FarmVille 28 x 28 “Farm Estate” Expansion is Here!

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FarmVille 28 x 28 “Farm Estate” Expansion is Here!

Posted on November 29, 2010 5:36 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 28x28 Expansion

Expansionists rejoice! Some FarmVille Freaks have access to the latest FarmVille 28 x 28, “Farm Estate” expansion.

Currently this expansion is slowly rolling out and will soon become available to all farmers.

This expansion costs 120 Farm Cash and at the moment the coin option is TBD (To Be Determined). Don’t worry though, because there will be a coin option available.

FarmVille Farm Estate

Will you be expanding your farm? And if so, will you spend farm cash or coins?

FarmVille 28x28 Land Expansion

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203 Responses to “FarmVille 28 x 28 “Farm Estate” Expansion is Here!” »

  1. ruel marco gallego natera Says:

    YESS to expand badly needed..hope the cellar too..

  2. MTM Says:

    I saw the outline to expand, but nothing in my market. I thought I was dreaming for a second.

  3. Farmer B Says:

    I caught a glimpse and got SOOO excited. As soon as I get it, I’m going LARGE.

  4. RHardison421 Says:

    @MTM I saw the outline on mine as well. One of my friends has already expanded their farm. I will be waiting until the coin option to expand is released because I will not be spending the money to buy 120 Farm Cash.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Coin expansion was 2,000,000 in my market, but locked saying “Level needed”, with no level specified.

  6. Candice Says:

    i saw the outline too, clicked on it, it took me to the market place and the expand your farm bit, but i wasn’t able to expand anything, there was no ëxpand your farm” link, i got so excited :( but at least it’s coming, so yay!

  7. Sam Says:

    YAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t Wait for the coins option to be released. How much do you think it will cost? 1.5-2 mil?

  8. Susan Says:

    As soon as I clicked on it, it went to the market—nothing there! Hopefully it will return soon and I will be able to get it–needed for sure.

  9. Matt Says:

    If they think we are all going to pay the FV$ for it there crazy. I am going to wait as long as it takes for it to come out in coins. I got over 6 million saved up and ready for what they bring lol

  10. macholoco Says:

    mae si esta y no creo que valla a ser tan poquito eso debe ser de minimo 4 millones talvez 5 millones pero nos por favor eso era para 26 x 26 pero 28 x 28 viene a revolucionar farmville

  11. Farmer Henk Says:

    26×26 cost 2 million wasn’t it? I would estimate this one at something like 5 million..bring it on!!

  12. Levi Says:

    Lol I still don’t have the 26×26. I’m good with the 24×24. But I’m glad they release this so people will finally stop begging for it for a little bit.

  13. Farmer Brown Says:

    Not quite yet, but it’s coming. $120FVC or (estimated) 5Mil coins. Pricey for 112 plots.

  14. Marcos Says:

    The option appeared on my farm, but when I clicked on it, I was redirected to the Market, for the expasion tab, and it was empty… :o( Couldn’t expand! Hope it will be fized soon…

  15. picosita Says:

    120fvc?? hell no!! i’ll wait for the coin option. I have plenty of cash but there is NO way i’ll pay 120 for it! if i waited this long for it i can wait a little longer for the coin option. i have about 20 mil saved up :)

  16. Karen Says:

    I need it desperatly hope it comes out in coins fast

  17. Eric Says:

    Have it in my market, but like they said, no option yet for buying with coins. I am not spending 1/3 of my sale cash I just bought today on an expansion. Just have to be patient…

  18. Marilyn Brown Says:

    I am at level 114. I have not got any fv cash since level 100. That isn’t fair. Also it would take all my fv cash to buy the expansion, that would be crazy. Won’t do it.

  19. Sandy Boward Says:

    I’ll only buy w/coins !!

  20. Sherri Says:

    I sooooo want it now…..and I got the same teaser of the grid line, though nothing was available in my market. But will wait and pay for it in farm COINS, Why would anyone get it now if that option is coming sometime??
    Spending my F-Cash on Christmas stuff since we now have the expanded storage. Also have well over 7 million coins. But thank goodness the expansion is coming.
    We are so addicted :-) Who would of thought — LOL

  21. Brandy Says:

    Waiting for the coins option, but either way I need to get more coins too, I have less 1 mill right now… :o(

  22. Lola Says:

    I have over 20 million corns,so if we have to buy it with farmville bucks only I guess I want get it.They should sale it for coins too .

  23. Doris McKay Says:

    clicked on it & it went to the market & nothing there!

  24. Anony Says:

    i hope that i don’t need to add new strangers to expand my farm

  25. jooohn Says:

    @ Farmer Brown its just 108 plots :)

  26. Jellyhead Says:

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one willing to wait until it comes out for coins. I rarely spend my own money to buy farm cash!

  27. Han Says:

    can’t image how much coins we have to pay that equals to 120 fv cash.
    that could be a huge amount.

  28. Marz Says:

    Will buy, but only with coins! I hope that will be decided upon very soon :)

  29. Lori Says:

    With 15 million coins, I’ll wait for the coin expansion which is 2 million.

  30. Cha Says:

    I just hope they don’t make us add a ridiculous amount of new neighbors again for the coin option! :(

  31. Marcos Says:

    I’ve closed the browser and started it all over, and now it has worked! ;o)

  32. Lori Says:

    No neighbors needed but there is a Level lock…..

  33. Jackie Says:

    How do you know it is 2 million?

  34. Reynolds Says:

    The TBD is a bunch of crap they should have the amount before it was released! Just like everything else they put out they NEVER use their heads and have things figured out or fixed before adding new stuff! They need to hire ppl that think things through before adding things that will result in very angry farmers when things break or go mia!

  35. Dark5 Says:

    the 26×26 expansion was already at 2milllion, so expect it to be like 4-5million

  36. Lori Says:

    It shows on my market….anyone else have the OLD market? I don’t like that new one. Hope the old one stays!

  37. Ania21 Says:

    They should give us more room..more than 108 plots..
    but finally it came out, can’t wait to expand! =)

  38. Jackie Says:

    @ Lori – Do you know what level you need to be? I’ll probably be ok but do the hubby’s farm too & he might not be.

