Are you addicted to FarmVille? 25 Signs you might be.

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Are you addicted to FarmVille? 25 Signs you might be.

Posted on April 1, 2010 9:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess compiled a list of “25 Signs Your’re Addicted to FarmVille”. Read below to self-check your own level of addiction.

If you have more than 10, then you might call yourself a FarmVille Freak addict. Read below.

25 Signs You’re Addicted to FarmVille

1. You consider quitting your real job and get a real farm instead.
2. You know by hard the harvest times of most of the crops (can I hear strawberries?)
3. You fertilize your own mother every day.
4. …she does the same!
5. You wake up earlier than normal every morning just to harvest and replant before you go to work
6. You know there’s a real town called FarmVille.
7. You now plan to visit that town as soon as possble.
8. At least once you have lied that you have something “really important” to do just to harvest your crops.
9. You no longer care about your pet dog since there are none in FarmVille.
10. But you plan to buy seven cats instead.
11. Then brush them every three days to get some extra money
12. You use to spend a couple of hours to design your farm and once you’re finished, you let all your friends know about it.
13. The next day you completely redesign it because you realize it doesn’t look cool
14. You’re starting to have more pictures of your FarmVille farm than of your loved one.
15. Dang! You forgot you had a loved one!
16. You dream about your farm at night
17. You’ve got a document on your desktop with the names of the most active friends to send gifts to.
18. You have at least one neighbor to whom you don’t want to send gifts anymore because their farm is already too impressive.
19. You really believe that you can build a horse stable using horseshoes and harnesses.
20. You look outside every now and then to see if there’s a new lonely bull in your farm.
21. You find yourself admiring real life crops while driving.
22. You calculate how much XP and coins you’d gain if you’d harvest them.
23. Then you realize that your land filled with strawberries is really a lot better!
24. You smiled while reading this list and agreed with at least five of the signs.
25. You’re going to Digg, Tweet and share this article on Facebook with your friends – since most of your friends are FarmVille addicts, too!

(Source: Unigamesity)

Some of them are pretty accurate!

What sign of FarmVille addiction would you add to the list?

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61 Responses to “Are you addicted to FarmVille? 25 Signs you might be.” »

  1. Drew Says:

    First, too true!

  2. Dirt Track Racing Says:

    You forgot to add that when you walk through the produce section in the store you say ” hey I just harvested those pineapples how did they get here so fast”.

  3. rawa Says:

    I love this list, it is soooooooo funnnny, and sadly, soooo true, but farmville is a great game and i cant get enough of it. I always buy fcash, get the newest animals, i am in level 63 and now what do i do, i search for wandering stallions all day to produce special foals for all my neighbours to give them a new home, i have too many foals, dont want any anymore but i still have fun giving others things they like, that makes me happy, do my dishes not get washed because i could miss a wandering stallion, yes of course, but the stallion could be gone if i wash the dishes, the dishes will still be there later :-)))

  4. letty Says:

    funny and some of them are dead on…like #8 I know I have done that lots of times!!! HA HA HA!!!

  5. lia Says:

    i dreamed about my farm at night,… can’t help it

  6. LetsMango Says:

    Haha, I thought I was the only one that kept a list of people to send gifts too! I know which ones are reliable :)

  7. dogssSS?? Says:

    Rawa ..can i add you to be my neighbour???

  8. sue Says:

    I’ve looked at trees an gone *click* in my head…. Gaahhhhh

  9. Eva Says:

    Ha ha oh so true!

  10. Eva Says:

    Have you ever been in Lowes and think: oh I would need shears to finish my collection! I have…

  11. Christine Says:

    Number 26. Every tree you see reminds you of one in FV, especially bare oaks – spooky trees !

  12. Arthus Says:

    Yeah, so true that i’m totally addicted to FV for the last 6 months but now i dunno…i’m lvl 63 and i’m getting BORED with it, i’m tired clicking 400+ plots, tired harvesting animals and trees, tired clicking mystery eggs through feeds, tired visiting neighbors to fertilized crops, tired of ” out of sync issue ” , tired accepting and sending gifts…..Ok this is how i feel right now, maybe i should have a break….

  13. Mia Says:

    BUSTED!! Thats me…haha…It’s so crazy but I love the game :D

  14. rawa Says:

    DogssSS?? sure, if anyone wants a farmvile junky as neighbour or just wants a few foals, always happy to meet new people,

    ramona wale (picture of leopard on profile) level 63



  15. Moody Says:

    “You fertilize your own mother every day” now that sounds sick and perverted or is it just me?

  16. rawa Says:

    Arthus, we all hae the same problem, collecting sucks, out of sync sucks, loading problems suck, everytime i check in, everytime even if it is five minutes later it always says over 2000 neighbours fertilized, wow 2000, dont even know that many people, nothing shiny either, but does that stop us junkys? no we play anyway , now thats what i called beeing addicted !!! funny and true, i will always play, except if my computer strikes :-), but i have family, i would just play there then.

    A real farmville junky will always find a way to play this game :-)

  17. BB Says:

    I know them harvest times by hard?

