FarmVille Offers 20 Free Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen in Email to Inactive Farmers

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FarmVille Offers 20 Free Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen in Email to Inactive Farmers

Posted on April 1, 2011 12:45 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 20 Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen Email

Some lucky absentee farmers (unlikely to be FarmVille Freaks) are being treated to 20 free Farm Cash and an English Countryside Hen, (if they even care). If you haven’t played FarmVille lately, you may want to check your inbox and to check for the email pictured above.

FarmVille is offering these inactive farmers a special bonus to lure them back to their farms and farming in the English Countryside. They are sweetening the deal with some free Farm Cash and an exclusive hen. Most inactive players that have not visited their farms in a long time will find a very different FarmVille if they return, but the main concept remains the same- plow, plant, harvest!

Wouldn’t it be cool to get an exclusive Farm Cash filled prize package for being a dedicated farmer that logs into your farm everyday? After all, as FarmVille stated in the email, life does get busy, especially when keeping up with now two farms and our new obsession with Sheep Breeding.  Now, that would be sweet.

Did you receive this offer?

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138 Responses to “FarmVille Offers 20 Free Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen in Email to Inactive Farmers” »

  1. me Says:

    PEOPLE who dont give a toss get goodies. dedicated farmers get NOTHING. LOL WAY TO GO ZYNGA….

  2. kortni Says:

    thats BS!! but thats zynga for you.

  3. Jason Says:

    what gratitude to loyal players who are nothing more than customers to Zynga

  4. marcia Says:

    What is the incentive for the active farmers? I suggest that we (the farmers who are active) entice dormant farmers back to their farms and also receive the “bonus” package.

  5. Craig Says:

    This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mika Says:

    lets stop playing fv and we will all recive 20 fv cash… no comment…

  7. Kitty Bills Says:

    What do you expect they take our money, and we get jack back SSDD from the BIG Z.
    We only have worth to them when we are spending our money.

  8. Josh Says:

    A product of our entitlement society no longer is loyalty valued and admired.

  9. farmerb81 Says:


  10. valerie Says:

    Very unfair to those of us who play all the time and are good neighbors to our friends. What do we get – glitches, missing trees, out of sync issues. It would be nice if we were given this package too! After all we are the loyal players.

  11. Derrick Says:

    Not fair for loyal players…… guess we should all stop playing then we can get good offers…..

  12. Rosemary Capuder Says:

    Where’s the cash for the loyal fans who actually spend money? This is hypocritical.

  13. LennyMIII Says:

    Zynga is ticking me off on a daily basis!

  14. kim Says:


  15. Trix Says:

    This is BS… while we who play each and every day and purchase cash to spend on our farms can’t even get (pause) off!

  16. Kimberly Says:

    Hey! Zynga! Over here! You remember me, right?! Loyal player! Faithful spender! Can I get some love in return, PLEASE?!


    (Yes, I realize I’m not addressing Zynga directly, just sayin’…)

  17. joelle dehaut Says:

    ha oui et pour ceux qui travaillent tous les jours sur leur fermes ils on quoi eux ???? RIEN ! C’EST DE LA DISCRIMINATION ZYNGA ! Nous on se crève au labeur !

  18. Lynne Wills Says:

    I agree with most all of you. The dedicated farmers get the shaft while the ones who don’t play that often get rewards. What is wrong with this picture??

  19. jacobk Says:

    Having an inactive extra farm or two (or neighbor) would be valuable right now.

  20. HAROLD HAHN Says:


  21. Judy Warner Says:

    Way to go Zynga : you only want my cash now nothing is free anymore this sucks so much.

  22. glo Says:

    It figures! It’s no better than utility and cable companies. I have been paying my bills to these companies for over 40 years and new customers get all the free stuff or reduced payments. I get nothing.



  24. Don Wicker Says:

    Thats unfair to all of us who have been so loyal to Farmville are they trying to tell us to quit for and extended time until we get the same rewards as those who do not play anymore ?

  25. Dess Says:

    For the Farmers who play every day farm ville ,, they get ONE Big Nothing ,, for the people who don’t play this game , they get more then 200 cash and other rare things !!!!! Is this fair Zynga ???…. If it’s fair … s**t !!! =(

  26. brian Says:

    You want to know what more they do, I buy farm cash at times and the last two times they had a 40% sale it was not offered to me at all but all my friends who did not by farm cash got the deal, They set it up for only those who did not buy farm cash, The ones that did didn’t get the offer because they figure they will get my money anyway, That is the biggest ripoff I have seen

  27. Karen Says:

    OMFG….what a bunch of whiners. You get 10 farm cash for even going to the EC farm and completing the quests.