  39. Carolyn Says:

    The expansion is available for 2,000,000 coins but the level is locked. I am level 91 so I don’t know at what level you can unlock the cash option. I bought the unwither ring today so I’ve already spent a ton of FV cash. I would like the expansion for Christmas decorations but I don’t know if that is possible.

  40. tammy michael Says:

    I haven’t decided yet. If I do, I will do it on Christmas.

  41. Dave Bertone Says:

    I just hope that with the expansion they get all the bugs out before in goes into effect! And no stupid requirement of adding more neighbors!

  42. maryanne jones Says:

    I cant even get 24 X 24 when i try a box comes up and say.. ” You must purchase null first” whatever that means.

  43. Jam Says:

    Expanded! 28×28.. :-)

  44. Jenny Says:

    What about neighbors? They should have a set number for everyone, not different every time we go to expand!

  45. Crystal Says:

    I don’t have the option to buy the 28 x 28. I seriously thought I already had that expansion.

  46. Jerri Says:

    I will be using COINS to purchase my expansion, but I sure hope you guys don’t make us troll for 5 or 10 more Farm Neighbors in order to purchase it! I don’t like accepting total strangers as FB & FV friends. Say it isn’t so, please!

  47. Lori Says:

    Jax – it doesn’t show but it is locked for me and I am at 106. 700 XP from 107 which I should get tonight or tomorrow morning….unless I buy something to rush it! :P

  48. chrissie Says:

    who hooo! we are gettin’ bigger, momma :) nice xmas gift.
    me personally have to wait for coins expand, and to save those coins, and that will not be easy with all these le things coming…

  49. Jackie Says:

    Lori – Thanks. Hope you don’t need to be in the 100s. I’m at 91 & takes ages to level up now. Fingers crossed its something like 40/50.

  50. Ashley Says:

    I am still stuck with 22*22 because I have to purchase the “Null” first. Is there any way around this short of starting over? Hope I don’t have to do that. Can Big Z help me on this?

  51. jason Says:

    my 28×28 says it is 120 fv cash and ‘tbd’ for coins.

    i’m at level 96.

    thus, not worth 129 farm cash for me…yet!

  52. darren Says:

    120 cash wow, think most ppl will wait for coins and wonder if need to get more friends too

  53. Jodylee Says:

    Jackie – I am 81 and it it showing for me so you’ll be fine :)

  54. Rydia Says:

    I think I’m going to wait a couple of days for this one. Knowing Zynga there are going to be glitches that need to be fixed, crap disappearing and money not being returned for the expansion that will no doubt vanish due to “Technical Issues”

  55. dawn Says:

    Level 35, 2million is what it says so far. But things change.

  56. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Got the outline and was directed to an empty Marketplace Farm Expansion window.

    I’ll wait for the coin.

    Perhaps this was some testing.

  57. Lori Says:

    The 2 mil showed up on the OLD market but now the NEW market is back and it says TBD….

  58. Rob Says:

    Definitely waiting for the coin option, I can see the FV$ option in the market and at the edge of my farm. Saving my FV$ for Christmas items. I stocked up today though. Bought 115 FV$ today for only $12.00 with the sale, and I also just ran to 7-Eleven and bought a $10.00 game card, which is worth 92 FV$ today with the sale (instead of the usual 55 FV$) plus I got the free mystery game dart still – all in all some great deals today, I haven’t bought FV$ in a couple of months but my patience paid off.

  59. jezzy Says:

    Hahaha, how can they not know the price of the freaking coin option? This is nonsense!

  60. Sandy Says:

    120FV$? – holy crap! I’ll wait to see how many coins it’s going to cost me.

  61. akil Says:

    hahaa…just add 100++ plot with 120FV$??? or 2-3mil?? really ****!!!!!

  62. dawn Says:

    fv rep informed that it should be out in 24 hrs for coins.

  63. Neil Says:

    I guess that they want us old-timers to quit. We must take up too much space on their servers.
    I was down from Thanksgiving until this morning.
    I guess that it will take a week or two to fix all the new bugs that will come with this expansion.
    I will like to know when the coin option will be available. Lexi will tell us after the fact.

  64. Linda Says:

    Cool!! I prefer to use coins. I have very little FV cash left!!

  65. judy Says:

    Do not use FV dollars. Will wait for coin option. Hope it isn’t too much cause it will be great for the upcoming decorating for the Christmas season!!!! BTW, I am glad FV extended the double mastery as I could not get on my farm for most of a couple days. And, of course, I lost lots of gifts, etc. during that time. I never get compensated by some extra FV dollars. How do other people manage to get them???

  66. dawn Says:


    Live chat customer support, make sure they know you are upset and what you lost.

  67. jo Says:

    im waiting on the coins dont have that many cash

  68. Jay Says:

    Currently at Level 80. Market asking for 120 FC. Coin option still TBD. No new neighbors needed. I’ll have to save up on coins while waiting for the coin option.

  69. leslie Says:

    they did this on purpose,they new that people where waiting for this and a lot of them will pay cash for it and also they did the sale for fm cash today on the same they the expension come on !

  70. Tricia Says:

    I’m waiting for coin option even though I got the option to buy farmcash at 40% off….I also want the unwither ring. so if i am using farm cash it will be for the ring. I can only imagine what it will cost with coins. I just hope its a reasonable amount like 2 – 4 mil coins.

  71. jo Says:

    marvanne you have to get the expaneings in order if you havent done that i wont let you

  72. jo Says:

    hope we dont need more neigbors how mant folks can you get that you dont even know i mean really

  73. Margo Says:

    I will only pay coins for it and i need to keep saving my coins.

  74. CowGirl63 Says:

    I had the grid on my farm, I clicked on it the expand your farm, and nothing happened, and then the grid disappeared. Oh well.

  75. Cynthia Says:

    This may be the way they release things moving forward. Just another way for them to make money. Anyone willing to pay farmcash will get first shot, the rest of us may have to wait a few days or even a week before its available for coins. I love Zynga! Not really.