  18. ParengHammon Says:

    #1 seems to be a healthy sign. It be great if this game influences Filipinos to see some future into agriculture. I’m not so close to that rule but I’ve been thinking of planting some fruits in my spare time once I’ve finished most of my projects.

    So it’s #1 and #14 for me. Since I could never have my very own Pink foal. And it’s usually pink foals coming from me XD

  19. Taha Mustafa Says:

    Woah… I do 7 steps…….

  20. pafarmgirl Says:

    To Rawa: I would love to add you, I, too, am addicted to the game and I like your posts on Farmville Freak. However, I went to fb and could not find you as Ramona Wale???? If you don’t want to post your like here, you can private message me on the farmville freak forum. My neighbors are great, but none of them seem to have any fun horses (so no chance of me getting different foals). I am level 51 and loving it!

  21. Aline Says:

    I will let my boyfriend read this as he says I’m an addict. But officially, Iøm not since I only have 6 signs (and not 10, like is needed). :-)

  22. Sarahfluck Says:

    every conversation you have with your friends who play, you end talking about gifts to send, or new animals or trees.

  23. Martina Says:

    You’re in the store and when seeing shears in a shelf you think to yourself: “Click ASAP or someone else will take them.”

    And they weren’t even RED shears, they were green…

  24. IndyCarGirl93 Says:

    Haha, I totally wake up early and take care of my farm every day.. :D

  25. Max Says:

    Only 2 of them are true for me…

    2. You know by hard the harvest times of most of the crops (can I hear strawberries?)

    12. You use to spend a couple of hours to design your farm and once you’re finished, you let all your friends know about it.

  26. Yolanda Says:

    I have quite a few of those signs, OK all of them. Here’s a few more…..
    #26 You know exactly when the next podcast will be released
    #27 You really do believe that your friends are animated
    #28 You tell your daughter “I was in labor for 12 hours with you and you can’t find the time to send me an egg everyday!”
    #29 You bought overalls and rubberboots
    #30 You are on FVF and reading this…….

  27. pafarmgirl Says:

    I knew I was addicted when, after farming for about a month, every time I drove past a farm, or open field that looked like it could be a farm, I would look for the button on my steering wheel to shoo away the actual crows that were in the actual field…..following which, I would think about how to rearrange the actual fences……

  28. jackalope Says:

    ive done no. 8 many times… hahahaha … =)

  29. kitkat Says:

    I do wake up early and go straight to my farm, It is so addicting and fun fun fun

  30. Faraj Says:

    I fit 14. I definitely plant blackberries at night, wake up early and replant them before school. My mom takes care of them around 12 and I come home and replant, then again and again!

    When I am in class and have nothing to do I sneak on facebook and claim eggs and fuel.

  31. Cindy T Says:

    I would add that you are addicted to farmville if you created a farm for your dog just so you can have another farm to play with.

  32. anniper Says:

    I’m actually from the real town of Farmville, so I guess that makes me a super fan.

  33. The Casual Pharm'r Says:

    My beloved Wifey, bless her heart, succumbed to the FarmVille addiction several months ago. She refuses to go to sleep at a decent hour. Instead she opts to stay up past 1am. “I just had to fertilize my neighbor’s crops!”. Dishes and laundry is piling up. Yes, crops need to be harvested, but so do dishes. Unfortunately, farmhands don’t to housework and you don’t get XP for collecting dirty underwear. I tried, really I did.
    I wonder if FarmVille can send a Wandering Housewife for an overnight visit……

  34. katie Says:

    by “hard” should be by “heart”…hey, I’m a writer by trade. :)

  35. Yolanda Says:

    Thought of a few more…..

    You pray that today will be the day you finally get your very own FV Border Collie.

    Looking at your real life Border Collie you realize she’s put on about 5 pounds.

    You’ve gained 10.

    You have stopped going to church and now worship the Zynga gods.

    When the phone rings you answer with “Howdy Partner”

  36. Willemijn Says:

    Hahaha not an addict!

  37. Jackie Says:

    #26 your internet crashed and you cant go on your farm so you check farmville freak everyday because its somewhat close to being near your neighbors. *tears*

    #27 you still have great neighbors that know you love to provide cool gifts to everyone so they still send you links for FOALS. on your mobil device.

    #28 you’ve begun to like your farmville neighbors more than your other friends on facebook, because the none farmville facebook friends just take up space in your news feed.

    #29 you’ve thought about deleting all your regular friends and just keeping your farmville friends.


    #31 YOU now have a budget for how much farmville cash can you spend on a monthly basis.


  38. Susan McIntyre Says:

    Yes, I admit………….most of the above. I look at fences down town and try to figure out it they are picket or just white washed – I look at benches and say the coloring is just wrong – they need to be colored like in FV – have gotten by on less sleep because I have to send gifts first thing in the morning.

    Husband threatening to pull the plug on my computer….

