FarmVille Releases New Crops: White Grapes & Purple Poppies!

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FarmVille Releases New Crops: White Grapes & Purple Poppies!

Posted on April 22, 2010 9:53 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille has finally debuted some new permanent crops- White Grapes and Purple Poppies!

The new seeds can be purchased in the FarmVille Market and will be permanent market fixtures, meaning that Crop Mastery will be available for both White Grapes and Purple Poppies.

Only Level 29 farmers and above will have access to purchase White Grape seeds, while Purple Poppies require you to be a level 38 farmer or higher.

  • White Grapes: Level 29 required, Cost 245 Coins to purchase, Harvest in 12 hours, Yield 2 XP with 115 coin profit.
  • Purple Poppies: Level 38 required, Cost 200 Coins to purchase, Harvest in 8 hours, Yield 1 XP with 38 coin profit.

FarmVille White Grapes

FarmVille Purple Poppies

Are you excited about new permanent crops?

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39 Responses to “FarmVille Releases New Crops: White Grapes & Purple Poppies!” »

  1. Shawn Says:

    Wow nice xp and gold for white grapes.

  2. Kannan Says:


  3. Idk Says:

    minus the cost of plowing, the poppies profit is 13 coins… im just going to plant them for the bouquets :D

  4. ramgo Says:

    this is awesome. i needed another eight hour crop to master

  5. Lola Says:

    woot! the poppies are pretty crappy profit wise but new mastery signs!!!

  6. Bomb Says:

    Great, but we need more for the joy of unlocking them, so crops for level 45 and higher pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  7. F3A5T Says:

    like the white grapes gonna wait till last for the purple poppies though lol

  8. Michelle Says:

    anyone know how much it takes to master these crops? i bet the sign for the poppies is going to be pretty!

  9. O Rly? Says:

    I have to knock out those 16-hour crops. They’re really messing up my mastery plan. Having more 8-hour and 12-hour crops is excellent, though!

  10. jadz Says:


  11. rk Says:

    im on a mission to get all of the mastery signs… stop making my job harder zynga!! hahaha. but no, its nice that they are adding crops and these are really pretty ones :-)

  12. Tony Says:

    i have mastered every crop 1 day and under so it will be good to have some shorter time ones instead of waiting 2-4 days to harvest the others

  13. Amber Says:

    Please bring the forget-me-nots! that was the only flower I liked!

  14. Jenn Says:

    i agree about the forget-me-nots , i was so sad when they left! they were gorgeous!

  15. moi Says:

    What is with the purple poppy profit? It seems like an error. Since when is the higher level crop inferior to the lower level crop? ie. sugar cane and tomatos. I think the profit was supposed to be 138, not 38, or possibly 88 profit.

  16. Nahk Says:

    Okay but why not some better flowers like calla lilies, chrysenthemums, daisies, gerberas, carnations and iris. You see i am a man of simple taste these so called decorations and buildings wont fancy me. I am looking for crops like cucumbers, beets, mustard, garlic, ginger, leeks, celery, okra, chick peas, courgetts. Why dont they add the feature to dairyfarm so that we can make butter, cream and cheese. I hope this will come in farmers market. There could be so many meaningful additions to game and we get barns and sheds when we already have them……..urgh, am i impatient?

  17. Geejay Says:

    Didnt white grapes used to be 3XP & has a harvest time of 1day?? 0_o

  18. Mars Says:

    I agree with the comment above in regards to getting all the masteries. I am very close. Now in the last week they added 3 more crops!!! OMG–lol….hopefully in the next week I will defeat cabbage, pink roses and green tea. Then I will have 40 masteries!!

  19. malo Says:

    poppies needs 4500 to master and grapes 7200 !

  20. Nils Says:

    If they use the same mastery calculation like in last week’s update, the masteries are:

    - White Grapes: level 1 at 1200, level 2 at 3600 and level 3 at 7200 aggregate harvests
    - Purple Poppies: level 1 at 750, level 2 at 2250 and level 3 at 4500

    The grapes are excellent with their 8.3 return/hr (best of 12 hr seeds) plus their 0.25 XP/hr, mastery requirements are pretty hard.

    The poppies are as unatrractive as pumpkins (2.875 return/hr) at standard 0.25 XP/hr, mastery requirements are on average.

    Unless they become relevant for the farmers’ market or the functional buildings, I don’t see any reason for mastering poppies; the grapes look attractive.