    Why you would expect to be anything more than a customer to a company that produces a product that you’re using is a mystery, for sure. I’ve been loyal to the same grocery store for 20 years, and I’ll be damned….they treat me like a CUSTOMER! The NERVE. LMFAO

  28. Loretta Ayres Says:

    I work both farms every day. Give me something……

  29. Rose Says:

    Are you for reall? I’m capped out, I reached level 100 no more money for each level increase from this point on. I have worked very hard for this. I get nothing, but someone that doesn’t even play any more you give them $20 farm cash. I’m DISSCUSTED, makes me want to quite then maybe I will get money too!!!!!

  30. geo Says:

    That’s Corporate Structure , After all They are a Business, and It is Advertisement to drum up lost Business for more $$ for their Corporation.. Ya it sucks to not get anything from them, But that is how they do business, They know you will buy things at some point so what the use of Kicking and Screaming like a 2 year old having a tantrum Seriously if you don’t like the way they do business Then Stop playing for a while and come back in a month to claim this one time deal of 20 FVC and a Chicken Coop…..

  31. Kimberly Says:

    Absentee. *spit* That’s like sending child support to the absentee parent. Reward the absentee. I’m confused…

  32. Karen Says:

    @Brian….I buy farm cash regularly, and I got the 40% off deal, and bought some. So I think you’re wrong. :)

  33. Arno Says:

    People that don’t give a flip are being rewarded – that is about the lousiest marketing strategy I have seen. And I was under the impression that rewards are for those that are being good??What about showing loyalty to those players that are loyal to Zynga? You really need to find some experienced marketing specialists!!!

  34. Carol Says:

    Typical of Zynga to try to drum up more “hard core” players. I spend about $40 a month on Farm cash to get what? Think its time we all stop buying their so called “LIMITED EDITION” items. As just like the April Fool’s market has all the old LIMITED EDITION items in it from a year ago with raised up prices. Im done zynga, its the last time you’re going to thump me in the head for being foolish and lining your pockets with Millions

  35. michael cormier Says:

    why dont the daily farmers who spend hours just to get 1 farmcash get nufin but the people who say “whats farmvithingagr???” get 20 frigen farmcash and an english hen ty zynga so verrry much <3 (sarcasm)

  36. Sandy Says:

    I hope this is an April Fools joke. Why would Zynga give out 20 Farmcash to people who aren’t playing. This sux.

  37. Happy farmer Says:

    I find it amusing that the first thing they state is untrue! I’m lucky if HALF of my gifts and requests that show up in my inbox appear in the in game gift/ request collection!

  38. Le Farm Says:

    It is VERY VERY UNFAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Kara Says:

    Thanks a lot Zynga. I lost my job and can’t afford the “cool” stuff, but you go on and mail out your cash to people who don’t play…….If they don’t play now, they won’t play after 20FV cash!

  40. joyce adkisson Says:


  41. Sara Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is an April Fools joke. I just checked with 3 people that are inactive and not a single one got an email.

  42. roxanne Says:

    shoot i spend more time doing chores on farmville then my own dang house, its not right for those who dont care about farmville to get a special prize for free, wich we dedicated farmers have to put out real money to get fv cash……………zynga you blood suckers …..

  43. Heather Says:

    I know this sucks for most who will not receive it – however I am a dedicated player everyday and just yesterday I got an email for 20 Farmcash for free as well as a special reward for doing so ♥

    They should really put on more specials for the farm cash that way people would buy more

    Enjoy April Fools

  44. Kitty Says:

    You should not be envious. After all, zynga only wants to get people back to the game to have more customers. Ask your inactive farmfriends if they recieved this gift and if they really don’t care they might send you some nice item for FC.

  45. brian Says:

    No Karen I am not wrong, I didn’t say it happened to every person who plays but I refreshed the page 20 times. You were one of the lucky ones

  46. madeline Says:

    does anybody know what the subject line of this email is so i can search for it?


