A Real FarmVille Freak Preview of Traveling to the FarmVille English Countryside

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A Real FarmVille Freak Preview of Traveling to the FarmVille English Countryside

Posted on March 11, 2011 9:50 pm by FarmVille Freak CabbagePatchKid

FarmVille English Countryside

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Zynga today, take a tour of the facilities, sit down with several high level employees (design and game production) all led by FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell. This is one of the many perks FarmVille Freak has because we have chosen to work with Zynga in our approved fan site partnership. The most exciting part about today is that I saw FarmVille English Countryside live!

Zynga employees said that they listened to their community and what they heard most was that farmers wanted a second farm, a fresh canvas, new challenges and new FarmVille experiences. While other ideas for other locations were rolled around, Zynga settled on the English Countryside. After seeing it today, FarmVille English Countryside seems like a natural step away or a vacation from our original farms. Zynga has carefully crafted a new kind of experience that taps into many game play aspects farmers know and love.

FarmVille English Countryside is very different from what I anticipated. What I am able to present to you today is a fresh look into the upcoming FarmVille English Countryside, with some inside scoop!

Traveling to the English Countryside

First let me be very clear, you will not need to add more neighbors, pay 47384738738 million coins or pay any Farm Cash $FV to explore new adventures in England. One day (release date is still unknown but coming sometime “soon”) Duke’s airship will crash onto your farm. Then, you will need to help him repair it, stock up some supplies and finally have a send off type party. This party will function very similarly to the New Years Ball. There will be several levels of guests and as soon as you have achieved the highest level, off to the English Countryside you will go!

When you are arrive in the FarmVille English Countryside you will meet several other characters. FarmVille English Countryside is story line or quest driven. Each character will present different scenarios and tasks for you to accomplish in which you will receive rewards.We have done a few quests in FarmVille for rewards, but rewards in FarmVille English Countryside seem very very worthwhile.

It’s important to know that participating in the story line is voluntary, it’s a choice that you make yourself. You do not have to take part or interact with the characters.

The quests will require no energy!
The FarmVille English Countryside is not energy driven at all like FrontierVille or Treasure Isle. It’s just good ol’ farming!

But more about that in my next post: Farming in the English Countryside! Check back soon for more posts about my adventure to Zynga! There is lots more info coming!

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44 Responses to “A Real FarmVille Freak Preview of Traveling to the FarmVille English Countryside” »

  1. jacob Says:


  2. Brody Says:

    OMG sounds awesome :) I just can’t wait to have all the new animals and colours!

  3. FarmGirl Says:

    Man, I hate the quests! I refuse to clutter up my non-FV friends’ newsfeeds.

    But hey, if you want a reliable gifting/helping neighbor, find me on facebook!


  4. Jane Says:

    Thank you so much for this detailed description of what to expect in the first few hours/days of this new development! I’ve been ambivalent about the whole thing until reading this. Now I’m really excited!

  5. FarmGoddess Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us CPK and also for representing FarmVille Freak today. We are lucky to have you!


    the FVEC sounds AWESOME!


  6. aaron Says:

    yea but will the market be flooded with items that cost farm cash just like farmville is now..other than that it seems cool just waiting like everyone else

  7. Mims Says:

    Awesome, CPK! Can’t wait for this to come out! Thanks for the virtual tour. :)

  8. jennifer m. Says:

    i can’t wait!!! i hope it comes very soon!!

  9. Beverly Culbertson Says:

    This appears to be interesting.

  10. Amy R. Says:

    has anyone experienced an “out of sync” after getting the English Calf??? I not only had to refresh the page, I lost over 30 special deliveries and yes, (2) English calves. Does anyone know how I can get them back? Did email Zynga, but nothing is ever accomplished by emailing them.

  11. JeannieVee Says:

    I have it pictured in my head..and you know I don’t think we will be disapointed. Thank you for the info. Maybe its geeky but I’m excited and I’m thinking its getting really close :)

  12. jonathan santiago Says:

    sounds great!

    if u need a new neighbor
    add me? ;)

  13. Rose Says:

    @FarmGirl : There is an easy way to avoid cluttering you non-playing friends wall; make a list of your farming friends and only send items to those who play.

  14. Rose Says:

    Thanks CPK – Great info – very much appreciated.

  15. denise Says:

    thanks so much!! and lucky you getting to go and check it all out – it sounds amazing and i can’t wait :)

  16. Pepper Says:

    So… Let me get this straight… FarmVille Freak, in accepting the opportunity to become an official site, dropped the service it provided it’s followers… namely, that of providing sneak peaks at all sorts of unreleased items… so that once every blue moon, someone on their staff could get a California vacation?

