FaceBook Changes FarmVille Gifting and Requests

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FaceBook Changes FarmVille Gifting and Requests

Posted on September 22, 2010 12:14 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Gifting Changes

FaceBook has changed the way we accept and send gifts and other requests in FarmVille. These changes are for all games, not just FarmVille or other Zynga games.

Here are some FAQ and answers provided by Zynga,

Changes to Gifting/Requests FAQ

“Q: I don’t see my game requests on the right hand side of the Facebook home page. Where are they?

A: Game requests are no longer on the right hand side of the Facebook home page. Here’s how you can find your gift and other game requests:

1. On the left hand side of the Facebook home page, click on your game bookmark. If you don’t see your game, click ‘more’. This will take you to your game where you can find your gift and other requests.

2. Once you arrive at the game, click the Zynga Message Center icon in the top right corner of the game screen to see all of your requests.

Q: I am in my game and I don’t see the icon for the Zynga Message Center. What do I do?

A: Not all games have the Zynga Message Center. If you don’t see the icon in the top right corner of the game, click on ‘Game Requests’ on the left side of the Facebook home page to see all of the requests for games you play.

Q: Can I access my gifts and other game requests by visiting http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php

A: Yes. You can still find all of your gift and other game requests in this location.

Q: I see something called ‘Game Requests’ on the left hand side of the Facebook home page. Can I accept my gift and other game requests by clicking on the link.

A: Yes, you can click on this link to see requests from all of the games you play.”

(Source: Zynga Forum)

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56 Responses to “FaceBook Changes FarmVille Gifting and Requests” »

  1. Esteban FMH Says:

    why does facebook hates Zynga?

  2. lynn penney Says:

    To reiterate: FB has changed this for all games, not just Zynga games.
    “FaceBook has changed the way we accept and send gifts and other requests in FarmVille. These changes are for all games, not just FarmVille or other Zynga games”.

  3. Clair Says:

    This is so stupid. >.< If it wasn't for family and the games, I'd just quit. Facebook can't leave (good) things they way they are.

  4. Tala Says:

    Is there another way to play Farmville, other than Facebook?

    Facebook has blocked two of my “side farm” accounts, each with a farm nearing level 50 with about 250 Farm Cash each.

    I have to provide Facebook with a cell phone capable of sending and receiving a certain type of text message I have never used and don’t know if my phone is capable of, to prove I am a “real person.” I can’t help but feel a little betrayed here, because Facebook did not require me to have a cell phone with this capability, or be a real person, to sign up in the first place.

    I still want to play, but now I get a twinge of dread every time I go to log on to Facebook… and twinges of dread kinda ruin the FUN of the game, you know?

  5. tonev Says:

    Tala you just have to visit more ofter your other accounts becase they deactivate them for the fact that they have been inactive for long time..

  6. chrissie Says:

    that is just stupid…why oh why they must make everything so … stupid?

  7. Roland Says:

    did any of you guys experienced when you purchase farmville cash thru the “add coins/cash” tab in FV it directs you to your FB credits page? When did this change happen?

  8. Ahmed Says:

    :C:C:C…My Mother HAs Faced The Same Problem A Month Ago And Still Facing The Same :C:C….This Change Is Not Good :C

  9. Lizzie Says:

    wow, this gift thing is messed up. When I accept a FV gift and then click on the “more gifts to accept” icon, it used to take me back to my list of FV gifts only. Now when it takes me back, it shows my Farm Town gifts and I have to scroll down to find the Farm Ville ones. REALLY annoying.

  10. virgoboy Says:

    What a pain in the ass…

  11. John Says:

    Its really not much different than before on mine. I still have the same number of clicks to accept my stuff. Just cosmetic if you ask me. What they need to do is add an “ACCEPT ALL GIFTS” button.

    Then I could just ignore all the ones I don’t want, which is quite easy, and then one click the rest into my gift box.

  12. Lynn Says:

    Why do they have to change something that’s not broken?

    Seriously, since the change, every other gift (I’m not joking!) I accept gets “lost” and I get the dang sad cow!

  13. Arina Says:

    I can’t access facebook right now. Is it just me or is anyone experiencing it too?

  14. Trish Says:

    Have been surfing trying to find out if it’s just me….or not as well. Started around 1:45pm est. Have not been able to access Facebook since. Seems the Facebook website might be down. Hmmmm.. Anyone know what’s going on?

  15. scott Says:

    what has facebook done know. can,t even get log in every time they change something its all messed up WHY FACEBOOK DONT FIX SOMETHING THATS NOT BROKE..:(

  16. suz Says:

    No Facebook here, either… since about 1:45 est, also. Thought is was just me… lol

  17. Bridey Says:

    TY Trish, I was beginning to think it was just me! It’s down for me as well. EST.

