FarmVille 28 x 28 Land Expansion is Coming!

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FarmVille 28 x 28 Land Expansion is Coming!

Posted on November 24, 2010 1:11 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Unreleased 28x28 Land Expansion

Expansionists rejoice! Another FarmVille land expansion is in the works.

This time, FarmVille will be releasing a 28 x 28 land expansion to appease its land craving famers. There is no official release date of when this expansion will become available. Let’s hope it’s in time for Christmas and the onslaught of limited edition Holiday items so that we will have more than enough room for all our holiday decorating.

Are you excited to expand your farm?

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124 Responses to “FarmVille 28 x 28 Land Expansion is Coming!” »

  1. Joeshacker Says:


  2. Julie S. Says:

    Don’t thank ‘em yet. I am sure they’ll take their sweet, agonizing time rolling this one out. ;-/

  3. El_Zacatecas Says:

    Gonna be too much coins ahaha

  4. Georgina Cavanagh Says:

    this is long long overdue and will be welcomed :-)

  5. Mark Says:

    Please don’t require us to add new neighbors. People have too many neighbors as it is.

  6. kirsty Says:

    Best get saving !! :O)

  7. zuzana Says:

    yo quiero eso

  8. iTrevor Says:


  9. mary Says:

    OMG ty so much Zynga, don’t know how much I needed this, I really hate selling things in my storage, because I love everything that I buy, and don’t think that it is fair that I have to sell things just to make room when you guys keep bringing out such awesome stuff………

  10. vanessa llegan Says:

    we need the room real bad

  11. D the Man Says:

    I’m sorta stoked about this, but why do they keep adding expansions when we complain instead of letting us get a second farm off to the side?

  12. michelle Says:

    Yep, better start saving every little coin, which kinda sucks right now, because I just know I’m going to want to buy all the Christmas stuff coming out (for coins that is)!
    I wonder when it will happen though??? Maybe not until AFTER Christmas, who knows!

    Oh well, I’m just glad that they’ve listened to us and will give us even this little bit more.

  13. lynne Says:

    Maybe they will give this to us as a Christmas present, with no neighbors to add and a lost cost.

  14. adam Says:

    how much????

  15. Peggy Conway Says:


  16. Ratorr2 Says:

    Last time they expanded they wanted more neighbors, so this time I’m removing some of my neighbors just in case they do it again. So all I have to do is ask my neighbors to come back. It’s worth a try.

  17. lauren Says:

    Oh geez! How much is THAT gonna cost?!?! I haven’t even had a chance to purchase the last one lol! This freakin 5 star spa is killing me, that and buying tons of 5,000 coin goods everyday to be sure I have fuel stocked up if they adjust it again… But I’m definitely not complaining, I have something to work towards, I really don’t even need the room, I have plenty of plots since my stuff that won’t go in my storage is bunched in a corner.

  18. lynne Says:

    Meant to say low cost. lol

  19. John Says:

    WOO HOO, Thank you. My girlfriend is gonna be real happy. yuk yuk

  20. Joeshacker Says:

    and all we can all say is ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

  21. Beth Says:

    I don’t want to add anymore friends in order to expand, nor do i even want a bigger farm… I think it would be really cool to have more then one peace of land… Other games have more then one, whats the deal Zynga? We have so many items, and so many more we can get and no where to put them… I love the storage capacity we have now, but I rather have the space to place those items… Please think about this…. More then once peace of land, please…. Thank you….

  22. jacquio Says:

    hooray.better keep saving.will cost us in some way

  23. are-yid Says:

    i had more than 5mill..i hope thats more than enough becouse i know the new expansion will cost too much zynga..

  24. sandy Says:

    yeah i’ll believe that crap when i see it!

  25. Jaymes Says:

    i see this coming for 2 million coins so start saving. cheers! :-)

  26. CLAUDIA Says:

    Please dont’s ask for more friends.. i have enough =S..
    the last one .. we paid 2,000,000 .. so how much money we need to pay?? like 5’000.000 ? OMG..
    Give us a Christmas present.. no charge anything.. =)

  27. Joeshacker Says:

    nope last upgrade was 2 mill so i see this around 3-4 million with 55+ friends

  28. adam Says:

    Sarah J Edwards My husband’s farm just got the option to expand to 28×28 for 2 million coins, no new neighbours required. It’s not showing on my farm yet though. ( someones elses comment)

  29. Rav Says:

    We’ll either need to add 20 neighbours or this time they’ll really annoy is and only do it for FV$

  30. Ken Says:

    I play a game through Facebook that is not by Zynga (sorry Zynga) and I have 3 different campuses that I can go to from a map. It would be cool if Farmville had something like this. A farm for animals (that we could turn off the animation), a farm for crops, and infintie of variations…buildings, etc. That would be awesome. The other game has expansions too. Each campus has to be expanded seperately. Farmville is my game of choice, but I wish they could figure out a way to use multple farms per farmer. Happy Holidays!!!