  76. Vickie Says:

    I will wait until the expansion is available for coins.

  77. Merr Says:

    28×28 is fine and very much appreciated (hope the coin release is not delayed). Storage expansion is also needed and expected, as it was promised.

  78. Lisa Says:

    I have over 11 million coins and over 500 FV cash but I will wait until the expansion is offered for coins. I won’t spend 120 of my precious FV cash on land expansion. That’s ridiculous!

  79. Jet Says:

    we’ll be waiting for that… add me in farmville.. Job fabila, im level 98…hehehe

  80. stef Says:

    damn I just passed 2 mil coins and bought another pheasant. Down to 90K now. Looks like I’ll be waiting a while if its up around the 5 mil mark!

  81. Ina Eliasen Says:

    Of cause I will, I have been looking forward to this since the last expansion, No other games give me so much fun, joy and relaxing as Farmville and it is quite free to play. Why the heck complain over that few dollars.

  82. Zaxter Says:

    this is just a plot to sucker in all those people who want the expansion right now and make them pay farm cash. my props to anyone who can wait for the coin expansion like i am.

  83. natascha Says:

    yeah i agree with a comment on here that it will be at least 4-5 million coins for this expansion since 26×26 was 2 million. it is quite pricey for a meager 112 ( i think) plots? I have enough with the last expansion they just want to stop all the people from asking for this expansion (which hey, im not argueing if that’s what some farmvillioners want) but I also think its a gimmick especially with christmas coming up they want people to buy more farm items.and i also agree with some that there would be no way I would pay 120 farm cash. maybe they should start making farm cash more accesible than just leveling up.

  84. Tom Says:

    I have also been experiencing the “null” problem, and have been for about a week now.

  85. Jaymes Says:

    i went ahead and payed the cash to expand.i dont wanna have to go beg for more neighbors.compared to the unwither ring this expansion is a bargain.cheers :-)

  86. Broze Eagle Says:

    Coin expansion was 2,000,000 in my market, but locked saying “Level needed”, with no level specified.

  87. MSG Says:

    I got it already and used cash, but I had some I got as a gift. It was worth it to me. I don’t care about the cute stuff, I am all about getting mastery signs and the more land, the faster it happens. I am the opposite of some people who get all the houses and every theme, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just not what I do.

  88. Farmer Says:

    I got that “Expand your farm, Click here” On my farm about 10days ago… took a pic of it didnt send it to FV freak cause i send you images often but never get reply or they get posted by someone else 2days later sent it to another farm page and got posted straight away, but Freak is still better if that makes sense? lol

  89. Arjun Says:

    wen wil it b available???

    nw am having 13 millionz wid me nw…..:) :) :)

    does ne one knw hw much it wil cost??

    i mean farmcoinz….!!!!!

  90. Adam Says:

    coins for sure …. need storage expansion too

  91. lahoozaher Says:

    I have a couple neighbors who willingly paid the 120 FC to upgrade to 28×28. However.. I surely will NOT be spending 120 FC on a land expansion lol.. thats just.. ridiculous. Kind of makes me wonder though.. with it being the holidays, I am curious if this 28×28 is only a holiday special and only those who spend 120 FC will get it.. and if it will go away after the holidays leaving us non FC spenders with out lower expansions. Why else would they put “TBD” (to be decided)? Seriously. Whats to decide? lol The cost of coins? :P

  92. Martha Poynor Says:

    Well,I had to come here to find out what “TBD” meant. Thanks for the wake up call. I ran to get my wallet and was willing to pay FC for the expansion because I so desperately need it. Then from you guys (Thank You VM) I see that the coin option will come later. I thought oh wow,what a Christmas present in appreciation for players that keep them in business. Playing for free yet paying real cash for a computer game that requires FVcash to get anywhere in the game.
    I too think it crazy that we had to find new neighbors to get the last expansion. It is not safe practice to accept people you do not know as neighbors. After all,they could be hackers.
    I think the cost of 2 Mill. is a bit outrageous,but hey,what else do we have to spend it on?
    If you spend 2 Mill. for an expansion then 1 Mill. for the Christmas house,or whatever else new is released for Christmas, and it could easily run 2 Mill. for the Christmas train, you will have to play another year to restock for next years Christmas items. I have to remind myself all the time that if you were playing another game such as Gin Rummy,Manopoly,Poker,there are rules to those games that the players do not like also and it is afterall “JUST A GAME”.
    We have so much time invested in the game that I think I tend to forget some of these things.
    Great that it comes at a time we have room to put the new items we just can not live without for Christmas. Thanks

  93. Colin Wiffen Says:

    I Will want to expand for sure but I do believe 120 FV to be too high a price so will probably wait to see what the coin offer is. Likely to be 5 or 6 million though I expect. Good News though.

  94. marion webb Says:

    i saw and clicked on it for 10 minutes and nothing then pg sync out and guess what it was not there when i got farm working again.Where did it go? Please bring it back working.

  95. Anne Says:

    We shouldn’t buy the expansion with fv cash. Otherwise, this will give Zynga the green light to offer future expansions for cash. This is ridiculous. Farming is the essence of this game. Bigger lands should be offered to entice players to continue farming and purchasing stuff they can put on display without sacrificing game advancement. Funny how this becomes sort of a virtual feudal system. Lol.

  96. tong Says:

    Just upgraded to 28×28 right now! Cool! more rooms for my orchards! OT: We wish there is no need anymore for watering can for saplings, just let it grow planted on the ground. Even if it will take 10 days will be fine.

  97. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    I’ve thought about it for a bit.

    Expansion roll-outs (and other highly desired features) will probably cause fewer headaches for _all of us_ when they are offered for exorbitant FV$.

    There will be few takers and they can have the kinks and glitches worked out on their farms.

    Again, I’ll wait for the coin.

  98. sam Says:

    i hav so many neighbors around 80 for 28 x 28 expansion.
    but i only hav 14 lac coins
    so dont make it so costly
    it should be 30 lac?

  99. cipto Says:

    you give us 40% disc on FV$,
    now you’re asking 120FV$ for expansion???
    this is lame. so lame…………..

