    i am fine with letting my neighbors grow up and foals they get from my horses. i have 6 Clydesdales, and 4 percheron, 2 pink patch cows, and 2 kelly green cows and love posting their babies when i get one. i think that Zynga could make them a little less rare so you can share with more friends, or at least let more friends claim the foals when the stars align and you do find one.

    ps-if anyone wants to be neighbors and trade rare foals or pink/green calves my profile is

  61. Amanda A. Says:

    My problem is that although I have purchased all of the rare animals, none of my neighbors have. My farm produces foals that I’m not even allowed to keep, so I keep producing rare foals and they get them, but I only have brown and grey foals. I can’t wait for this nursery feature to come out in hopes that my neighbors will build one and grow up the foals they got from me. Then they can in turn put those horses in their stable and maybe I’ll get some foals for myself!

  62. UNICORN1 Says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would want a nursery UNLESS ITS TO LET THE FV CASH FOALS GROW UP TO BE STALLIONS as we all know that calves take up less space than cows and yeild more cash, plus whats the point of having a zillion dairy farms, they don’t produce much cash and takes up alot of space. Its not fair of Zynga to allow the cash foals to grow up, they should have a rule that only if you own the stallion already that you will be able to allow the foal to grow up.

  63. Safetybelt Says:

    I have a pink haired pony and whenever I harvest the stable with the stallion, I NEVER get a baby pony out of it.
    Any advice? or tricks to make it happen?

  64. Thorsten Says:


    Calfes: People will want to grow the Kelly Green and the Pink Patch Calf up so that they can get the retired, farm cash grown up versions of them.

    Same with the green alien calfs, although many ppl have the alien grown up cows [that's why you can get the calfs ;)], you can not get additional ones at the moment so ppl will want to grow those up too.

  65. TorontoFarmer Says:

    Yo freak!

    Peanuts are live, master-able and not limited time.

  66. dee Says:


    i have a screen shot if anyone needs it?

    20 coins, 16 hours, 1 xp gained, sold for 78.

    the first crop mastery star is 275 crops

  67. Austin Says:

    @Toronto Farmer thankyou!! Just seen them :)

  68. Terri Says:

    The same principle that allowed for multiple egg collections and dairy farm collections works for the stables. It starts with the concept of an empty stable. The first horse in sets how ready the horses will be. If the first horse is 0% then all the horses will be 0%. if the first horse is 34% or more OUTSIDE the stable, it will be ready inside the stable (horses take 3 days for collection outside the stable and 1 day inside) I am not looking to spend hours at getting foals. I only try to get the rare ones because they are not posted by as many people. I also want to get a consumable every day. Somehow my method works so maybe those reading don’t understand it. The problem usually comes from people not emptying the stable of ALL horses before adding a ready horse. I *could* try more times for foals but I have a life outside of Farmville that doesn’t permit me to spend that much time.

    I am thinking about making a concerted effort to get my kelly green and pink spotted cows to give calves. (removing all the other cows from one dairy farm and keeping 5 extra bulls) I see giving people these specialty as a win-win. Once they are able to let the foals and calves grow up I have a better shot at getting some of the rare animals and because I put out the effort I have no trouble getting people to fertilize or help me build things. Farmville is really best when played in a cooperative manner. I hate to think there are people who don’t post things because they want to exclude their neighbors. Some people just can’t afford to spend extra cash on a game and some feel the game should be completely free. I don’t see a need to penalize people for that. I do wish more of the cool stuff was for coins especially since I am at over 5 million and have no chance of spending it all.

  69. Brett Says:

    Very cool! I missed out on the white stallion, but I am a avid animal collector! Here is picture link of my animals. I try to collect at least one of each. (Level 70)

  70. Władca Says:

    I have all :) I will make grow the white one :)

  71. Eresu Says:

    If the nursery is released as a FC I would get it and raise all but one. Being a self supporting college student I can’t afford to spend money on the fancy horses or cows, so I’m extremely excited to be able to grow them up.

