FarmVille 7-Eleven Uber Gift Promotion – 200 FV$!

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FarmVille 7-Eleven Uber Gift Promotion – 200 FV$!

Posted on May 21, 2010 3:52 pm by FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer

The 7-Eleven FarmVille Zynga promotion just got a whole lot better as today it was revealed players can earn a “Über Gift” of 200 Farm Cash!

You can unlock all these ÜBER Gifts by redeeming 5-8 Buy.Earn.Play. credits as well as completing Zynga tasks. After 9 notches in your belt, you’ll unlock incredible ÜBER gifts.

FarmVille 7-Eleven Uber Gifts

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FarmVille Freak DarkFarmer's 7-11 Farm Cash Prize Screen

In order to complete an in-game Zynga task, you must satisfy the following task requirements:

From the official FAQ:

“Upon initial redemption of specially marked products for FarmVille, users unlock a limited edition Goji berry crop. Users must plant and harvest enough Goji berry crops to achieve level 3 crop mastery. Once users achieve level 3 crop mastery they will have satisfied the Zynga in-game task for FarmVille.”

So Farmers, it looks like the Codes for Donuts, Chips, Candy, Etc will actually do us good after all. They all count towards the required notches to earn Uber gifts, and we surely ALL want that 200 FV$, which may be the most valuable prize of the whole promotion!.

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474 Responses to “FarmVille 7-Eleven Uber Gift Promotion – 200 FV$!” »

  1. Emma Says:

    Just a shame these promotions are not avaliable in the UK!

  2. Juan Says:

    I want to go to there.

  3. Technic Says:

    lol you Americans! xD

    UBER/ÜBER… you like that german?^^

    I’m german…and first !? ;)

  4. Ferdy Says:

    Thats unfair for people who dont live in U.S.A, sorry for complaining

  5. thomas Says:

    for f**h sake i am english what do we get not oll them prizes and i am p**** of about it you have lost one player sorry about my language

  6. brett Says:

    this is stupid. The nearest 7-11 is 150 miles away…

  7. cash Says:

    This isn’t fair for people playing In other countries!

  8. Justin Says:

    Oh wow this is awesome. I am going to 7-11 soon!! The closest one isn’t too far….but not super close either.

  9. brooke Says:

    i actually live in the U.S and im still no where near a 7-11. people will be greedy with their codes too. sorry for complaining but this totally sucks =(

  10. Noel Says:

    I cannot believe this, I just threw away donut codes because FV freak reported they weren’t for FV…ack!!

  11. 0215esr Says:

    Mc donals would have been better, i mean every one has a mc donalds near!

  12. Kathy Says:

    I am in the us and there’s no 7-eleven anywhere close to me so I’m out.. this is not fair at all.

  13. Rob Says:

    Holy crud, this just keeps getting better and better. To all of those of you who don’t live near a 7-Eleven, my condolences. There are a lot of us who do, and for us, it’s freaking great!! 200 FV$? Are you kidding me? How awesome is that? As soon as I redeem my codes for my Ice Cream and Big Gulp, I’m back to 7-Eleven for more goodies. The only bad thing is I’m going to gain about 10 pounds because of this promotion. Guess I better stop by Target to buy some Green Giant vegetables to offset it!! Have to still check out what cool stuff I can get in Mafia Wars as well! Maybe McDonald’s will approach Zynga eventually. Remember, it’s up to the retailers to initiate the contact, not Zynga.

  14. Isabelle Hardy Says:

    pas juste pour nous les Autres!!!! (france)

  15. zak Says:

    Why can’t this happen in more than one shop. I’m sure zynga could easily get more than 1 retailer to join if they wanted to?

  16. Hazin Says:

    im american and in the heartland, yet nearest 7-11 is a 6 hour drive, they shut down here like 10 years ago :(


  17. AM Says:

    It’s not just other countries missing out.. Lots of states in the US don’t have 7-11s. The nearest one is not even a consideration to drive to. :(

  18. Cinda Says:

    They should help out those of us nowhere near a 7-11.

    Something.. anything.. ?

  19. Patrice Keeton Says:

    well nice for those who live in big cities in the US. I live 4 hrs way from the nearest 7-11. Maybe I should just stop playing the zynga games. Any opportunities in the game should be made available one way or the other to all players.

  20. Vix Says:

    Ya I totally agree it’s not fair for people that live in other contries if it’s only in the US. I’m really close the the US border and the nearest 7-11 is still like two hours away! Not fair at all!!!

  21. Erik Says:

    Although Zanga says promotions available in Canada…there is no 7-11 in the community i live…there are very few left in Canada what so ever…i think this is a very shady promotion as it is basically limited to American users…


  22. Joanne Says:

    To be fair to ALL players more stores should be included in this..ones that would be universal. I grew up with a 7-Eleven right around the corner but now I couldn’t tell you where the nearest one is, so what good does this promotion do me?

  23. Sheila Says:

    I live in Canada and find that Farmville is being completely unfair towards anyone outside the US. We play the game and would like to participate in the contests as well . Has there ever been any explanation as to why this is not open to everyone?

  24. Cathy Says:

    I also think, it’s not fair to people, living outside the US. A game like this must have rules and prizes, that are eligible and good for all players in the same way. If not, it’s kind of unfair. Maybe there will be an 7-11 online store for players outside the US, who can this way get codes in any form too?

  25. NorwayFarmer Says:

    can someone please be kind to me and send me some of the codes to me??
    I really want to have the 200 FV$. I live in Norway, and i don’t think they sell there zynga marked products here :( :( so please someone, be kind :)

  26. nightblue Says:

    we dont have that where i live, so unfair

  27. Angel Says:

    This is not fair for people who don’t have 7-Eleven in their town! An I’m in America!!!! I would love to be able to play.

  28. Jackie Woodie Says:

    Not everyone in the US has a Seven-11 by them!! Arkansas, USA doesn’t have Seven-11, going to see if I can get a family member in California to collect these items for me!

  29. Pam Says:

    so how much real cash is this costing? can’t you buy 200 fv’s for less than 7-11 ? i bet ya can, so it is something to think about if you don’t buy their stuff and or live out of the country? think about,

  30. piper38 Says:

    I live in a small town in Alberta Canada. We have 2 7/11 stores in town, but guess what, the promotion is only in the U.S.A. I will probably be the next person who leaves Farmville, as like the others, this is a totally unfair practice. Oh, and by the way, the green giant products are also available in my local grocer, but also are not included in the promotion. So as far as I am concerned this whole thing stinks to high heaven. If you are going to run something like this it should be made avaulable to all, not just the chosen few.

  31. bob Says:

    All you non-us people shut up already. Zynga got a lot of loot to do the 7-11 promo. Maybe if your cheap ass countries would pony up soon cash, you’d get some of this. Otherwise grow up and shut up. Bottom line, Zynga is promoting with whoever is paying. Obviously, your countries aren’t paying. Deal with it.

  32. nancy mechler Says:

    i would help my neighbors who could not get to an 7-11 all that i would want back is the funds i put out to get their codes so i think people like me would help others

  33. Dina Kocsa Says:

    I still have 7-11 codes for the farmville high dive…..I am looking for cash items

  34. nanda Says:

    Well we all have American friends playing this game so be nice and ask for the codes, some might ask for the cash to buy them…but if you live in America you will also have to pay cash for them…so? if some one asks for the same amount of cash payed at 7 eleven…I would gladly pay it!
    Have in mind that you need to know this friend… don’t go just handing out cash!!!.

    And we do not have to live in America to get the codes! so enjoy the game and ask your friends!

  35. Dina Kocsa Says:

    $200 farmcash would cost you about $30

  36. Becky Says:

    I live in the USA and i think it is totally unfair period. If they are gonna do this for some it ought to be where EVERYONE can win. Zynga needs to play fair !!!!!!!!!!

  37. Sherri Says:

    It is not fair for most the United States. I checked, almost all the 7-11′s are in the Northeast! There needs to be a promotion similar to this for those of us not lucky enough to live near a 7-11.

  38. Pam Says:

    ok, went and looked on the site to buy fv’s $40.00 gets you 240 fv’s , how much would you spend buying all that stuff and the time and gas used??????? hmmmmmm think hard

  39. thomas Says:

    How, people not in the USA, stop your whining!!! The nearest 7-11 for us is plenty of states away. Zynga has really F’d up on this one! It’s not fair to so many of us. Many have quit playing already. Many more will quit because of this…

  40. Dina Kocsa Says:

    I will be getting other codes on Monday – i have over 20 7-11′s within 10 mile radius of where i live and i have 5 managers calling me as soon as their shipments come in…….I’m willing to trade with those that don’t have 7-11′s near them…..

  41. Tady Says:

    What´s with us german players?
    We don´t habe 7eleven stores in Germany…..

  42. thomas Says:

    Hey* sorry

  43. judy Says:

    I live in America — but am not near any 7/11s nor near any Targets. Even if they choose McD’s, as suggested above, the nearest one is about an hour away! Come on Zygna, this is a worldwide game. Use things that are easily available worldwide to everyone.

  44. Patty Says:

    There was an article on Farmville Freak earlier this week that they were going to do something to help all of us who didn’t have 7-Eleven’s. Has anyone heard any more about that?

  45. Naughty Farm Girl Says:

    I dont live anywhere near a 7-11 either … I am going to have to take a freaking road trip I guess to try to get some codes or maybe my friends and family will take pity on me and help me out. The 200 FV$ is nice but I really want those moo cows and the trees… the other stuff would be nice just to have since its limited time/

    It does suck that this is only at 7-11 really unfair to players that don’t have those stores near them. I have suggested McDonalds I dont know how many times they even have those in Japan! but noooooooooooo gotta be 7-11!

  46. thomas Says:

    You people trying to rationalize whether it’s worth it to go to 7-11s (IF YOU HAVE THEM NEAR YOU!!!,) is DUMB!!! Buying a drink, ice cream etc. and getting codes is totally different from being stupid and wasting money straight up and buying fv cash. Dumb.. dumb.. dumb people!!!

  47. Heather Says:

    Yeah I am sad that I won’t be able to take part in this promotion. There are no 7-11′s in my state and the closest 7-11 to me is over 9 hours away.
    I hope everyone enjoys this promotion that is able to take part in it.

  48. Bri Says:

    does anyone know if this promo is available in canada cause i phoned my local seven eleven and they havent gotten any stock yet and dont know if they other question is by the time you buy all this junkfood from sev wouldnt it just be cheaper and easier to just fork out the money for 200 Farm Cash??

  49. Rob Says:

    To those of you not near 7-Elevens, I just saw on Ebay that people are already selling the codes. The most common one is the Big Gulp for the high dive cow, the selling prices are between $3.00 and $5.00, or the equivalent of about 25 FV$, which seems about right for this item. There’s some dope trying to sell their Neapolitan Cow code for $19.99, good luck with that one. As time goes on, I will be more than happy to help people with codes who want specific items. Will trade for FV premium items that you can buy and gift to me. This promotion is scheduled to run until December 31, so there is plenty of time.

  50. Helen Says:

    Irs unfair and i think Fv should be ashamed its discrimination its not only Americans who play Fv you know and for that reason they should have done something for those outside the 7-11 area’s of America for all there other loyal fans outside the USA who have made them what they are ITS NOT FAIR !!!!

    Have a good weekend from sunny SCOTLAND !!!!

  51. Lola Says:

    Everyone should send Zynga an email listing their nearest Target/7-11 locations just to show them how many people they’re NOT REACHING with these terrible promotions.

  52. Denise Says:

    Where does it say anything about codes for donuts, chips, and candy???? Do these have FV logos on them?

  53. atatboy Says:

    Boo Hoo get over it!

  54. JC Says:

    It also isn’t fair to those of who are diabetics!! I like the McDonald’s angle.

  55. Dianne1220 Says:

    Oh come on people – Y’all sounds like a bunch of whiny kids …” its not FAIR!!” “I can’t get free fake $ for my fake farm – booo hooo”
    I’m sure Zynga will not cry if you quit playing their game because of this. Sour grapes don’t taste good at all! I must have 10 7-11 within a 6 mile radius of me, and I couldn’t care less about it. Yes I like FV but please, get a life…

  56. pipwizard Says:

    grrr i lurv the usa but ffs come on dudes give us uk and all other country a break.

  57. Stephanie Says:

    Just an FYI to people – Go search in Ebay for the keyword Farmville….

    You will find lots of people on there selling stuff.

  58. Margo Says:

    Got my big splash today ansd it rocks. cant wait to get the other stuff and i will get the 200 fv cah. this is so awesome.

  59. dee Says:

    you can buy the codes on then just type the codes in for people who dont live near a 7-11 or in the UK

  60. MooMooMoo Says:

    Boo hoo, the cereal with the best toys inside is not available locally. Boo hoo. I never got a Dick Tracy decoder ring when I was small. Boo hoo hoo. Believe I got over that when James Bond became popular.

    For those of you without 7-11 stores convenient to you, please stop whining. You are expending a lot of energy that could be put to the better purpose of obtaining the codes. I am certainly not inclined to assist crybabies or relentless nags. Why don’t you approach your FV neighbors and see if you can work something out.

    Which product or combination of products unlocks the Goji Berry crop? I didn’t see that in the article. Thank you.

  61. MTMm Says:

    I’ve already redeemed 4 codes!

  62. Lillianne Says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I’m saving all my money for this promotion!!!! :) :D :P

  63. Rob Says:

    I don’t think that the donuts, chips, hot coffee, etc. count towards Farmville credits. If you look at the prizes for Mafia Wars and Yoville, you will see that there are specific prizes for those items in those games. FYI, I redeemed my Big Gulp code, I had a generic cup with a Zynga code, not FV specific, and it allowed me the opportunity to choose my game (assuming this will hold for the Slurpees as well). Exciting stuff!! The big splash cow high dive is cool, but is very big, I’m not sure I will even have room for it on my farm. I have the Neapolitan cow in my dairy farm. Waiting for my broccoli to be done around 8:00 and will be planting my goji berries which are now unlocked. I have 525 crop squares on my farm, so I should get the mastery with just one round. If my local 7-Elevens have the other items in stock, hopefully I will have my 200FV$ by tomorrow.

  64. Margo Says:

    Rob the promotion ends july 15 so dont give people wrong date. it right on the site where you put your in under faq.

  65. Cynthia Says:

    Well, this would be totally awesome if i actually lived near a 7-eleven. The closest one is about 70 miles away and if I was going to spend all that gas money going down there i could just use it and buy 310 fv cash for 55 bucks. I wish Gate Stores would approach Zynga because they are popping up everywhere!