    “We only have worth to them when we are spending our money.”

    is anybody just figuring this out? zynga has issues for sure. like rolling out new stuff before its thoroughly debugged. but most of the time zynga is providing a highly engaging game to you for free. working your farm hard doesnt benefit them. it uses a tiny bit of computer resources. people who spend money on the game are supporting its ongoing development for everybody. people who expect a loyalty gift for playing a free game nonstop are really missing something

  47. SUSAN Says:

    Surely this is another April Fools joke!!!????

  48. roxanne Says:

    if this was a april fools joke, you got me good for about 5 minutes, after i posted im guessing now later today they gonna post haha april fools……lmao

  49. Rogue Robot Says:

    Zynga just keeps finding new and creative ways to kick their loyal players square in the nuts!

  50. Karen Says:

    I really don’t get it….if you think Farmville is such hard work, and you think you put in hours each day and get NOTHING….then why do you do it? Are you a masochist? Seriously….seek help. LOL

    I play Farmville because it’s fun. If it felt like work, I wouldn’t do it. And I get all kinds of crap….too much, in fact….every day. More crap than I can even use on my farm. I have 25 of the English Dorking chickens, and didn’t spend anything to get them. Farmville gave them to me, for free. And I thought it was awesome when I got 5 farm cash for two of the activities built around the EC farm.

    It’s really sad how miserable negative people choose to be. And it’s always someone else’s fault. Heh…..

  51. Lena Says:

    Pretty sure it´s an Aprils Fool …

  52. roxanne Says:

    when i said they dont care for the game, it meant they didnt care much for farmville untill zynga flashes fv cash in there face, wich they might use for a short period of time then, prolly once more let the farm collect dust,lol…… the way this is prolly just a april fools joke, well see later tonight,lmao

  53. Rae Says:

    This is old news. And it’s generally 10 FV cash after your gone a good week and then by the second week they offer 20.This is old news. This has been going on for many months now.

  54. Karen Says:

    I finally get it! Zynga hates its users. I don’t spend fv cash often but WAS a loyal player. They can shove this game with the stupid pause,outrageous prices on everything,and God knows what else…..directly up their moneygrabbing As)$@&!&@$s.

  55. JOJO Carter Says:

    I Wish We That Is On Here More Can Get Counted As Being Good To Keep Paying, I Get Up Set Cause Everything I Need Cost Real Money I Only Have $600.00 A Month To Live On I Can Not Get Around Like Everyone Else I Can Not Afford To Live Let Along To Have To Pay Pay Cash On The Stuff I Need To Play Game’s. I Thought Of Ending My Life Until A Friend Got Me Playing Farmville & Now I Don’t Think Of It That Much Any More Not Like I Use To Please Some How Make Thing’s Easier To Pay For Please.

  56. roxanne Says:

    @karen, im addicted is why i play wich means i love the game and spend alot of time on it, and spend between 5-10 cash weekly, cause i like the items and i buy them, i have around 50 nieghbors and yes sometimes from there chicken coops get the rainbow egg wich have given me 8 free rainbow chickens……..i love the game also, and very rarely miss a day…….p.s its april fools day, so i think its a joke anyways….:)

  57. Reinbeauchaser Says:

    Going to balance this rant a bit:

    We’re not obligated to spend money for FV cash. When we do, it’s to ‘get something’. Usually an item that we just HAVE to have. So, to say ‘we spend money and get nothing (for our troubles)’ is hugely untrue. We get whatever we trade the FV cash (or coins) for.

    Zynga is only trying to get back the players that quit playing. They do’t work for free, after all. It’s a business, yes? They offer, you accept. No obligations. I do agree that maybe they should show a wee bit more appreciation for the ‘hours’ the Dedicated spend on this game, but they don’t charge us for ‘air’ time and they give quite a bit away, too, through their special challenges. I found most of my free fuel through the Christmas present collection back in 09! Ended up with so much, I’ve never run out, especially when they brought in the Crafting Cottages. AND, I’m rather impressed with what they offer for coins on their new Eng. Countryside farm, too. That bridge, the hideaway swing, are two of them.

    I, for one, am grateful that I can play for free and have the choice to ‘play’ on my virtual farm; even all day, if I want. So what if there’re glitches. It’s a computer program, glitches are inherent. Zynga does their best to fix them. They have an excellent customer service, too. Every query or complaint I’ve put in always received a reply. Sometimes it’s personal, but if it’s an on-going issue, it’s canned and I’m fine with that. They’re always polite, too, and if the customer is equally so, results are faster! And don’t forget about those times when the system went all funky and Zynga handed out free FV cash for our annoyance!