  100. Roland Says:

    they got me last time for paying 60FVC for the expansion because i was sooo low with coins and very excited about re-arranging my farm with the train tracks/engine and all. not to mention i used the biplane several times and planted safron but still failed just to meet the coin value.. that was really a bad move!!!

    NOW, even if they charge me 5 or 10 million coins for this – HA!! BRING IT ON!!!

    i DEF agree with you folks that we should not pay cash for this expansion. it’s getting ludicrous. GREEDY should be their middle name.

  101. Linda Says:

    Waiting for the coins option! And I think Zynga should make that available first for the level 100+ players asap, since we don’t get any FV cash anymore for leveling up.
    I thought there would be other advantages for the high level players? haven’t seen any yet….lot of new crops locked because you have to master others first….should be available for 100+ players without restriction!

    Enjoy farming!

  102. hanes Says:

    28 x 28 is hella awesome and its only12 bucks… come on u know u want it…. neener neener….:)

  103. renner Says:

    TBD means a thousand billion dollar! :(

  104. EPSAX Says:

    Today I swaped 120FV for 28×28 and I already wonder when 30×30 will be available for 160FV or 10 MIO coins? :) It is funny heard .. but even 28×28 Estate is to small for me… still have crowded farm.

  105. Elizabeth Says:

    you zynga people need to make a farmville cash tree. (:

  106. Paul Says:

    anyone who pays FV is a disgrace too the game. 120 is scandelous. bet its 5 mill and 200 neighbours. c***s

  107. Chris CLucas Says:

    Well the 26 x 26 was 2 million to buy, so I guess this expansion will be perhaps 4 or even 5 million, but I think it is crazy to expect people to pay 120 FV cash for it, I’ll be waiting for the coin option I’m afraid. I would like to think that in the not to distant future they will also give us a final expansion of 30 x 30, now that would be great.

  108. Starlie Says:

    120 FVC that’s crazy, I thought 80 was bad for the 26×26! I’ll be waiting for the coin option, I think its going to be be around 5 mil. I just hope it doesn’t ask me to add more neighbours I already have 124 lol.

  109. Suzaku Says:

    I paid for 26×26 1mio Coins a few weeks ago. I think they changed it.

  110. PurrplePaws Says:

    Showed up on my farm for 2 million coins but went OOS when I tried to buy it. Now only cash option is available. :( I need space for all those new trees and animals. I’m almost done with crop mastery and don’t have too much deco so I’m not desperate for space but I can hardly find empty spot to put a tree in when I need to so I guess I’m close to it..

  111. Flaviana Says:

    Today when I clicked on the market the old version of the market appeared – I went to the “Expand Farm” section and the 28×28 was available for 2.000.000… I tried buying it but it gave me the “out of sync” notice and when I reloaded the page everything was back to normal, with the new version of the market, and the 28×28 was TBD.

  112. Nickademus Says:

    FV cash option only for me need the coin option soon mastered out all crops and 5 lots of tree running out of roo 200+ horses fro breeding on my farm too lol bring out both options same time zynga ffs .

  113. rich Says:

    zynga, make the coin expansion 20million. I have so much, I don’t have anything to spend it with. Make the others work for it a bit. ;)

  114. MJ Says:

    Honestly, some people here are plain stupid! They complain about high prices, high taxes for crafting etc. but on the other hand they have nothing better to do than showing off with the amount of coins they have. TBD – to be defined. Yes, Zynga eagerly looks around on such sites to see how much people are willing and able to spend on an expansion. If they read the comments of those retards who say that they’d even spend 10 million – “kuz I’ve sum 20 million kuz I’m using bots and other cheatz ” – I am sure that Zynga will release coin upgrade for much more coins than previously planned! Common sense is not everyone’s strength it seems.

  115. Kev Says:

    Heh….I don’t even have the 24×24. I have 100 something thousand coins..thats not a lot compared to what some people have. But at least people wills top moaning about it now :)

  116. Angel Says:

    I have the expansion in the market now, it’s 2 million coins. But I’m going to waite I think, knowing Zynga, there will be bugs… Seems to be one already since I got the OLD market place.

    There is no such thing as a trouble free day when you play Farmville…

  117. Heather Says:

    Thank you to all who are posting their experience in trying to buy the expansion here so those of us eagerly awaiting it can have a clue as to what is going on.

    It appears the coin option might become available to us for 2 million coins, but that many who see this option appear in their marketplace currently are getting oos errors and the expansion is not yet working for coin purchase. Hopefully the 2M price tag is the real plan and not a teaser to test and see how high they can push it.

    I will keep checking here to see how the expansion roll-out is going and thank you in advance for those who come back to post what they learn!

  118. Fredrik Says:

    I have a feeling this price is gonna put me over the top for this stressful game. I’m pretty tired of all the bullshit extra work and everything else they’ve put me through.

  119. Christine Merten Says:

    Are you Kidding ???? I Will Not Pay $120.00 FV Cash!!! I will wait until the Coins will be used TBD… If you want to offer us a second Farm with the options we can use our Items on both Farms then Yes I would pay $120.00

  120. FarmerKen Says:

    This was really needed. With all of the new buildings: Turkey Roost, Feed Trough, Tree Nurseries, I have had to reduce the number of plots from 624 to 614. I’ll continue saving now instead of buying my second $500,000 Arapawa Goat.

  121. Beverly Buchert Says:

    Too much FV. That is ridiculous……..Please you guys need to be reasonable….I won’t expand for that fee.

  122. Johnnyafc Says:

    it came up on my farm for 2million

  123. Johnnyafc Says:

    was loading via the old market place too

    probs yet another zygna bug

  124. zaroucitizen Says:

    2 M coins come on in the middle of the economical crisis can’t afford it now hope in 15 days it will still be available

  125. Justin Says:

    i had a friend with the “null” problem yesterday,….suggested he try to expand under and not under facebook and he was able to expand his farm…so try that!

  126. Cathy Says:

    I won’t spend Farmville Cash, only if the coin option will be available.