  66. ReginaAgricola Says:

    so how do you unlock the goji berries? can the codes be shared?

  67. LT Says:

    Yay! I just redeemed my codes and got 3 neopolitan cows!…. going to 7-11 again in a sec to get more stuff! I’m so glad that 7-11 is just 5 min walk from my house =D

  68. JasonW Says:

    Well, the two 7-11s in town only have a small number of the promotion items available. Also, the codes on the ice cream are in a terrible dot-based font that is rather difficult to read, and I haven’t been able to get it to accept the code. They are also right on the bottom of the ice cream container, so anyone could just look at it.. write it down or snap a picture, and steal the code without purchasing. Maybe that’s why it won’t take my code, someone already did that. Who knows.

    Anyway, I did successfully enter the candy and donut codes, but they are for yoville, which I don’t play or have any interest in. So far, redeeming those 2 hasn’t triggered the Goji Berries to even show up as a seeding option in farmville.

  69. Jane Says:

    Holy crap, glad I went ahead and bought those chips and donuts, then!

  70. DisneyFanatic.Adri Says:

    Please help me…I have a Slurpee Code and it keeps telling me it is invalid. Can anyone help see what I am doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;p

  71. DisneyFanatic.Adri Says:

    I purchased an ice cream and redeemed the code and it stated my cow would be in my box. It was but I got a Brown Cow and not a Neapolitan Cow as it said on my redemption screen :(

  72. airedale1 Says:

    Well – how about we start our own movement??? Can’t we pull together and “donate” a code or two here, and let people who don’t have the opportunity at least have a chance at something?? There should be some humane way to do this, eh???

  73. Rob Says:

    @Margo – sorry my bad, the codes can be redeemed until December 31, I was wrong about that being the end date of the promotion.

    The great news is however that every code can be used twice! On two different accounts! So to those of you bitching and moaning about how unfair this is, instead of showing all of this immaturity, selfishness and anger, why don’t you be nice to some of your friends and neighbors who do have access to 7-Eleven and maybe they will be nice enough to share some codes with you. I have a lot of friends and neighbors in Europe that I will gladly share codes with – especially now that I see I have two available. I would never, ever share a code with someone who is whining and complaining about how unfair it is.

  74. Meeelis Says:


  75. deb Says:

    be careful about trying to redeem codes in countries other than canada and the US, it does mention something in the FAQ’s on the site about that…….

    anyhow. i tried to redeem and my f’n code didn’t even work . now i am really mad.

  76. GinsengSullivan Says:

    i an to dots away from getting the uberd bonus….i have a gift card that will complete all the dots…do i redeem the card on or farmville ? if anyone knows please post ty everyone

  77. JasonW Says:

    Rob, where did you get the information that you can enter the codes twice? I just tried it, and it doesn’t work – it tells you that it’s already been redeemed.

  78. alex Says:

    @Rob, If you’d like to trade some foals (percheron,clydesdale,pinto,appaloosa, and white stallion) for some of the codes I’d love to do that!!! My farmville name is alexandra defoucault (its a picture of a girl holding a yellow lab puppy) Add me with a message saying why your adding me (so i know who it is) and we can message the details.

  79. Lola Says:

    I don’t think that Farmville/ Zynga has ever done a promotion like this before. They are a relatively new company in the sense of market cross promotion. They are obviously going to go a promotion of this sort in their home country before they do it for the entire world. They are gonna walk before they run. Yeah, its unfair. But whos saying there will NEVER be a promotion like this for ALL Zynga users? No one. Stop complaining about it. They are an AMERICAN based company.

    There is alot of dope shit that comes out in Europe/other countries that I wish I could get, but I just cant get the items in Los Angeles. I don’t complain about it, I just deal with it. I wait my turn for expansion.

  80. Lanny Gilbert Says:

    Slurpee cups have the wrong sticker on them and I have sent 2 emails to Farmville Freak and no response. I went to 7-11 and they said they will be good but they do not work. They sticker say’s to go to and if you type in the code you get 5 points. I’m sure we will here shortly. PS all the Slurpee cups on Ebay have the code also.

  81. Rob Says:

    @JasonW – we saw it at – you have to use it on two different user IDs, you can’t use it twice yourself, but if your wife or someone else also plays, it should work, we have done it with four different codes so far.

    @Alex – I’ll be in touch, always looking for neighbors to swap rare items – I still need a Clydsedale foal, and the pink/purple pony foals. I have a bunch of rare cows (kelly green, pink patch, etc.) so I’m sure I could help you with those down the line as well. Thanks!!

    Anyone having trouble getting the codes right – the fonts are terrible, and those “V”‘s you see are probably actually “W”‘s.

  82. Lanny Gilbert Says:

    Also the code is good for 2 diffrent accounts, you can’t post a free one but you can send one to a friend.

  83. MooMooMoo Says:

    Hold it everyone!

    I just read ALL the fine print at

    You must log in with Facebook to enter the product codes. They are valid ONLY for US and Canada residents.

    Turning in 8 codes for the same product and mastering goji berries will not get you an Uber Prize. You must enter codes for different products to total 9. As there are only 6 Farmville products and the goji berry mastery (in-game task), it appears that one will have to purchase a Game Card at 7-11 in order to get the 200 FV Dollars.

    Good luck.

  84. Rob Says:

    @MooMooMoo – I took it that you just need to buy any 6-8 products and do 1-3 tasks (depending on how many products you buy) to unlock all three uber gifts. I may be wrong, but I think if you bought the seven Farmville specific items (you reference 6 in your post, but there are 7), and then bought any one item from the Mafia Wars or Yoville collection, and did the Goji Berry mastery, then you would get all three uber gifts. I should have an answer for everyone on this tomorrow one way or the other, items permitting at my local 7-Elevens, I have my Goji Berries planted and they will be ready by noon EDT tomorrow, I have planted enough where I can get the mastery straight away. Will keep you all posted. No, I’m not too obsessed with this, am I?

  85. Robyn Says:

    anyone else having trouble with ice cream codes not working?

  86. Scott Says:

    I’ve never seen more whiny, crying little children. go ahead take your ball and go home. sorry life’s not fair get over it!

  87. Vicky Says:

    There haven’t been any 7-11 stores in our area in years. Why couldn’t they have done this will a store that is nationwide (Target, Walmart, etc.). There has to be a way that this would be available to ALL Farmville players.

  88. Colin Says:

    This is pretty cool, I have like 10 7-11′s in my city.. and a few targets!

  89. 206tammy Says:

    I was able to enter the Ice Cream codes twice, on 2 different accts and it worked.

    I got the 32 OZ Slurpee with the Farmville picture on it, and the code isn’t for the Farmville game. Instead the sticker says redeem code at And the code doesn’t work at Very deceiving.. lol (totally my fault for not reading b4 buying)

  90. Jane Says:

    Please tell me how to read these damned ice cream codes.

    Oh, and I got candy and more chips and donuts today. YAY!

    Sad we can’t share with those out of the country, but that’s good to know now, instead of later.

  91. JasonW Says:


    I did try to redeem the code on two different facebook accounts, for the item I entered, the Donuts (which, btw, if a youville promotion, not farmville) is not able to be redeemed twice. So perhaps the double redemption only applies to the farmville items.

    Alas, it seems my local 7-11s don’t have any of the Farmville stuff ready, except for 2 of the farmville ice creams in the freezer – and my code for that isn’t working. Though, I dropped by again just recently and they have tons of boxes out and are restocking items, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

  92. MTM Says:

    The Slurpee codes, that say for are redeemable for

    I redeemed it already for my slide

  93. Jane Says:

    You can apparently get locked out if you try to redeem a code 15 times (oh EFFING ice cream codes), so now I’m stuck. I have no idea how many times I tried to redeem that one. :/

  94. WeirdJedi Says:

    *Grabs some popcorn* You know… not everyone can participate in this promotion. *munch* I mean look at me *crunch crunch*. I live in the USA and would have to cross states to buy an item. No need to yell at non-USA members.

    No need for such hostility. *Flicks a kernel* You would be complaining too if it was a non-USA promotion only event.

  95. Sharon Says:

    Does anyone know how to decipher the ice cream codes. I have one letter that looks like it could be an M, H, or W and another that looks like a Capital U with a squiggle under it. No combination of these have worked. Has anyone had the same problem and gotten it right. Please help.

  96. Cyanyde Says:

    It really sucks that y’all can’t pick a place for this promotion that everyone can have access to, like something online!!!

  97. ria Says:

    it sucks that fv is ignoring players that have no way of getting these promos….i live here in the states and the nearest 7-11 is 6 hrs away. luckily i have friends who are generous enough to help if i asked them but unfortunately rob, there are many, many ppl who do not…..

  98. 206tammy Says:

    Ok, lol, disregard my post on the slurpee.. I had to enter the code with the dashes. :)

  99. Monkey Poodle Says:

    Would anyone be will to email me a code for the neopolitan cow? I like collectin the cows :) If you would my address is stardolldrawingcomp @ yahoo. co. nz (without the spaces) this would be very great thanks!

  100. Lanny Gilbert Says:

    Has anyone gotten the slurpee code to work? I have tried putting dashes in and everything. I went to and got 5 points. What’s up, please tell dummy me how to do it.

  101. jenn Says:

    someone from Miami who can tell me in what 7-Eleven store I can find FV stuff??? Today I went to 3 stores and nothing

  102. farmer Says:

    people complaining need to shut up.

  103. Sharon Says:

    I unlocked the ice cream code!!!! the U with the squiggle under it is a W. hope this helps.

    to 206Tammy, Where did you enter Slurpee codes? It didn’t work at I just got slurpee nation points. At BuyEarnPlay…It didn’t take my code (with or without the dashes) Any help from someone who has mastered this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  104. Rob Says:

    Hit four 7-Elevens tonight, the only new item I came up with was an Iced Coffee cup. No Slurpee cups yet, all of them still have hundreds of Iron Man cups they have to get through. No sign of the fresh food either with the FV labels (sandwiches/fruit) or the bottled water. Guessing those will start to arrive during the week. The best news I saw was that one of the 7-Elevens has a special where you get a free Big Gulp with any cold sandwich purchase, so that will be double prizes for the cost of a sandwich. I’ve never eaten a sandwich from 7-Eleven in my life, and I’m not sure I want to start.

  105. Robyn Says:

    whoever posted the V’s try them as W’s THANK YOU
    my code worked after i did this, appreciate it.

  106. OldFarmer Says:

    Farmville should not do promotions that exist only in certain countries. This game for the international, in Indonesia there is no 7-11, so it is recommended that promotion could be done by everyone in various countries. so that all users can feel the reward Farmville

  107. TorontoFarmer Says:

    “people complaining need to shut up.” So that’s not a complaint farmer?

  108. piber Says:

    where can i fund that kind of seeds ???

  109. farmer Says:

    no you idiot, its a command

  110. Vanessa Says:

    The codes under the Ice Cream are the WORST!! They are the hardest to ready. V is actually W, M is actually a N. Took me over 20 mins., then I decided to do it in lower camps, then it worked. I finally got my Neop. Cow & access to Goji Berries.

  111. jennifer Says:

    How do type in the icecream code? are they M’s, N’s or H’s?!! hahaha

  112. brighteyes00 Says:

    I think they probably would love to do promotions w/ mcdonald’s and/or more global promotions, but they have to prove themselves first. The 7-eleven promo is a big deal – especially since farmville is a “free” game. Other companies will be more interested once they see that this promo raised sales and brought in more revenue. Until then the bigger companies aren’t going to waste their time.

  113. Nebu Says:

    I found the big gulp, slurpee, and the generic donuts. The mistake I made was getting 3 slurpees and 2 donuts thinking they would count toward the 9 items. Instead it’s just 1 UNIQUE item.

    What items are there besides the regular ones?

    DONUTS, Slurpee, Water, Big Gulp, Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, Fruit, Sandwich (8 items)

    So there’s chips and candy too? Their web page doesn’t describe all of the items.

  114. Anne Says:

    So excited that the codes work for 2 accounts! Got the big gulp and the ice cream and I was able to redeem both on two different accounts. Tomorrow I will be going back to hunt for the rest! Did anyone pick up a game card? I did but there was no redemption code for this promotion. Also, good to know the items for Yoville and Mafia Wars count for the Farmville Uber gift.

  115. SuzieO Says:

    to the people who are having trouble with the ice cream codes… the first one looks like N but is really M. Also what looks like V is really a W. The first 9 or so are all the same and only the last few are different, so they all start with M. If you need more help let me know.

  116. prostitute Says:


  117. Nebu Says:

    The big gulp code doesn’t have ” – ” between the numbers. The Slurpee does. If you screw that up, the code won’t work. can someone explain all of the items on this page? What is the black triangle thing. What is the orange soda thing? What is the item right of the Big gulp?

  118. Dave Says:

    I’m having trouble with the Medium Slurpee cup too. It was accepted at for 2 slurpee reward points, but indeed the code doesn’t work at I tried it with or without the Dashes. The cup has a picture of a Farmville brown/white calf thinking about a cloud/scene showing a Pinto horse, white sheep, and brown/white cow.

  119. 206tammy Says:

    @Sharon-Go to and on right you’ll see the “Got the Code” page that takes to you I had to enter the # with dashes and it worked.

  120. Nebu Says:

    Anyone can go into 7-11, and steal most of these codes without buying them or take a picture with their camera phone. It’s low down. I’m going to go get mine before people do that.

  121. Nebu Says:

    I just went to my 7th, 7-11. (Irvine/Lake Forrest California)

    Most of the items you’re looking for were already in the 7-11 a while back. What you’re looking for is a little sticker on the items that says “ENTER YORU CODE AT:…”

    7-11 Select Chips (has a little black sticker), $0.79, there’s tons of different flavors
    7-11 Kettle Style Popcorn, $0.79

    As far as your progress goes, both of the above only count as ONE unique item. So I got burned on that purchase. It only gave me credit for one.

    The Iced Coffee Cups are CLEAR with no markings except a code on the side of it and another printed “Enter your code at.” on the side of the cup. I passed by them 6 different stores before I pulled one out and found this nearly hidden code. Also the D’s look like O’s or 0′s on them. So try a D if the code doesn’t work.