  21. Jo Says:

    I am pleased that the farmille gods have released more crops to master, as I’ve had a plan to master all of the crop types from the first day the crop masterys were started.
    - I now only have Peanuts, Sugar Cane, Rasberries, Red Wheat, Peas, Asparagus and Purple Poppies left to master.

    But, I think the White Grapes will become relevant for the functional buildings, as a Winery is one of the possible buildings. So after I finish mastering Tomatoes & Coffee this weekend, I’m going to start planting White Grapes.

  22. Bud Says:

    Fantastic! This is FarmVille. I would like to see a new crop added every week. Too much emphasis on decorative things.

  23. UglyPigeon Says:

    who cares if the poppies aren’t profitable? new mastery sign and perfect bunches. They are pretty.

  24. TP Says:

    I agree with Bud, a new crop weekly would be really nice, I don’t have room on my farm for all the decorative things, so I really like the new crops.
    AND we are up to 46 crops !
    any chances of getting crops for those leveled over fifty? I would like to be able to unlock something !

  25. Natalie Says:

    Hooray new crops! I wish they had the orange poppies though, they were beautiful.
    We need more day-length crops to master though, I’m not a fan of the weird hours.

  26. Diddle Farmer Says:

    I’m excited for Rhubarb to come! I love the way Rhurbarb looks!

  27. Sandra Says:

    As far as the purple poppies they would be for perfect bunches and something to master before raspberries. I wish saffron would become a crop that stayed along with the forget-me-knots. The decorative items are great! The new animals are very lifelike BUT I’m running out, wait I have run out if I put stuff up, of storage! It takes up room that I need to use to master crops. On Pogo once you purchased something it remained in your closet until you needed or wanted it. Why cant FV do something like that or at least give us 100 to 200 additional spaces in our storage barns WITHOUT adding another building!

  28. moi Says:

    You can make opium and heroine from poppies, hard to believe profit is 38 :p

  29. Edward Says:

    I think they should make a crop that yeilds farmcash!!, thats a really good idea. I would also like to see a wool shed where you can shelter your sheep. And i would also like to see buildings/stables etc.. to be able to rotate. I think Zynga should make a competition where you have to come up with ideas and the best one wins (once a week/month).

  30. Evan Says:

    wow new crops are pretty sweet and I hope that rhubarb is actually coming out! I go for the new ones, I mastered Peanuts already and will start working on the grapes!

  31. laura Says:

    Hey, all of you who are working on mastery, please add me!!! I’m sick of deleting players who are non-active and you all sound like my dream come true!!!! Just search for Laura Holcombe on facebook. I have a picture of an army guy standing on a brick wall with the word ‘anzac’ written on it, with a dark blue sky behind him :)

    I only have white grapes, sugar cane, peas, onion, broccoli, lillies, acorn squash and purple poppies to go!!!!

  32. Jane Says:

    I’m glad to see new crops to grow. Wish we could have the Forget-Me-Nots back permanently. I only have two left in my garden shed. Speaking of garden sheds, when are they going to let us expand the capacity?

  33. Mike Says:

    I currently just have Ghost Chili, Green Tea, White Grapes, Black Berries, Sugar Cane, Peas, Onions, Asparagus, and Purple Poppies to master. I mastered all the multiple day ones ages ago. It sounds like I have a lot of competition in terms of mastering all the crops first… Zynga! Release more permanent crops so I have more time! Honestly, you can think of all the crops in terms of tiers – Strawberries are 1st tier 4-hour crops, Blueberries are 2nd tier, and Black Berries are 3rd tier. But they’re messing it up by having two 6-hours, four 8-hours, three 10-hours, five 12-hours, and four 16-hours. They need to add another 6-hour, another 10-hour, and another 16-hour to even it out. And think of the hell that would break loose if they put up tiers of 18-hour crops like Forget-Me-Nots… I’m level 70, so there’s no chance of unlocking anything else (unless they add more levels – please! I need more farm cash!), but I am enjoying mastering and would like more to master.

  34. Xsour Says:

    they should make red poppies for anzac day

  35. Jo Says:

    I can confirm that level 2 for White Grapes = 2400 crops, not 3600 as mentioned earlier. Does anyone definitely know how many crops level 3 needs?

  36. Michelle Says:

    hiii has anyone figured out levle 3 mastery for white grapes?

  37. Süleyman Says:

    level 3 mastery requires 3600 crops..

  38. Lidz Says:

    Level 3 of PURPLE POPPIES is 2250

  39. Muhammad Mamoor Khan Says:

    hello its awesome to see so many active farmers here, please add me on facebook & neighbour in farmville