FarmVille 2010 Holiday Tree Gift Schedule!

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FarmVille 2010 Holiday Tree Gift Schedule!

Posted on December 10, 2010 3:07 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

Spoiler alert!

The redeemable prizes for the Holiday Tree gift collection will be rotating and the schedule is as follows.

Items Available at Release

  • FarmVille Ice Cube: Costs 1 Gift
  • FarmVille Ice Fence: Costs 3 Gifts
  • FarmVille Winter Mystery Box: Costs 10 Gifts
  • FarmVille Tinsel Topiary: Costs 20 Gifts
  • FarmVille Icy Archway: Costs 30 Gifts
  • FarmVille Gnome Elf: Costs 50 Gifts

FarmVille Ice Cube Gift

FarmVille Frozen Fence Gift

FarmVille Winter Whimsy Gift

FarmVille Tinsel Topiary

FarmVille Icy Archway Gift

FarmVille Elf Gnome

Items Available Week after Release (12/16/2010)

  • FarmVille Sneezy Sheep: Cost 75 Gifts
  • FarmVille Winter Tinsel Tree: Cost 100 Gifts
  • FarmVille Frozen Pegasus: Cost 125 Gifts
  • FarmVille Ice House: Cost 150 Gifts
  • FarmVille Kodiak Bear: Cost 200 Gifts
  • Arctic Fox: Cost 300 Gifts

FarmVille Sneezy Sheep Gift

FarmVille Winter Tinsel Tree

FarmVille Frozen Pegasus Gift

FarmVille Ice House Gift

FarmVille Kodiak Gift

FarmVille Arctic Fox Gift

Item Available after breaking the meter

  • FarmVille Gypsy Horse: Cost 500 Gifts

FarmVille White Gypsy Horse Gift

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121 Responses to “FarmVille 2010 Holiday Tree Gift Schedule!” »

  1. dawn Says:

    Cool Arctic fox. What happened to the black pegasus?

  2. Lynn Says:

    Well, this about sucks. Wish they’d bring it out so each present counts as 5. Seriously, to collect just one of each item- you have to get over 1,000 presents!

    Totally disappointed.

  3. John Says:

    Very disappointed, I really liked the way the tree worked last year and enjoyed opening all the presents etc. This year not only is it less fun but the items are nowhere near as good :-(

  4. Anon Says:

    Looking forward to the sheep, it might get me to buy that cold sheep thing.
    Also i’ll probably get that gypsy horse, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i will NEVER get that amount from 9 active neighbors lol

  5. nm Says:

    Saving for the Bear and maybe a sheep or two. Glad that there is more then just ice cubes and elf gnomes from last year.

  6. Anon Says:

    BTW you need 1564 to get 1 of evrything, and youll need even more if you want to get evry item because you get multiple gifts from the winter box

  7. Kellie Says:

    Ok i want everything.. which means i need a new neighboors!!! who wants to add me?!?!?

  8. Aislion Says:

    Dude. I need more neighbors to get all of these too.. and i REALLY want to break the meter so i can get the white gypsy horse!!!

    Aislion Deamon. Totally look me up if u want an active neighbor.

  9. callie Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I’m soooooo glad I’ll be done with classes tomorrow so I can get enough gifts for the horse!!!! YAY!

  10. Kyla Says:

    It’d be easy if I could actually get a gift without the screen going white lol

  11. dawn Says:

    you also get to share back with neighbors.

  12. Joemomma Says:

    dawn they just released the unicorn i dont think they will release all the good things at the same time pegasus will probably be release later on in 2011

  13. Debi Says:

    It’s going to be difficult to collect for anything past the first set of items if they don’t fix the issues with the presents. Myself and many friends are being directed to the gift page when collecting presents and not getting them. I was so glad to see this bulletin announcing other sets of items because I was not impressed with the first set of items to redeem for, at all!! Seriously? Who wants an Ice Cube?

  14. dawn Says:


    But they also release in themes and they had a bit of a fantasy theme going but no pegasus.

  15. Sleeping Kitten Says:

    This is STALLION guys, not a horse ! wow, finally we have a chance to get him without paying !