    7-11 Select ORANGE soda which becomes Yoyoville soda.
    7-11 Select Vanilla Ice Cream which becomes Farmville Ice Cream. (no luck findin these)

    The hardest things to find I’d say are the Ice Cream and the Big Gulp Cups. The Big Cup Cups are special plastic ones that were previously IRONMAN. They only had about 6 of them out.

    if you claim multiple items like the Slurpees or the Big Gulps, you get another copy of the item. So I ended up with 3 sheep slides for 3 slurpees (not knowing only 1 counted toward the 9).

    The BERRIES you have to plant totally stink graphicswise. It’s nearly impossible to tell based on the graphic if it’s planted or not. i sat there 45 mins going over every plot and finding ones that weren’t planted. The only indicator is tiny little seeds or mouse over.

    I talked to the guy and he said he’s getting more stuff in after a WEEK. He said they’ll have big displays that are farmville themed and he’ll have big stickers/signs for the store.

  122. John Michael Sestoso Says:

    these promotions are not aviable in singapore yes there is so many 7 eleven store here but it looks like the Codes for Donuts, Chips, Candy, slurpes etc.. are not aviable i got ashame,, the one i asked in 7 eleven got shocked, and i got ashame. F**K! sorry for my bad english..

  123. aisfoi Says:

    @ Nebu

    Like iTunes gift cards, the card is not redeemable until you purchase it. People aren’t that stupid, unlike you for thinking they are.

  124. aln Says:

    I’d be happy to share codes with anyone who doesnt have access to them. If you have rare foals or calves to give in return that’d be great. add me :
    I do feel bad about buying all this food and then tossing it out after i get the codes, but i cant be eating all this junk :p

  125. Farmer Nando Says:

    Im so lucky to be in dallas i could just walk to my 7-11 and they are almost in every other block :P

  126. lyn Says:


  127. Kossty Says:

    There is no need to be rude with those people who are upset about not being able buy these products. Easy to say “shut up and stop whining” if you can purchase 7-eleven stuff.
    Farmers all around the world spend real money to buy farmcash, which makes Zynga a bigger and of course financially working company. So these people at least have the right so express if they feel it’s unfair.
    Hopefully if this promotion works other international companies will team up with Zynga.

  128. lilly-ella Says:

    Would love to get some codes at least the cow to complete my collection. As I´m outside the US there´s no chance to get them myself. Maybe anyone wanna trade for foals (breed all of them) or new eggs? Please let me know.

    @Rob: Would be grateful if you could add me, too. Could trade for the foals you´re missing. Thank you! Hope you can leave a message, as I wouldn´t want to post my profile link for everyone to see.

  129. Robert N. Says:

    For all you no US/Canadian players: The codes will work outside the US and Canada. I just sent two codes(cow and big splash) to a friend in India and he now has both on his Farm. He’s been very helpful in producing LE foals and calf and was thrilled when he got these. OHH and yes the codes can be redeemed twice as I sent him the same code I used. Good Luck and Happy hunting.

  130. Daniel Says:

    I just got back from my three local 7-Elevens. They basically had every Zynga item in stock, except the fruit cup and sandwiches. I guess I’ll check for the fruit again next week.

  131. mdconcreter code carrier Says:

    well i am sure those of us fortunate enough to get these codes and products as fellow farmers are always will to co-operate with fellow farmers! i know of a site that has been started to trade this stuff on and i live smack dab in the middle the heart land of 7-11 country

  132. Tady Says:

    It´s so unfair!
    I´m living in Germany.
    We don´t have 7eleven´s here.
    Why we can´t get this nice things????

  133. Cindy Says:

    Come on Zynga what about everyone else that doesnt have access to 7-11. We want these things as well. TOTALLY SUCKS

  134. Jay Says:

    the nearest 7-11 is 180 miles away :( it would be nice if it was close

  135. Andrew Howell Says:

    Luck me i am surrounded by 7/11′s but none of mine have the stuff in yet

  136. davy Says:

    no. 100 107 (FARMER) YOU,VE GOT A BIG MOUTH!!!

  137. geo Says:

    Im so sad that i cant take 200 farm cash i want them so bad but i live in greece there arent 7-11 here grrrrrr :((( :@@@

  138. Deneib Says:


    i always buy 7-11 Gulp and slurpee but here in the philippines there are no codes >=(

  139. margriet Says:

    Wow…… I just tried it….and I have a Napolitain cow!!! Cool!!! So This als works outside the US

  140. Sc Says:

    This promotion is completely bias. There are many areas in the USA that have no 7-11 and it also isn’t fair to those players who live in other countries. A promotion should be open to ALL PLAYERS and not select ones. For those of us who do not live anywhere’s near a 7-11 and/or who live in other countries and play this game should have another opportunity to get the same rewards. FAIR IS FAIR. Good grief even MacDonald’s, Burger King, etc. have a greater market than 7-11. Whoever decided to make this promotion available only to select players should either rethink the fairness of this promotion or offer another opportunity to the rest of the players with the same reward.

  141. Jennifer Says:

    I have purchased 2 FM ice creams this week and the codes haven’t even worked. I didn’t even want the ice cream, just the code. I had to write them and now I am out money and sitting here waiting to hear back. It sucks.

  142. DJ Says:

    Must be nice to live near a 7-11…

  143. Nancy Says:

    Seriously, what’s up with the slurpee codes? It wouldn’t take mine at Buy.Earn.Play (with or without dashes). So I went to and it gave me 5 points but no credit toward the Uber Gift. I’m feeling very ripped off right now.

    No luck finding the sandwiches, water or fruit cups here.

    If I buy things that don’t have farmville prizes, do they still count toward my Uber Gift?

  144. Farmer Suz Says:

    I feel sorry for the people who live in places that don’t have 7-11. I hope Zynga comes up with an alternative for you like buying something online.

  145. disconnect Says:

    That’s not fair ..

  146. loulou Says:

    I need help getting these items I would like to get all items and uber gifts if anyone can help add me and inbox me. I will exchange farmcash items equal to the amount of the codes or if you have ideas please let me know.

  147. Sherry Says:

    I live 165 miles from a 7-11 and am hearing that people are just taking pictures of the codes. Some of the things that Zynga does is not fair to alot of people, just like having to play mafia wars to get a tractor. If they are going to do this it should be for everyone.

  148. MARUSHAN Says:


  149. Erin Says:

    Sorry Europeans, you can purchase all of the codes you want off of E-Bay, but the promotion is only valid with in the States, read the terms and conditions. You all may want to save those Euors for Greece anyways, looks like they need it!

  150. dee Says:

    too bad we live in an area where there aren’t any 7-eleven stores

  151. AB Says:

    If you live in Minnesota, there is ONE store for the whole state. If you live near Brainerd (some little town) go for it, otherwise, don’t bother getting excited about this.

  152. ashiq Says:

    im getting this stuff hopefully cos im trading with someone :D

  153. Simon Says:

    i wonder if, when this promotion is finished with 7-11, and it wouldnt affect 7-11′s deal, whether Zynga might release some of these items to buy with farmcash on the market as im sure theyre fully aware how unhappy people without a 7-11 nearby will be.
    I’m in the U.K…its a longshot, but if any generous people would like to trade me a 7-11 code, spesh the Neo Cow…i’d happily offer you foals and treasured eggs in return

    People on e-bay are charging equiv of $8 bucks for a code, which is pretty bad profiteering considering thats almost triple what the item in store cost them, let alone the code

  154. gili Says:


  155. Massimiliano Sabaini Says:

    Speriamo sia vero

  156. Miss Conservative Says:

    Mine did not work either because the type was so bad on the packaging that I thought what I was seeing were “v”s, but they were “w”s.
    Try replacing letters that could be poorly printed and keep trying until it works.
    That’s what I did and it finally worked.
    Can’t believe they made the codes that hard to decipher…

  157. Rob Says:

    @JasonW – you are right, we bought some donuts today and cheddar cheese popcorn, and those codes were only good once each. But we also bought three more ice creams and two big gulps and all of those we could use twice, so it looks as if in fact, only the Farmville codes are good twice.

    Got my Goji Berries mastery today as well, and I actually ended up with two mastery signs. I put one on my farm right after I got it, and when I went back to my farm just now, there was another one in my gift box. Still no sign of slurpee cups, bottled water, sandwiches or fruit. But I completed the Mafia Wars 7-11 collection, so I now have 7 of 9 stamps on my card toward earning the Uber bonus!!

  158. prakash Says:

    hi… i need farm cash for sure… how can i get after i promote this advertise… pls say

  159. SuzieO Says:

    Aisfoi Says:
    Posted on May 22nd, 2010 at 3:21 am
    @ Nebu

    Like iTunes gift cards, the card is not redeemable until you purchase it. People aren’t that stupid, unlike you for thinking they are

    Maybe you are the stupid one… they are NOT like ITunes and redeemable when you purchase! They are rung up just like any other item that you buy at 7-11 and you can steal the codes without buying them. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you call people names.

  160. SuzieO Says:

    Jennifer, post 141 – if you use a magnifying glass u will see that the first letter is M and what looks like a V or a U is a W… try it again using these letters.

  161. Miss Conservative Says:

    SLURPEES – it is only the premium 32oz slurpee that gives you a farmville prize – if the sticker on it doens’t tell you to go to buyearnplay .com it will NOT work.

  162. Rob Says:

    I don’t think you can steal the FV gift card codes without buying them. The only reason I say this is that the card is multi-demoniational, either $10 or $25, you have to tell the cashier how much you want. I have purchased two so far, one for $10, and one for $25, they were the exact same card, hanging on the exact same hook, but when I went to redeem the code, it sure knew that one was for $10 and the other was for $25, so something is most definitely activated at time of purchase. Have some of you stolen these cards and are speaking from experience? Otherwise, please explain to me that if you can steal the codes, how would Zynga know if it was a $25 or a $10 purchase when you went to redeem it?

  163. Miss Conservative Says:

    My big gulp and icecream codes worked on two farms : )
    You can use each code twice : )
    But the donut one only worked on one

  164. Vezok Says:

    I’m not a big complainer, but this is totally unfair.
    I live in the UK, and there are NO 7 Elevens here. Me, and lots of other players, are left out and can’t grab the chance to get exclusive prizes and 200 (!) FV$. Bad move Zynga. :(
    Hopefully they’ll team up with McDonalds next, since I have one a few minutes away from my house. :)
    Rant over.

  165. Rob Says:

    To those of you in the UK – I would trade five Neapolitan Cows for a serving of Sticky Toffee Pudding. It is the best dessert on the face of the earth, and I can not get it anywhere in the United States. Enjoy what you have – real food is better than bits on a computer!

  166. siria Says:

    someone near 7-11 let me know..!! lol ill give u my password and userrr hahahhahaha!!! not able in central america neither! :s

  167. FOOFOO Says:

    Wait so you have to buy nine different items to unlock the uber gifts? Then why does it even say you only have to redeem 6 to 8 product codes? I bought all of the items available for FV (only 3) and four other products that were for the other Zynga games. There aren’t any more items to buy :( After I finish my mastery for the Goji berries, I won’t get the 200 cash? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit ticked off.. guess I’ll have to wait a couple more weeks.

  168. callie Says:

    Does anyone know if the water, sandwich, iced coffee and fresh fruit are out yet? I checked 3 stores and was unable to find them, but I saw the chips, slurpee, big gulp and ice cream. Also, do I need 9 items to get my uber gift, or do I only need 6? I was only buying the FV stuff, but will go back and get the chips if need be to get the uber gift.

  169. John Says:

    farmville cash !

  170. 206tammy Says:

    My 32oz Slurpee has a sticker that says “Enter Your Code At:

    It worked just fine. I went to and on the right hand side there is the link to the page and I entered my code with the dashes and it worked.

    I was not able to enter my Slurpee code twice or the Donuts. Ice Cream & Big Gulp worked twice.

  171. Jason Says:


    ROFL, nice.

  172. Rob Says:

    @Callee – we got the iced coffee last night. Went to four stores and only one of them had the iced coffee cups. Still no sign of the water, sandwiches or fruit.

  173. cathy dore Says:

    does anyone know how to redeem the gift cards to get the 2 punches on the 711 card

  174. 206tammy Says:

    Just got back from 2 7-11′s and bought Chips, Candy and Game Card. I already had Slurpee, Big Gulp, & Donuts. No sign of the other items yet.. I atleast want 1 more of the Farmville prizes since I don’t play the other 2 games.

    I have 8 notches, and still need 1 more to unlock the Uber Gift. Once I master the Goji Berry’s it will unlock the Uber Gift.

    I read the rules and it says “Redeem multiple 7-Eleven product types to bring home special ÜBER gifts. You’ll need to redeem five to eight Buy.Earn.Play. credits as well as complete one to three Zynga tasks. Each 7-Eleven product is worth 1 Buy.Earn.Play credit, while a Zynga game card is worth two credits. After 9 notches in your belt, you’ll unlock 3 incredible ÜBER gifts.”

    So you can only have 5 products but you’ll have to complete all 3 tasks. I’m unsure what the other 2 tasks are though.. Probably something w/ YV & MW.

  175. SuzieO Says:

    UPDATE! You don’t have to wait for the Farmville Slurpee. I just bought one that doesn’t mention FV at all and just says “grab your code and earn rewards, find the code on the cup and enter at well I didn’t go to I went to the BuyEarnPlaydotcom (take out the dot) and entered the number and IT WORKED!! Got the slide and didn’t even get the biggest slurpee…it says size large but there were two bigger sizes and it’s not the 38oz. but you don’t have to wait for the cups with farmville on it. The slide was waiting for me in my gift box and is now on my farm.

    Those who are having problem with ice cream codes. They all start the same and the letters are all capitols.

    MX34W4 and then the rest are different. They all start with these six letters/numbers. Try it again using these. If you have trouble with the rest of the code then remember if it looks like a V it is W. If it looks like N it is M.

  176. Tammy Says:

    I bought a slurpee but the code had already been used. I’m so disappointed.

  177. Rachel Says:

    I think if I got 200 farm cash I’d have a heart attack!

  178. Ben Says:

    i buy the codes from ebay, costs 3-4 $ each code, sended per email.
    I purchased the Fun Slide and now i also can plant these berrys.
    I wait until next week when more stuff is out then i buy codes until i have the 200 FV bonus + the cool stuff :)

  179. Kristin Says:

    this is too cool for words. I’m super excited I’m going to buy everything.

    I hope I get my FV cash :)

  180. Muska Beatz Says:

    lol i have a 711 a mile away ^_^

  181. Pat Car Says:

    People, please stop complaining.

    It’s not Zynga’s fault that there is no 7-11 near you. And Zynga can’t just pick companies they wish to partner with – it doesn’t work like that.