  31. jason Says:

    hope i dont need to add neighbors.

    i dont care if the expansion costs 10 million coins. i have over 20 million coins that i dont use.

    coins are near worthless except for some things worth having. other than that, coins only come in handy for expansions.

  32. Kelly Sweeney Says:

    Zynga GODS, eh? No, they are not GODS, far from it. After all, Gods don’t make mistakes-if they were GODS, FV would be a happily glitch-free little game, now wouldn’t it?
    But I will be thrilled if I can expand. Absolutely thrilled.

  33. Joy Says:

    I’m thinking 150 neighbors and a cool 5 million in coin for the expansion (there goes my mansion) after the last one. It has taken me since then to just get back up there. Thank god for the horse stables and giving me 9k every horse that doesn’t produce a foal or a consumable. I’m thinking also that maybe the expansion is because of the tree mastery……….who knows ! ? ! ? !

  34. adam Says:

    @ jason it wont cost over 10million coins it wont even cost 5, it’ll cost 2.5-3mil at the max

  35. Sue Says:

    OMG, it’s about time, there isn’t room available for anything now with the ‘tree’ and thanksgiving table features, plus I just noticed the new collectables.

  36. Roland Says:

    thanks, now i have something to spend my 10 million coins. :)

  37. Maryluz Says:

    Call me greedy but for those of us with a full storage and used
    Up farm land this does not mean much give me some 40 by 40
    So that I can be happy.

  38. Lyla Says:

    Hope we can use coins for this upgrade…I’m broke and can’t buy anymore Farm cash

  39. Karenlee Brooks Says:

    OH I do hope this come very very soon….I would love to get a bigger land and as soon as it comes I will buy it straight away……..Please Hurry …★´*•.(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´★

  40. WickedxGrl Says:

    I’ll echo that it’s about darn time! I’m out of room. 548 plots, 12 orchards and my animals, I’m out of room! If it costs under 3 million I can handle it. More neighbors? Depends on how many. I think I’ve got 112? Bring it on, Zynga!

  41. Joeshacker Says:

    @ Kelly Sweeney God is not perfect for if he was he would not have created evil so dont tell me god is perfect =)

  42. blue Says:

    this is very cool.. im waiting for this for a long time… thank you zynga….

  43. Farmer Brown Says:

    Prediction: FV Cash ONLY Upgrade. More land is nice, but it won’t correct the problems in the game – if history is any indication, it will only make the problems worse. For many who have out-leveled the game, there’s very little reason to keep playing – this is just too little, too late. Their numbers are dropping rapidly and they seem to have no clue why.

  44. shopaholic Says:

    Yaay!!! Cant wait :)

  45. Danno Says:

    I don’t think it’ll cost millions of yellow coins…I’m thinking hundreds of GREEN coins. By the way, I can’t believe people have started making theological comments over Zynga… At least Farmville actually exists!

  46. tonia Says:

    its here already being rolled out…2 million coins…some neighbours of mine have it already!

  47. jezzy Says:

    I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’m out of coins. I still haven’t gotten the 5 star bakery because I can’t afford it. The price of this one is going to be crazy.

    I know a lot of people wish they could turn coins into FV cash, but I’m the opposite. I wish I could buy some coins with a few FV dollars. I don’t want to use a whole FV card to get coins as the exchange rate is mindboggling, though.

    Example using the Grand Plantation:

    You can either have 35 neighbors + 2 mill coins. So assuming you have the required neighbors, if you spent real money buying the coins outright, you would spend OVER $1000 REAL DOLLARS.
    Alternatively, you could have just 1 neighbor, and spend $20 real dollars, get the upgrade, and still have 36 FC to spend on other virtual items.

    Surely this strikes people as odd? I don’t understand why more people don’t complain about the coin exchange rate.

  48. richie Says:

    im sure its gonna cost 8,000,000 coins…anyways cant wait to expand my land…

  49. michelle Says:

    Maybe a Black Friday discount for extra land would be nice :) Or as a christmas gift we are GIVEN the land… ok a girl can dream lol

  50. farming rom Says:

    I can’t even get the 26×26 because I don’t have enough coins.