  39. fluffies Says:

    You get anxious at the thought of going on vacation, but realize they have Internet all over the world. Then you find yourself in a grimy Internet cafe in a foreign country, cursing because they don’t have a recent enough edition of Flash to play Farmville! You pay your Euros and stalk out, snarling, knowing everyone is thinking, “What is HER problem?”!! (But you can’t tell them what your problem is, because that would be, like, embarrassing.)

    You get home and your farm is a mess, you’ve missed all the latest updates and fun, and it takes you two days to get everything back to normal. Meanwhile, friends with inferior farms have leveled up ahead of you.

  40. UncooKagoo Says:

    this is me, i can’t stand facebook… rofl


    Good one!

  41. Mulan Says:

    You also use mouse and pointer to “DRAG” the screen when you are not playing Farmville.

  42. blueiz Says:

    hey how about this one your internet goes down at midnight , so you take your lap top down the block in your car till you pick up someone elses internet….sit in the church parking lot harvesting …look up to see police officer asking “May I help you?” and I answered “no just finished harvesting my crops I can go home now…” he was lol when I left…..TRUE STORY…

  43. blueiz Says:

    oh thought of another was joking with my kids the other night that i was afraid that Zynga would put out a SPCA…..(animal control) and fine me for my sheep being in an over populated area…lol mine are colors ran together they are so close together… yes I am a FV addict…now with returning to work….they are already teasing me at work….that my crops will grow without me checking on them….lol

  44. Jaana Says:

    Based on that list I’m not addicted hehe. I’d say it was written by a younger person :)

    Before the latest update to FB apps on iPhone, I was able to collect from collections etc and I did that while I was sitting at the waiting room at my doctors office. Unfortunately the new update won’t allow that any longer :(

  45. Yolanda Says:

    When you drive past a farm you want to rotate the animals so they all face the same direction.

  46. Jadd2000 Says:

    PODCAST COMING OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. MLD Says:

    “3. You fertilize your own mother every day.”

    So wrong. It really need to be worded properly…since this is just a set up for many jokes. lol

    Oh, and #15 (Moody) caught it as well. :D

    Maybe we’re just the sick ones? ;)

  48. pafarmgirl Says:

    OK, since I am an admitted addict, as are you all: Will there be a Friday night release of anything? They have done Friday updates in the past….I just felt like this week’s stuff was kind of disappointing (except I did like the nacho crop and toilet paper, both very funny and fun)……

  49. hunnybunny Says:

    some of these are a bit extreme, like starting my own farm? lol, i hate farms, which is surprising that i ever got into farmville at all. but i read down the list and i got 7 of them which is less than i thought i would get lol, but still i don’t need tests to find out, i KNOW i’m addicted, i have come out of the denial stage lol ^_^

  50. pafarmgirl Says:


  51. Jennifer Says:

    You can still get collections, etc. on Facebook fromfarmville if you go into regular facebook on Safari!

  52. VezokTheFarmer Says:

    “3. You fertilise your own Mother every day.”
    Ermm…I think this one was worded wrong… o_O
    Anyway, I consider myself a FarmVille addict, since I agree with most of these steps! :P

  53. Jaana Says:

    Thanks Jennifer, I just like my FB apps more. It was so convenient using that and sure got my gift box full quickly :)

  54. Sharon Says:

    I actually tilled my real garden today and thought about virtual Farmville all the while. Now I am SO sore from tilling my real garden. Sitting at the computer working Farmville mostly just puts an annoying crik in my back.

  55. Judy Judy Says:

    You know you have it real bad when…..ready for this one ?????????? You go to the library on your lunch break to harvest and collect gifts. You would love to do this at work but don’t want to risk getting fired. The good news is, the library has a 30 min limit which means you won’t get lost in the game and two hours have gone by before you know it. The “time limit” gets me back to my desk before my lunch break is over.

  56. Judy Judy Says:

    Here’s another one on my mind. I already know what I’m going to ask for on my next birthday and for Christmas…….Farmville game cards. I hope they put them in the stores with all of the other gift cards, wouldn’t that be great? Oh my, I have it bad.

  57. Chamberly Bright Says:

    Yup I am a addict. I need to go out more tho… :/ I need someone who has a job started for co-op’s morning glory.

  58. Debi Says:

    I just started playing Farmville a week ago and am only at level 15, however I fit almost all of the above symptoms already. My biggest problem is that I don’t know other people that play and so am unable to gift or receive gifts or fertilize. Is there a safe network for connecting with people who want to be neighbors?

  59. Ronnie Says:

    Why am i here when i could be finding mystery eggs? (Blinks with blank look on face) :/

  60. Deepak Says:

    I was also very addicted to farmville but my father strictly denied me to use that when he found that I can do whatever,i.e. I can lie, etc. just to harvest my crops.

    You also forget to write that “You just logout and after 5 to 10 minutes you login again to see what happened.”

  61. Jordan Says:

    well my mom has you all beat shes lv 104 and she has 8 different profiles she uses for farmville she took over all three of mine and the reason i have three is because she took over the first one for farmville and so on. its worst then drug addict. please someone start a rehab center for farmville its gone to far. my mom isnt my mom any more