    Bottom line, Zynga’s not being biased, they’re just working out a smart partnership deal with 7-11 which is actually very generous for players – 200 farm cash normally costs a lot of $. And if you live in the US or Canada but a 7-11 isn’t near you, just buy the codes off of ebay or get them from a friend.

  182. Amanda Says:

    I am a bit disappointed because there is no 7-11 w/i 120miles of were I stay… So I am outta luck

  183. Mars Says:

    So sad and so thirsty in Kansas……No 7-11. Can’t play the game.

  184. Susan Says:

    Its bad enough ZYNGA totally screwed up the collectibles… but… to create a part of the game where people cannot participate is really bad management.

    There are no 7-11′s within hundreds of miles from us…

    I guess Zynga doesn’t mind turning people off to playing there games….

    Our family (16 people now playing) has decided … if the collectibles are not fixed by June 1st… we are no longer playing ZYNGA games ….

    We have found a new game called Farmtown that is much much better…..

    Bad move Zynga… bad move!

  185. pafarmgirl Says:

    Ok, here’s my experience so far….I have 2 facebook accounts and 2 farms……bought 3 pints of ice cream, shared one code with a farmville neighbor in the UK, and all worked! Got 3 cows. Americans that have 7-11, you can DEFINITELY share with neighbors living abroad.
    Bought 2 bags of gummy bears and 2 bags of popcorn, both worked towards the “Ubergift” tally on each of my farms, but no farmville prizes. Didn’t expect any.
    Very interestingly, I also bought a couple of “medium” slurpees, with Farmville imprint on the cups, but they say nothing about the BuyEarnPlay site, the cups direct you to the site. Just to see if it worked, I entered the codes, with the dashes, in the BuyEarnPlay site and it worked towards my tally for the ubergift!
    None of the six different 7-11′s I have gone to (and the joke is, none are more than a 15 minute drive from my home) have the coffee, fruit, or sandwiches yet.

  186. Meow Says:

    I love that i have 7, 7-11′s within 30 minutes of me :)

  187. Rob Says:

    Farm Town would be better if they updated their content more than once every six months.

  188. Loves Farmin Says:

    I had the same experience I bought the slurpee cup with the “enter your code sticker” on it. I only noticed after I got home it was a slurpee code! ugh ..but when I entered the code with the dashes it worked just fine I got my uber tally and the funslide! woohoo

  189. Nebu Says:

    @SuzieO, @Rob, @Aisfoi. I never said you can STEAL the game card codes, I meant the codes that are listed just on the OUTSIDE of the Slurpee, Big Gulp Ice Cream, or Coffee Cups. They aren’t below a sticker or anything, they’re just on the outside of the package. Anyone can write them down without buying them or take a picture.

    The ice cream codes seem the hardest to enter. Substitute M’s with Ws, and Vs until it works.

    @Rob: What are all the items for the Mafia Wars Collection. I’m at 5 out of 9 items and Need to find something else like (candy, water, soda, ice cream).

    To everyone: No one has found the water, sandwhich, or fresh fruit cup that I’ve seen.

    The docs seem to indicate there’s some sort of BROWNIE? Also what is that black triangle mafia wars thing on their page? I need 1 more dumb item.

    I completed the first 2 mastery of the berries but my dots didn’t go up any on the site. I don’t know what these 1-3 tasks are besides the mastery of the berries.

  190. pafarmgirl Says:

    @ Nebu: the guy at one of my 7-11′s showed me the “playbook” today: the black triangle is a box that a slice of pizza comes in…that, as well as hot dogs, and hot sandwiches, all count (Mafia Wars) toward the tally for ubergifts. They don’t have to be Farmville related. You just need EIGHT unique food items and to COMPLETE mastery of gogi berries…..

    Meanwhile, I am soooo frustrated, I have large plastic big gulp promotional cups and the code is IMPOSSIBLE to read……I have entered so many different combinations, I finally wrote to customer support…anyone else with this problem?

  191. Rob Says:

    @Nebu, if you look at the buyearnplay page, you can see what they are (or at least pictures of them). Looks to be a cup of coffee, and some kind of pizza or something in the triangle box. I got something for Mafia Wars today from a bag of cheddar popcorn.

  192. David Says:

    The Water was not available to order until this weekend in most parts of the country. Most stores in Texas will get it in Wed or Thurs. The Sandwiches and Fruit Cups are put together at various 7-Eleven CDC’a (Condolidated Delivery Center’s). They will use the new labels for packaging when they run out of old ones or on June 1st, whichever comes first. This goes for the Brownie as well,

  193. Rob Says:

    David, that is great information, thanks for sharing.

  194. callie Says:

    @Rob, thanks, I’ll keep checking for the iced coffee then.

    @David, thanks for the info on the water, fruit and sandwiches!

  195. SuzieO Says:

    @Nebu – I don’t think you meant to add my name because I was saying the exact same thing as you were, lol. I was ALSO saying that the ice cream codes are right on the bottom without any sticker covering it and the slurpees are self help so all would be easy to steal, lol.. today I bought the chocolate donuts and the first package had the sticker missing from it. So anyway, if you look back I was not talking about the game cards either but I was responding to someone who said that the ice cream codes, etc. were activated at the cash register the way the game cards and gift cards are and my response was that was WRONG and they just ring it up like any other item.

  196. Sandylee Says:

    FYI…..not all 7-eleven stores are sponsoring Farm-ville cards. I live in Connecticut and I checked out 7 stores in a 10 mile radius and none of them are participating.

  197. SuzieO Says:

    @Nebu – I see why you were confused because I had quoted what someone was saying to you and then I responded below. It is always tricky when quoting a post because it looks like you are writing it. This was my post above:
    SuzieO Says:
    Posted on May 22nd, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Aisfoi Says:
    Posted on May 22nd, 2010 at 3:21 am
    @ Nebu

    “Like iTunes gift cards, the card is not redeemable until you purchase it. People aren’t that stupid, unlike you for thinking they are”

    Maybe you are the stupid one… they are NOT like ITunes and redeemable when you purchase! They are rung up just like any other item that you buy at 7-11 and you can steal the codes without buying them. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you call people names.

    I was quoting Aisfol above and then the last paragraph was what I wrote.

  198. cathy dore Says:

    hasn anyone got the gift card and the 2 bonus points if so how do you enter the code

  199. Karen Nguyen Says:

    UMMM..all the stuff will cost money…just buy the farm cash and you don’t even have to jump the other hoops!

  200. BUSTA Says:

    u dnt enter the code u just redeem it normal n it shows up automatic

  201. BUSTA Says:

    the card u can not steal the code because its activated when u ring it up pal like a phone card

  202. BUSTA Says:

    because the cards are 10 / 25 and u have to tell them how much u want on it lol have u ever even buy one before so you are the stupid one

  203. Trini Says:

    Well gee…………let me just buy a plane ticket for a grand to fly to the nearest 7 – 11 store or should I just walk on water for 5,000 miles for this GREAT offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. BUSTA Says:

    i got my 200 erlier today woot

  205. cathy dore Says:

    you must buy the gift card from the 711 store for the double punch bonus
    i did get the cow icecream code to work twice but not any of the others

  206. Jessica Says:

    Stop whining. People are selling the codes on ebay. And for you that are trying to say that you would spend way more on the items at 7 eleven are wrong. Buying the 8 items cost me under 10 dollars, i got 8 special items and then the 200 farmville cash on top of that. If you just bought the 200 farm cash it would cost about 20 dollars more, you dont get the special items and you don’t get the extra food and drinks! So people stop wasting your time complaining and pouting and try to find a way to get the codes if you want them. Try ebay!

  207. Mars Says:

    I dont want to buy a code on ebay…..Nearest target 65 miles away, nearest 7-11 over 300 miles away. Thirsty in the heartland. To those from other countries you are joining all of us that dont have these places either in America also. Someone will go scalping for them.

  208. ems and ess Says:

    i think they should have done it at wal-mart because i know this would cover at least usa and uk (asda) and probably other countries also. the items are quite fair as part of a promotion but the 200fv would be giving certain players an advantage, its basically a country and postcode lottery :/
    and all those complaining about people complaining, dont read the comments, click the x at the top right of the screen and you wont have to read them, it is obviously important for some people.

  209. Amela Says:

    hey im totally off topic but i was wondering if anyone would want to be my friend on facebook just to be neighbors in farmville because i have a lot of neighbors on there but most of them have stopped playing so its getting a little boring now that i see less and less farmville stuff on my feed. lets just say i havent gotten a chicken egg in about a month!!! i love farmville but i really need better neighbors. just search: Amela Cikota. and let me know that you want to be my neighbor so i can know to accept you

  210. Jessica Says:

    Well if you dont want to buy the codes on ebay, if that is your only way to get them, then stop complaining because you obviously don’t want the items that bad. if you really wanted them you’d do what you have to do to get them. Its not like anybody has it easy getting the items. Soon easier than others, yes. I’ve had to drive around to 6 different stores to get the items because some stores are already sold out for good and the stores don’t carry every item.

  211. SuzieO Says:

    Busta – who the heck are you talking to?? You are always losing your patience at people for not reading. The person who called Nebu stupid was saying that the ice cream and slurpee codes cannot be stolen because they are activated when you pay for them just like the game cards.

    Then Nebu and I responded by saying that it is NOT like buying game cards. The codes are NOT activated when you buy them but they are just rung up like any other ice cream and so the codes can be stolen.

  212. Hannelie Says:

    Too bad this offer is not available in South Africa. We also play Farmville, how come we get excluded!

  213. Alfandi Says:

    ohh…..first,I Indonesian….in my country, there not 7-eleven market,but I want it….help me zynga god,I want to the code is in the market in all of country…ohh,isn’t fair for the farmville player don’t american..huhhuhhuu..

  214. Brooke Says:

    I want to buy or trade for the codes: I still need the tree, cofee cart, sand cart, and water tower if you have them then search for me on Facebook my name is Brooke Mckinney

  215. Aura Says:

    Went to 7-Eleven tonight and the cashier gave me a bunch of cups with the codes for free…sweet! =)

  216. aln Says:

    Went to 2 stores and they only had stuff for mafia wars and yoville….I bought it anyways because it still counts for the uber prize, but does anyone know what I need to buy to get the gobi berries unlocked?

  217. lilly-ella Says:

    @ Aln:
    Would love to add you but the function to add people via mailadress isn´t working at the moment. Could you please send me your profile-link to Everyone else who wanna trade codes for foals please feel free to do the same. Breed all kinda foals and would love to trade. Thank you!

  218. Vonni Says:

    Stop telling people not to complain about not getting this promotion…I live in Australia and only 1 minute away from the 7/11, I buy things from there all the time. I miss out, it really is not fair, it is not complaining, it is stating the truth

  219. Babou Says:

    I want 200 farm cash $$$$

  220. Mazza Says:

    Make it available in Australia be fair let everyone play the game equally

  221. Shei Says:

    ill trade a mystery box or other fv cash item for these 7 eleven items

  222. Gottfried Says:

    I´m living in Austria and we have no 7 ELEVEN Stores. Is someone interessted to share or trade the Codes for the Collection. Please contact me.!/profile.php?id=100000718800975

    Thank you!

  223. maggiek Says:

    @Shei – I will be happy to trade with you. How do I contact you?

  224. Emily Johnson Says:

    I have 7-11′s nearby and would be happy to work something out with those who don’t have them. Just search for me at emily johnson on FB.

    My 7-11 said the sandwiches and fruit cups are not out yet, everything else is going very fast- they can’t keep them stocked already!

  225. hcorea65 Says:

    Hi all. Anyone have problem getting the 200 Farm Cash,after completed the requirement on the 7-11 promo??? I did not get it…. :( I already send them a e-mail.

  226. Colnight Says:

    Fortunally, I have a 7-11 down the block from me and maybe another one a half mile away. Neither one of them have any of the farmville items in their stores.

  227. 206tammy Says:

    I unlocked the Uber Gifts just now but I don’t know how to get the $200 FV cash either. It won’t let me click on it lol..

  228. maria centulio Says:

    voglio 200 fv!!!!!!!

  229. 206tammy Says:

    And I didn’t get the Pop up on my screen like the rest either.. Hmm… :(

  230. cathy dore Says:

    i just want to confirm this please. im being told you must buy your gift card at the 711 to get the 2 bonus points is this correct?
    if not how do you enter the code from a gift card you bought somwhere else do you need to use dashes or spaces or anything?

  231. Rob Says:

    Just hit a couple of 7-Elevens this morning, and will have my Uber Bonus this afternoon. So far have eight punches (Ice Cream, Big Gulp, Iced Coffee, Donuts, Chips/Popcorn, Candy plus the FV Goji Berry task and the MW Collection task). Would have the bonus already but I couldn’t justify buying a Slurpee at 9AM, so we are taking the kdis there at 2PM for Slurpees, and I should have my 200 FV$ by 3:00. This has been so much fun – driving around to all of the different 7-Elevens looking for stuff, kind of like a scavenger hunt. I hope they do more promotions such as this.

  232. 206tammy Says:

    The Rules say the Gift card must be purchased at 7-11.

    I bought one yesterday, redeemed it thru Zynga and got the pop up right after about the 7-11 promotion and I got 2 notches..

    Am still looking for assistance on how to get the Uber Gift pop up.. :)

  233. Peggie Says:

    I live just 3 blocks from a 7-11 and while this promotion is a boon for me and others that live near a 7-11, I can’t help but think how unfair it is to the majority of FV players both in the US and abroad who are being left out of this promotion. It’s my sincere hope that FarmVille execs will see to it that a promotion benefitting the majority of players will soon be forthcoming.

  234. hcorea65 Says:

    206tammy, Hi, Me too and got the 10 fuel refill also, but no 200 Farm Cash………….. If u get some imfo, please let us know . I’ll post as soon as i get my 200 Farm Cash or any imfo… (*O*)

  235. duh Says:

    they should have more promotions but they should go for something international like KFC or McDonalds

  236. Maria Says:

    My husband went to 5 stores and didn’t find anything of those promotions, just Iron Man promotions.

  237. alex Says:

    I have codes that I am willing to trade. I could use the slurpee code, as well as a candy code, and pizza code. Let me know what you have and I can trade with you.

  238. Evan Says:

    I Don’t understand why 7-11 and Zynga don’t offer to sell the codes straight up from their website to the people who are not near a 7-11. I mean, I know the idea is to get people to go to the 7-11 but honestly I am probably not even going to eat some of that stuff, like Slurpees, I’m not a fan lol. Also, this is the first time Zynga has done one of these promotions, I AM SURE, they are probably working on something similar for everyone in every country, depending on the success of this promotion of course. Your time will come eventually and the prizes will get bigger and better! Don’t be so quick to run off people lol!