  127. Mario Says:

    Just been on farm.. went to market.. and old market appear.. i went on expansion there where 28*28 for 120 cash and 28*28 for 2 mil coins.. i hit buy it and get out of sync in a few sec.. :-(

  128. nm Says:

    WOW that’s a lot of cash. Even with the 40% off yesterday that’s crazy. To each his own. Maybe next year I’ll change my mind but right now I’ll stay as I am :(

  129. Nickademus Says:

    Good old Zynga gotta rip the money from the impatient farmers dont dash with the cash slowly slowly creeps the monkey more time to get glitches worked out i hope farm is going nut,s loading issues OOS saving usual crap lol im holding off work 200 more horses in morning more free coins towards the 28X28 .

  130. Ella Says:

    MJ I agree with you.
    Some people who post here do not realize it!
    I’d wish they stop BRAGGING to the world about their millions….

  131. jim hill Says:

    Have seen a lot of negative and interesting comments about Zynga’s new 28×28 farm expansion, which cost FV cash. I have mixed emotions about this and can understand the feeling of my neighbors and friends. My take on this maybe different from most, I have been playing this game for over 14 months and have not had to spend a penny that I did not want to, during this time I have met and enjoyed playing with so many nice people. Where else could I sit in my own home and spend so many enjoyable hours, and I mean a lot of hours, with friends for the only cost is my internet. I know we all get upset when the game is slow or the glitches cause us problems, I sure Zynga would love not having the problems also. I personally think that with the number of players and the appl. that they keep adding all for our enjoyment, that they do an outstanding job (just my observation). Said all this to say this, I’m going to give up a carton of smokes or a trip to the moves, in order to get this expansion because I like sitting here and in the comfort of my own home doing something I like to do. Each person will have to make their own choice. To all my neighbors and friends, Good Farming to You!!

  132. Elizabeth Says:

    Zynga, if you were so awesome, you could make a dang FARM CASH TREE. that could harvest every 48 hours(2days) and you could get up to 5 farmcash each time. Now, that seeeeeems fair, don’t you think!?

  133. Razor Says:

    Glad to finally see another expansion, but $120 FV Cash is way to expensive for me. Guess I will (patiently) wait till the coin option is available. Would gladly pay a couple million coins for an expansion!

  134. MaryAnne Boyer Says:

    Why are we being penalized for not having real money to buy FV$ for this. I am on SS and cannot affort it.

  135. ΚΑΙΤΗ ΠΙΣΣΑΡΗ Says:

    i want to expand my farm.i canot pay 120FV CASH.I WANT COINS

  136. Libby Says:

    Ill health [hospital procedure to be happening within the next ten days] means I had to cancel a trip to see friends next weekend that I’ve been looking forward to all year so I used some of the money I had saved to take advantage of the 40% off FC offer and then used that to buy the expansion.

    I’ll try to concertrate on re-landscaping the farm and not on my missed time with friends or health worries. It’s quite effective a distraction.

  137. Kara S Says:

    Libby, get well soon.

    I’ll wait for the farm coins option. I have plenty of those saved up and only 30 farmcash.

  138. Michelle Says:

    Everyone stop your complaining. I swear offer up a message board and start the whining. We have all seen what happens when FV adds something new – mistakes and OOS messages. They are rolling this out – those who pay the 120 fv cash get it first. Those who wait can pay coins. Nothing in life is free; you can play farmville without spending a dime or you pay a bit of money.

    I breed my horses and I buy 1-2 of each new horse out there and find that half of the players who grab the foals from the feed are so rude that they fail to hit like or say thank you. So I pay the money to share the foals with friends and greedy little grabbers who don’t buy the horses steal them from the feed. So everyone wants someone else to spend money so they get the spoils. I like sharing the new foals with neighbors -but my breeder friends and myself are at the point where we are consdiering private sharing everything to avoid the rude players who don’t comment or the ones that cheat using the snag bar apps. Znyga can be a bit greedy but so are about 99% of the current players.

    I beleive the last update was $2mil coin and a certain number of neighbors.

    They had eluded to offering some incentive to players over lvl 100 in the past – it would be great if they opened this up to players at lvl 100 at a discounted rate. I am at lvl 104 and hate that it takes nearly 100000 xp to lvl up. I also deceide to buy the pheasant for $2mil hte other day and have remade all the money spent in less than 72 hours so I would glady pay up to 5mil for the item.

    I did notice in the market that when the screen reverted back to the old market it showed $2mil before the OOS message appeared.

    I have just over 400 fv cash in the bank and will most likely wait it out for the coin option. But hope it is ready by Saturday as I have a ton of decorating to do!

  139. Sho Says:

    I’ll wait until I can spend coins.

  140. Patricia Says:

    Well said Michelle!!! I couldn’t agree with you anymore! I am not a horsebreeder, but I remember constantly doing the coops for people to get the golden eggs when they first came out. Hardly anyone would say thankyou or click like which frustrated me as I was the one putting the time and effort into the game not them and all they would do is grab and run.

    I too am level 104 and just about at level 105 with 15 million coins. I am not gonna spend fv cash on the upgrade unless that is gonna be the only way to get it.

    I wish people would stop griping over a “FREE” game. Some people are never satisfied!!

  141. Kevin Says:

    You know, I still say they should just skip right to a 32 x 32 already and be done with it for like a year, I know I’d be quite happy sitting there.

  142. Cindy Says:

    I have plenty of money for the expansion, so I will do it..I’m at level 100..I was excited when I saw it, then it said 120 cash…Not buying it with cash, I’ll wait for the coins..

  143. Drew Says:

    I also checked the market about an hour ago and found the old style market. The 28×28 was listed for sale at 2 million coins. Tried to click it and received the out of sync error. Reloaded FV and the new market was back with the ‘To Be Determined’ coin option. I think it’s a safe bet the 2 million coin option is a certainty. I was expecting a 4 to 5 million price tag a few days ago so if it is 2 million, I’d call that a bargain. Have patience, let Zynga cash in on the ‘gotta have it now at any price’ crowd, and save up your coins. I earn about 1.5 million a day anyway so I’m happy whatever the outcome. ;)

  144. Kevin Says:


    You are gonna have to let me in on that one cause I’m lucky to get about 200k a day if I’m lucky.