  16. sheri Says:

    who the hell has that many neighbors: seriously come one, Farmville is really starting to suck,

  17. timmmmmmayy Says:

    i just calculated it and in order to get only one of each item (and i know we all want more that only one ice cube, one ice fence and one mystery box) it would cast 1564 PRESENTS! that’s just ridiculous even for Zynga, who steals your stuff right from its place on your farm, and depending on their mode that day either decides to give you nothing in return but a “Sorry Farmer” or if your lucky a mere 20F$ ,which in turn would only be lost i a glitch, and sent to another farmer who they arent not even smart enough to see, hacks farmville! IN THE NAME OF CHRISTMAS I WILL NOT WRITE WHAT I AM FEELING, BUT ZYNGA NEEDS TO GET THERE ACT TOGETHER!

  18. Jim Says:

    I am amazed how people thought to top prize was the gnome elf and were moaning and groaning how terrible this Christmas at Farmville see who is laughing now.

  19. Laura Says:

    Hey look everyone! Farmville screwed us over…AGAIN.

  20. LD Says:

    Last year I got enough fuel to carry me thru this year. There was some excitement not knowing what was going to be in the packages. This year, just a slight variation of what Zynga rolls out monthly. A slightly different sheep, gnome, house… funky fountain or topiary? Did Topiary Dude get laid off? Not impressed, and far too much effort to harrass my neighbors to send me “gifts”. Guess that’ll leave me more time for the real holiday. These are things I won’t bother fighting the white screen for…click…refresh….freeze…click..cuss..refresh…load bits….refresh….Never mind. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  21. Binsin Says:

    Great more missions to complete…I already harvested 200 poinsettias :(

  22. Namo Says:

    Well, I’m not stopping before I get that most beautiful horse! I’ve been drooling over it since it first appeared. What a beautiful Christmans if I manage to get it! Wish me luck! There’s other cool stuff too, but the horse comes first!

  23. farmer Says:

    ive got a turkey costume last thanks giving collection…
    i think i will get 2 or more horse…

  24. stacy Says:

    I need a few new neighbors too, daily players look me up!!
    Stacy Ludlam

  25. Allen Says:

    have anyone tried putting the pine tree in the orchard? According to my orchard, it produces white pine tree… But the thumbnail (picture) shows me a picture of silver maple tree… bizarre much! Try putting yours!

  26. karl sonalan Says:

    i know right mine does that too

  27. Andosia Says:

    I know it’s hard for many to collect that many gifts, still I am really pleased with the rewards. They are fantastic!

  28. adam Says:

    im relly confused :( so do we jusrt have to collect the presents jut to get those rewards we dont get any suprises like last year ? wheres the fun in that

  29. PurrplePaws Says:

    Tinsel Tree is available already. Gom mine from one of those boxes you get for 10 gifts. It’s pretty cool looking :)

  30. Bert Says:

    Oh My Gosh! It is IMPOSSIBLE to collect so many gifts!! :-(
    Let’s hope that Zynga will decrease the amount of gifts we have to collect in order to trade in the bear or the fox.

  31. Bob Says:

    I Wonder If The Gyspy Stallion Will Actually Be Like The White And Black Stallion… I Sure Hope So.

  32. Z Says:

    we need more than 1564 present, ’cause who needs just one fence?!
    its impossible.i want just the 2 rare animals but 500 presents R too much :(((
    merry christmas from zynga…:D

  33. Andrew Says:

    You petulant twerps complaining about a free game…

  34. B Says:


    I want all the animals!!

  35. El Mariachi Says:

    @ Allen: it even shows that picture when a pine tree seedling has grown up into white pine. Though the tree i got was a new type of pine tree (not quite white though, it’s pretty green lol)

  36. farmer amy Says:

    i want all the animals!

  37. naveen Says:

    this is easy to get a 500 gift when we have 300+ neighbors,i have just started my count it reaches 67 in half an hour

  38. KenzieDogg Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but last year I got too many multiple crappy items. At least here if you can save, you get a darn horse that would have cost about 26 FVC. Yea, a lot of saving, but they are better then owning 30 nutcrackers, 20 ornaments, 7 sheep, 15 gray cats and a hundred brown cows.