  239. Millie Says:

    Ok. i have completed all the notches in the 7-11 game. i have yet to get the uber gift. I completed both mastery in Goji berries and Mafia wars. and guess what? No fv cash at all and No 50 mafia points either. I did however receive a SECOND Goji Mastery sign. WTF? I petitioned zynga and waiting for them to help.

    SO i am now owed 200 fv Cash and 50 mafia rewards Points.

  240. chris hoffman Says:

    Today I completed the Goji berry task, I have all the needed items to get the uber gifts, but instead of the 200 fv bucks I got two goji mastery signs.

  241. sue Says:

    lmao yet again we miss out seems you have to live in USA to get all the good stuff so unfair

  242. Rob Says:

    Hi All – I just got home with my Slurpee, entered my code, got my last notch, and headed over to Farmville. First message said I had a fun slide waiting for,me, second message said I had 200 FV$ in my gift box, and sure as s__t, there it was. Just fantastic. Good luck to those of you who haven’t gotten your FV$ yet, I suggest tryiing with Firefox as your browser, that seems to work the best for me when playing Zynga games.

  243. Oxi Maxi Says:

    how to get free farm cash?

  244. ertugrul Says:

    2000 fv alıcaz inşallah

  245. Matthew Says:

    The same here all notches done and Goji Berries mastered ! and I have got 2 mastery sign and no farm cash !

  246. Julie Says:

    Okay, I understand that not everyone has access to a 7-11, but I happen to play with a great group of people from all over the world. Everyone if being very generous with codes and helping each other out. I am helping my friends in Germany, Italy, Australia as well as in the states that don’t have 7-11′s. After all, who will be the first person that will get the little Neapolitan calves when they are bred? And once the nursery barns are able to make the babies grow up we will all have so many pink and brown cows we will be selling them off like we did the cats and penguins! As for the Farmcash, it’s my reward for running around to get codes to share.

  247. pafarmgirl Says:

    Update: I entered codes from popcorn, a big gulp cup, and a medium slurpee cup, and I got the Big Splash AND the Fun Slide. I also entered codes for gummy bears and the ice cream, got the cow, and now have 5 notches toward to UBER GIFT. The only other Zynga item that I have seen in the half dozen 7-11′s I’ve been too are donuts, which I refuse to buy, because NO ONE in my house will eat them…the slurpee, ice cream, popcorn is bad enough for our diets. I have asked at every 7-11 and the sandwiches, coffee cups, and
    fruit cups are due any time…..I have not seem them or the water yet.

  248. Diana Says:

    Looking for 7-11 codes. Please msg me with your rates. I only have like 2 dollars in my paypal acct but I have FV accts with 25-50 Farmcash. I would really appreciiate your help. TY

  249. Silv3rLime Says:

    Only the ice cream is at my 7-11. /: Maybe more will come. So if you just buy 9 things you can get 200 FV cash?

  250. stephanie Says:

    for second there i got really excited….until i found out they arnt doing that in canada. WHAT THE HECK! ive always wanted zynga to make a big water slide for farmville, and now they have and i cant even get it!!!!!!!! GOSH!

  251. stephanie Says:

    i also always wanted them to make a big rollercoaster for farmville! id be very happy if i could buy a big roller coaster!!!!!!

  252. laksh Says:

    even i want this 7-11 but how to get it can any1 tell me please

  253. Bilro Says:

    I´m looking for a neapolitan cow code, i trade for any FV premium items from the market, calves, foals, etc, just tell me what you want.

  254. Alvaro Says:

    stop complaining if you havent pay for farm cash you dont have a say i live almost 8000 miles away from the closest 7 11 i havent pay fv cash so i dont complain is a free game. live with it

  255. pafarmgirl Says:

    If anyone knows of a way to give my extra water slide that is sitting in my gift box to someone, let me know, I certainly don’t need it can always message me.

  256. Vern Hakes Says:

    you have to do the zynga tasks to get the cash and sorry to hear about the other countries not being able to participate. Here in Dallas Texas we have 7-11s on every corner. Still a lot do not have all the merchandise out. Some said would be after June 1st. For Farmville you have to plant the goji berry and master it first to get the cash. I need more items from 7-11 and half way on mastering the goji berry. Good Luck to all

  257. lucia Says:

    non o visto regali e di sicuro non ne vedro’

  258. Jaymes Says:

    LOL at people saying they got their $200 FV cash! redeeming your gift codes only unlocks the option to seed and harvest goji berry when it becomes have to get mastery level 3 of goji berry.after that you can claim the $200 FV cash!

  259. 206tammy Says:

    @jaymes-Yes, they’ve mastered the Goji Beriries already, which is how they got the $200 FV Cash.

  260. cathy dore Says:

    my question is if you only play farm vill that is all you have to do is satisify the farmvill items to get your uber gift right?
    you dont have to do every game correct? i dont play yoville

  261. Judy Says:


  262. lullabyforlove Says:

    Really all the bitching everyone is doing is useless. Has anyone complete all the tasks? And if so did you buy 6 things and do the three tasks or buy eight things and do one task. So many questions. That is the stuff you people should be posting not bitching about the distance that a 7-11 is away from you.

  263. Rob Says:

    @Jaymes – I got my level 3 mastery of Goji Berries yesterday at noon. I planted them on Friday night, they are 16 hours. My farm has 530 or so plots available, it only takes a total of 480 to get level three mastery.

  264. Kristin Hansen Says:

    This promo is available in Canada…just got FV water and a water tower gift

  265. hcorea65 Says:

    @Jaimes, I did it this morning (Sunday ) unlock everything ,2 crop mastery signs, 10 fuel refill w / $10.00 FarmVille card, but not the 200 Farm Cash. I still waiting response from 7-Eleven or ZINGA… ****** FARMVILLE FREACK********** — HELP US….PLEASE. hcorea65.

  266. hcorea65 Says:

    Sorry i meant ””” ZYNGA”"”"

  267. hcorea65 Says:

    @ Cathy Dore…Yes you can do it just playing FarmVille…Good Luck. (*O*)

  268. Donna Says:

    Goji Berry Mastery – I just completed the in game task and got 2 mastery signs – no fuel though :-(

  269. Polly Says:

    I wanna trade FV cash items for 7-11′s codes. Add me:

  270. Scott Says:

    This rocks can usr the cash and girls are better. lol

  271. hm Says:

    sucks to be in the UK

  272. albert Says:

    is it available in the Philippines?

  273. Jim Says:

    The Farmville game cards cannot be stolen. You have to scratch the back off with a coin..similar to a lottery ticket. If us see the number than its prob stolen..but I think u still have to activate the card when u pay.

  274. Nebu Says:

    Don’t be an idiot like me and get both the CHIPS & The Popcorn. They only count for 1. Also don’t get 2 donuts, which I did too. Luckily I can give these away at work.

    I got mastery on the berries and they seem to send us ALL 2 signs.

    Anyone know anything about the brownies? Have you see any with a code?
    Anyone seen the Orange Soda ?

  275. kratu Says:

    noobness is this all

  276. kratu Says:


  277. SM Says:

    Worst promotion ever! Not all players have access to a 7-Eleven. Irritating to those who can’t access this. I’d say unfair but then I’d probably get a bunch of posters telling me not to whine! LOL! LIkely from those who HAVE access…….Way to go again, Zynga!

  278. robbie73 Says:

    to Cathy Dore:

    I am not sure if you can buy the gift card from other places but i do not see why.

    i took my farmville card i purchased from 7 11 and entered the code on I had tried to enter it in on but it did not work there.

    on you click on “redeem gift card” and once you’re done entering your code there, if you go back to playing farmville, it will show you got the 15 or 20 fuel reward and you will have two “stamps” more in your progress bar on

    make sure you register and link your facebook account at first before redeeming the card! this is very important i believe because if you just redeem a gift card without registering at it will just give you the fv cash and a wild flower swan lake. you will not get the fuel and 2 stamps progress at

    just register first with !!!!!! wont hurt to do it in that order.

  279. emi Says:

    Hello everyone

    Last night my 6-years old son used 10 FV cash to expand our SHED……. When I explained to him , what he did , start crying and finaly felt asleep…. Any idea do we have any chance to get our 10 FV cash back ??????

    Thanks and happy farming :D

  280. Em Says:

    I can trade rare foals for coupons. I already got the slide and the dive board one. So I’m looking for the rest. Anyone who is interested please add me. My profile ID is erum.munir . Make sure you mention FV 7-11 codes as I do not add everyone.

  281. NO FV$ Says:

    Does anybody have an extra code, that they don’t need???Can some one send it to me please???
    my farm:

  282. Brooke Says:

    I completed everything and it shows all notches are filled with green and the uber gifts unlocked BUT I didn’t get my uber gifts. I contacted them ans still haven’t gotten a response back from them, and Zynga is no help either they say contact the buyearnplay site but I can’t get the buyearnplay site to respond back. I’m so mad. I got my mastery signs (yep 2 of them) and my fuel but no uber items.

  283. Nebu Says:

    I finally got all the 9 required items and the final 200 FV cash. Here’s some more tips:

    All of the hot items (hot dogs, pizza, etc), have BLACK Mafia Wars packages. Ask for them, that’s how I found them. I bought a POS hot dog.

    It took me SEVEN different 7-11s to find the regular green coffee cups and it was only one row out of 8 rows. The trick is to look for the CODE on the bottom of the green cups. They look just like the picture. The coffee tasted so bad I ended up throwing it away.

    Look at the candy, there’s candy gummy bears or gummy worms I saw.

    Still never found that brownie that is mentioned.

    I finally found the ice cream but it was at the 7th 7-11 I visited. It is a super high traffic one. They were just putting them in tonight at 12 a.m. The codes on the bottom are HORRIBLE compared to any of the other codes. They are written very badly. One tip I’d say is to look through several of the ice creams and pick one with a good code on it, that’s what I did. The M’s look like N’s, the W’s look like V’s.

    For most items, they’re a replacement of the regular 7-11 items so you’re waiting for them to run out of their current stock and replace them with the new ZYNGA themed items. So it’s very likely they have the ones you want in the back somewhere. Only 2 out of 7 places spoke English so good luck with that.

    I think supply will increase this week and after June 1. I bet this stuff will be super common and people won’t have to work so hard to collect all the items.

    The farmville item specific codes can be used 2x people say so ask people to share their codes after they enter them.

    As far as the items go, the BIG GULP is the best item, #2 is the Slurpee Slide, #3 is the Iced Coffee Cart IMO or the Neapolitan Cow. Also the stupid cow only sells for 18g if you happened to sell it back vs. 2500g for a fan cow. The Water tower is just the same water tower that was in the game before colored different. The Tree, does anyone collect special trees? Who knows. The Sandwhich cart is OK but geez I can’t imagine eating their horrible sandwiches as someone else mentioned.

    @JIM: No one is ever saying the game cards can be stolen! It’s the ICE CREAM codes, big gulp, slurpee, coffee cup, or sticker codes that can be stolen. Any idiot can take a picture or steal a sticker.

  284. michelle maria Says:

    i have one word for all of you who aren’t in the state or a state with a 7-11 (like me).. EBAY!

  285. Smartie Says:

    How smart of Farmville & 7 Eleven…. they are riding you all right to the bank!!!!

  286. Justin Says:

    I have 2 notches left one blank one and one with a zynga task. Does that mean I need to buy one more thing? If so that sucks cause 7/11 isn’t too close just to go get donuts or something. I have 2 popcorn codes, 2 hot coffee codes, 2 iced coffee codes, 2 slurpee codes and 2 big gulp codes. Can any of these be used twice? If so i’d trade any of these for a donuts code or any simple code to complete my notches.

  287. pafarmgirl Says:

    I just want to follow up on Nebu’s comment above, as I, too, live near a ton of 7-11′s. Each one is slowly stocking up on the Zynga stuff as they run out of the last promotion, and by next week, for those that arent’ completly crazy like us, I am sure it will be MUCH easier to just walk in to a 7-11 and find everything. The one thing I want to stress is that you DON’T need to buy the giant slurpee or big gulp for the water slike and cow pool, ANY slurpee cup of any size with a code no it will work, same with the big gulp cups…I didn’t buy the one that holds enough for a family of four.


  288. Justin Says:

    If anyone is looking to trade I have many codes that can be used again. Looking for a donut code or gummy bear. Whatever I need to complete my last notch. Contact me @

  289. Millie Says:

    I finally received my FV uber cash reward. I had all notches filled with the use of a zynga game card but I was not awarded any of the uber gifts. So i decided to buy a soda. Voila. It worked.

    It took purchasing quite literally 9 items (even though game card counted as two notches). The cash is being awarded. You might have to buy an extra item that you never purchased before. Is this system flawed? Yes, very. Zynga didnt think this through properly.

    I have two accounts. One of them is locked out of FV because I tried inputting and ice cream code and I had trouble making out a few letters. Locked me out and still unbanned from it even though they said the lock was only for 24 hrs.

    This promotion is a good thing but still really flawed. Quite aggravating to be exact. I live near a 711. I do not mind helping people get codes. just add my account as a friend and we can work something out.

    MIlannia Vancial

  290. shojayet ullah Says:

    what is this? how to have this 200 fv

  291. Phyllis Barnhardt Says:

    so how do you get the farmville dollars on this promotion

  292. Lisa Bowen Says:

    HI Just wanted to let you know I plan on helping all those who don’t have a 7-11 near them. I feel it is wrong that other players are charging double or even four times the price of the codes. SO….you can guarantee I will only ask for what it cost me to get the codes.

    As of right now our 7-11 has the donuts…they said most things will be in by June 1st. Due to the fact that my 7-11 stores have just turned over…they do not have a slurpee machine and therefore I don’t think I can get those.

    E-mail me if you are interested….pass the word to ur friends to not be ripped off by those trying to make a buck and NOTE that not all AMERICANS are cheats…..LOL

    Here is my facebook code:

    Happy Farming!!!

  293. Lynne Says:

    TYSM Sharon now my ice cream code finally worked! That squiggly letter was my downfall and you stating it was a W made it work like a charm. Thanks again.