  72. The Taminator Says:

    People who cannot spend extra cash on this game are not my problem. I have the white stallion, pink ponies, pencheron & pinto, & I have taken them all out of the stable. I intend to buy more different horses & cows as they become available, but they will be kept outside the barns. I am no longer breeding these items unless/until I am allowed to keep baby animals from FV$ adults. I don’t care about “the poor” playing this game, I don’t care about how “sad” it is that I won’t “share,” and I am tired of people waxing philosophical about how I “should” be playing. It’s my money, not yours. No more baby animals until I can keep them. Period.

  73. EM Says:

    @Taminator, then you had beter wait for the nursey barns so people who got foals from you can grow them up and return the favour.

    Anyway I missed out on the Pink pony .. I so would have gotten that. So anyone willing to share rare foals, please add me. I can trade pink/green calves for now. And I will grow some of the foals and return the favour when nursery barns are here.

    Now the question is how do I find the link to my farm to post here?

  74. arwen Says:

    Totally agree with Terry!Farmville is really best when played in a cooperative manner. I hate to think there are people who don’t post things because they want to exclude their neighbors. Some people just can’t afford to spend extra cash on a game and some feel the game should be completely free.

  75. Sharon Says:

    Even though I have the white stallion and no regular horses I am not getting ponies. In the beginning I got percheron, pinto and white foals. Now all I get is the star bonus points, arborists and the basic message that the stallion is grateful here are a few points. I also have a couple of pink ponies and a tan pony but havent gotten any foals from them yet.

  76. Suzykins Says:

    I wish I could keep some of the rare foals or calves I breed. Would that be possible?

  77. Meena Says:

    I have 5 whites, 4 clydes, 2 pink, 2 browns and 4 perchies, and a couple of the common foals. And i don’t want them to grow up, because they’ll become more common than chickens!!

  78. sunny Says:

    I have all the foals and breed almost a complete set a day for friends as well. I stop collecting the foals for now since I have 5 or 6 of each one.

  79. Jaana Says:

    I’ve got them all, but can only produce the horses, not pony’s.
    Stopped breeding the horses because our breed group basically ran out of room. Not sure about numbers, but have way too many.

  80. farmergirl Says:

    so far i have produced a pinto foal, a clydesdale foal, and last night my first brown mini-pony…i’m still working on the other ones, fingers crossed :)

  81. MandaLM Says:

    I have 6 of regular and gray foals, 7 white foals, 3 pinto foals, 1 Clydesdale foal, and 1 brown and pink pony foal. No Percheron foals yet :(

    I don’t have any of the special adult horses myself, so if there is the option to grow the foals I would definitely do at least half of mine. Though at the same time, giving anyone the ability to grow their foals into horses would kinda ruin their appeal I think, and probably wouldn’t impress those that spent FV$ on them originally…

  82. xie Says:

    hallo there everyone, it seems not jz me love to breed a horse :)
    i wanna share with everyone who loves to collect all kind animals in FV..
    so far, i have all kinds of animal in last 2 months coz i jz start playin tis game in Feb. Now going to lvl 48..
    too bad i missed buying the mistery animal so i didnt have the white stallion,pink pony n brown pony.
    but i have :
    6 Pinto with 20 Pinto foals
    5 Percheron with 8 Peecheron Foals
    10 white foals
    7 Clydesdale with 7 Cly foals
    (unless pink pony n the brown)
    6 Pseudocorn (tis kind is fake, cannot get any foals) lol

    i always share n publish the things cames out from the farm..

    everyone who like to become my neighbors, i would like to add all friend who love playin FV,but i cannot saw all ur guys email here,so come add me n tis is my profile :

    thanks for ur guys attantion, n so sorry for my poor english ^^
    (im very active player n sure gifts daily) ^,^

    here r some the pic of my farm n my collections,Happy farming !!!/photo.php?pid=30620679&id=1368109361&fbid=1259195604505

  83. ryukin Says:


  84. Brenda Says:

    Yes—i can’t wait til we’re able to grow our foals and calves to adults– i have all of them–i have the kelly green and pink patch cow and their calves and the pink hair pony and her baby–i need 1 more white, 1more percheron and 1 more brown pony foal so i can grow those to adults.