  51. tim Says:

    hmmm…. 5 million coins maybe?…. best start saving now

  52. sajjad habib Says:

    waiting for this

  53. Jango Says:

    That’s real GOOD NEWS !!!!!

  54. yvonne mokoru-snabel Says:

    can´t wait!!!!

  55. yvonne mokoru-snabel Says:

    but only coins please, don´t want to buy fv cash

  56. Micheal Says:

    yeahy, some people really are idiots it seems, a 2nd farm? with all the bugs and lag with 1, there are 55-60 million monthly players, that would make 120 million farms, being fucking morons if u think zynga would ever even consider that

  57. randolph Says:

    wtf i was trying to save 5 million for the mansion now when i just reached 4.8 million this news and i am sure expansion will not cost less then 5 million

  58. Alex Says:

    Well a lot of my neighbours quite FarmVille and I have only 20 left or so. So when I want this expansion, I guess they want me to pay like 100 Farm$ or so. Damn. Well let’s indeed hope for a christmas present (but we all know that won’t happen).

  59. Dark5 Says:

    i dont care 5mil/10mil/20mil BRING IT ON!!!!!

  60. Wagner Gustav Says:

    die famerweiterungen müsste viel schneller gemacht werden, was hat das für einen sinn immer mehr dinge herauszugeben und niemand hat platz dafür,ist eigentlich schwachsinn



  61. Uzair Says:

    26*26 was for 2,000,000 then how much for 28*28???

  62. Farmaniac Says:

    And how long before people start complaining that they need more land?

    A 28*28 expansion would be of no benefit to me without major changes to the availability of fuel. Since the fuel changes I can’t afford to have my 26*26 farm in full production. I costs me 5-6 cans of fuel to reap-plow-sow the 270 plots I have in cultivation. I get 1 can’s worth from my only active neighbour and about 2 cans from the daily email. Every now and then I’ll get fuel from eggs but it’s rare. I mostly get golden chickens that I promptly sell. 28*28? What would be the point?

  63. sharingan boy Says:

    Hope they expand the storage coz it’s getting to crowded down their. But still good job zynga for the land expansion. Can’t wait for it, bring it on ….

  64. LadySorrow Says:

    This is quite unexpected and great! I could use the room for more plots! THANK YOU ZYNGA!!!!

  65. Josephine Says:

    Aré you people blind?? Lots of people here aré telling it’s being rolled out for only 2 million coins!!! You really need to read!!!!!

  66. Victoria Voinikova Says:

    I have 20 million coins, that is not problem for me! :)

  67. junaid Says:

    waiting for this!!!!!

  68. Donna Says:

    Yippeeee skippeee. I’m stoked over this. More room = more horses = more foals, and room to put all of the new trees. I just hope it is not for FVC only.. especially during this time of year when everyone is already strapped for cash; due to the holidays. Expansion for coins would be a great Christmas present for Farmville players; such as myself. Hint Hint, Zynga ;o)

    Off the expansion subject.. but I wish they would come out with the Bald Eagle. After all it is only our national symbol.

  69. gio Says:

    i don’t want a 28×28 expansion…i want a 60×60 this case i’m sure that i can put in all my buildings animals an whatever i want…(sorry for my english.) cheers from italy

  70. Elizabeth Says:

    Farmville really needs to visit Farmtown! I have THREE farms there. I have so much stuff at my level that I can decorate two more farms easily! I WANT ANOTHER FARM WITH EXPANSIONS!!!!

  71. Michele Says:

    This would be nice and I would love to get excited about it, but the last time I went to get an expansion they said I had to have so many neighbors and I was just starting out. So then I worked like a dog to get all the neighbors I needed and then while doing that, the changed it and said I would need 2 millioin coins, so I worked real hard again not buying anything anything else so I could get the land, then when I went to purchase it, they popped and said I had to buy the land before this one, so I bought that one, and just recently I had the 2 million again and went to purchase it and they said that I had to buy the other land again…are you kidding me, I’ve already done that once and shouldn’t have to do it again…this isn’t right. Just recently with this new change they made, it doesn’t even show you the different lots you can get…so what are you suppose to do? I say don’t add things or change things until you fix alll the old problems…I have over 50 farms and to work, and I never saw a posting on the new and current changes…they appear in the night sometime I guess…I think Zynga should send e-mails to notify us…So as much as I would like to be excited about this, I’m not and they probably want some crazy amount to get it…so I guess I won’t be doing much Christmas shopping either…I have over 3 million coins saved up.