    Anyway, just thought I would balance things out a bit. :0) Blessings to all!

  58. Karen Says:

    What good is “loyalty” to a profit making company, from someone who doesn’t spend money? Like, yeah, that grocery store just loves the street people who are “loyal” to them and come into their store every day to shoplift and use the restroom. And I sure don’t blame them for complaining when the store won’t give them stuff for free! ROFL

    Are some of you people on crack? Because you seem completely incapable of reason or logic.

  59. kat Says:

    zynga should realy read these posts, maybe thier eyes would burn out! woooo

  60. Karen Says:

    Well, Roxanne, as I said, and would say to anyone who admitted to an addiction….seek help. ;)

  61. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Brian@20 – That is nonsense. I spend quite a bit on Farm Cash, and I got the 40% discount offer. I have always got the discount offers on Farm Cash.

    When you realised the offer was happening, and was not appearing for you did you contact Zynga directly and ask them what had happened. I am sure they would have sorted it for you.

  62. Linda Says:

    I have one thaught to this …
    Check the date “APRILS FOOL”

  63. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Brian@32 – its not about being one of the lucky ones. As far as I can ascertain all my neighbours had the offer, and its not about refreshing.
    Use the email option when there is a problem, send a polite inquiry. If the offer is limited they will tell you. If you should have had it they will give it you.

  64. roxanne Says:

    @karen..if i need help , you surely do to, beeing on farmville freak arguing over a gamesite??? lol look in the mirror……..get over it already its just a game :)

  65. Fredrik Says:

    I’ve said this many times before but i’m happy to do it again: Dont buy Farm Cash under these circumstances, let the non-playing farmers be sole contributers of Zyngas wealth.

  66. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    I agree with Rainbeauchaser, on alot of points, if you believe that Zynga treats you unfairly, do not buy FC, don’t play the game.I too get aggravated at the glithces and problems,but not enough to stop playing :O). I do think Zynga could post more updates directly to the feed, instead of letting other sites do it for them.Customer service will do you right,Give a lil respect,get a lil respect.I do think the pausing of the farms is an epic fail, also I think we should have the choice to place items on the farm we choose, we are the ones either paying FC/coins to play the game. Choosing to make the sheep for 20 fc not a good idea either.So for the ideas I think aren’t real great, I send in a suggestion to Zynga..These games are in BETA..they want your input to make them better, have a problem email them and explain what it is. sometimes it’s your own computer settings causing the trouble not Zynga.

  67. matos Says:

    I play everyday and got the email, but when I tried to get the 20FV nothing happent :(

  68. Jaanika Says:

    one word – thatsucks.

    i play every day… hours…not fear…

  69. linda mills Says:

    i filled out a survey for zynga yesterday. i have not been able to get to fv at all it kept going down. i couldn’t get to my english farm until today. i lost crops for 2 days on the home farm because of it. i found a survey for zynga at the bottom of the page may still be there. and maybe just maybe i’ss an april fools joke. don’t hold your breath tho

  70. Karen Says:

    @Roxanne….like I said…incapable of reason or logic. “Just a game” is something you obviously fail to grasp. LMFAO

  71. Andosia Says:

    I understand that they send out incentives to attract previous players but when you compare that nice welcome back gift to the loyal player who is already spending money on the game and isn’t getting a special reward for their dedication it offends those people. Nothing illogical or stupid about it.

    If you pay for a service and find they are offering something special to new people, many times you will find that if you call and politely inquire how you can also obtain the deal you will also receive the same offer, if not another offer. They just don’t go shouting it from the roof-top (AKA advertise it), but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    Zynga should consider giving out occasional thank you’s to dedicated farmers, or rewards for spending so much money on their games. I do not mean rewards for completing tasks, but an actual “Hey you’ve been with us for a year! Thanks for being such a great Farmer here’s 10 farmcash as our thanks”. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, people just want recognition.

  72. renae marie Says:

    hey ZYNGA!!…I am not going to be on my farms for awhile…will that help me get some free FARM CASH??…let me know so I can give up my farms, yes it will be hard since I am on farmville all day long..but I will and can do it..just to get some free farm cash……thanks.I will be waiting for my free farm cash….