  17. reincloud Says:

    sounds cool.. I also like that you don’t /have/ to participate in the quests (although I will, it’s nice to have a choice).

    the one thing that worries me is the “send off party.” It says it will work like the new years barn and party and once you reach the highest level of guests you’ll go to the English Countryside… well I /never/ reached the highest level of guests because the way you had to invite people and they had to respond was fairly f’d up and lot of my neighbors never reached the 40 guests needed to get the disco pony.. is there going to be problems like that to just GO to the English Countryside??? I /really/ hope not…

  18. reincloud Says:

    #16 – pepper: couldn’t have said it better myself!! Frankly, I’d /gladly/ give up this “sneak peek” to have the unreleased items back :(
    bottom line – selling out sucks

  19. upset_player Says:

    @16 Pepper and #18 Raincloud…wonder what happened to “FarmVille Freak is in no way associated with Zynga or FarmVille the game” so now I have to wonder how safe my email address is…

  20. upset_player Says:

    Btw am I the only one that thinks that English Country side is just a new Zynga game that ties in a little with farmville. I bet in the future we will have to play it to get certain rewards etc How is this any different from any other Zynga game, its just a spin off of Farmville. I wasted enough money on Farmville, not about to waste anymore. And that crap about farmers wanting a new farm, zynga its amazing how you twist everything to make you more money. What farmers wanted was another farm where they could grow their crops in order to get the mastery for them while using their decorations on the other. How is it going to help us if we are given new crops in the English farm, now if we were able to grow our other crops it would make sense but like I said, its a whole new game with a different marketing strategy.

  21. Mary Says:

    OK, now I’m really hyped. I’m just glad it’s NOT energy driven. I could have enjoyed a lot more Zynga games, if I didn’t have to worry about getting into the game and running out of energy. NOW I’m excited!!

  22. Cindy Huxley Says:

    16 Pepper/18 Reincloud/19Upset player. These comments are quite unfair.

    It is far better for the fan site to have a relationship with Zynga – allowing it to give us real information, as in this and the later post on FVEC.

    The previous element of the site, where it ran more and more unreleased items, was not helpful to anyone. Where is the point in having access to ideas and/or designs that may or may not enter the game.

    And interestingly in order to have and post those the site had to be accepting them from people who had either hacked into Zynga or were employed by Zynga at some level and had access to the information.

    To my mind that is wrong. There is from time to time a lot of complaints about ‘cheating’ on this site, when someone uses a collection bar to gather material they are entitled to have from their own feed. Yet there are no complaints about the deception and disloyalty involved in running unreleased items. Strange.

    Upset Player – your comment about your email is very unfair. Are you aware that unless you have checked and changed your settings your email is published on Facebook.

  23. Shannon Says:

    so will we start over from level one and earn more fv $ or will we continue with the level we are at now?

  24. upset_player Says:

    #22-Cindy, I should tell you that I am a programmer and I know how to secure my email account. I guess if Farmville freak was going to be changing their format on what it reports on they should have let players know. I am amazed that after more than a year, now ethics come into play. I agree that there are alot of cheats out there and it doesn’t help that this SUDDENLY ETHICAL SITE PROMOTES THEM: upper left hand corner – ads by google:
    And as a programmer I can tell you that zynga if they really wanted to can put a stop to these cheats but they choose not to do so cause they don’t want to lose the millions of players that use them. Personally I delete any neighbor who does…but thanks for your imput.

  25. adam Says:

    i cant beleive peopl are complaining about this new update think about it like this they could of just added new items and features and not gave us a new farm to put all it on we get all our coins farm size level and cash and gift items so its just a lan exansion and a lot of new features is all or *FREE* farm upgrade

    but people ar like this

    zynga gives us free farm space and new upgrades = people complaine about new items and how it is this or this

    zynga releases new items = complane about not having enough room

    well they are giving us a bigger farm why complaine abot it saying its just a new game when it is the same thing just like them making your farm bigger but enstead of doubbling your farm size they just added a new farm simple as that

  26. Kerrinda Says:

    I am looking forward to a new game with a Farm ville flavor. I like quests. They give direction to my play. I too am worried about the New Years Barn type quest to get to the English Country side. It took me FOR EVER to “invite ” my friends… hope Zynga used that experience to work out the bugs. I like the ideas of the sheep growing up into what you breed them. Hope the other animals have the same opportunity. Still think it wrong that our animals in the nursery can’t become the corresponding adult, but then fewer people would spend $$$$ on the horses.

    I do have a concern about energy… will we need / do we get to have, tractors &/or combines for harvesting?
    I am psyched about the “hills , sea, & new music. ” tho I play my game completely muted. lol
    I say FARM ON!!!!

  27. sandra Says:

    Will we start our new farm at level 1 as its a new place then?