  39. Kellie Says:

    … iam cofused.. at the end of the week will the first items be gone.. or can you save then pick what you want at the end?!

  40. Tani Says:

    I think these gifts are great, but I do recall you could possibly get FV case in increments of 1 dollar in the presents last year right? ……..

  41. liz Says:

    the fox, bear, and horse are fantastic :) i can’t wait to have them. this year is much better imo!

  42. jezzy Says:

    I’m wondering the same as Kellie 35– Do I have to redeem for the first batch in the first week, or will the offerings stay the same PLUS expand to the second batch?

  43. gus Says:

    this would be easier if the santas workshop would be like the haunted house and you can collect gifts from other neibhors workshops -.-

  44. heather Says:

    The Gypsy Horse Gift is actually called the snow stallion, i just won it in the winter whimsy present and i won the ice house as well

  45. Kevin Says:

    please add me, i need active present traders, im a level 93.

  46. cezkaj Says:

    i want the bear and the fox…. but it would take a lot of gift giving from neighbors to have them. most of my neighbors aren’t even active. :(

  47. Rainy Says:

    I absolutly ADORE the Arctic Fox and the White Gypsy, but I have no idea how I’m going to get 800 presents!!!

  48. Honey Titan Says:

    Just found out from a friend that the whimsy gift can contain a snow stallion so ofc I bought one and sent it to friends. Opened mine and got….. a penguin. The same stupid penguin that was “lost” awhile back. This stallion is breedable too… I’ve seen the foals. So now the question is- do I blow all of my gifts on these whimsy ones on the chance that I’ll eventually get the snow stalllion or should I just wait for the sure thing (white gypsy horse).

  49. Jen Says:

    So, I’m just a little confused.
    Even if we redeem our presents for prizes, is it still like last year where we get to open the presents we receive on Christmas? Or is redeeming the presents all we get?

  50. Annette Says:

    When I hover over my tree, it tells me that I am (whatever number) away from the sneezy sheep which isn’t visible when you ‘look inside.’

    Also, someone asked about SURPRISES. That’s what the presents are for. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that when you claim any of these lesser items, you get to share 5 “presents” (NOT gifts) with friends… They are then under the present tab with a note that they cannot be opened until December 25th.

    I am still unsure what we’re going to do with the cookies, wrapping paper and christmas lights we have been sending (and receiving one when you send!) to help friends complete missions. Something similar to the Thanksgiving Feast, I imagine.

    On an unrelated note, I have a teenie tiny gripe… I wish the turkey roost would stop giving me fruit cake! I don’t have my feast on my farm anymore, and you can’t sell it for anything. I’d like a turkey when harvesting, please.

  51. Jodiann Says:

    when the items pops up redeem it didnt take away from my spendable count unless i purposely redeem the given ones….. You guys can add me im a breeder i get all rare items/ animals!/Jodiann85

  52. Reality Says:

    Y’all whine when nothin cool is for coins but when it’s free you all complain because you need more neighbors. Endless BooooHoooo get over it create 18 alt profile get extra farmcash and have enough neighbors to get cool items. Soo what if it’s cheating it’s not like Zynga is magically gunna listen to you all and make everything cool and easy to get.

  53. B Says:

    1 of my neighbors already has 377 gifts… I’m at 80 :/

  54. Hmm Says:

    I got a Snow Stallion (White Gypsy Stallion) from a winter whimsy box. I’ve also gotten the ice house. These only take 10 presents, so try your luck! I got mine after only 4 tries. So I just got a PERMA STALLION (yes it operates like a true stallion in your stable) for 40 gift boxes! Can’t beat that!

  55. SuzieO Says:

    I got the stupid penguin too, lol.. but hey B, am I your neighbor cause I’m at 377 but I do have a lot of active neighbors… when I reached 300 something changed inside the tree, I got to see the stallion and it showed it redeemable for 500 gifts.. I clicked on redeem and it said I didn’t have enough but did I want to pay 200 fv cash to get it? I didn’t because I’ll have enough by tomorrow. If you look in your tree you will see the comparison and next to it the whimsy gifts that people sent you. When you redeem a whimsy gift you get to send it to 5 people… but these can’t be opened before Christmas… I have a feeling this is going to be our presents this year. I would hold off on buying or redeeming for the stallion until you see if you get it in the whimsy gifts.