  73. viviane white Says:

    that really sucks it is not fair to the dedicated players we deserve to get the cash not the people who dont play often :(

  74. Taylor Says:

    People who actually play should get all these farmville cash. Why give them to people when they don’t even play? pointless if you ask me. Zynga worry about people that plays daily and spend THEIR own money on the game and not some people that don’t even play. STUPID!

  75. Jenn Says:

    Guys….chill. This is obviously an April Fools’ Joke. C’mon, there’s NO WAY they’d alienate the larger population of paying customers. :)

  76. Karen Says:

    @Brian…I didn’t mean that I thought you were wrong about your actual experience. I meant that I think you’re wrong about it being a “set up” by Zynga that you had that experience. It may have been a glitch, but as has been pointed out by others, if you had communicated to Zynga customer support about the problem, they would have made it right. They have certainly always done that for me.

  77. Jeannie Says:

    I agree, i come on at least twice a day, and it would be nice to receive this type of reward.

  78. LW Says:

    Here’s an idea Zynga – how about EVERYONE gets some free farmcash – inactive players who you want to start playing your game again AND regular players, to reward them for their loyalty (particularly when they’re feeling pretty hard-done-by with the EC pause fiasco). Just a thought…

  79. RStones Says:

    People have left for the same reason they are not returning, really poor game play. OSS, PAUSE, and the absence of any recommendable qualities. You will be seeing more neighbors leave than you think. Zynga will find out, you can’t “pay” people to play the diaster they unleached with this EC thing.

  80. Karen Says:

    @Andosia….offering incentives to attract new customers is a normal practice for businesses. Many online membership type sites will, for example, offer new customers a first billing period for free. They don’t offer the same thing to established customers. I’ve also had such businesses offer me an incentive to return to them as a customer, and they don’t make the same offer to continuing customers.

    I’ve been a Netflix member for years. Zynga and Netflix offer 150 farm cash to any Zynga customer who becomes a new Netflix customer. I can’t get that, because I’m already a Netflix customer, and they have not made any kind of similar offer to their existing customers.

    I don’t have a problem with what Zynga and Netflix are offering to new customers, though, and you won’t see me ranting or whining about it. It’s business. :)

    But forgive me if I see some flaws in your reasoning and logic in regard to such offers, and your apparent argument that existing customers should be offered the same things, just because they’re customers. The “loyalty” argument is an emotional one, not one based on logic, or reason.

  81. flee Says:

    April fool?

  82. Servant of Christ Says:

    See, they’re always giving the goods to people who don’t even play… Zynga is stupid! That’s like Burger King giving away free item coupons to people who will never use them and prefer McDonald’s instead!!! The idea of good customer service is to serve ones customers, not people who do NOT play! So stupid! Tired of Zynga!

  83. farmvillegal Says:

    Let’s all just stop playing so we can actually get something we deserve for all our hard work.

  84. Nanookie Says:

    I went away for a week in early February and didn’t play once. When I came back, I had several emails from Zynga offering me FVC to return to FV (I think it was 5-10 FVC all up, no more than 15 FVC) and RPs to return to MafiaWars.

  85. Rob Says:

    Most of you people wouldn’t last a month if you had your own business. Why would they give 20 FV$ to everyone? What purpose does that serve? Didn’t you all just get 10 FV$ for doing some cheezy tasks in the English Countryside? Or did you forget about that because you were too busy bitching and moaning about the pause? If you hate the game so much, and hate Zynga so much – just stop playing and go away!! Hey, look at the bright side, if you did that, you too may get an offer for 20 free FV$ in a few months!

  86. emily Says:

    um hello weres mine as i have played since u started ive put up with the glitches never complain even spend cash on the game which i love……………… so ……….. why give to non players if they have stoped 1nce they wont be bk dar

  87. katy Says:

    I’m not having a go but if all you complaining hate zynga so much then just stop playing there not going to give away free stuff because they are a business .They need to make money which is why in doing this they want players back which will mean those players wil possibly spend money with them.

  88. katy Says:

    @brian i bought 2 lots of farmcash when the offer was on and recieved the offer amount both times and so did all my neighbours that bought some at that time. They also made a mix up by me buying facebook credits instead of farmcash and gave me 200 farmcash for the glitch without me even contacting them so they can be good sometimes.

  89. Ania21 Says:

    I guess we should all stop playing then.. stupid Zynga.
    How about rewarding people who actually play!