  85. Samara Says:

    I dont want my calfes and foals to grow up, I want to keep them babys, that is why I dont transform my ugly ducklings or baby turkeys either, they are so wonderful.

  86. jason daniels Says:

    Hey Could some1 who has all the diff kinds of horses invite me as a farmville neighbor please!

  87. Shei Says:

    why zynga wont allow us to adopt our own foals and calves?

  88. RoGuE Says:

    i would loveee to grow them up :D :D :D They r so awesome, and the horse statue was around the Limited Edition France decorations ;)

  89. Kipper Says:

    I have 3 brown pony foals, 18 pink pony foals, 18 clydesdale foals, 11 percheron foals, 23 white foals, 22 pinto foals, 1 grey foal and one grown foal. I fully intend to make them grow up so I have more chance of making special foals for my neighbors as not many have them I try share them to as many people as I can and probably get 4-6 special foals a day by rotating them. I cant wait for the nursery barn and hope its in tomorrows update if not fridays :D

  90. Kipper Says:

    here is a picture :)

  91. Kipper Says:

    sorry this is the upto date one ;)

  92. Michelle Says:

    Nice photo withthem all lined up. I’m on my way to the same thing with the info I got from this site: farmvillesecretsrevealed.weebly . com/

  93. minnie Says:

    i have
    26 clyde foal
    24 pinto foal
    23 white foal
    22 percheron foal
    12 brown pony
    10 pink pony

    half i will will keep as it is and half i will allow to grow into adults.

  94. Erika Says:

    I can breed all the horses…I have them all, even the pink pony and brown pony. I also breed my cows…just produced a pink patch calf today, yesterday a kelly calf. I enjoy posting the rare foals for my neighbors, but I think if FV does let the foals grow into adults, then everyone will be producing foals and they won’t be as rare/special anymore.

  95. Jane Says:

    I’ve got at least one of each. I have about 5 each of the Pinto, Brown Pony, Percheron, and Clydesdale. I have one white stallion and one pink pony (and of course one each of the gray and brown).

    I’ll keep 1-2 extra of each as babies and let the rest grow up to share the love. :D

    I bought my friends three horses because I wanted the foals. It worked well. I mean, what use is a horse you can’t see?

    I have 4 pink patch and 4 kelly green (with three adults), so I’m happy and ready to grow a few up!

  96. ty_baxter Says:

    Back when colored chickens were released, I’m sure some people bought the black and even gold chickens. They were quite rare, and it took a very long time for gold eggs to start being seen. It was good. Now, the white chickens are becoming rarer, as everyone has a hundred gold chickens.

    This is what is going to happen with all these rare horses and cows. They are only “rare” in the beginning, so the truly devoted can pick up a few of these and initiate the process of making them available to all. It is a cycle.

    If the animals can grow, that can be lived with, but it is a pretty fair attack on those who cared enough to go so far as to purchase them. I suppose the novelty is wearing off and so ends the race for the horses.

    What will be next…

  97. Jewels Says:

    My clydesdales has been in the stable for 1 month how come no foals yet?

  98. Shahzade Says:

    Thorsten, wie kann ich dich finden, ich brauchte FOALS:))) bitte wie kann ich dich finden? mein profile ist Indira Shahzade Cilic auf FCB….