  56. Old Farmer Says:

    I agreed with John. This year gifts not as good as last year and furthermore you need more than 1,000 gifts to redeem everything.

  57. Farmer Says:

    I am really confused here. have been accepting gifts and not redeeming yet anything, like that sheep. Now I can’t find them anymore form anywhere. What the heck? Where are those things? Can anyone tell me????

  58. Neil Says:

    Nothing works as zynga says it would, over the startup weekend.
    Just got 75 gifts and zynga said go get a sneezy sheep. I hit OK and nothing happened.

    I know that farmville freak said that the sheep would be available on the 16th. But why have it on the tree now when it will not be available for 5 more days.

    Oh maybe it will take that long to fix the bugs.

  59. Kelsey Says:

    I am not that happy, as I was last year. I really enjoyed opening all the presents and prizes. Now those items really sux.

  60. claude Says:

    I got the gifts for the Icy house but did not say ok to get it. Now I want the freezzy pegazus and its not in the christmas tree so how do I redeem????

  61. Kevin Says:

    Wow. I’m going to cry. I’m so disappointed with Zynga. I loved last year’s tree where you just saved up gifts and got to open them all on Christmas. Sure there might have been repeats like cats, cows, and ornaments… but other than some of those, I got some other really cool animals, mystery boxes, and even farm cash! I also received tons of fuel which was able to last me through the whole year. Now I’m just disappointed that I’m going to open presents and it wont be bunches of fuel, it’ll be some crappy gift like a stupid ice cube.

    Also, I’m so sick of all these holidays, where you have to collect all of these dishes, valentines, gold, etc. There’s no point to collect these holiday gifts for crappy stuff. I’m so very, very disappointed. Guess I am not having a Farmville Christmas. Oh well…


  62. vickie Says:

    i am confused about one thing. i passed on the chance to redeem for the fox and the bear etc. because i want the horse first. once i said no it vanished. If i change my mind and decide i want one of those, how do i pull it back up? Am i overlooking another listing?

  63. mucki Says:

    I have the horse and could redeem the Kodiak bear, but I got an OOS, and now the link is gone….darn !! Is there a way to get it again?

  64. Chris Says:

    I am just confused as Vicky, I pressed REDEEM to the ice house and all I get is the standard page with the gnome as last one. WHERE are the other redeemables??

  65. mucki Says:

    @ #45 Kevin, friendship request send, I am a daily ( soooo addicted ) player ;)

  66. linda Says:

    hi guys just worked it out if you go mad a n buy the snow stallion for fv cash it works out at about £50 not a bad profit for something you only see on a game site ill be waiting too see if i win one merry christmas all

  67. Dess Says:

    The stallion is soo ugly ! The fox is the best gift ever !! I will not give so much presents for this horse yahhh… !

  68. dc Says:

    This is a HUGE disappointment. Anything that even remotely deals with “ice” is waaay to “cold” for me. The whole gift giving presents available at this time now leaves me cold and just plain sad. Of all the holiday ideas Zynga could come up with…they sure picked one that turns me away. Why couldn’t the game guru come up with a Christmas tree with lights that twinkle? Now that would be worth my time. None of the lights glow or twinkle. I know with all the problems the game is experiencing lately it might be a little overwhelming, but it’s Christmas, and I hoped for a little better effort than “ice” cubes, statues, etc.

  69. Manic Zorbian Says:

    I have lots of presents but is there anyway to redeem gifts with them AFTER the little box pops up saying I have enough to trade in for, say, the Kodiak Bear? I got the pop-up box and my browser crashed. When I went back to see what I could trade my gifts in for, there were only 6 items available (I think the gnome was the last one). Anyone have an answer for this, or am I just misunderstanding how this works?


  70. Tina Says:

    Jim Says:
    Posted on December 10th, 2010 at 3:56 pm
    “I am amazed how people thought to top prize was the gnome elf and were moaning and groaning how terrible this Christmas at Farmville see who is laughing now.”

    Jim, you’re and arrogant, self-righteous, @$$hole. The only people laughing are the ones laughing at you for wasting your time posting something so obnoxious. Get over yourself already. Its pathetic.