  90. Rhonda Says:

    My outlook on this is…it wouldnt hurt Zynga to give a VIP gift maybe once a month to loyal and dedicated players but on the other hand the ones u are offering this cash gift to will probably come online for 15 minutes , spend the cash plant some crops and be gone another 3-6 months til u give it again…so GO ZYNGA!

  91. Razor Says:

    Dedicated Farmers get rewarded with “Pause” and people who abandoned the game long ago get 20 FV Cash. Hardly seems fair….

  92. Angel Says:

    I got this message a while back via email. I figured I come back and play a little buy some things with all that cash, guess what? I didn’t get anything! No FVC, coins, gifts, nothing. Ever since I came back I have spent another $100dls on FVC though, most on the stupid Misery Game :(, yeah I know.

  93. Ethan Says:


  94. Scarykittycat Says:

    I received the email claiming I was in active and they would give me the 20 FV cash. I’m an active player and play multiple times a day. I clicked the link on the email. It took me to my farm but never did I receive the cash. It seems just a tactic to get more players. Oh well….

  95. Carly Kobylarz Says:

    I came here to check if the email was legit because I just got one myself and I dodn’t want to click it and it be a hoax and get a virus. I don’t why Zynga would consider me a absentee player because I play every single day (multiple times a day, I am level 97) Could be they might send them to everyone eventually and it’s just on a slow roll out. What else is new riggght???

  96. Jin Says:

    I got this offer via e-mail.

    Funny thing is, four days a week whenever I get home from work the first thing I do is go on facebook and start farming. When it’s my rest day, farming is the first thing I do. Even before breakfast! The only reason I saw the offer is because I check my e-mail everyday. And the only reason I check my e-mail is for the daily fuel boost. Oh Zynga.. *chuckles*

    What isn’t funny though is, I didn’t get anything after clicking the link either. I guess they realized I was a farmville freak and withdrew the “inactive” perk. Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up. XD

  97. Rebecca Says:

    I was away for a couple days and got the email. However, when I clicked the link in my email I did NOT get any free fv cash. .:-(

  98. lulubeen Says:

    Is this true or is it just an april fool please tell us causae people are using there time to comment!

  99. c Says:

    just checked my fake e-mail [and facebook with farm], and, yeah, i got free farm cash :) ’cause i wasn’t in my fake farm for months :D and i will send something beautiful for ME, in my real farm :D take that, zynga :D
    so, i recommend for everyone to have fake farm [at least lvl 10, so you could send cash gifts]. yes, it’s unfair. but, c’est la vie :D

  100. Minna Says:

    Nice this feels like slap in my face. We play hard and get nothing, people who don’t care a s***t gets 20 farm cash. Thanks a lot Zynga.

  101. c Says:

    fruitless joy :( didn’t got any money [for fake and abandoned farm ], when clicked on e-mail :( . it’s an aprils fool joke from zynga? i see, it’s not just me… anyone got these money? or knows who got? is this real?

  102. nick Says:

    who givs a f#### thay can ofer me 10000000000 fv if thay like i will never go back to farmville or any of zynga games with there f### ups and out of sync shit thay lot me for good

  103. Farmer B Says:

    I think Zynga deliberately ignores faithful players to prove a point that regardless of how we’re treated we’ll still play. OOS errors, missing gifts, all the glitches add up to “SEE? WE CAN TREAT THEM ANY WAY WE LIKE AND THEY STILL SPEND MONEY”.

  104. MTM Says:

    Zygna always gives me 20 farm cash when I complain about something going wrong with my stuff.

  105. Nancy V Says:

    I understand they’re trying to get more people to play, but I’d like free 20 FV cash too! :(

  106. Derp Says:

    Stop whining you losers, you’re all adults and moaning about a game for KIDS! Grow up you pathetic fools.

  107. Ant Says:

    I rarely get farmcash from farmville as it is and i have been playing everyday for a while now raising my farm and everything, telling my friends to play the game, and getting more friends to start playing again, and what do I get? nothing. No farmcash at all. but a person who hasn’t played in a while looks in their email and gets farmcash? no i don’t think so zynga thats real bs. let’s just tell everyone about this and have everyone just stop playing so now everyone gets free farmcash because zynga is going to run out of business because they depend on their customers.

  108. John Says:

    Good for Me Because My Brother haven’t played farmville for 2 months
    So I can get anything that cost 20 farmcash or less.

  109. Cindy Huxley Says:

    Nick@102 – if you don’t play Farmville why are you reading this site and commenting here?

