FarmVille Updated Crop Mastery Chart

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FarmVille Updated Crop Mastery Chart

Posted on February 5, 2010 3:17 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

UPDATE: The numbers contained below do not reflect changes made after Crop Master numbers were changed. We will be adding a new chart soon. If you would like to share any of your charts or spreadsheets send them to and we will feature them on FarmVille Freak.

Many FarmVille Freaks were asking for us to update the old Crop Mastery chart. As per your requests, here is a newly updated Crop Mastery Chart. It only includes crops that can be mastered.

Crop Mastery is unlocked at Level 10 for FarmVille farmers.

Crop Mastery contains three star levels of mastery for each crop. Whenever you complete a mastery level, you will receive coins and XP. Each crop has specific Crop Mastery requirements.

When you finally master all three levels of a crop you will have achieved mastery for that crop and will be rewarded with a Crop Mastery Sign. If you happen to “lose” your sign or delete it, unfortunately it will not be replaced by Zynga.

FarmVille Freak Unkown's Crop Mastery Sheet (Click to Use)

FarmVille Freak Crop Mastery Chart

(This spreadsheet is featured on Google Docs and the original author is unknown.)

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38 Responses to “FarmVille Updated Crop Mastery Chart” »

  1. Jordan Says:

    Thank you :)
    Will come in handy!

  2. Jessica Says:

    “If you happen to “lose” your sign or delete it, unfortunately it will not be replaced by Zynga.”

    Why not? It’s not like is costs them anything. Jeez!
    I love Farmville, but I gotta say Zynga really sucks at customer service.

  3. max Says:

    hi, can you please tell me what the “mastery xp” column is refering to?

  4. Christian Says:

    tnx for the spreadsheet

  5. Dawn Says:

    Yes they suck at customer service. They never gave my money back when my farm $ never showed up. I had to get Paypal to sort it out. Every email I sent to Zynga was a blow off.

  6. viladimir osmanov Says:

    thanks goddess for listening to mine and many others requests


  7. Wissam Says:

    Guys i sold my blackberrie mastery sign unintentionally, and i wrote to zynga in their customer support and they replace my mastery sign 2 weeks later, so yes it can be replaced.

  8. Froggie Says:

    What does the % Chance columns mean? And thanks for the file, its killer!

  9. Paul Youdelis Says:

    Maybe i’m just dense, but i just can’t figure the chart. simply put, in order from fastest to longest, which crop is which??

  10. Jon Says:

    Why does it say Onions give 2 XP? I thought for sure it was only 1.

  11. 12345Nj Says:

    is it just me or are Morning Glory’s not included :S

  12. Taylor Says:

    So the Mastery Exp for the plants that take a while to grow gives more exp than the 4 hour ones and stuff??

  13. Ctdan Says:

    Correct Morning Glory is missing.

  14. Ctdan Says:

    And for Morning Glory its Level 1 500 Level 2 1000 and Level 3 1500

    Hope that helps!

  15. 12345Nj Says:

    Thank you Ctdan :)
    It was very helpful!

  16. Tooie Says:

    Peanuts and Morning Glory need to be added.

  17. Dominica Says:

    Yeah I was in shock When I saw the Rasberry sign. I got mastery while doing a Coop and guess what I never got a sign. I can also say that if u plant a crop in coop and then delete it and plant another, the status bar will Not compensate. It will still show that crop as seeded. My co op missed gold by 3 minutes because we all thought someone else had cranberries planted. I wasnt happy. I have had other problems like adding neighbors and disappearing gifts. I think it might have something to do with the toolbar, I dont know. Thanks sorry i got off subject.

  18. Rebecca Says:

    I have mastered three crops and only received one Mastery sign. I cannot log into FV forums, have even asked for password and received absolutely NO response. Where can I go to find out what the problem is with my not getting the signs?
    Thank you!

  19. Bay Native Says:

    Your numbers for mastering broccoli are wrong. You have 1300 and it took me 1650

  20. FarmGoddess Says:

    Bay Native, this chart was made before Crop Mastery numbers were changed.

  21. Nocturna Says:

    Please, please update the mastery chart!!