  71. Alison Says:

    I am having the same issue. As I have over 300 neighbours getting the presents isnt an issue. However I went to redeem for the fox & got nothing!!! When I went to look at the things I could redeem the presents for the highest value one was the blasted gnome. Zynga need to make sure things work before releasing it or else what is the point? All they get is bloody annoyed players!

    I already have a mini black stallion. but wouldnt mind the Snow one. However I really wanted that fox. Am so annoyed right now.
    Yet another Zynga stuff up. Merry Christmas from Zynga who dont give a damn who they screw over in their rush to get things out without making sure they work first. Just the latest glitch in a list of so many

  72. Alison Says:

    WOW I bought ONE whimsey present & got the Snow Stallion!!! So much easier than saving up 500 pressies lol. Although I already have 437 of those too so I wasnt far off either way. Also for the ten pressies you spend on the whimsey you get to send one to five friends too. How neat is that?

  73. Danielle Vance Says:

    Awesome. I’ll also be looking to get as many of these as I can. The ones I find worthy anyhow.

    Feel free to add me. Click my link. Will help to get you as many gifts as I can.

  74. Danielle Vance Says:

    Not sure if it showed.

  75. Ken Says:

    If anyone needs a neighbor, feel free to add me. 26/m/DC… I try to get on atleast once a day, maybe more depending on my schedule.

  76. Emily Strange Says:

    So, apparently, you should definately spend a lot of money on a FREAKING FACEBOOK GAME… get decorations for a farm on a FREAKING FACEBOOK GAME? Wow. Thumb me down all you want. My bank account will not weep.

  77. Gulfhills Says:

    I’ve been working my tail off getting all the gifts from the feeds, and requesting them, so I got 200 to get the bear. I clicked on OK and NOTHING!!!!

    I wish Zynga would fix this.

  78. Hmm Says:

    Does anyone bother to read these posts or do they just hit “comment” and start ranting? Above it says that the second selection of redeemables will be available after 12/16. I’m pretty sure it’s only 12/12 right now. It is popping up those windows probably because a) that feature is already programmed in so they don’t have to roll out another tree update after 12/16. b) just to let you know that there are other things to collect for besides that first batch of gifts?

  79. nici Says:

    last year the tree was much better….

  80. shabrita Says:

    I absolutely can’t wait to collect over 500 gifts so i can receive that stallion…..YEAH!

  81. FarmvilleFreak Says:

    Can anyone tell me why some people get so many holiday gifts quicker than others……and I mean like in the 300′s when others are at 75 to 125 or so….? That is a tremendous stretch…

  82. NegVec Says:

    Does anyone have a problem getting gifts
    from their neighbor’s workshops? It says
    we can, like the haunted house, but I haven’t
    been able to yet.

  83. Trisha Says:

    I have collected 2500 tree gift .And have 2 snow Horses and gift the other 2 to Friends Wont they be surprized christmas when they get to open my gift and cant wait for the other stuff to come out I want and will have 2 or 3 of each..Yes I love it this year Is awsome. Thank you Zynga For such a fun game..

  84. Suzanne Says:

    Just FYI, that Gypsy Horse is actually a White Snow Stallion!!! This is a fact!!

  85. Kirsten Says:

    I already have the snow stallion and I’ve got about enough gifts to buy the arctic fox. I really like the option to share the redeemed gifts with a couple of my neighbours.

    If you need more neighbours, you can add me;

  86. Sam K Says:


    I would guess that you’re correct – people comment without digesting every piece of information. It indeed has been clearly stated that the second batch of items will not be available until the 16th. So let’s all relaaax.

    HOWEVER – let’s sympathize with the millions of people out there who do NOT check, or even know about this web site. To them, that pop up indication stating that they can now redeem an item that is not available yet is very misleading, and I’m sure frustrating. I am surprised that there is no indication or clarification on Farmville itself, stating that these items aren’t available until a certain date.

    Serious lack of User Experience? Chyah, but let’s not act surprised.

  87. frances Says:

    I finally got 200 presents and it said i could redeem for the Kodiak Bear i hit ok and it takes me to the page but the Kodiak Bear isn’t their. Its a arch….