  145. bs Says:

    I’m going to be a good FVFreak and wait for the coin release.

  146. llamaface Says:

    I don’t care if you have to wait a year to buy it with coins, Zynga can go suck a C**K before I put a penny into this game! This game was fun the first few weeks I played, but after that I saw that everything good was FC and without it I missed out on everything! I’m not going to pay to have fun, I have kingdom of loathing for that. If anyone wants to play something that’s free, google it. Names i eat food on there, I’ll help you with cash to get started ;)

  147. Desiree Says:

    only for coins. not worth the $.

  148. ANKY Says:

    AS 24 x 24 costed 500000
    AND 26 x 26 costed 2000000…
    SO 28 x 28 might cost anywhere b/w 80,00,000 to 100,00,000….

  149. angel Says:

    well..guys!!! dats damn sad!! all the money we made is jus gonna go kaput!!!!!!!! i jus hope dat it wud be 2-3 mil!!!

  150. Garyh4u Says:

    I am only going to pay coins because I don’t have the luxury of a credit card to buy FV dollars, but if they are charging $120 FV Cash why should they charge a large amount of coins … do a side by side comparison and see how much a $120 FV Cash is in actually money and then look at the same amount of money as if you were going to pay for coins …

    for $115 FV Cash is $20.00 USD and for the same $20.00 USD you can only receive 33,300 coins so I hope they do not try to gip us buy charging an extravagant amount of coins it should actually cost approximately 34800 coins for $120 FV Cash if my calculations are right … which should be roughly $21.00 USD I do not know why it is taking so long to be determined it is just simple math … so come Zynga let us people who don’t have credit cards and can only purchase in coins buy our expansion already …

    Thanks for listening and I apologize if I am so abrupt … unfortunately my patience has been worn a little thin lately :S


  151. MAYDEN Says:

    i think it would be 10 million coins. FARMVILLE will MAKE IT DIFFICULT for us to get that things easy. THEY slightly UNFAIR!

  152. orted Says:

    they calculate in other ways.
    players that DO have a 26×26 farm PRODUCE more than 30.000 coins per day.
    and they hope that new and unexperienced players invest their fv cash for coins but actually you should never do it.
    expect 4-10 million coins. 4 million in the best case, no less.
    10 millions if they want us to cry (ok, not me, i do have the money ^^). i doubt it will be more, but, of course, you never know….

  153. Dan Says:

    @Garyh4y: HUH?? so according to you, the expansion should cost less than 35k? The LE buildings/items should cost a few thousand coins? AND the mansion is worth which cost 5mill coins should be converted to 17,267 FV$?? or a little over $3,000.

  154. Thomas Says:

    Last upgrade was $80FVC or 2,000,000 coins. this one is $120FVC so it should be 3,000,000 coins? or is my math wrong!

  155. Anja Says:

    Expanding is locked at my farm, for my friend it says 2.000.000 coins, he doesn’t have them, I do…but I can’t buy it for that amount. ??!!!!!

  156. gregg Says:

    I guess it will be around 5mil and will also require one to have at least 75 neighbours too…

  157. esmeralda Says:

    should be 3,000,000 coins because 40 fvc is equal 1,000,000 coins so it can’t no be more than that

  158. Andy Says:

    I have just over 1.5 billion coins saved up for this so the cost isn’t really an issue. I’m just wondering how long they plan on leaving it as TBD. I mean, by rights, they could leave it over a year before allowing us to purchase with coins…

  159. orted Says:

    1.5 billion is really much :-)
    for most, cost still IS an issue.
    as already said, i assume 4-10 million which is a fair amount, i guess. the number of neighbors will be interesting, though. i hope it’s again only like 5 more than i do have currently.

  160. Frannie Farmer Says:

    I’ll just pay my hard earned fv cash and keep my 5 million coins since they will more than likely want you to add another 100 neibours.. NOT gonna suck me in again, can’t keep up with the neibours I got now….

  161. Belinda Says:

    I am excited about the 28×28 expansion but I will not be spending cash for it so I will be waiting on the coin option and I feel it is unfair to NOT allow us the coin option since ALL the other expansions did offer the coin option and the 28×28 is no different than the other expansions so why should it be any different.Maybe if this expansion was some great amount they were offering than it would be worth the 120 farmville dollars but not when it isnt anymore of an expansions than each one of the others were. Come on farmville dont start trying to screw us now get real!!!

  162. Eric Says:

    I guess they leave this for a month or so.. A lot of people will buy the cash to get the expansion.. That brings in real money to them..

  163. Fakey MkFakienstien Says:

    I was in the hospital and bored and made 20 fake accounts with easy to remember user name and passwords, like password1 and lots and lots of people are using them for lots of aps then defending them when they are done. People in countries I never heard of! I went in there to send myself a brick and I was like wow over 20 aps ROFLOL. Sometimes they get locked but I unlock them in the hospital, lots of phone lines there!

    I’m not going to try to talk my friends into playing your games, Zynga. I will cheat the system and help others to do so. You have a few extra people to brag to your advertisers that are playing, but really low click rates unless you offer FV cash. No one wants to try to talk their friends into this crap, and we won’t. For further reading, see Amway/Quixar and Mary Kay.

    The Zynga story is starting to look like the classic Disney movie plot and what happened to the actual company, spinning out of control wiht thier own retarded greed. Seriously, how much do you have to pay a programmer to make a at most mildly animated jpg of a bleepin horse and you want us to pay a few REAL usd for it? Um, no. ROFLOL.

    No, don’t message me for this information, I don’t want them torn down. Make your own. If you’re a fast typist like me it takes less than 1 minute per account, get bored for 20 make 20 fake accounts and help all your friends, and tell the greedy Zynga people who want you to sell this to your friends like Amway or let strangers in your facebook shut down the account ages later. All 20 of mine have been up for 6 months, just keep it reasonably down low.