  22. Daisy Says:

    Hi….. Is the mastery XP working? It’s because I didn’t recibe extra XP, and I have some crop mastery……thanks a lot!!! =)

  23. John Says:

    I lost a good farmville friend over Zynga’s customer service. He was really pissed that they would not replace his missing market. He had his a day before anybody else. when the others were added his vaporized. then the market problems and wedding tent issues. he spent the double experience weekend not able to do anything. I had issues myself and recieved a email asking me to rate their customer service. I simply replied “What Customer Service?” they never contacted me. I had a popup today saying share my email with Zynga and get a surprise. the surprise was that i got nothing. Thats a surprise? nah thats just Zynga and Farmville. They suck and i am use to it by now. I would never invoke anybody to come here again. I have to earn what i get in farmville. Want a good feedback from me, Earnit. i have to!

  24. gclarke Says:

    thanx for this, edited, and downloaded it so i can delete the crops i have mastered already

  25. Rob Says:

    They just added more crops today. I was going to get the last of the mastery signs and call it quits, and then they pull this. On the plus side, now I’m a level 79 farmer.

  26. Thorsten Says:

    Update please

  27. Thorsten Says:


    “They just added more crops today. I was going to get the last of the mastery signs and call it quits, and then they pull this.”

    You remind me of those people that used to say “When i’m Level 70 i can finally stop playing the game” – how naive are you? this is an endless game, there will ALWAYS be new things added, new level, new crops, new things to collect , there is no way to finally “win” or “end” it and what is the problem of people to find a reason to quit, if you intend to ? Just quit – or don’t.

    I wonder what people like you would do if they stop playing, thinking they’ve done it all – then they accidentally find out after a few weeks that they have in fact not “completed” it, as it is impossible. What then? Nervous Breakdown? Feeling forced to play again? I don’t get it.

  28. 2003 Says:

    Hello, i have deleted a mastersign, how can i refind it?

    Sorry for my bad english

  29. Derek Says:

    Does the sign itself serve any purpose? If you sell or delete it, are you still master of that crop?

  30. Ashley Says:

    is the artichoke one correct? seems strange to need 200 for level 1 then 50 for 2 and 70 for 3. is it supposed to be 500 and 700?

    the chart is great by the way! extremely helpful!

  31. Darth Parallax Says:

    LoL- to the guy who said ‘just thought I’d get the last mastery sign, now they pull this’

    I dare you to catch every single pokemon and max out their level and stats

    you cannot trade btw two files that both belong to you, you have to find other trainers

    you will find that this task is equally infinite as farmvile, mafia wars, MTG and WoW

    the game never ends, each player only ever knows one small part of the whole.

    its like the real world, except George Washington, Ghandi, and Adolf Hitler will all be remembered longer than any high score on any game. ever.

  32. walsh Says:

    i finnaly completed all crops mastery to level 3, and placed the final mastery sign, but have not recieved ansign or message that i have masteed all crops, i thought that you go a sign having completed all mesterys crops????

  33. Aditya Says:

    well they are always adding new crops and stuff and always updating so you may complete all but not for long until they add new crops.
    i want the new chart soon :)

  34. Rob Says:

    The chart seems to be mostly accurate but I find it funny ( no offence ) the the wheat that also surrounds farm freak logo. Is incorrect on the mastery chart. The chart says 300 for level 1. And the correct amount is 500. Not sure of the rest as of yet. But great site.

  35. Marie Says:

    I have found that any problem I have with fv is solved easily by contacting Zynga. I deleted a mastery sign and it was replaced after I sent them a screen shot. I have had 4 different problems in the past few weeks and they were all solved within 48 hours. I have found that being very polite tends to get you what you need. I deleted my train engine and they gave it back. I didn’t receive a mastery sign for a certain tree and they gave it to me. I thought I had fv cash missing but wasn’t sure of the amount I told them this and they gave me what I thought I was missing and as I said above they replaced my deleted mastery sign. So in my opinion Zynga customer service isn’t lacking at all. They must have improved their service along with the game!

  36. Brian Says:

    I am trying to view it and nothing is there. can someone please email it to me.
    brian837938 at aol dot com. Thanks

  37. Glo Olson Says:

    HELP PLEASEEeeeeeeeeeee
    I cannot get this document open, I follow through on the link and this is what I get: We’re sorry. This document is not published.

    PLEASEeeee help me get this printed, I sure would appreciate it.

    Thank you. Glo <3

  38. Florabunda Says:

    When I click on the crop mastery table I get a Google front page – blank – except for either Japanese or Chinese [simplified] characters!!