  99. Nellie Brown Says:

    yes i have every pony & foal x2 i will grow one of each

  100. Suzykins Says:

    Yes, I would like to keep my foals and have them grow up if I choose

  101. Chill Says:

    1. Take all of your horses out of the stable.
    2. Place any horse that is at least 34% ready into the stable. This will make the stable ready.
    3. Place the horse that you want to breed into the stable.
    4. Remove the first horse from the stable.
    5. Find a stallion in the newsfeed. If you have a white stallion, place him in the stable instead.
    6. Harvest the stable.
    7. Remove all of the horses from the stable and start over.

    NOTE: You will most likely get coins, XP, Arborists, or Farmhands the first few tries, but eventually you will get more foals.

    NOTE: The brown pony, pink-haired pony, pinto horse, percheron horse, clydesdale, and white stallion will produce foals of the same breed as the parent.

    TIP: The more horses you have on your farm, the more times you can harvest your stable! :-)

  102. Tracey Says:

    I have a brown pony link and a clydesdale link (hopefully they don’t expire) that I would like to trade for any of the rare foals. I also have all the rare horses in my stable. Add me if you have links to trade.
    Tracey Hensen Delaney

  103. Cindy Says:

    I have them all, I regularly post pink, brown and white foals for my friends to collect.

    Love the idea of them growing up, however think it stinks that I have paid FV cash for these ponys and horses and now others will be able to grow them without paying – that SUCKS

  104. Starscream Says:

    I can’t wait to be able to get adults from these ponies and foals. Gives people an opportunity to get the adults, who might otherwise not have been able to get them. Especially the mystery box ones.

    I can’t wait to give my friends pink patch calves (when mine actually breed them,) so they may have a chance at getting them for themselves, as well as the kelly green . :)

  105. Anaz Says:

    Helllo!! I have a pink pony and will get a clydesdale in a day or two. Usually get a rare foal once a day.

    Does anyone have a white stallion that yields white foals easily? Please add me. I want to be able to grow him up one day n make it easier to get rare foals for my neighbors. .. Those wandering stallions are just a one time use. :/

    Fb name “MissusZana Ouk”

  106. Edward Says:

    I am one of those “poor players”, I am 14 and u play farmville. I would ooveto get atleast one of these rare foals .. Please add me in facebook if you have no problem sharing with me. My name on facebook is “Edward Gorman” and my profile picture has me with sunglasses on. Please add me.

  107. Chris Says:

    I really want a white stallion foal and who ever can get me one i will get them 10 dollars of farmville cash and this is not a joke i really want one and that is 10 US dollars worth of FV cash. add me if you can do this if not dont waist my time.. thank you!!!

  108. neil Says:

    plz can yl first of all bring tat make the foal grow and even bring the white stallion back

  109. aSSA Says:

    i wish i could have at least all the white

  110. Aaron Meijer Says:

    i have too much gray and brown foals, 2 white stallion foals, 1 percheron foal, and 1 clydesdale foal!!

  111. Lauryn Says:

    Do you want to grow your Foals/Calves into adults? Or keep them babies forever?

    yea but u shud choose, i would like some free rare horses- from foals… save lots of cash :)

  112. Geri Says:

    My friend posted having a percheron foal wander onto her farm. I tried to adopt it. But it just led me to some other site with Farmville news — what’s the scoop?

  113. jamie Says:

    I have all babies thanks to a wonderful neighbour that produces 10+ of Every kind of foal a day =) @Geri It’s fake not real, if it led you somewhere else its fake. And why would a horse thats 20fv$ be free to adopt ? just scams going around. im trying to get 2 of each kind so i can raise half and keep the other half small =)

  114. Kim Wilson Says:

    Hey Farmville Freaks!! I am attaching a link to a photo from my farm. I have 20 in my nursery barn and a bunch on my farm as well . There are actually more foals now that the Apaloosa horse has been released. There are two of those foals in this picture!!

    I have pictured: Clydesdales, White, Percheron, Pinto, Pink Pony, Purple Pony, and Apaloosa. I used to have a ton of brown and grey foals also but have stopped collecting them.