  18. chrissie Says:

    damn, i also can’t login to facebook… ****

  19. tala Says:

    Toney, I visited those two accounts once a day at least, running co-ops and growing ingredients for the market. In fact, I was on the farm, about to harvest strawberries, when I was logged off and locked out! The other account also had a short-term crop that needed to be harvested that night.

    These two accounts had no more or less activity than any of my other farms, interacting only with neighbors (family) and my own farms on a daily basis. I think Facebook is just systematically going through accounts to get cell phone numbers. I feel it’s just way too invasive to take my farms hostage for a cell phone number that was not required to open the account.

    They don’t deserve my real phone number!

  20. chrissie Says:

    yes, i am social again ! :) for now. probably someone just spiled coffee on server…

  21. JD Says:

    i still can’t get onto facebook…this started around 1:45 est for me as well and is still continuing. great. i have crafting goods to finish! good thing i planted 12 hour crops this morning.

  22. TIna Says:

    I can’t get on facebook either but was still able to finish my Crafts on FarmVille.com – just don’t try to share (post) anything or it will lock up your browser. Doesn’t seem to be a connection right now to facebook & FarmVille.com.

  23. manu Says:

    Not able to enter in Facebook, Yahoo answers, Google, Youtube…………………….

  24. Eric Says:

    hey Tala you should check out the Terms of Service for Zynga… its against their rules to play with more than one account… ive known a few other people that have had thier accounts locked and deleted from the zynga server for doing this!

  25. Matt Blank Says:

    The reqs.php link still works the old way. I guess I will just have to bookmark that and check it out instead of using this new way.

  26. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    All this change has done is make it take over twice as long to process the gifts I receive.

  27. jerms Says:

    Mine is still fine…all gifts and requests show up on my main Facebook home page in the right column.

  28. Tala Says:

    Eric, that’s a good point. My husband was firmly against signing up with strangers for privacy reasons, so after friending all the FV players we knew, if we needed neighbors, we created them. With Facebook implementing changes to privacy settings without warning, you have to admit, his concerns were warranted. We just wanted to play Farmville!

    John, I totally agree with you on the “Accept All Gifts” button. I would also like to go a step further, and add a “Use All” button for items like shovels and school supplies!

  29. Smoogy Says:

    In my case, when I load farmville, I have a message saying “You have two gift requests! Accept them now?” So I click to accept now, and the page is empty… I can do this constantly…. Why does it say I have two if it doesn’t give me anything to accept? If I have one REAL request, it’ll say I have 3…. :S So weird! Anyone else with this problem?

  30. chrissie Says:

    That poping up cow whit missing bits [and my gifts !] is REALLY annoying… damn, can zynga and / or facebook at least for once make that everythig would be working fine, without lagging, gliches and other f ***ing s***? i’ma sorry for my french, long day … :)

  31. Kittycasper Says:

    Smoogy I have the same problem I don’t’ know why but it is annoying the heck out of me and I can’t find away to make it clear. Mine says 38 I click the button and there’s nothing there. If it says 39 then there is one there.

  32. Alex Says:

    Kittycasper & Smoogy,

    Did you by any chance ignore any farmville requests? I had one “invisible” request… then I ignored two requests from someone and now it says I have three pending requests… I guess I’m not the only one with this stupid glitch!

  33. Janna Says:

    I am really, REALLY not a fan of the new Zynga Message center. The number keeps changing (I was at 2 and now I’m at 4) but I can’t find a single gift ANYWHERE. I’ve written to customer service so many times that I’m sure they’ll start ignoring me soon. Has anybody figured out how to find gifts that get lost in the farmville abyss?

    Thank you!

  34. notyobusiness Says:

    to Smoogy:
    it keeps doing that to me!!! and its annoying, then idk if i really have a gift or not and i have to go check and URGH. once they set something up a certain way, they should leave it how it was, instead of changing it and confusing everyone.

  35. Cheri Says:

    I can accept all of my gifts from any game, but I still get you have gifts waiting when I log onto games or else on the left side of my facebook page it will show I have x number of gifts when I have accepted them all. Anyone know how to fix this?

  36. Kyla Says:

    @The last three posters…

    I have this same problem. It’s so annoying! Anyone figure out how to fix it?

  37. tejal Says:

    i have a problem……
    wen i accept all my gifts from my farm through the FARM VILLE REQUESTS tab…..those gifts are still to be accepted in GAME STORIES tab…….wht do i do???
    i mean shud i ignore the gifts from game requests tab ??? plz help

  38. roy cherry Says:

    looks like you have a riot on ya hands .
    tbh we dont know why you cahnged it or i recon that we dont care tbh
    just remeber this is your onto a good thing dont change it expecaily when its not broken ..
    i would like to say thanks for the yrs of gameplay
    and sod you fro the invite bug i now have to contend with that seem like im stuck on a perminate 94 invites that wont go down even when accepted!