  164. Somebody Says:

    I will expand my farm with coins but I’m really pissed off because of this TBD, for how long already 2 weeks? I’m beginning to think more and more day after day that FarmVille wants to screw you up with this Farm Cash, give us all a break and I think it’s time for you to let us buy this expansion with coins. I don’t think someone will disagree with me.

  165. Other Says:

    How long we can wait for coins option to buy the 28×28 land expansion?

  166. jizzpants Says:

    I literally came in my pants when I saw the option to upgrade! They were all sticky and my wife thought I was masturbating to some kind of sick farm porn. She kicked me out and called my boss who fired me. I’m currently living at my brothers house until I can get back on my feet. I hate you Zynga, you destroyed my life! Does anyone think I could win if I tried filing a lawsuit?

  167. patil Says:

    This is not good,
    i m going to stop checking expansion every hour ….

  168. tami Says:

    If people would quit paying the 120fc for the upgrade, the coin upgrade would be released sooner

  169. amal Says:

    i think 28×28 expansion need 4000000 coins ..

  170. Mfreeman66 Says:

    I can’t believe that the coin amt is not released yet. It has been a month. I hate adding new neighbors that I dont know also. That is what causes some of those virus that you get from facebook.They should just be happy so many people play the game and do purchases things, so they sould let us know what the cost is going to be and what we have to do for it so that we will know what to work for. This is not a very nice way to treat the players. Everyone knows that there is going to be an expansion so get on with it.

  171. ThatOneGuy Says:

    I just clicked on the buy for $120 FV and it expanded my farm and took 2MM coins (no FV cash) and expanded my farm to 28×28. I’m level 76 so it might be a level 75 and higher deal.

  172. Ruud Says:

    If 26×26 = 80 FV and 2000.000 coins than
    28x 28 = 120 FV must be 3000.0000 coins

  173. ruSh.Me Says:

    @143 DREW : Please let the secret out, just how you make 1.5 Million coins everyday? :(

  174. garyh4u Says:

    @Dan H. : Comment #153 – in response to my comment #150 I apologize I did not get back any earlier, but yeah that is if you do a side by side comparison of the price to purchase FVCash/FVDollars and if you compare it against for the same purchase price using your credit card or cash to purchase FV Coins. So, if it was truly fair then it should be the following equation:

    $FVCash=$USD= number of FVCoins example –> 25 FVCash =$5.00 USD= 7,500 FV Coins,115 FV Cash=$20.00 USD=33,300 FV Coins, so if they want to split hairs about it 120 FV Cash would be the same price as the 115 FVCash and needs 5 more FVCash so take the 25 FV Cash divided by 5 to get 5 FVCash and add that to the 115 Fv Cash to equal the 120 FV Cash, thus (115 FV Cash = 33,300 FV Coins) +(5 FV Cash=1,500 FV Coins) hence 120 FV Cash should equal 34,800 FV Coins). Just simple math not Highway Robbery. If there was a Better Business Bureau then they would have had charges against them for trying to take us for those large amounts !!!!

  175. pamplemousse Says:

    No 174 …. Difference is we can earn FV coins harvesting crops/animals etc but only acquire FV Cash by going up a level. I have an awful lot of coins to be able to expand because I play the game but those that BUY their way in should have to pay more. Be Patient

  176. Garyh4u Says:

    I know that Pamplemousse what I am trying to say is for Zynga to figure out how many coins it should take to purchase the 28×28 expansion that is if they are going to be using that particular method of equating how much the expansion should be. Some people were saying that the expansion was going to be about 5 million coins but if you calculate 5 million coins and realizing that 33,300 coins is the same price as $115 FV Dollars therefore 5,000,000/33,300 is 150.150150150 that would give us our conversion so taking the conversion to get to farmville dollars would be 150.150150150 … times $115 which gives us a value of $17,267.27 FV Dollars rounded off!!!!! which is substantially a lot more than just paying $120 FV Dollars of what they are asking for !!!!

  177. Garyh4u Says:

    Apparently I did not make myself clear to many people and I don’t know why people have been disliking what I am trying to say. When you are on the farmville site and if you were going to purchase coins or farmville cash you would be paying $20.00 USD for $115 FV Cash or 33,300 coins and that is what I am basing my calculations upon! If you read back into the blogs/comments here some people were paying 5 million coins and if you convert that using the amounts above it would be approximately 150.150150 coins to 1 farmville dollar … so if you multiply that by 120 which is the amount they are asking in farmville dollars that should equal to 17,267.67 coins so if they want to round it up make it 17,268 coins; that is a big difference instead of 5 million coins. Especially for those who have worked hard on there farms and for those who don’t have bots or other engines to help them and have gotten far and deserve it. In addition to the fact for those who do not have access to purchase game cards over the internet because they do not have credit cards, so what are these people supposed to do and spend all of their coins for a little bit of extra land!

    I am trying to make this statement for those who are not that fortunate enough to have those luxuries such as credit cards to purchase FV Dollars and have very little farmville dollars because of purchasing other stuff prior to the expansion. It would be unfair for those people who cannot. I am asking Zynga to be a little more considerate and understanding of those who cannot afford these luxuries !!!!!! So, please make the price for the 28×28 expansion more reasonable for those who cannot purchase farmville dollars or those who have spent there farmville dollars on other items on their farms that they were not able to purchase with coins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for trying to understand :)

  178. Chirag Says:

    I only have some 2 mil. above coins but when I looked into my ribbon page ( high roller ribbon) I HAD ABOVE 10,000,000,000 coins
    i never realised i spent sooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Ava Williams Says:

    I have plenty of coins. Just waiting for my chance to buy the expansion. I desperately need it. I would pay double for more than just 2 spaces more. We should be able to buy however more we want. Why is it restricted to only 28 x 28?
    COME ON!!!!!!!!!! OPEN IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Igor zoloft Says:

    just unlock the damn thing and be done with it

  181. TRBR3 Says:

    Any idea when the coin purchase will be available? It’d be great if they’d release it.

