Dear Zynga: Please Give Us the Option of Shared Storage from Start of Haunted Hollow

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Dear Zynga: Please Give Us the Option of Shared Storage from Start of Haunted Hollow

Posted on September 17, 2012 3:27 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak

Dear Zynga,

First of all, we are really excited about the Haunted Hollow, our first FarmVille Halloween farm!

Some of us FarmVille Freaks have been farming for 3 years now and we have so many great Halloween decorations, buildings, and animals from previous Limited Edition Halloween themes that we’ve collected over the years and we are just dying to use them on our upcoming Haunted Hollow farms!

Please make Shared Storage available at the release of Haunted Hollow. At the least, please give us the option to purchase it.

It would be wonderful to use our Halloween items that we already have from the START of Haunted Hollow.

Shared Storage usually becomes available long after the release of a new farm, which means that we would be moving our Halloween stuff during Christmas time which just isn’t the same as being able to actually enjoy it during the Halloween season. We have invested so much Farm Cash (and Coins) into purchasing past Limited Edition items it’s a shame not to use them. We would love to add to our collections, but starting over again is too daunting to even bother.

Can you believe that there are still some of us that love to decorate our farms?

Please consider.

Thank you,


x FarmVille Freaks For Shared Storage
x FarmVille Freaks who love to decorate
x FarmVille Freaks who have tons of old Halloween items

What requests do you have? What would make the Haunted Hollow farm or future FarmVille destination farms a better experience for you?

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6 Responses to “Dear Zynga: Please Give Us the Option of Shared Storage from Start of Haunted Hollow” »

  1. tony newton Says:

    Agreed. & may i say the holiday themed 8th farm is friggin stupid. i like all the farms but the 8th one is winter wonderland 2… do NEW ones zynga… dessert, rainforest, atlantis deep sea, caves, space… heaps of good ideas that are not a rehash of old…

  2. skint farmer Says:

    we wouldnt have the room, we only start with a postage stamp sized plot…. would prefer coin expansions.

  3. lalala Says:

    Is the Haunted Hollow preview available right now for the 35 Farm Cash? I saw on here that it was supposed to launch today, but haven’t seen it as an option when I go to my farm…am waiting on pins & needles!

  4. Fran Says:

    OK I already wrote to them 2 weeks ago and said basically the same thing. I’m so tired of having stuff strewn all over 6 farms and nothing is organized! And all this nonsense about outrageous tasks to get the privilege is starting to REALLY annoy me. I completed all their gazillion parts building projects thinking that would do the trick and now for Jade Falls we have a whole new series of missions that are in conflict with the quests. It’s absurd…

  5. Debzilla Says:

    YES YES!!! Please let us transfer our Halloween decorations a.s.a.p!!!

  6. erin Says:

    I won’t be using this halloween farm UNLESS there’s shared storage from the start. My “home” farm is done pretty realistically, with a “creepy but still plausible” area and my English farm is done all fantasy with a halloween area that I spent a LLOOOTTT of time, farmcash and coins on and there is NO freakin’ way I’ll be starting over with another halloween area unless I can use ALL my existing decorations/animals/whatevers. I think all these “destination” farms are pretty lame, anyway. One of the things I USED to love about FV was looking at all my neighbors cool farms and how they decorated them. Now most people’s are just cookie-cutter farms that pretty much all look the same.. it sucks! =\