  72. Farina Says:

    i hope no more neighbours adding condition … plus less cost would be lovely

  73. diane Says:

    it should have been like farmtown a seperate farm so you have two lol

  74. Rob G. Says:

    You’ll need 1 million neighbors to get the expansion though.

  75. Nayip Says:

    Thank you I was hoping for this expansion now it will come true than you again ….Time to start saving coins … know economy is bad …haha

  76. Jillian Says:

    It costs 2 million coins… No maybe’s, No “maybe it’s this…” 2 mil is the final offer! (Though I can’t afford it, I was offered it… time to save!)

  77. Jenny B Says:


  78. Pokerface Says:

    Glad I saved 7.000.000 coins.

  79. Sylvio Furtado Says:

    Is it really appearing to some people or not?

  80. joe Says:

    wonder how much, last was what 3 mil… this time 6? 8? hmmm… i dont have it but like last ill just have to save up, lord knows i need the room lol

  81. joe Says:

    ahhh i see i should of read first lol

  82. Linda Blankenship Says:

    The 28×28 sounds great but has FV ever thought of asking us if we wanted to have the chance to downsize our farms for money and then rebuy a bigger spread. Somethings I get so upset because with all going on it takes forever to take care of a big farm. Where as if I had a chance to downsize or upsize would be great. just thinking. I have decided the bigger the farm the more time it takes to load so I can help my neighbors. Thanks for listenting.

  83. Tally. Says:

    I haven’t even bought the 26 x 26 becaue of all the LE items coming out. Gahh.

  84. dana Says:

    Sorry if this sounds obnoxious but if you’re actually planting and harvesting crops and trees on your land regularly instead of buying tons of decorations you don’t have room for, 2 million coins (for that matter 10 million) should be a drop in the bucket for you. I mean does anyone really need 10 Chicken Gnomes?!
    I welcome more land for faster crop mastery but I don’t NEED it because I keep only those things on my farm that are profitable to me or useful to my neighbors. I think everyone should be grateful if it’s coins (no matter the amount) instead of Farmcash. Hopefully we don’t have to add neighbors again though. That certainly isn’t cool.

  85. JR Says:

    24×24 expansion – 500,000 coins
    26×26 expansion – 2,000,000 coins
    28×28 expansion – ? maybe 5,000,000
    Seeing as the last 26×26 expansion had a cost of 2mil coins or 80 FV cash, it’s rational to believe that the 28×28 will certainly cost more than the previous posted claim of 2mil coins.

    If the expansion will cost 5mil it would be ridiculously priced. The 2 mil price of the last expansion bought 100 new plots. This means the cost per plot for the 26×26 expansion was 20,000 coins. To get your return on investment you would have to plant/harvest a pea for 109 days.

    For the 28×28 expansion we will be buying 108 new plots. If the priced at 5mil coins then that would create a cost per plot of 46,296 coins. And to get your return on investment you would need to plant peas for 252 days or 8.5 months.
    *the math: Peas – 176coins/23h -=- 46296/(176/23*24) = 252 days

    If it would take 8.5 months to break even on the land expansion, then this is a horrible investment as you get no XP when purchasing a land expansion. That would be 5mil coins you could be spending on things that gives you XP such as the 50,000 XP producing mansion.

    But, when you take into account the additional XP you will be making from new plots, then it might be worth it.
    *Peas – 4xp/day -=- 108 new plots = 432xp/day
    This means it would take you about 115 days of harvesting peas to make up for the lost 50,000 xp spent on a 5,000,000 28×28 expansion.
    Again, this is assuming the new expansion is going to cost 5mil coins.

  86. JR Says:

    Now that I am thinking about the jump from 500,000 to 2,000,000 coins from the previous expansion, then the 28×28 could be more than 5,000,000 coins. Another thing is that the 5mil priced mansion might also suggest a higher price for the 28×28 expansion.
    When the 26×26 expansion came out the windmill was new and that had a cost of 1.5 mil coins.
    The idea is that things are getting more expensive. The relatively new 5million coin mansion could suggest a higher than 5mil price for the new expansion.

  87. Steed Says:

    Personally I like the fact that we can soon expand our farms to 28X28, but part of me hopes that Zynga will only make it available for FarmVille Cash. I’d be a great way to get back at all those whining wimps who complain all the time that FarmVille is so unfair.