    All together I have about 40 special foals. Feel free to check them out!! The Apaloosa foals are beautiful!!!/photo.php?pid=156415&id=100000620441996

  115. Kim Wilson Says:

    By the way, for those of you looking for White Stallions —- they are in this weeks Mystery Boxes. That is how I got mine. Until Wednesday I was using Wandering Stallions. It may take a few tries, but he IS in there!! :)

  116. thamara Says:

    i have only gray,and broun foals,i haven’t special uncomen i like to collect white foal,clydesdale foal.percheronfoal,brown pony foal,pink pony foal ,purple pony foal,appaloosa foal,pls send me a friend ship request who have all hours and who addoptable theise adopteble foals..plsssssssssss..i love every type of calf….i have one green calf,2fan calf,and all calf are pink,broun,and normel calf…… calf…help me pls

  117. thamara Says:

    kim wilson pls mention ur email adress

  118. ELAINE Jones Says:

    I would love to have the rare foals and calves.I’m just lucky that I haven’t been knocked off this link.

  119. Tania Says:

    Hi I would love to trade foal, I have cream white foals and black foals.
    Add me as a friend and I will trade with you :)!/profile.php?id=1692262344

  120. kate Says:

    Please add me I’ve been wanting more horses and ponies and calves because i am a huge animal fan:)
    White Stallion foals
    Purple ponie foals
    any kind you can give me please and i am having a nursery barn built atm so i can get you some too :)
    Can anyone give me a green calf too?
    Also looking for all calves too!
    Thankyou :) ~kate

  121. Ashleigh Says:

    Can anyone add me on facebook I really want some of those rare foals and horses please x name is ashleigh ‘jaade’ vickers ,,, thanks ;)

  122. uxsfarhan Says:

    check out my collection

  123. Kaitlyn Says:

    If you have a nursery barn can you keep the calfs and foals you got from your stable or Dairy farm?

  124. Te Hauariki Says:

    there are a bit more than 8 these days check this out (only foals no horses :) )

  125. Cool Guy Says:

    This is dumb and cool :D :\ L) :( ^)

  126. chloe Says:

    do u get to keep the white stallion ? or does it wander to ?

  127. KatRDay Says:

    When you place your rare foals into your nursery, you will not (99% of the time) get a grown version of whatever it is you placed in there. If you want to see what it is they will grow up to be, hover your cursor over their pic while inside the nursery. Mini (any kind) become cream mini, any kind of pony becomes a light blue, Perch become cream draft and all of the other rare foals become black horses. If you don’t want to waste your time, don’t “raise” them.

  128. swapna Says:

    xie :
    add me please..sent you friend request

  129. tbbwolf Says:

    is there a list of what all of the foals and calfs grow into i really wish they would let all of the animals grow true and not do the ” grows into a black horse BS ” sorry for the vent so back to the original question please

  130. Carlos Julio Rabbito Says:

    i have many rare foals, but how long does it take yto gro them?

  131. LectaGlenn Says:

    I have all but two of the foals that I know of. been playing 1.7 years on Farmville and am TOTALLY addicted. I have all 167 foals (including minis, unicorns and others) lined up alphabetically on my farm. You’re welcome take a look. Feed my chickies while you’re there. :o)

  132. larry Says:

    grey foals grow into black horses though :/

  133. Jenzz Says:

    People have to understand DON”T PUT YOUR RARE FOALS IN THE NURSERY they will only come out as a black horses. I see so many friend complaining about it, and they don’t understand you can’t grow horses that are worth so much FV cash. SO THE PEOPLE WHO SAY YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN RARE HORSES ARE WRONG. They think they can mooch off friends but you can’t grow OR breed them, otherwise Farmville wouldn’t make so much money. I collect foals so I don’t want to grow them, just breed the few special horses I have.

  134. Danielle Says:

    I have learned from a friend that if you take out all your foals and only put one in at a time, that it will become the adult instead of the regular horse :) trying it for the first time can’t wait for it to grow up and see if it worked lol add me