FarmVille 20% Off Farm Cash Mother’s Day Special

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FarmVille 20% Off Farm Cash Mother’s Day Special

Posted on May 6, 2011 1:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 20% Off Farm Cash Mother's Day Special

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, FarmVille is offering a 20% discount on Farm Cash purchases when you redeem a Zynga Game Card or an eCard.

This discount will be available until Mother’s Day, this Sunday, May 8th 2011.

Will you take advantage of this discounted Farm Cash?

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21 Responses to “FarmVille 20% Off Farm Cash Mother’s Day Special” »

  1. Ollie Says:

    NOPE!! I have 4,000 I cash!! No need for now.. I’ll wait for a better deal :P

  2. Terah Says:

    wtf i just bought this yesterday so do I get the 20% off?? wtf

  3. The Bizness Says:

    You know what would be a cool Mother’s day gift? How about a double mastery weekend?

  4. Zally Says:

    Why not through buy more too. Ugh it’s like they need more people to buy cards or something. I tried to buy an ecard but they don’t take paypal

  5. farmvilleplayer Says:

    WOW….all these new features, products and still no help on the sheep breeding….I have already paid real MONEY for this and cant believe that they havent figured out a way to get the sheep to actually breed like they were intended to.





















    10 Rate Th

  6. carmen hernandez Says:

    Why not put up a ram for coins. and a boar. that would be nice ….

  7. Mary Says:

    just redeemed my game card and didn’t get the 20% discount

  8. cncfemale Says:

    20 flippin percent? is that it? wtf? mothers day should be at least 40% off.. if not 60%.. geez. 20% isnt worth the effort to click the buttons necessary to get to the farmcash.

  9. Patricia Says:

    give all mothers free cash for one day. that would be awesome

  10. Kirstin Says:

    So are we supposed to get more FC for say $50 or 310 FC for less real money ????
    I just tried to get an ecard, they do take Paypal, to clarify that, but they asked for $50.

  11. Filipe Says:

    They just ignored father’s day…. and so many things for mother’s day..

  12. kiteflyingal Says:

    you pay the regular amount but you get more farmcash i am pretty sure.. and as always a free dart to the mystery game too

  13. nm Says:

    20% off is better then nothing. I was going to buy one anyway so it’s a bonus for a lot of us. @11 Last year Zygna really started discounting more late in the year. So maybe next month for Father’s Day they’ll have another discount. Can’t believe everyone is being so negative about a sale.

  14. Mike Scully Says:

    Promotion starts 5/6 @ 9PM PDT

  15. charly Says:

    i just redeemed a 20 dollar gift card that i bought today just for the discount and it didn’t give it to me…what do i need to do to get the discount?

  16. denise Says:

    am hoping for a gift care from one of my kids for mothers day – i love the sales, but usually miss them so really hope to take advantage of this one :)

  17. Deb Furby Says:

    Wow I bought some yest at 8 oo pm Bummer

  18. FarmerHunter Says:

    I agree with Double Mastery. Too late for Mother’s Day weekend, but Father’s Day would be nice. And so now I have to buy a gamecard or eCard for myself to get the discount?REALLY! Absurd!!!!! It’s all about paying the MiddleMan. Capitalism at its best. Stop it, please.

  19. jason Says:

    to get the 20 percent discount you need to buy a gamecard zynga gamecard for farmville! go to the gamecards tab on the game and enter the code in on the back of the card you will get 69 cash for a 10 dollar card and also a mystery dart as always

  20. Marguerite Says:

    I bought a game card to take advantage of this sale, and there is no way to redeem it. Neither the regular “add farm cash” tab nor the “game card” screen have any way of redeeming the card. Put a support ticket in and got a pretty quick response, asking for screen shots, which I sent. The sale is over now and I still can’t use my game card.


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