  294. Ivailo Says:

    I need cash please

  295. Farmer Says:

    I live in the US but, the nearest 7-11 is in Virginia,, but I plan on having these codes available to other players, I wont be able to give them away,, because I wont get the items free. I will be going this weekend to find the nearest store, and check the prices to see what I will have to charge for the codes,, if you think you might be interested just send me an e-mail.

  296. nadia Says:

    i need farmville cashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  297. susan roberts Says:

    I’d like to get in on this but no 7eleven close . Can someone help me ? Thank you .

  298. Sofie Says:

    find the 7 eleven thing very stupid as we havend got this in belgium. think it’s not really fair too players not having these stores in their country.

  299. Susan Says:

    I finished the berry mastery and have six codes now have to finish collection in mafia wars to get the next notch… does anyone know what the task is in Yoville???

  300. Chrissie Wiesemann Says:

    I like farmville

  301. 206tammy Says:

    @Brooke I have all notches completed too and didn’t receive my Uber Gift. But See # 286 Millie’s post, maybe this is your issue too.

    @Millie Glad rec’d you Uber Gift finally. I also used a Gift Card for 2 notches, so I will be going to 7-11 tonight after work to get 1 more item.
    Thanks for posting your update on here!

    I’ll let you know if it works for me too.

  302. SuzieO Says:

    PaFarmgirl – once something is in your gift box it is the same as if it were on your farm and there is no way to transfer it. Your only option is to store it or sell it.

    I find it strange that many people have said they can share the same code once with someone and have it work. It did not work for me or my friends. Wonder what they are doing differently? Maybe everyone has to be using Firefox!! I just thought of that.

    I can help with the codes for people who cannot get them although again, some people post that they have given codes to people in other countries while others have said it did not work if you are outside of US or Çanada. I can help but not sure what would be the most fair way to do it. Especially the slurpee, big gulp and ice cream and donuts. The gift for donuts goes to Yoville btw, but still gives you a notch. These I have seen in every store. It is true that you can use ANY size slurpee that has a code and even the clear cups that don’t mention farmville but have a code w/dashes and say to redeem at slurpee. com WILL WORK!!

    If you are having trouble getting the ice cream codes to work – THEY ALL START WITH THE SAME LETTERS/NUMBERS: MX34W4M – then the last four are different… the M’s can look like N the W’s often look like V or Y but they all start with the same ones as above. I hope this can help someone who is having trouble redeeming theirs.

    The Goji berries are super easy to master. I have a small amount of plots and I only had to plant three times so I think the tasks were meant to be easy. Could someone please tell me what the other tasks are? I got the big gulp yesterday and there was only one giant cup that had FV picture on it and I asked to buy just the empty cup and was charged $2.50, lol… some 7-11′s are definitely friendlier then others, lol.

  303. hcorea65 Says:

    @239, @244, @258 Any luck yet, I still missing my $200 Farm Cash :( Can FarmVille FREACK”s team HELP us (*O*)

  304. jeanne Says:

    love 7-11….where i get my slushies

  305. jeanne Says:

    love 7-11, get the best slushies

  306. blaue Says:

    in mexico we do’t have it!! and we will …not fare at all!!

  307. sarah Says:

    the donuts work for yoville I used my code this morning and got a donut stand thingy =)

  308. Finnish Farmer Says:

    Thats SOOOOO unfair for people who dont live in U.S.A

  309. Nebu Says:

    The only farmville task you have to do is complete level 3 berry mastery. They don’t do anything on the site until you get that final mastery, then you get your check mark. It’s super easy, took me 2 days, if I had a few more plots it would have been only one day. Keep in mind you got like month(s) to complete that. After that you’ll have your final ending task/check completed. There are NO MORE tasks besides that that are required.

    I got charged $2 for an empty big Gulp cup. Their soda machine was broken. They did let me have an empty slurpee cup someone had thrown away.

    Ice Cream codes as mentioned seem to possibly all start with
    “MX34WK (continued)

    You do have to buy 9 items though, which sucks but you can get all those for under $20.

    *Slurpee (some report non farmville coded ones work)
    *Big Gulp (some report non farmville coded ones work)
    *Coffee (green cup, code on bottom)
    *Iced Coffee (white cup code on side)
    *Chips or Popcorn (sticker)
    *Donuts (sticker)
    *Candy (Gummy Worms/Bears, maybe more)(sticker)
    *Ice Cream (code on bottom)
    *Mafia Wars Hot Items (pizza, hot dogs, more) (sticker)

    LATER/not out yet
    *Farmville Water
    *Orange 7-11 Select/Yoville Soda
    *Farmville Brownies
    *Farmville Fruit Cups
    *Farmville Sandwiches

    Because the farmville codes can be used 2x (NOT STICKER codes) just find a friend to buy them and share and quit complaining.

    Thanks everyone for your help. it’s a real feeling of accomplishment if you manage to complete all these. It was a super fun scavenger hunt. For those complaining about the cost people are charging, keep in mind one 7-11 doesn’t even have all the stuff and gas is like $3 a gallon.

  310. debbie holmberg Says:

    Can you purchase more than one ioce cream and get more neopolitan cows? We entered extra codes and it said thy went thru but we didnt get our second cow..
    any help?

  311. BECCA Says:


  312. Noel Says:

    I had trouble one day with the Neapolitan cows not appearing when I entered more than one code, and it showed up later on my farm, so you should receive 1 cow for each code. I have confirmed with two farmville accounts that you can share ice cream codes more than once, so if you know someone that has bought a lot of ice cream (like me, I bought 10 to share with my friend who likes to breed cows). If I had known they could be used twice at the time I would have bought less ice cream LOL. I talked to a guy at 7-11 two days ago who was chuckling at me buying empty cups just for the codes and he told me that the water would be in at his store this week. I also saw the Yoville orange soda. I am only 2 green tabs away from the end, and am waiting for the last batch of goji berries to mature to get my mastery. I don’t usually add people as farmville neighbors these days unless they breed calves/horses or I’m helping out my friends but understand the frustration of those who don’t have access to 7-11s and now that I know non-sticker items can be used twice I would consider sending someone codes if they want to send me a unique item they consider comparable in value.

  313. Noel Says:

    Oh, for the ice cream codes too, what you may think are “G”‘s are actually 6′s :) that confounded me on a few :) and one of the previous poster’s comments about the “M”s looking like Ns is very true, and teh same is for the W’s looking like V’s.

  314. ryan Says:

    for EVERYONE: enter this code it’s from the coffee cups, and works on ALL accounts

    you can love me later


  315. Jeannie Says:

    We have 3 accts./people playing at our house. And we purchased several items at my local 7-11. 3 slurpees, 2 big gulps, chips. and only the chips and two of the slurpee’s worked. Two of us were able to redeem our slurpees and all of the chips. No one could redeem the big gulp codes or one of the slurpees.

  316. margaret Says:

    On the big gulp promotion what I have found is if you have a number that looks like a O it’s actually a D.

  317. Sandi Says:

    I go to 7-11 all the time. Where do I get the codes? Is it on the merchandise or receipts?

  318. TFTMom Says:

    I agree with ALL who are frustrated about not having a 7-11 near or even in country. ZyNGA should have gone with a company like Hershey’s or Lays potato chips, Coke, Pepsi, SOME company that is world wide. Even for many of us IN the U.S. it is difficult or impossible to get to a 7-11 ZYNGA really screwed allot of people by using a limited distribution store. Stupid people.

  319. Justin Says:

    Just mastered berries, got my 200 FV cash, woohoo!!!!!!!!!

  320. Len Says:

    i would gladly buy someone a rare animal or something in exchange for a working code for a neopolitan cow i only want 1 as i just want it for my collection… Len Treinen on FB if you would be willing to come to an arrangement with me on this

  321. CandyOhhh Says:

    I’ve seen a few people mention Target. Is there a promotion going on with them. No
    7-11′s in NW Florida but we do have a few target stores.

  322. stephanie Says:

    i live in australia! UN-FUCKING-FAIR ZYNGA!

  323. lyn Says:


  324. aln Says:

    does anyone know if the latte codes will work twice? i know the big gulp and ice cream do…

  325. Roe113 Says:

    I live in New York and the two 7/11s near me don’t have any of the items except for the gift card..Zynga did not plan this well at all….our International neighbors can’t participate and there are states in the US that do not have 7/11′s…so my International neighbors you are not alone in complaining….email Zynga..go to Forums on the bottom of your farms and let them know how u feel….these items should also be available in the market in FV…so not fair….blessings all!!

  326. SuzieO Says:

    RYAN – I would like to love you now but unfortunately, when I entered your code I got this message;

    Hmm…It looks like this code has been used. Double check your entry and try again or if you think we goofed, please reach out to our support team.

    What made you think this would work over and over?? It was a nice thought and nice of you to share. Too bad it didn’t work. It did show me that hardly anybody reads every comment like I do, LOL

  327. Ivailo Says:

    send me 200 cash pls

  328. Jason Says:

    i only need two more items and i’ve got the 200 cash! woo hoo!

  329. Melanie L Says:

    I have 7-11 codes to trade.

  330. kathy Says:

    i just finished everything and got my 200 fv …I bought everything that i needed for $14.52… all at the same 7-11…. as far as only in the US… there has been things that the UK was able to get that we weren’t…as far as the codes working twice i tried all of mine on another computer and another user and non of them worked and my sisters did not as well… And yes we had ice cream 6 to be exact and none of them worked more than once…

    this goes to Lyn after you enter your 8 codes then you have to plant and harvest about 500 Goji berries and when you have recieved your mastery sign in your gift box go and sign back in on buyplayearn and you will get the message that it is complete, them go back to your gift box and there is your $200 fv,,,

  331. Cheryl Says:


  332. Cheryl Says:

    the buyearnplay site says it looks like im up to no ggod so they cut me off. meanwhile all im trying to do i decipher the damn ice cream codes

  333. Cheryl Says:


  334. hcorea65 Says:

    Hi all, finally I get the $ 200 Farm Cash :) <3 Zynga,FarmVille Freack and 7-Eleven…. (*O*)

  335. hcorea65 Says:

    @ 320- LYN hello u need to buy one more item(it can be anything) enter the code and viola u get u 200 farm cash..That is what I did…good luck

  336. Brooke Says:

    I tried entering ANOTHER code even though I am now 1 past unlocking the 200 FVC and still have not recieved the 200FVC I am so mad…So no, if you enter another code it doesn’t mean it will give you the cash.

  337. Brooke Says:

    Another thing I would like to ask is this: HAS ANYONE THAT DIDN’T ORIGINALLY GET THEIR $200FVC EVER GOT IT? If so how long did it take? It’s been about a 2 days and I still haven’t gotten mine, nor have I gotten a response back out of my email to the buyearnplay site. I also had sent them an email b/c I couldn’t get one of my codes to work and this was on I think the 18th and I still haven’t gotten a response back from them about that. I also contacted Zynga and Zynga got back to me within 24hrs. but all they told me to do was contact buyearnplay site so they weren’t any help either. I think they need to take some responsibility since they have their name on the product and they need to be aware that the buyearnplay site is not getting back to people and therefor it is making Zynga look bad. If I don’t get my $200FVC then I will quit the game, there is no doubt about that and my money will go with me. I’ve stuck with them through all their glitches and even supported their efforts to help Haiti and spent A LOT of money on their games (yes not just Farmville, but several of their games) and I don’t like not being able to get in touch with someone and get some help when I need it. There are a lot of games that do offer support to their players and I can go play one of those games if I need to. I hate being one of those people that threaten to quit, but after spending $5 or more on just about every item for this promo which adds up to around $40, I could of just bought the dang $200FVC, the only reason I didn’t was because I thought I could get the items and the $200FVC and to be honest a lot of the items I didn’t even want that bad.

  338. 206tammy Says:

    @Brooke- I had rec’d all notches and mastered the Goji Berries but did not receive the $200 FVC until I entered 2 more items.
    First I entered:
    Big Gulp
    Ice Cream
    Gift Card -Worth 2 punches
    & Mastered Goji Berries
    No CASH was rec’d until I entered: Soda & Coffee
    I’m wondering if I didn’t give it enough time to register after the Soda, since that would be a total of 8 DIFFERENT items plus the task, but I entered the Coffee anyways, and then rec’d the pop up for the cash finally :)

    I would suggest entering enough codes so that you have 8 different items plus the task, if you haven’t already. Hope you get your cash soon!

  339. Estevan-Corvínus Says:

    i just complete all of my 9 notches for zynga- 7-eleven promotion for farmville after putting code for the water tower… i had mastered goji few days ago though…when i enter my farm, i only receive the water tower and not my 200 farmcash, 50 mafia wars point and yoville slurpee (uber gift) inside my gift box!!! i feel like i have been cheated badly after all of the hard work, time, money etc and i am not even from USA, my sister and my friends helped me to get the 8 codes needed for this promotion as my birthday gift… and now i receive nothing after all the afford? i will seriously quit playing any zynga game and also all of my family will stop playing it too… they will lost big time as i am one of their player who spent a lot for FV cash… you cheated me badly this time and i am done if i did not receive my 200 fv cash after i send my complain to buy. n zynga…

  340. Ana banana Says:

    @Cheryl If you have read any of the previous posts…..other people have clearly stated the beginnings of all the ice cream codes. True, they are hard to decipher.

    G looks like 6
    M looks like N
    W looks like V

    All of the ice creams seem to start with MX34WK….. and the rest of the code is unique.

    Has anyone seen the water, fruit cups, or brownies out yet? I checked all five 7-11s near me and none have them out yet.

    If anyone would like some codes, I would gladly go out and buy the items ONLY if you have rare foals and calfs. I am a collector :) Please add me, search aalawad(at)twu(dot)edu and let me know what kind of calfs/foals you breed :) and then we can further discuss this. See ya’ll on the flip side, fellow freaks :D

  341. Barbara Says:

    I got my 200 farm cash today… Thanks so much!! AND for people bitching about this is not fair… Why not ask you neighbors to help you? Think OUTSIDE the box. I have helped so many of my neighbors get items. I do not let them send me or pay me a thing either!

  342. JOCABETH Says:


  343. Jim Says:

    Target promotion is for Green Giant get Farm Cash. Stickers/codes place on the packages.

  344. Listztoven Tchaichopin Says:

    For those having trouble in putting the code. Use all caps and Dashes.

    Anybody out there get thier ice creams early and would like to help me?

    So far I got sandwiches, Big Gulp and Slurpee and thats it.

  345. Kristina Says:

    I have the extra codes from a Slurpee and a pack of donuts. Send me an email at xbaseballchicax at yahoo dot com if you’re interested.