  28. reincloud Says:

    #25 – Im excited for the english countryside too!! I never said I wasnt looking forward to that.. I only said I really really hope there aren’t issues with the “send off party” like there were with the “new years party” ’cause that will make me less excited..

    #22 – I benefited FAR more from seeing the “unreleased” items than from getting the same exact updates/information as Im getting from every other “official” farmville source out there. I found it quite helpful to know the upcoming theme so I could arrange my farm accordingly or to be able to look and see if I want to spend my farmcash on something that’s in the market now, or if there’s something cooler on the way soon. And 99% of the “unreleased” items made it to the market in a timely manner, so that wasn’t ever an issue.
    Im sure some people do prefer this format for the site, and that’s fine, but I don’t and apparently others wish they wouldn’t have changed it either..

  29. Izzy Says:

    Something else I won’t be able to take part in if you have to complete a send-off party. I only have four active neighbours. No New Year Party, No duckling transformations and now No English Countryside!!!!

  30. danielle Says:

    Sounds great- can’t wait!

  31. Brandon Says:

    Definitely a lot of different views on both the change in the Farmville Freak site as well as the English Countryside, all of which are very valid points.
    On the site, why i’s something that the sneak preview on the items had to be given up is beyond be as I agree completely with Reincloud where it helps you better manage your farm cash so you don’t spend it early as opposed to waiting on something upcoming that would match much better with the theme of one’s particular farm. Also true that by making this change, it seems Farmville Freak it becoming to much like every other farmville source out there by not posting anything that anyone else wouldn’t. Whatever the case may be, atleast I will be sticking with this stire as the vast number of people who use it offer the widest variety of feedback which is more helpful than some of the posts from the site itself sometimes.
    About the English Countryside, I would hold off on any…negativity I guess I would say…towards it because as of now, noone of us atleast have any solid idea of how it’s actually going to run. I mean if it does require anything similar to the ‘Party Barn’ type friend requests which we all didnt really care for but it’s still an aspect of the game. Something this drastic of a change in Farmville can’t just be handed over to us and by rewarding the players who put more time and effort and accomplishing whatever mission is set to get there should get it before the rest of us.
    Whatever happens we all know that whatever we have to do, whether we like it or not, we are going to deal with it and eventually find a way to enjoy because come on…it’s still Farmville which has to be the most addicting game out there.

  32. LW Says:

    Will there be a way around the send off party thing? I don’t have a huge amount of neighbours and never got the New Years Disco up and running but don’t want to miss out on the English Countryside!

  33. farmvilleplayer Says:


    #22-Cindy and all the other fans of farmvillefreak…..isnt it weird that they have ALWAYS had a way to get the unreleased items and even weirder—how the heck do they have access to the trees and their mastered signs on REAL farms

    my theory on this, is that farmville freak is basically a way to push FARMcash for ZYnGA…. by making us see the “new” unreleased trees

  34. Martha Poynor Says:

    I do not like Farm ville assigning the people to me to receive either Snowman hats,party invites,or anything else. They do not know who is active players and who is not. This cripples my playing abilities.
    The new farm is great. We can play the quest game or not,we can use the land for what we want and it is not going to cost mills. to get it.
    Some of the ideas so far are out of sight. Some great and some mediocre. That’s the name of the game. I do not like ALL of the animals,and do not like to see them dressed in people clothes. I do like the natural animals and I do like the housing for them. I also enjoy building them. Yes I like build ables.
    You are not going to find everything to your liking.
    Playing the game should have something for everyone to enjoy. If not just do not play. You haven’t lost anything unless you have paid real money for a free game.

  35. Nikki The FVer Says:


  36. Kelsey Fox Says:

    That sounds awesome!!! But I didn’t participate in the New Years Ball so I have no idea what you mean. Can somebody tell me so I’m not all confused??? Thx!!! <3 :D

  37. firefly069 Says:

    I will hold off on any excitement or harrumphing about the new game until I see it & try it. That said, I am concerned about the send off party. I don’t have 3 dozen everyday active FV neighbors & I don’t want to, I have enough to have fun. So again, I’ll wait to see how it is. Happy to hear that it is NOT an energy game, that’s why I left Frontierville, also too many quests to advance or receive certain things. I only have time for one game, so I may end up dropping EC after a while. Some of us have work to do, kids to raise & things to learn ;)

  38. Mohammad ' Getatmebee Says:

    i like the quests because 1 of them gave me 5 farmcash which is awesome!!!

  39. Mohammad ' Getatmebee Says:

    heres an advice: just make your normal farm and create into farmville art while making your english farm covered with plots cuz it says its richer soil. Make ur normal farm a farmville art!!!

  40. Joseph Hudak Says:

    I was going to the English Countryside after I had collected all 15 guests and was on my way there and my computer froze and now I cant go there. Is there any way I can fix this? I really wanted to go?


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