FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Prizes (Spoiler Alert)

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FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Prizes (Spoiler Alert)

Posted on December 7, 2012 11:01 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Loading Screen has the rundown on what the expected FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Gifts are this year!

Caution: The prizes and their images are listed after the jump, proceed with caution and don’t look if you’d rather be surprised.

FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Prizes (SPOILER ALERT):

  • FarmVille Cobweb
  • FarmVille Deadwood
  • FarmVille Mallet
  • FarmVille Bench
  • FarmVille Cobblestone
  • FarmVille Pickaxe
  • FarmVille Arborist
  • FarmVille Flower Food
  • FarmVille Lamp Post
  • FarmVille Farm Hands
  • FarmVille Holiday Bear Fountain
  • FarmVille Gilded Holiday Sleigh
  • FarmVille Inspector Penguin Snowmobile
  • FarmVille Holiday Sled
  • FarmVille Toymaker Gnome
  • FarmVille Toy Duck
  • FarmVille Toy Cow
  • FarmVille Holiday Hideaway
  • FarmVille Nutcracker Gnome
  • FarmVille Silver Nutcracker
  • FarmVille Green Nutcracker
  • FarmVille Gold Nutcracker
  • FarmVille Holiday Bear
  • FarmVille Happy Holidays Sign
  • FarmVille Holiday Birdhouse
  • FarmVille Holiday Light Gnome
  • FarmVille 3 Pack of Turbos
  • FarmVille Fertilize All
  • FarmVille Gardeners
  • FarmVille Holiday Coach
  • FarmVille Holiday Carousel
  • FarmVille Winter Holiday Bike
  • FarmVille Holiday Bench
  • FarmVille Snow Pile Skis
  • FarmVille Dancing Snowman
  • FarmVille Snow Forest
  • FarmVille Snowman Gnome
  • FarmVille Snowy Hedge
  • FarmVille Fairy Snowman
  • FarmVille Toy Horse
  • FarmVille Toy Soldier Donkey

FarmVille Toy Soldier Donkey

FarmVille Holiday Carousel

FarmVille Holiday Coach

FarmVille Toy Duck

FarmVille Toymaker Gnome

FarmVille Holiday Sled

FarmVille Inspector Penguin Snowmobile

FarmVille Fairy Snowman

FarmVille Snowy Hedge

FarmVille Snowman Gnome

FarmVille Snow Forest

FarmVille Dancing Snowman

FarmVille Snow Piles Skis

FarmVille Holiday Bench

FarmVille Winter Holiday Bike

FarmVille Toy Horse

FarmVille Toy Cow

FarmVille Holiday Light Gnome

FarmVille Holiday Birdhouse

FarmVille Holiday Hideaway

FarmVille Gilded Holiday Sleigh

FarmVille Holiday Bear

FarmVille Holiday Bear Fountain

FarmVille Happy Holidays Sign

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13 Responses to “FarmVille 2012 Holiday Tree Prizes (Spoiler Alert)” »

  1. DavidThreet Says:

    I like a good spoil…

  2. Bennjohnson Says:

    It’s a mix of some new and some re-released items from 2011.

  3. Mike Says:

    Wow. I’m very underwhelmed by the prizes. Quite a few were either quest prizes from the Winter Wonderland series when that particular farm was new and most of the rest either have been available for purchase in the market (coin purchase, no less) both last year and this year as well. And what’s up with the snow forest? That’s one of the useless prizes we get over and over again from that corner feature – the Polar Train Station on the Winter Wonderland farm…for FREE. I just sold 15 that were in my gift box.

    All that, and they want us to re-build the same exact sleigh from last year in order to harvest it for presents. Same sleigh, same design, same part requirements…

    Maybe they should take some time to slow down on these new farms and all this stupid construction (like the 50-level wishing fountain, or re-building the sleigh), fix the glitches on what we have already and let us farm, for a change. Maybe it’d give their creativity a boost. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing the same things over and over again for prizes, rewards, and construction too.

  4. Fran Says:

    bah humbug. More recirculated prizes. I’m with Lisa. They could have had some new and interesting trees or animals to replace the recycled stuff… kinda disappointing, but I can’t say I’m surprised. This seems to be their style…

  5. Regius Says:

    No fuel again this year. :(

  6. Jon Says:

    How disappointing!

  7. Victor Says:

    Hey, I’ve been playing Farmville for almost 3 years now, I like it, but you are over doing it with the buildings, almost every week there’s a new building that we have to build, and its kinda hard to get all these materials. I like to master all the crops, trees, animals, etc.., I like to finish quests quickly lol. Anyways, I’m kinda getting impatience with the Haunted Hollow. I want Special Deliveries working for the Haunted Hollow parts, So I can finish up and reach level 7, Also the treasures for the Haunted Hollow, its been a couple weeks since you released the new farm, and usually after 2 weeks, you allow farmers to use the Special Deliveries for the materials from the previous farm you added, I really want to complete it. And also I think this should be the last farm you add. More people are frustrated and don’t have time for all these farms, Maybe we can have a break from all this? Hopefully.

    RATES, LIKES, FEEDBACK, ETC.. Would be fantastic! Thanks everyone appreciate it!



  8. Farmer Julie Says:

    I already have most of these. I want last year’s prizes back that Zynga deleted out of my gift box!

  9. ASHLEY Says:

    Here’s my thing I enjoy playing farmville I have been playing the game since it came out! Most of my neighbors don’t even play anymore and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. It would have been nice if they included a farm cash dollar as a present it would give people that have spent TOO MUCH money on the farm cash to get some for free for a change. Also, maybe some fuel, special deliveries would be nice too. All we are going to be able to do is make coins off this cause we will be selling it all. It frustrates me instead of creating decorations and reusing things we have gotten in the past maybe they should have thought about giving us some useful things we need to finish the ridiculous quests and farms and buildings that are piling up. I am disappointed! I understand they are not going to please everyone but come on!

  10. Hannah Says:

    Last year there were too many duplicate decorations, especially lighted fences, luminary fences, holly fences & snow angels, plus lots of stuff that they are going to give this year again. I hope that after a couple of each item they give duplicates of useful things – farmhands, turbos, etc – rather than decorations. I sold a ton of last year’s gifts, fenced my whole winter farm, & still have leftover decorations in my giftbox. I’m not doing this year’s sleigh either – whatever gifts I get from friends will be more than enough.

  11. Darla Says:

    we should get farm cash , trees and animals to help our income go up – these prizes suck and are worthless on the farm

  12. Lynn Says:

    Same for me, cannot open, place or sell any gifts. Resets everything back to unopened. gee think they might get this fixed in the remaining 12 days i have left ot collect my gifts

  13. Paul Schuler Says:

    After I open the gifts, if I move to a different farm or exit Farmville and go back, all the gifts are BACK in the tree.