  39. killermunchie Says:

    For the past week I have not been able to collect my gifts and requests. Not from any way..not with the number in right hand corner (none on left side). When I go to the quicklinks I get the list of gifts and requests but after collecting the first one, I can click on the next one all day and nothing happens. When I click the number on the right hand side of the screen for accepting it comes up BEHIND the Home Page. Very very frustrating and I have lost a lot of gifts that expired. This is NO FUN. Also for at least a month the Publish/Share button results in a too long screen so that I have to hit tab to see the button which makes the farm screen jump up which then has to be readjusted every time. I love Farmville and am at Level 96 so you can see I play a lot but these problems are causing me a bunch of grief. FIX THE DOGGONE PROBLEMS. If I knew who to contact with my complaints, they would get an earfull.

  40. Lilianne Says:

    in game request i got 47 gifts and i cant accept none, i go to the game and i press the zynga where you said you can pick your gifts, but i cant, i have try averything, and i cant get nothing and it sucks, i cant finish nothing because i cant even post, so please if you can give me a solition i will be thankfull, i love those games but im getting tired i cant finish nothing and my friends cant help me. thanks

  41. Tom Says:

    Requests for help are not showing up on my wife’s facebook page for my friends to see and to help me. What can I do to fix this?

  42. Waseem Says:

    i can send help requests for materials but cant send help requests for quests items such as apple baskets and zoo keeper hats….. etc, when i send materials requests it takes the old procedure of sending a feed and slecting friends but when i send request for quests it doesn’t shows the same proces….. anybody can help???

  43. Alexandra de Sousa Says:

    Every time I try to get my requests through http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php I cannot manage to receive them – not to mention the «Help request». Another thing is the table that receives flower bouquets so we can place them. Although Ikeep planting flowers the «box» remaisn empty. Can you help me?

  44. Alexandra de Sousa Says:

    When I told about the «tables» for the flowers I meant the garden shed. Nine in the home farm, nor in the English farm nor in the Lighthouse cove it is working. And what I never recieve from «farmville requets» are the «special deliveries».

  45. betty hofstad Says:

    Please fix I love the game and Friends I have made thank you

  46. agnes faury Says:

    i don’t receive all my gifts!!!

  47. David Cail Says:

    I have had problems now for several months, that l am unable to accept half the gifts sent to me, when we have special tasks to do, my requests for items needed, never get posted on the wall, same with most things from my Winter Farm, l can’t post on the wall…..

    It always pops up with send a report, which l do, but whats the use, they don’t fix the problems, l am getting to the stage, where l will stop playing FV all together, but then you probably don’t care.

  48. Betty Murdock Says:

    Hello again. My name is Betty Murdock. I have been playing farmville for years, and until last Oct. things were going good. Now I cannot get my gifts pending, send gifts or share my crops. I am just wondering what has happened. I spent a lot of real money buying farmville cash, but I do not want to keep doing this if I cannot do the things I need to do to keep playing farmville. Whenever I try to send gifts I get a message saying this action cannot be done at this time try again. This has been going on for the last two weeks. I do not know if anyone will get this message or not but I need farmville’s help to contuine playing farmville. Please respond to this message. Betty Murdock.

  49. Betty Murdock Says:

    Looks like a lot of people are having the same problem. Is anyone going to help us? Or is it like one person said FV probabley does not care how many people quit playing FV.

  50. Ramona Says:

    I am not receiving any post on my facebook feeds. I an not getting any bonusesnor anything it is almost impossible for me to farm. Please help

  51. Josh Says:

    I have x amount of farmville requests and when I click the “accept all” button, the number never changes. How do I accept and clear out the increasing number from the left hand side of my facebook home page?

  52. Erika Says:

    I’ve a certian amount of gifts and special deliveries but it never gets delivered into my gift box. What do i do to receive these gifts?

  53. ivonne Says:

    I’m having troubles accepting my requests, when i click on accept it starts loading but it sends me right away to play the game and de gift does not appear in my gift box, so i have hundreds of request but i can’t access to them. Help please!! What is wrong? There’s something i can do?

  54. Vicky Says:

    porque no puedo agarrar mis regalos

  55. Rebecca Haughn Says:

    I am being held hostage by Mistletoe Lane and only want to tend to my farmville farm. How can I block it since I don’t wish to play Mistletoe lane. Can anyone help me?

  56. natasha Says:

    this change is stupid