  88. Sam K Says:


    HAH, oh the irony. The original blurb clearly states that those items are available WEEK AFTER RELEASE – ON THE 16th.

  89. Tagranor Says:

    Can someone tell me what are the presents? I have 264 gifts under the tree and when u look inside it has progress, comparison and presents, where do you get the presents (rather than gifts) from?

  90. Sam K Says:


    Presents are Winter Whimsy Gifts that other people have sent you. When purchasing a Winter Whimsy Gift, you can send 5 to your selected neighbors. These neighbors receive these as “Presents” which cannot be opened until Christmas. You, however, the person who just redeemed the Whimsy Gift, can find your gift in your gift box and open it immediately.
    The comparison tab does not take into account the presents you have received from other neighbors. It is only counting the Holiday Gifts you have collected.

    The only thing I am unsure of is whether the Whimsy Gifts that we share with our 5 neighbors contain the exact same item that we receive ourselves.

  91. farmvillegal Says:

    yeah how do you get presents????

  92. farmvillegal Says:


  93. Catherine Cheek Says:

    If anyone needs a neighbor so they can get more simply ask and I’ll accept most for the Christmas stuff!! I’ll help if I can! I can’t see but 7 gifts when I click to see under my tree!! And the tree and elf dingy is gone so I guess that’s it after you do 3 sets of things??? I don’t know, their explanations of everything stinks, and most things don’t work right. I know they have millions of people on here, but I drove an 18 wheeler and the saying out there was if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!! So if you can’t do it right why bother!!!! Catherine

  94. Annette Jolley Says:

    I reported a glitch in the program, and it was verified and sent back to the producer. I broke the bank at 300. Instead of getting the artic fox, I was told that I needed to reach 500; the next gift is the horse, which I am not interested in. I sent a few small gifts, and re-built my count back to 300. The picture of the fox came up and I accepted it, the dialog boxes came up to offer gifts to friends. Ok. No fox again, and it wasn’t published. Someone said they published the horse, and he got that. I’m waiting now for repairs so I can get the fox. There was also a bear offered for 300, but that was changed to a fox, at least I didn’t see the bear; just the fox.

  95. Marla Kuehne Says:

    I got my stallion today…he is beautiful…good luck to all those trying to get him..he is worth it.

  96. ruSh.Me Says:

    So I need 1564 presents to get just each item once!

  97. AerynneDonovan Says:

    I got the pop-up for both the sheep and bear but I was in the middle of something so I didn’t redeem for either, I tried to come back and do it later but can’t find where they are. Were those a one time only offer or is there a place to find them?

  98. Mandy Says:

    This is so lame! Its going to be impossible to get these prizes :( And whats up with the fact that we cant even see them except for when we get the pop up??? YOU STINK FARMVILLE!

  99. Mary Boswell Says:

    Ok, but how do you redeem them? Twicw now I have gotten to Pegasus, it tells me I can redeem, I click ok and it takes me into the tree with only the first 6 gifts availabe and the stallion on the next page. I can’t redeem for Pegasus, ice house, fox or Kodiac.
    Anyone have any advice>

  100. chris Says:

    I just redeemed a winter whimsy gift and what did I get? A 1/5 fuel refill. Really! Unbelievable. I have lots of fuel so I won’t even notice the additional amount.

  101. Bob Says:

    I real enjoyed the seasonal fountains that FV had ! None this season ?
    They should implement a way to take gifts from your box and send to a specific
    neighbor in a Trade / Barter . I get way too many sheep ! ( not post on wall )

  102. BEE Says:


  103. BEE Says:


  104. Nicole Says:

    Are the frozen fences and the other stuff are still available after the release of the new Items on 12/16/2010

  105. Carolyn Says:

    So, I waited the whole time to get my Kodiak Bear and now the window never popped up. There is no where to retrieve it.. how do I get it?.. FRUSTRATING!

  106. Honey Says:

    The reason that you do not see those items in the menu with the other items is because they are not supposed to be released until 12/16.