  182. Garyh4u Says:

    @Igor Zoloft … say Amen to that !!!!!!!!! It has already been over a month since it has been released at $120 FV dollars, it should have been enough time for them to figure out how much they want us to pay using our coins or are they waiting for us to be impatient enough to go and buy the gift cards else where (i.e.: retail outlets) and pay for it that way! And then there are those who are not rich enough to go out and purchase gift cards at any retail outlets and then buy the expansion. We have worked hard enough for our coins to be spent. It still comes down to the old case of a rate of exchange to convert FV Coins into FV Dollars which should be done God willing if their programmers decide on how to do it for those who are unfortunate enough not to have the luxury of going to retail outlets and paying for gift cards to be redeemed !!!!!! So here is hoping that they will DETERMINE the coin amount for the upgrade/expansion of our farms soon … and soon can not be soon enough for many of us!!!!!!

  183. AIKON Says:

    Plz!!! release 28×28 expansion this coming days………….grrrrrrrrrrrrr………….

  184. PhotoCrusader Says:

    I’m sure they already know what they want to ask for it. They know that we are just waiting for the coin expansion. I would bet that they are just delaying the release in order to get a few more people who can’t wait any longer.

  185. CKK Says:

    When is the COIN Purchase option coming available? I have had far too many problems with game play, that now I am no longer interested in spending any more of my personal money to buy FV Cash. COIN OPTION – MAKE IT AVAILABLE!!!!!

  186. Curchelle Says:

    Hmm, if the 26×26 expansion was 2 million coins, i think the price on this one will be double… like 4 million coins… very expensive, i wonder how much we would pay for the 30×30 expansion. if they’re gonna make that :D

  187. bryden Says:

    wehn r they gonna let us purchase it and they were supposed to after christmas they lied to all of us

  188. Johan Says:

    Asked zynga for an answer in the chat support regarding the 28 X 28 expansion. This was there answer, decide for yourself;)

    Kevin M.: Hi, my name is Kevin M.. How may I help you?
    johan : hi kevin,
    johan : i have a question regarding the 28 X 28 expansion
    Kevin M.: Hello Johan.
    johan : when is it gonna work??
    Kevin M.: Could you please be more specific?
    johan : when is the 28 X 28 expansion gonna be there??
    Kevin M.: Johan, let me inform you that the expansion is there, you can buy it with Farm Cash.
    johan : yeah i know
    johan : but wasn’t there a promise from zynga that it would be purchasable for coins in the new year??
    Kevin M.: No, Johan, we are still working on this.
    johan : disapointed on your answer… it was on several forums
    johan : but i get the point.
    Kevin M.: Johan, this will be released soon.
    johan : we’ll see….
    Kevin M.: Johan, I apologize for this inconvenience.
    johan : ok.
    johan : Have a nice evening kevin.
    Kevin M.: You too!

  189. ragul Says:

    i am in level 102 but i have tbd

  190. Jan Says:

    the 28×28 expansion for coins was supposed to be released after the 1st..
    well is now 2 weeks later..come on zynga everyone is waiting.

  191. Simon Whitby Says:

    They just want everyone to pay for the expantion first with $. Once that starts to go down and people stop using paypal etc then they will release it for everyone else

  192. Other Says:

    i think the expansion will be released by the end of this month or next month (february)… i hope so!!!

  193. FVFreak Says:

    Dear Zynga: Coins or GTFO. Kthksbai.

  194. lizz Says:

    I need my 28 x 28 now. I spent my FV cash on my dog. And I am going to get another one so let us get it with the darn coins.
    PLEASE!! Must Have more Space

  195. josh dietter Says:

    they just want everyone to pay real money for it. Im not doing it!!! i will not spend my hard earned money on some damn game. So either come out with the expansion or i am done playing. The higher level you get the more boring it gets too. EVERYONE STOP PAYING REAL CASH FOR IT AND THEY WILL RELEASE IT!!

  196. Deb Says:

    We have been waiting a VERY long time for the TBA coin option. They give us more stuff but nowhere to put it! I agree that it is not much fun when you have to put everything in storage. Pretty soon that will be full too! I am very disappointed each day that goes buy as still no expansion.

  197. Garyh4u Says:

    Please to the creators and programmers of Zynga’s Farmville. WE all have been waiting very patiently for the coin release of the 28×28 expansion for almost two months and many people are getting fed up. Could you please determine what the coin amount is already for those of us who are unable to get access to purchasing FV Dollars, because we do not have credit cards nor paypal accounts to purchase them on-line nor able to purchase gift cards with the required amount to purchase this expansion or any other (for future expansions)!!!!

    You have been limiting the amounts we can either acquire collecting, or giving us other new items, or limiting the size of our gift/storage boxes as well. We desperately need the amount for the expansion to already be determined so we can purchase it with our coins. Many of us will soon be forced to either stop playing or start selling off our most prized possessions that we have thus collected so far. Even by leveling up we still will never be able to attain the amount of $120 FV Cash/Dollars because we were made to purchase other stuff prior to the initial release of the expansion!

    So on behalf of ALL Farmville players … PLEASE RELEASE THE 28×28 EXPANSION BY USING A COIN PURCHASE !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanking you most kindly in advance for your consideration in this matter !!!!!!!

  198. Cheryl Says:

    I haven’t spent a dime on FV cash because I have NO WHERE to put anything else. My farm is so full of trees and my storage full of all the buildings I have purchased that I am really SAVING MONEY by Zynga dragging their feet on putting a price on the expansion.

    THANKS ZYNGA…maybe I will eventually lose interest and LEAVE the game. :)

  199. julio Says:

    can anyone please tell me when the farmville 28×28 expansion going to be payable in coins? because this 120 fv dollars is kinda crazy.

  200. Willem Says:

    When will the TBD be unlocked so you I can expand my farm. Coming soon is till the message. What does soon…. mean at Famville????

  201. Mila Says:


  202. Sai Says:

    the expansion is released ppl this week

  203. Somebody Says:

    O.K. so now we finally have the coins expansion after 4 months of waiting (which was absurd) but nevermind, 4 000 000 coins sounds good at least for me because I have them… but why again the hilarious amount of neighbours… I’m tired of adding unknown “friends” in my friends list… thanks a lot FarmVille