  346. Cheryl Says:


  347. Cheryl Says:


  348. deb Says:

    so….i haven’t been able to re-use codes on the water at all….. only once. and my first set of ice cream i could do twice but not this set at all. have they changed it ? are people still able to use the code twice as of today?

  349. Adfina Says:

    Just got my 200 FV cash!!! So happy I have the ice cream code and coffee code. Heard they could be used twice if anyone wants to try let me know :)

  350. Cheryl Says:

    Adfina…… I would like to try the ice cream code…i have 3 ice cream containers and not one of them seem to work my e-mail ic

  351. deb Says:

    I woudln’t mind trying to coffee code just to see if i could get a code to work twice LOL i have had NO luck whatsoever today getting any code to work twice.

  352. Cheryl Says:

    Adfina…… I would like to try the ice cream code…i have 3 ice cream containers and not one of them seem to work my e-mail ic

  353. Kim Says:

    Hey there for those of you out there that say that this promotion is only available in the US you are wrong. I live in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada and i just phoned our local 7-11 and asked them and i was told by a wonderful lady that they are participating and that all of their packaging has arrived but they can’t start selling until June 1, 2010 so if there is anyone out there that is wanting to take part give your local one a call and ask.

  354. R Says:

    If you are having trouble redeeming the iced coffee code, what looks like an R is an A!

  355. Brooke Says:

    This is what I entered

    1 slurpee
    1 big gulp
    4 ice cream
    1 cofee cup
    1 chips
    1 fruit cup
    1 game card (equals 2)
    completed the berries and did the MW task
    so that would be a total of 10 and I still have not got my reward. I can’t figure it out. I never entered more than one reward without going into the game and redeeming it before entering another. I am so angry. I talked to a woman that said she contacted Zynga and they fixed it so she got her uber gifts, but I have contacted them twice now and they say to contact buyearnplay even after I told them that the buyearnplay will not respond. I have contacted the BEP site 3 times now and it’s been 3 or more days and still not one response back from them. I don’t know what else to do.

  356. crystal Says:

    farmville codes are being sold on ebay…

  357. R Says:

    @Brook…i think you need 8 unique items entered to get your reward. See if you can find 1 more

  358. margaret Says:

    I am having trouble deciphering a code for the water tower. Has anyone else had problems with theirs?

  359. Miss Conservative Says:

    I have entered 8 unique codes and done the berry task and the little lock next to the uber gift is “unlocked” but the 200 farmcash is not showing up in my giftbox : (
    Is there something I need to do to get it?

  360. Charity Says:

    I know I’m like the millionth person to post this… but I still haven’t gotten my Uber gifts, even though the BEP site says they’re unlocked? Does anyone have any suggestions to do this? I’ve emailed the BEP people twice… and can’t find the zynga email address…. ARGH! This is super frustrating! :(

  361. Cindy Says:

    we dont have 7 eleven either, but some of my US friends have already got them for me and I just reimburse through paypal.

    Now have 6 items for $20 cant complan about that

  362. Jelena Says:

    Do this work in Serbia?

  363. shannon parker Says:

    Good luck with the 200 FV DOLLARS…………….both myself and my wife obtained all the necessary codes and unlocked the Goji berry crop….We planted the crop and obtained level 3 mastery ….. WE RECIEVED NO FV DOLLARS!!!!! hmm either a glitch in the game or false advertisement!

  364. Monica Gieram-Bromilow Says:

    would love to be able to participate BUT as I live in Germany this would not work. what a shame!

  365. Monica Says:

    whenever I have FV problem, billing, gameplay, whatever, I contact ZYNGA customer service via email at
    and someone emails a response. Even if it takes several emails back and forth.

    one time I had trouble with a FREE FV cash promotion and I called the 800 phone # in San Francisco and spoke with someone in billing even though it was a technical issue. He helped me. they want players to be happy.

    the game has bugs, no doubt. Zynga is always adding new things to keep people playing. but I like my neighbors and i like my farm

  366. farmqueen Says:

    one of my neighbors, L-70, lost her job, has been selling off all her comics, SF/F collectibles on eBay, and is now auctioning off her 7/11 codes for FV. She lives in metro area and has many 7/11s near her. She scans codes from the ice cream/donuts/whatever and lists them on eBay. She sells them very fast. She says the ice cream tastes awful. She has kept some to get 3rd level Goji Berry mastery. I don’t buy junk food so I haven’t gone to the one 7/11 in 200 miles of my home.

  367. Lisa Says:

    I live in Canada and we have 7-11 stores but there are no FV/Zinga promotions available up here. What’s up with that?????

  368. jocabeth Says:

    yes i got my 200 fvcash!!
    in the ice cream code the letter the look like Y es W … all ice cream code start with mx34w and rest is diferent!!

  369. Amanda Says:

    Hi everyone, i live in a town where the closest 7-11 is 250 miles away from me so im not able 2 purchase these codes. If theres anyone with codes that would like me 2 buy them something in return let me know. Id be much appreciated. U can find me under Amanda Moe on fb thank you

  370. Miss Conservative Says:

    #358 Margaret – I too cannot figure ouy why my water bottle code for the water tower will not work : (

  371. Nae Says:

    ….check ebay to buy 7-11 items with codes. If nobody posts anything on ebay I will. :) ….If not ebay look for cheat code sites…

  372. Eric Says:

    hey check these out

  373. R Says:

    I have unlocked the Uber gift according to the site, but no fv cash. It’s been more than 24 hrs now. Am I missing something? Is there something I have to do to get it? Has anyone gotten theirs when it didn’t show up right away?

  374. JB Says:

    I got my 200 FV dollars tonight! SO EXCITING! Does anyone know if we can do this promotion more than once????

  375. JAN Says:


  376. Nae Says:

    @R….you need to complete Goji berry mastery to get your FV$

  377. Joe Says:

    For all you people complaining… there codes.. just have a friend buy something from 7-11 and give you the code, im sure you will see them on ebay as well very soon…

  378. Tiffany Says:

    I feel bad for everyone that can’t get to a 7-11 for this promo. I never thought I’d say I’m lucky to live in Detroit, but at least there is a 7-11 on every other corner here! I’d be happy to share my codes with people, hope they work after using them one though.

  379. JZ Says:

    ChEcK TheSe OuT

  380. R Says:

    I contacted Zynga (because I got no response from and they said that some people are not receiving their Uber gifts because nothing was even suppose to be released until June 2. They said that if the Uber goft doesn’t show up June 2, that Zynga folks will be able to fix the error if you email them.

    I am very pleased with Zyngas quick response! With as many members as they have, it would have been easy to ignore me or just tell me it’s’s problem! But they didn’t! Yeah Zynga!

  381. Farmfan Says:

    Why dose it say 5-8 codes? Doesn’t that mean you only have to buy 5,6,7 or 8 codes? I have 6 and I masted the 7-11 crop but I did not get the 200 Farm Cash. I have 5 7-11s in my city but only one has the items.

  382. josy Says:

    where u put code??? so confused ;/

  383. shelly Says:

    Just got the fruit yesterday and finished the level 3 goji berries today and got my 200 fv cash. out of the 3 7-11′s in my area only one had all items for farmville one of the others said that it doesnt start until June 1st.

  384. 10yearstogether Says:

    I just got my 200 FV cash!!! Items I bought:

    Slurpee – got waterslide
    Big gulp – big splash pool
    Hot dog marked as Mafia Wars
    Taquito market as Mafia Wars
    Gummy candy
    Orange Soda
    Bottled water – got water tower

    and also mastered Gogi berry crop, which was unlocked after the first Zynga Farmville item was entered into (I only planted one field, about 315 plots of land, and in one harvest I was able to master the crop to Level 3)


  385. 10yearstogether Says:

    I want to add that I went to the 7-11 on La Paz in Laguna Hills, CA, and on Moulton Parkway/Oso Parkway in Laguna Niguel, CA. Both stores had everything to complete the promotion, even the hot items (hot dogs and taquitos) labeled Mafia Wars.


  386. Jared Says:

    I’m drowning in a river of tears. waaaaahhh

  387. Missy Says:

    It’s totally unfair for non American people!!
    How could you do that zynga?? You must make some new event for all non American ppl !!

  388. eljones Says:

    This is to all of the people who do not live in USA for some reason or another.

    I am ACTIVE duty military stationed in GERMANY where we do not have 7/11′s to get the game codes from the products Zynga is offering. So for the ones that tell us to “shut up and stop complaining”, think about it? Not everyone who plays Farmville has the same opportunities as you do. This is an International Game so why should we not think this is totally unfair? I don’t have friends/family that can go purchase items from 7/11 to get the codes for me, so this is not always an option that we can choose from.

    If Zynga has promotions they offer to Farmville players, then it should be done across the board to include areas/countries that do not have the stores/products available for free items. This is only the fair thing to do.

  389. cillajones Says:

    Please give the release dates for the different items that will be used in conjunction with Farmville.

    I am extremely interested in the neopolotian cow.

    Thank you!

  390. Jim Says:

    I think once you complete the 9 holes and Mastery Goji Crop you have to redeem one more item to get the 200FV. It got it only after i redeem one more of those Farmville or other products listed.

  391. shelly Says:

    I am not into Yoville and Mafia Wars so I only bought stuff for Farmville:

    Big Gulp- Big Splash Pool
    Slurpee- Fun Slide
    Ice cream- neopolitan cow (actually bought 3 but only one counted toward the uber gift, but I have 3 cows)
    Water- water tower
    sandwich- sandwich cart
    iced coffee- coffee cart
    fruit- persimmon/chocolate tree
    $10 gift card- fuel, 50 fv cash (this counts as two items bought)
    The goji berries were unlocked after I entered the first item and I had it done by the time I bought all items, after entering all items, it took a few minutes for the 200 fv cash to show up

  392. Teresa Says:

    How do you redeem the codes?

  393. jeff Says:

    all of you people complaining are more than welcome to come by my farm and see my new water slide and neopolitine cow and such lol. its a game people get over it lol. it is pretty funny to me to read some of these complaints lol

  394. Andrea Says:

    Did you guys read what Zynga said? 7-11 contacted them about it. They didn’t choose 7-11. Complain to the company that you want to carry the promotion.. it’s not Zynga’s fault.

  395. Amanda Says:

    Want to talk unfair? The Gas stations we have have a contract with 7-11 to stay out of Oklahoma City and they will stay out of our market! This sucks!

  396. b Says:

    Totally thought that the uber gift was just going to be honored for one game outta the three. looked at my mafia war and I also had 50 skill points sitting there.

    Has anyone tried to see if you can get the Uber Gift 3 times??? I understand that you can do at least 3 of each item going to a tally on your score card, but can you get another 200 bucks for buying some more stuff from 711? Anyone try that or know?

  397. shrivathsa Says:

    this totally sucks!!!!!!!!!
    this is something freak
    we will not get anything
    this really fucks!!!!!!!!!

  398. MomOFtriplets Says:

    @Andrea–Excellent Post! (#394)–

    You people complaining that “this isn’t fair” and “Zynga sucks” have absolutely NO business sense. 7-Eleven determined where the game was going to be rolled out–not Zynga. I am sure if it were up to Zynga, they would love to have this promotion be offered world-wide. If this promotion is successful, it stands to reason, other companies will wish to partner with Zynga on future endeavors.

    I have two FV accounts. One account I completed the requirements and received my 200 FV cash IMMEDIATELY. This is what I purchased:

    1. $10 FV gift card-counts as 2 punches (Got Fuel)
    2. Big Gulp (Got Swimming Pool w/ Cow on Diving Board)
    3. 7-11 Water Bottle (Got Water Tower)
    4. 7-11 Vanilla Ice Cream (Got Neapolitan Cow)
    5. 7-11 Sandwich (surprisingly, my daughter said it was Excellent!) (Sandwich Cart)
    6. 7-11 Cut Fruit (very good strawberries) – (Rcvd Persimmon Tree)
    7. 7-11 Chips (Rcvd car for Mafia Wars)

    I completed the Gogi mastery items w/in 2 days. I planted the crops as soon as I bought my first item and the Mastery Button was filled on the Punch Card.

    Surprisingly, I also received the 50 Mafia Wars points, even though I haven’t played that game in awhile.

    With my other account, my slurpee code does not work. The cup has the farmville logo on it, but it says the code is invalid. I guess I will just buy another item (like the yoville 7-11 donuts) just to get my 8th and final ticket punched.

  399. Robyn Says:

    MomofTriplets (#398)
    My slurpee code didn’t work when I tried it yesterday, but it did work today. You may want to try it again today.

  400. Vivi Says:

    I am also one who’s upset about the 7-11 codes.. The State I live in has no 7-11 and the nearest one is a few States away. So for those of you out of the Country and not happy about it, I’m in this Country and not happy so don’t feel you’re the only ones…. Maybe they can make some purchases available on an online store especially for people like us..I wouldn’t have any problem making purchases and having items sent to me and that way I can have cool codes too…. I think 7-11 should create a special online service so that no one feels left out… That’s my opinion anyway and if I were incharge of their online Div, that’s what I would do… :o)

  401. roberto Says:

    esto esta buenisimooooooo!!!!

  402. Canadiangirly Says:

    Im looking at ur comments i feel bad for u guys cuz where i live in America and Canada we have it and im really happy right now :P

  403. Amanda Says:

    The US isn’t the only one allowed, Canada is too! The only exceptions being Quebec and Puerto Rico. There are plenty of places without 7-11′s.. so hopefully, some of the other companies will do stuff for others as well.

  404. Lisa Says:

    I understand that this promotion should be available to everyone worldwide. It’s not fair…. yes. But, when you’re into Marketing/Advertising business, it is a GREAT start for Zynga… like a “test” with small franchise like 7-11. Zynga has to spend dollars on promotional items such as sticker labels to go on packages, design cup covers, wrappers for sandwiches, etc.

    When the “test” is proven successful, then I really hope they could start working with bigger franchises such as McDonald’s. Or work/negotiate with product companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi… products that sell worldwide.

    It takes time for Zynga to start partnering up with large companies for marketing. Just be patient and I am sure Zynga is trying their very best to make this work for everyone…. worldwide.

  405. Susyq Says:

    I went to the two 7-11 stores near me today, and each only had Slurpees, Big Gulps, and donuts that were tie-ins with the games. None of the sandwiches, chips, candy bags, water bottles, other beverages, ice cream, other bakery items, or grill items had any game codes anywhere to be seen. Since the Uber prizes require 5-8 DIFFERENT items, I’m as stuck as the people in areas with no 7-11 stores at all.