  88. Ruby Arnhold Says:

    YaHoo Can’t wait :)

  89. LolaJoy Says:

    I’m already 1 person short of expanding my land already… for like 6 months now. I don’t want to add people I don’t know. I hope we don’t need neighbors for this, it’s just so annoying

  90. tracy Says:

    please please no more neighbours we all have enough !!!!!!!!!!! give us a break 2 million more than enough , many of my friends are quitting the game due to demands by zygna and i dont blame them , i love the game but am getting fed up with all the crap that goes with it sooooo come on zygna give us all a break and an early xmas pressie

  91. tugrul Says:

    i am ready to pay up to 10 million coins as long as it doesn´t ask for more friends !!!

  92. Sue Says:

    GREAT. I went from 60 neighbors to 20 or less because people got tired of having to do so much stuff on the farms now. There is TOO much and it takes too much time so they quit and deleted all their neighbors. Guess I am slowly leaving too. Not enough hours in the day.
    BTW I left FARMTOWN when they did the second farm thing. I PRAY farmville never does that.

  93. Weez Says:

    Why did I buy that freakin pheasant?

  94. Chili Dog Says:

    When will they come out with a Doritto that doesn’t get soggy in my cocoa? I dip my chips in my hot beverage and the damn thing falls into my cocoa. Then I have to put my fingers in my cocoa and it burns the skin off my finger because I like a “HOT” drink. When I finally get the chip out it’s got chocolate, marshmellow and whisky all over it. FIX THIS PROBLEM BEFORE YOU ADD MORE LAND EXPANSION AND MAKE MY LIFE EVEN MORE COMPLICATED.

    Thank you.

    PS. Can you make it easier to get bunnies.

  95. tom Says:

    i just hate all the the damn pop-ups :(

  96. Virgel Says:

    I don’t worry about the cost of the 28×28 expansion. Whether it is 5 million coins or 10 million coins. Think about this Farmville players, if you are on level 75 and above. Your best investment would be buying the belted cows for a million coins each. I started out with 1 when I got to level 75, and keep on breeding it many times a day. So I got 39 Belted cows in my Dairy barn, in a couple of weeks just off that 1 cow. So everytime I stuff my barn I get 117,000 plus coins each time, and you do that with a bunch of seeder cows each day, it don’t take long to get 100 million coins. By the way I have over 500 Belted cows on my farm now.

  97. nicole Says:

    Seriously what is up with everybody complaining if you don’t want to spend the farmville coins, or add a few neighbors then don’t whine for the expansion. If you want more pieces of land go find one of the games that does that. This is farmville its not the other games nobody wants to play every single game the exact same way.

  98. Linde Says:

    Oh yeah! More plots, more to harvest, more coins to earn, more mastery stars and more fun…!! :)

    I’m just waiting for that day Zynga do something with all coins.. like a konverter.. coins to cash! :) I would like that. a lot!

  99. max Says:

    I dont need more space, personally i dont think it´s necessary but i think it´s a nice thing to do considering they´re gonna to continue releasing stuff and there´s nowhere to place them for high level players and geez, people complained we didnt have enough space before and now you want separate farms?? it´s a freaking GAME!, if you guys don´t like it stop whining and stop playing.

  100. Jan Says:

    Virgil, good for you with the belted cows! They are by far the best investment you can buy. Each one harvests for 3,000. Harvest it outside of your dairy, put it in a ready dairy, harvest, move to the next dairy, harvest, etc. You level FAST and you earn more coin than you know what to do with. With each million you make, buy another belted cow and you’ll earn over a half million a day on your farm without stuffing the dairy. Just one belted cow is worth 18,000 a day. Think of how fast that adds up. (6 harvests, one outside of the dairy, 5 in the dairy)

  101. Dawn T Says:

    Boo only 2 measly extra spots on each side? That isn’t going to do a lot for those of us with full farms. I’ll still buy it but with all the season all items and everything else they have people upgrading we need lots more room than this. It would also be nice if the lag and bugs were fixed.

  102. Snowy1 Says:

    Yes. Don’t understand why more ppl don’t use the biggest cash crop animal on their farms to their advantage?? I don’t bother removing them from the dairy. I have 39 in one dairy, I harvest it for 115000, then I move in about 18 ready bulls (cows work too, they just don’t give you calves) one at a time (remove the last bull, put in another) and make around 3 million dollars a day easy peazy!!! This has enabled me to go from level 85 to 99 and scream past a lot of my neighbours in a matter of weeks, I have all the expensive coin buildings (5 mil mansion), animals (goat, pig phesant) and the cattail pond and have now run out of things to buy just in time for the expansion and reaching level 100!!!

