FarmVille Mythology Countdown Day 16: Get a FarmVille Naga Dragon!

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FarmVille Mythology Countdown Day 16: Get a FarmVille Naga Dragon!

Posted on February 26, 2013 11:10 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

It’s day sixteen of the FarmVille Mythology countdown! Today’s Daily prize is a free FarmVille Naga Dragon. You will need to collect 12 stamps by posting a Facebook News Feed share. When one of your friends clicks on your share, you will get one item per friend that clicks. Remember, when you click on a neighbor’s share, you will also get one item for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself!

You can request help every 6 hours. After fulfilling the collection requirements, you can find the the Daily Prize in your FarmVille Gift Box. Once you complete each of the countdown’s Daily Prizes, you also get a bonus prize. There are 16 days of prizes and one exclusive  bonus prize, the Zeus Pegacorn when you collect all 16 daily prizes.


FarmVille Naga Dragon

FarmVille Mythology Countdown Day 16

  • Requirement: Get 12 collectible stamps
  • Daily Prize: FarmVille Naga Dragon

Sneak Peek of all the countdown prizes after the jump!

FarmVille Mythology Countdown 2013 Prizes:

FarmVille Mythology Countdown Prizes:

FarmVille Greek Gazebo

FarmVille Maori Statue

FarmVille Ra Statue

FarmVille Hestia’s Hearth

FarmVille Odin Gnome

FarmVille Yggdrasill Tree

FarmVille Tree of Life

FarmVille Poseidon Duck

FarmVille Aphrodite Chicken

FarmVille Apollo Pit Dog

FarmVille Loki Weasel

FarmVille Fenrir

FarmVille Greyfell Horse

FarmVille Naga Dragon

FarmVille Mystery Game Dart

FarmVille 3 Pack of Turbo


FarmVille Zeus Pegacorn (Bonus Prize)

FarmVille Zeus Pegacorn (Bonus Prize)

 Will you work on the FarmVille Mythology Countdown? Which is your favorite daily prize? 

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