FarmVille Around the World Countdown Day 3: Get a FarmVille Kagu Kringle!

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FarmVille Around the World Countdown Day 3: Get a FarmVille Kagu Kringle!

Posted on December 12, 2012 11:11 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Winter Countdown Notice

It’s Day 3 of the FarmVille Around the World countdown.

Today’s daily prize is the FarmVille Kagu Kringle!

You can redeem the FarmVille Kagu Kringle prize when you collect 5 collectibles by posting a Facebook News Feed share. When one of your friends clicks on your share, you will get one item per friend that clicks. Remember, when you click on a neighbor’s share, you will also get one item for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself! You can request help every 6 hours. After fulfilling the collection requirements, you can find the the Daily Prize in your FarmVille Gift Box. Once you complete each of the countdown’s Daily Prizes, you also get a bonus prize. There are 16 days of prizes and one exclusive  bonus prize when you collect all 16 daily prizes.


FarmVille Around the World Countdown Day 3

  • Requirement: Get 5 collectibles
  • Daily Prize: FarmVille Kagu Kringle

For a sneak peek of all the countdown prizes continue reading after the jump!

FarmVille Winter Countdown Prizes:

    • Day 1: FarmVille Dashiki Cat – Get 3 collectibles
    • Day 2: FarmVille Puffy Penguin – Get 4 collectibles
    • Day 3: FarmVille Kagu Kringle – Get 5 collectibles
    • Day 4: FarmVille Holiday Pig – Get 6 collectibles
    • Day 5: FarmVille North Pole Sign – Get 6 collectibles
    • Day 6: FarmVille Clause Kitty – Get 6 collectibles
    • Day 7: FarmVille Yeti Gnome – Get 8 collectibles
    • Day 8: FarmVille Winter Gharcod Tree – Get 8 collectibles
    • Day 9: FarmVille Sheep Riding Sleigh – Get 10 collectibles
    • Day 10: FarmVille Hanukkah Moose – Get 10 collectibles
    • Day 11: FarmVille Matzo Bear – Get 10 collectibles
    • Day 12: FarmVille Christmas Spaniel – Get 10 collectibles
    • Day 13: FarmVille Cider Cypress Tree – Get 12 collectibles
    • Day 14: FarmVille Long John Chicken – Get 12 collectibles
    • Day 15: FarmVille Snowball Duck – Get 12 collectibles
    • Day 16: FarmVille Winter Kitty – Get 12 collectibles
    • FarmVille Rudolphicorn (Bonus Prize)

FarmVille Around the World Prizes

What do you think of the FarmVille Around the World Countdown and its prizes? Will you work on claiming the daily prize? 

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