  406. R Says:

    A while back I posted: “I contacted Zynga (because I got no response from and they said that some people are not receiving their Uber gifts because nothing was even suppose to be released until June 2. They said that if the Uber gift doesn’t show up June 2, that Zynga folks will be able to fix the error if you email them.” Well, it’s June 2 and my 200 fv $ showed up, as well as a few prizes that I didn’t get previously! If any of you have had any trouble getting your Uber award, or redeeming other codes, try them now!

    As for “fair”…I’ve never had a mature conversation that involved that word!

  407. dprusino Says:

    I have two orange sodas and can’t read the numbers, they are lasered on the outside of a ridged cap and are thus smeared. Does anyone have a sample code that might help me puzzle them out?

  408. Kaleigh Says:


    How many numbers are in the code?

    Does it need to be in all capital letters?

    Do i need to put dashes or spaces between the characters?

    I just want 1 stinking cow, it should not be this difficult!!

    Please Help, I have been trying to deciper this code for 3 hours now.

  409. Kaila Says:

    Do any of the zynga codes products work towards the farmville $200 farm cash? I’m not interested in the gifts like the slide or any of that. I bought six farmville products so far and I’m in the process of mastering the berries, but I don’t want to have to buy the card as the 7th product. Can I buy donuts or chips and it still count as the notches towards my Uber gift?

  410. Jim Rome Says:

    So easy to get codes without buying anything since they put the codes for a lot of the items on the outside of the container.

  411. Jim Rome Says:


    a total of 13 characters on the ice cream code. For mine, 6 of them were numbers. Some other thing I noticed – sometimes hard to discern between an “O” (letter) and “D”.

    Give that a spin…

  412. Adam Says:

    oh yeah, to bad for the people that cant get to a 7-11 but there like a 7-11 on every block where i live so iam going there tonight :)

  413. Kaleigh Says:

    Thanks Jim Rome, I finally got the code. But when i tried to redeem it again on a different account it told me it had already been redeemed.

    Who said the ice cream codes could be redeemed twice on two different accounts?

  414. Lisa Says:


    You can purchase other products such as donut or chips even though they’re not in the Farmville category. Make sure it says Yoville or Mafia Wars. It’ll count as an UBER gift. It works on mine. Hope this helps.

  415. OiMoi Says:

    What happened to the deals you could do to get farm cash? :( I also live in england, I think me have a 7-11 but I don’t know if it’s participating in the farm ville deal :(

  416. Athena Says:

    I live in Oklahoma City and the 7-11s here broke off from the main corporation 20 years ago and are not involved at all in the main chain.

  417. victor Says:

    this is awesome
    i feel sorry for the ones that dont have a 7 eleven near them

  418. Nebu Says:

    Just found out you don’t have to buy the horrible sandwiches to get the sandwich cart. You can also buy (2 hardboiled eggs and cheese and crackers) which I’d actually eat.

    Also they had tons of signage up at 7-11 now. They have things pointing out the water, ice cream, things on the outside windows and more.

  419. Strules Says:

    That’s silly for everyone to be angry that it’s “available to some but not all.” Farmville doesn’t “owe” its players anything. The fact that this promotion is available to certain people doesn’t mean that its discriminating or “soooo unfair because it doesn’t affect all players equally.” You’re not LOSING anything by not being able to participating in a promotion.

  420. frustrated Says:

    UGH I have 10 products and 3 mastery of goji berries , but they show as 5 punches only and hence no fv 200$ plus none of the damn 7/11s have water or icecream or other stuff
    . what am I supposed to do?

  421. Sticky Says:

    I live in Canada, and not in a big town, and yet we have 2 7-11 Stores. Both are stocking items, although not all that are listed. However, in order to get these items we are having to spend $$$$$. It is NOT free, so asking for free codes is like asking “hey do you have an extra 20 bucks to spare??” The chip bags, donuts, etc. are all 7-11 products, and for the same price, contain about 1/2 the amount as a normal bag. The Big Gulps and Slurpees are in special plastic cups that they are charging over double their usual drink prices for. While it is unfair for those who want this choice whether to play or not, for those of us who do, we are definitely paying for it….ZYNGA will have made their money back on this promotion and then some…there will always be an argument….why not McDonalds?? and from peeps you’ll hear, but I don’t eat Big Macs or fries or drink Coke LOL For those outside Canada & The US I hope it’s fairer for you the next time….for those of us inside – HAPPY GAMING! :c)

  422. Kathleen Wagner Says:

    Hm. I unlocked the goji berry crop and completed all three levels. I seem to have two mastery signs (why?) but no Farm Cash. Is there something else I’m supposed to do?

  423. Tammi Colvin Says:

    This is BS for those of us that have no 7-eleven, it’s 200 miles away, how about a circle k or something.

  424. Patrick Says:

    Finally broke down and went to 7-11. Someone had sent me a code earlier, so I decided I should go all the way with it. Did the Mafia Wars mastery thing, so I was all set to get the Uber gifts today

    Thanks for the help with the Ice Cream code. That was the only tough one. Since the first letter is always an M, the second “M” in my code was also an M. I also needed help with what I thought was a Y. But someone said their “U with a squiggle under it” was actually a W and that’s what mine was :)

    200 FV Cash for $12 of stuff instead of over $35 the PayPal way. Not bad. Haven’t had a Slurpee in about 20 years

    Got the Fun Slide, Big Splash, Persimmon Tree and of course, the Neapolitan Cow plus other stuff for YoVille

    Now it’s Goji Berry time…..well tomorrow, after I harvest my peanuts ;)

  425. harrison Says:

    i live in new zealand it sucks

  426. BS Says:

    @ Kaleigh. yeah you need to make sure you put any dashes in the code. And I used caplocks just to be on the safe side. I had some issuses with my coffee code (it has the dotted numbers) couldn’t tell it one of the letter/numbers was a zero or a D or a O. Wasn’t fun. Good luck. hope you got it to work.

    Hey has anyone gotten the Uber gift 3 times? Is it possible??????????
    I know it said something on the lines in the policy of doing it a couple times, just don’t wanna waste too much of my $ and figure buying junkfood haha.

  427. candace Says:

    sorry for those who dont have a 7-11 nearby but i have 3 within walking distance so its great for me!!

  428. FV FTW Says:

    …O.o Wow… Sorry to anyone not living near a 7/11 I have three in my town >.>

  429. liz Says:

    hi add me, Liz Bateman as your friend, i have extra farmville swimming pool, need cow (i have the slurpee one lol..think htat is the cow pool)

    I was told by the guy at 711 that the codes can be used 3 times, so i’d like a new extra cow code (the multi colored cow)..tyty or email me first come first serve must add as friend and be a player in good standing

  430. diana Says:

    l likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  431. Ann Carter Says:

    We do not have any 7-11 where I live.Wish they did

  432. Vince Says:

    They sell the codes on ebay, look there

  433. Stacy Says:

    Nice work

  434. Will Says:

    A friend sent me a code, but cant get on the page!!!!!! Says that I need 2 liv in USA or Canada

  435. Mike Says:

    Does anyone know if you can get the 200FV Cash TWICE?
    I got it once, of course I used it all up….
    now I have enough codes to do it again, but will it let me?

  436. Jeremy Says:

    you’re all pathetic for whining about 200 pixel dollars. GET A LIFE

  437. Tim Says:

    to #435, I came on here to find the answer to the same question. I noticed that the buyearnplay website keeps track of how many you enter for each item so I would think that you could earn it more than once. I guess to find out you’ll just have to enter them in and see. Let us know if it works please. I’m starting a second round but I’m not close to finishing it yet.

  438. lupe Says:

    got my 200 fv thanks farmville awsome

  439. dirty sanchez Says:

    I might be the luckiest of all if i decide to buy more stuff for the codes. Within my zip code, I have 14 7-11′s, and within my entire city, there is well over 40

  440. Jane Hall Says:

    I think they should make more seven elevens because I’m not about to walk to 42nd street to get codes they should sell stuff in other places and it makes no sense to invest in inconvenient deli places if no one goes there anyway!

  441. Poetra Says:

    Add me pealce, ” Alex ekoe “

  442. Bobby Pheris Says:

    I am very interested in participating in the 7-Eleven Zinga Farmville gamecard promotion that you are throwing right now. Problem is, I live in Champaign, Ill, 61822, where there are no 7-Elevens within 20 miles. Acording to the promotion, that I signed up for online, you are giving away 200 farm bucks, and some really unique gifts that i can’t get anywhere else. I looked online for a website that sold the cards, but, it kept sending me to Target. I already have the pond that Zinga is giving away with their gamecards. i want the free 200 farm bucks and the unique items you are giving away. Can you please help me? Thank you so much.
    Bobby Pheris

  443. Irma Ausmann Says:

    Bobbi would like to help. see if you could find me on f/b. i haven’t received my 200 cash. it wouldn’t let me redeem. TO THE GUY COMPLYING ABOUT OUT OF U.S. WANTING CODES. LIGHTEN UP IT’S A GAME. i tried to give codes to a friend, what would it hurt, i bought the stuff hear.

  444. Cindee Says:

    is there anyone who is level 100 that wants to trade a jacaranda tree(free gift) for a 7 eleven item code?

  445. forevrloca Says:

    Does anybody know if they are still allowing for more than one acct to use the codes? I used my codes & got my cash but wasn’t allowed to enter the codes on my son’s account. Did they change it & no longer allow 2 accounts to use the codes.

  446. mira Says:

    well 7-11 is near me itts 1.1 mile away but my parent dnt give me money to buy those things..&& we are not rich so i feel its unfair..they should make farmville fair a game that everyone should be happy abut this game…

  447. Scott Says:

    I wonder if I buy 7-11 items and send the codes to someone outside of the U.S. if they can got to the website and cash them in for the prizes??????

  448. Monica Says:

    to Scott, if they are in Canada or Puerto Rico they can use the codes, but apparently, other countries don’t have access to 7/11′s buyearnplay At least Europe doesn’t, according to friend in Holland that I sent a Big Gulp Code to so she could have a Cow High Dive. She was NOT ALLOWED to enter the code for her FaceBook farm. no buyearnplay

    to non-Americans complaining, 7/11 wanted to do this deal with Zynga. If your country has a company interested in partnering with Zynga, I’m sure that Zynga would be delighted to make more money from them and other FV players around the world.

    Zynga didn’t limit the promotion to US/Canada, it’s just that those are just the countries where 7/11 currently operates.

  449. Dee Copenhaver Says:

    Hi everyone… check ebay for Slurpee Promotions… too cool… does not matter what country you are in… you can buy ebay… and they just email the codes… nothing needs to ship…. fun fun fun…

  450. Llewellyn Says:

    Wow! Talk about unfair! Not only is this promotion not available to countries without 7-11s but it’s also not available to the better part of Americans and Canadians as well. I have a 7-11 less than 3 blocks from me and on occasion I will pick up the odd slurpee from there. I go to punch in the 2 codes to work toward my “Uber gift” for Farmville and it only counts as one selection out of 8 required because it’s the same product. Then because I’m from Canada I find out the only 4 of the 8 products are available with codes on them and 3 of them count as 1each of the 8 required and 1 of them count as 2 each of the 8 required meaning that I would have to buy 4 different products and only be available to 5 of the 8 points required for the “Uber gift”. Total ripoff! We don’t get to have the “uber gift”. The rest of the prizes are utter crap! Who came up with this garbage, someone on crack is my guess. Zynga always bitches about players playing fair and not using bots and the like and then they promote this garbage. What a joke!

  451. Em Says:

    I was so happy about the promotion because there is a 7 11 right by my house, so i went up there and brought a slurppee that has the code on the bottom. i went on the buy earn play website,signed in , and when i try to type in the code it said invalid!!! And yes i did add the dashs,i tryed the code in upper case and lower case. Needless to say i got the same results.

  452. motafina Says:

    you can still buy the farmcash like always, it’s the same thing… lol it’s just another way for them to make money, quit your crying it’s just farmville.

  453. some dude Says:

    I’ll run to 7-11 and get your stuff in exchange…

  454. haha suckers Says:

    i live 5 minutes away from a 7-11
    i lucky

  455. John Says:

    Unfair? I have a cousin who lives in Toronto and although there is not exactly a 7-11 store near his house he can still buy Zynga stuff. No, I don’t this promotion is unfair. Some people here are right…why is there so much griping for a game we can play for free.

  456. willy stroobants Says:

    My Country – Belgium = Not Availebole for your Promotion !!

  457. celedonia thornburg Says:

    I love farmville

  458. Raphael Aldiano Says:

    I get 200 FV cash… really cool… I can upgrade my farm without add neighbour and spend 2million coins ^^

  459. F H Says:

    The thing is even if we manage to trade or buy 7-11 codes the website to redeem them is not accessible outside of the US.

  460. Genevieve Says:

    i dont get it do i need 9 codes or what

  461. Rei Rei Says:

    I’m confused. Where do I enter my stupid code?

  462. Ashlee Says:

    Even after the promotion was done as they said on buy earn play website i still kept buying stuff after and yes you have to get 9 different stuff and you still get the uber prize after you finish the mastery too. I was so happy :D

  463. Altan Morish Says:

    I didn’t get any farmcash!!! :( This is kame….

  464. heather Says:

    i just got this code off a website it was the only one i could find so far but it worked at BSBV MJTB DNQN it said i have 2 credits not sure what that means yet

  465. claudia Says:

    but i’m from portugal….can i do that???:(

  466. Alice Says:

    I did all the planting and got the three masteries of the joli berries and bought five items and never heard a word from the buyearnplay site about the farmville dollars. There is not a 7-11 here so I had people buying products for me for no avail..This is disgusting to buy and not get the award…

  467. Alice Says:

    I planted the berries and got the mastery and also bought five items and never heard a word about the 200 farmville dollars..

  468. Tatiana Says:

    My friend is going to the US for her vacations and I want to ask her to buy the Seven Eleven products and get me the codes. Is this promotion still on?

  469. ed Says:

    ok..all the 7-11 closed down here long can buy these codes on ebay,they are real cheap less than 2 American dollars each….good luck

  470. farm man Says:

    cool web site

  471. christopher Logan Says:

    Never got a pass code for farmville lock box

  472. James Peter Says:


    I will like to seek your company if they can supply us the quote for 4GB Flash Drives,1GB SD CARD.Pls let us know the pricing and also advise credit card type you honor for payment,. We look forward to read from you soon


  473. rey Says:


  474. rishikesh Says:

    i love my farmvill e game very much