  110. Anna Says:

    I would never spend any REAL money on Farmville…

  111. metrocard Says:

    If it makes you all feel better, I was away from my farm for ten days and I got the email. I clicked on the link, but I got neither the FC or the English Hen! Double fail for Zynga–rewarding inactive players instead of loyal ones, and failing to deliver the promised goods in the email!

  112. Cherrie Says:

    I have to agree with just about all of the above players! What a lousy way to treat the loyal daily players! I have to be gone for a while, wonder if it’ll show up on mine. Would be nice, it’d help replace the 6$ stolen back at Halloween for the ‘spooky effects’.

  113. Cameron King Says:

    I got the e-mail, cuz I haven’t played in a while, I clicked it, and NOTHING!! No cash and no chicken. WTF Zynga??

  114. SophiaSu Says:


  115. sallyb77 Says:

    people who play should get the rewards…..they probably left because zynga is in charge of it…lol….the loyal farmers should get double this reward for putting up with zynga!!!!!!!!:)

  116. Omgsheeplol Says:

    My husband doesn’t play anymore and he got this email. Free farm cash so I was going to get it anyway for him and maybe send me something with it. Weeeelllll. He didn’t get 20 fvc and a hen. He only got 10 and no hen. I couldnt even send myself a tree because the gift option wasn’t there. :(

  117. derfmoncton Says:

    Its just like Rogers Communications in Canada, only reward potential new customers versus those that have been with the company for several years. Its such a great strategy that Rogers has been going financially downhill (cause people are pissed off with this)…. oh wait, I may have just clued those meatheads in to the downside of their plan. We (dedicated FV’ers) want the 20 FV cash too!

  118. derfmoncton Says:

    After reading these posts I realize there are alot of you out there that actually spend money on this GAME. The only time I actually bought FV cash was to support Japan. So I look at it as since this GAME is free, I dont really expect much from it or Zynga. In the past they’ve shown their government-style attitude towards us that they don’t really care about what we want, they will do as they please, and if you dont like it, too bad. And with that, some will escape the Zynga cluthes and lead a normal life, while others will continue on trapped, some complaining and accepting their fate, while again others will also continue on playing the game for what it really is: A GAME!!!

    As a side note, I have been playing for over a year and am over level 100 and have 2 home farms and an English Countryside farm, so I speak as a FV Freak!!

  119. nori Says:

    I Have Not Farm Ville Cash for Free Why ?

  120. wee.boon Says:

    why i’ll dont take this 20FV frre ?

  121. Daz Says:

    lol I used to have an extra farm a long time ago, and I got this message, even though I closed that account. O.o
    I have to admit this is unfair to dedicated players though.

  122. dave Says:

    does not work anyway, i just re started and didnt get jack

  123. karic Says:

    If it makes you all feel better I got this email and when I signed in to collect I didnt recieve either the $20 FV cash or the chicken!

  124. Lisa Reynolds Says:

    I’ve gotten a lot of free FarmVille Cash from P2S. The site is paid by advertisers to have people fill out free offers and surveys that they are interested in. When you do an offer, you get paid in points or cash. There are lots of offers worth 100′s of points and there are plenty of other users in the chatbox to help you along the way. Use your points to buy any item you like from You can even cash out directly to your paypal account! If you’d like to join and earn Zynga Cash for FarmVille, CityVille, YoVille or any of Zynga’s numerous games here’s the link..

  125. Robert Says:

    Get $10 Farmville cash for free!

  126. joe Says:

    how long do you have to wait before you get that stuff cos all your animals and crops will die :(

  127. giedrius Says:

    I got the message in my hotmail but i didnt get any farm cash

  128. sulai sha Says:

    i got this mail 3 times

  129. Laura Leon Says:

    I got one of these emails. The reason I have been away from Farmville is because it wouldn’t load for me for two months! Couldn’t have used the cash even if I tried to claim it. WIsh I could get in!!!

  130. jay Says:


  131. timothy Says:

    luv the game

  132. timothy Says:

    i luv this game

  133. vinayak Says:

    i want lots of farmcash please please

  134. Awesome Says:

    play dinorun

  135. glenn Says:

    zynga is best it is works i have 200 farmcash tanks giving zynga


  1. FarmVille Offers 20 Free Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen in Email to Inactive Farmers
  2. FarmVille Offers 20 Free Farm Cash & English Countryside Hen in Email to Inactive Farmers
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