  103. NicoleBreedsHorses Says:

    #12 Michelle i agree with you too

    And Yes cant wait until new expansion ill have more space for my horses and all my christmas items
    Its Such a Tease that they might come out with the expanding around christmas and have you blow out your coins on really nice things .my farm has tons of space but id like more for my xmas items Cant Wait .
    Lets All Just Hope That They Dont Take Thier Sweet Time On This .


  104. kssim Says:

    plzz send to farm expand 28×28

  105. Maggie Says:

    I have a 22×22 and am trying to expand to 24×24. I have the coins and enough neighbors, but when I click on “buy” it says “You have to purchase the null option first.” This has been going on since the market was introduced. What is the “null option?” no smaller sizes appear in my market box, and heck, I already have the 22×22. Thanks for any input!

  106. santopaulus Says:

    how to get it now???????? send me url,pleaase

  107. debra Says:

    i need more room now i thought if you got 1million in cash your farm was expanded automatically i swear i saw it but i quess it was a dream

  108. Mike Says:

    Is there ever going to be an option to cash in coins for fv cash? This would be very helpful.

  109. Petunia Pig Says:

    With this expansion maybe they should also start thinking about downsizing some of the items on the farms. Make the nursery barn a little smaller, make everything a bit smaller…that would make the expansion go even farther.

  110. D-Rek Says:

    YOU FOOLS! HEHE, today there is 40% off in the market. All of you looking to save 5 MILLION coins are very foolish! Might as well take advantage, spend 12 bucks and save yourself a week er two of saving! I have 668 plots right now! Can’t wait to get an additional 110!! BTW! LAND EXPANSIONS HAVE COST, 40, 60, 80 FC. Guess how much the next will be?? Probably 100 FC and a hugemongerous pain relief trying to save coins AND add friends!! Take advantage today!!

  111. Hannah Says:

    I don’t understand the belted cow thing – the calves don’t go into the nursery & don’t grow up, so how do you get more cows [apart from buying them]?

  112. Brad Says:

    The expansion boxes have now appeared on the edge of the farm. Takes you to an empty link in the market though. :-(

    I guess this is gonna be rolled out in the next few days. Not too worried about how many coins it is going to be set at. Got 11.5m to spend at the mo.

  113. Brad Says:

    oooh, naughty Zynga!!!

    The box grid disappeared when I refreshed the farm. Must be in the process of testing it out.

  114. Thomas Says:

    Thank you! Finally. And I am prepared for this one with 1.8 Billion coins, and 300 neighbors so nothing will stop me! HA!

  115. Gamad Says:


    It glitched to my farm a few min ago… :)

    So, 28X28 expention is really almost here!!!

    My farm hads a new 2 rows grid for a few moments but it vanished now
    when I clicked the new area it opened the expend farm tab in the market

    Can’t wait for the real thing!!!

  116. Steed Says:

    The 28X28 expansion has been released. It costs 120 FarmVille cash and a the price in coins it says TBD (to be determined).

  117. Connie Says:

    I’ve had my expansion now for five hours … yeah baby!

  118. lyda Says:

    i would like to know how much coin it going to cost. when are we going to get expandtion on turkey and pig barns? when are we going to barn from the rest of our animals?

  119. Boris Says:

    Why I am not seeing a expansion for myself?

  120. deepanshu Says:

    what will it cost

  121. leasea Says:

    well at least we know the expansion will cost over 2 million

  122. FV FREAK SURYA Says:

    I have abt 215 neighbors
    dunno if enough cuz I hv very less coins
    abt 1 million only

  123. superyax Says:

    Not only 4,000,000 coins but also extra neighbours forcing players to ask their friends who do not play FarmVille to sign up. THIS IS A STEP TOO FAR Zynga. Reward your loyal fans don’t force us to pester our friends.

  124. Dina Says:

    I would love to expand my farm. I added the friends required I save the cash, AND NOW AS PER USUSAL FARMVILLE IS PLAYING GAMES AGAIN. I cannot find the expand in my market box it has VANISHED. and guess what?????????? once AGIAN for the umpteen time all my buildings has vanished as well. This does not say very much for people who are supposed to keep the site in order. THIS REALLY SUCKS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS. FIX IT OR DITCH IT COMPLETELY FROM FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!