  107. love Says:

    i got that snow stallion on winter whimsy

  108. Carol Says:

    Everyone is asking the same question? I tried to redeem the Kodiak Bear and wooo redeemed the whimsy and got fuel…where is my bear? I also have no sheep, tinsel tree or pegasus. The only thing I have managed to score is the ice house. One of my neighbours has all the gifts???
    1. Do your neighbours get the gift when you post to them instead of you?
    2. Is the redeemed gift in your present box to open on 25th?
    3. Could some enlightened reader please let us all know….thanks.

    Merry Xmas to All and best wishes for 2011.

  109. Barb Says:

    To bad they have been telling us we have enough presents for the fox etc and when you click on accept it takes you to nothing like the fox but takes you to the same stuff

  110. Nancy Says:

    Cool items, but…

    Even with exchanging gifts every day, I am only up to 190. I’ll never be able to get everything I want. This whole promo has been frustrating. I was excited because I thought we might be able to harvest the workshops, but that hasn’t happened. Without that I have no chance of getting enough gifts. (BTW, there are lots of gifts on the feed, but usually they are already gone when I click.) I could add more neighbors, but I have trouble managing the ones I have (80+, not all active). Maybe someone can clue me in. Trish???!!! Are those of you with many neighbors using the farmbot? How do you do it?

    Do I even need to mention the presents? I haven’t given or received any yet. I’ll be lucky if I have a few to open on Christmas. While I like these prizes, I miss last year’s format.

  111. Mindy Says:

    My husband and I have been collecting like crazy (no this is not ANOTHER complaint about the bear and fox). Usually we collect a 75 to a hundred or so and then go in and “use” them. At first when we would do this it a pop up would appear every ten gifts or so to “share” extra presents. This still works when I do it, but my husband has “used” 250 or more presents in the last day and a half and not one of those pop ups has come up. Anyone else having this problem? He thinks it’s because he has gathered 1171 gifts.

  112. Faisal Says:

    i found a snow stallion.. and then i breed with it.. and then i got 2nd snow stallion.. but now nun of them entered in my horse stable.. did they disabled now stallion..?
    plzz tell.. thnxx

    n sorry! bcoz my english is not gud…

  113. Sripriya Says:

    i hav these 2 other accnts on fb nd i keep re-gifting frm the other 2 accnts 2 my real – “actual accnt” …but in these few days i hav only gathered lyk 155 gifs….last yr Christmas celebration in farmville was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better …atleast there was sum suspence of wht we get in each gift…..but this yr….christmas just b’came another occassion where we collect sooo many gifts and REDEEM STUFF…..!!!

  114. EdieAnn Says:

    NEED MORE NEIGHBORS – no one resfused!!! Add Me and send me a request on farmville – the more neighbors – the better – people search my name: Edie Leichtman — my email:
    edieann @ hazletonparanormal (dot) com

  115. rebecca Says:

    ok it is after dec. 16th so why is it i cannot get the kodiak bear i have 347 gifts when i click redeem it says i don’t have enough gifts???? getting annoyed

  116. rebecca Says:

    @ sam, well it says that the kodiak bear will be available after the 16th well it’s the 21st so i click on it, it says i do not have enough gifts when i do have enough so do you want to tell me why i can’t redeem anything??

  117. vbm Says:


  118. lucas Says:

    nesesito far cahs

  119. Branden Says:

    My mom got THREE Snow Stallions.She got one out of a Winter Whimsy and she bought two of them. The only reason she doesn’t have everything is because she doesn’t want everything. And I also got a Snow stallion out of a Winter Whimsy!

  120. Scott Zwieg Says:

    The only thing I really care for is the animals on the tree. There’s one heckuva lot of items to acquire this holiday season. 200 presents for a bear from the holiday tree, 300 presents to get a fox from the tree, 500 for the horse. Level 5 of the train-60 items, level 6 of the train 75 items, level 7 of the train 90 items, level 8 of the train 120 items, level 9 of the train 150 items, level 10 of the train 180 items. Level 4 of the sleigh 54 items, level 5 of the sleigh 72 items, level 6 of the sleigh 96 items……..whew!! Don’t know which one to pick….not enough neighbors. I’ll probably just leave my train and sleigh at level 4 for now….just go for presents to get animals from the tree.and try to complete the quests. Not enough neighbors people for this cat to do all of these.


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