FarmVille Freak Exclusive! FarmVille and Cascadian Farm Upcoming Promotional Event: Grow Organic Blueberries!

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FarmVille Freak Exclusive! FarmVille and Cascadian Farm Upcoming Promotional Event: Grow Organic Blueberries!

Posted on July 14, 2010 6:13 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

Cascadian Farm

FarmVille will be partnering with Cascadian Farm and, for the first time ever, will be introducing  a sponsored branded in-game crop that will also be available to all farmers.

Cascadian Farm, originating in 1972, is one of the country’s leading brands of organic foods, offering more than 80 products from ready-to-eat cereals and granola bars to frozen fruits and vegetables, juice concentrates and fruit spreads.  People have enjoyed our great-tasting and convenient organic foods for more than 35 years. The Cascadian Home Farm is nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking North Cascades mountain range in western Washington’s Upper Skagit Valley.

The upcoming FarmVille and Cascadian Farm cross promotional event will take place the week of

July 19th through July 26th

*Dates are subject to change without notice.

FarmVille Organic Cascadian Blueberries Promo

Cascadian Farm, “a pioneer in the organic food industry” teams up with FarmVille as a week-long integration, that “will offer players the chance to purchase Organic Blueberries for their farms.  In addition, players will receive a variety of other benefits, including coupon offers, organic and green living tips, and the opportunity to build their farm at a rapid speed.”

Key Features of the FarmVille & Cascadian Promotion:

  • Organic Blueberries will be the highest Coin and Experience Point (XP) Crop of the Week- During this week-long integration, the Cascadian Farm branded crop will be the most profitable FarmVille crop offered in the game. It will also be available to purchase for all beginner (Level 1) and experienced players. Rumor has it that the Organic Blueberries crop will have Crop Mastery, as there are images of Organic Blueberries Crop Mastery signs.
  • Real-Life Farm Goes Virtual- The brand will recreate the real Cascadian Farm, located in the Upper Skagit Valley of Washington’s North Cascade Mountains, as a virtual farm in FarmVille. Users can request to be the farm’s neighbor by “friend-ing” Farmer Joe Cascadian online at Facebook at: and by using the FarmVille application to become his neighbor in-game.

Marketing Manager of Cascadian Farm, Tim Goldsmid, explains “Given our heritage of engaging consumers to increase awareness and support for organic farming and the organic lifestyle, partnering with FarmVille was a natural fit for Cascadian Farm. We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with a leader in the online gaming world and offer unique ways for new and existing consumers to become involved with the brand.”

Vish Makhijani, Zynga’s Senior Vice President of Business Operations said, “When deciding on our first branded crop integration, we wanted to offer our users a unique opportunity that would benefit their gaming experience and add value to their lives both on and offline. Cascadian Farm perfectly aligned with our vision and what the FarmVille game represents.”

As we learn more details about this upcoming promotion we will be sure to share with you on FarmVille Freak!

Are you excited about this FarmVille-Cascadian Farm collaboration? Will you participate?

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56 Responses to “FarmVille Freak Exclusive! FarmVille and Cascadian Farm Upcoming Promotional Event: Grow Organic Blueberries!” »

  1. Anony Says:

    Well, this sounds like a cool promotion. Hope the crop is masterable

  2. Nesha1225 Says:

    I am excited I can’t wait, I love organic foods.

  3. Sephiroth144 Says:

    Agreeing on the hope for masterability- I am also wondering the timeframe, (kinda hoping a 12 hour crop or even a day one- 4 hours would be brutal, ala regular Blueberries)

  4. dawn Says:

    I Agree, it shouldn’t be like regular blueberries-12 hrs sounds good, even 8 would be ok.

  5. Sandra Beebe Prevost Says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  6. Rykleos Says:

    Link won’t work

  7. karen Says:

    I love their food and I love organic blueberries, picking blueberries is the highligh of August here in Washington! Hooray!

  8. Sandra Beebe Prevost Says:

    But this one does

  9. etching Says:

    Here’s the correct link:

  10. Lynne Says:

    Sounds great! I buy Cascadian Farm products all the time. I have also enjoyed the Farmville/7-11 tie-in program.

  11. Nicole Tate Says:

    Website for “friend-ing” Farmer Joe Cascadian does not work. gives a ” The page you requested was not found ” message.

  12. Kathryn Says:

    Sounds interesting. Depends on time frame for harvesting. Hope it will be like Seeds for Haiti, where you can do many crops in an allotted time.

  13. Randal Says:

    8 or 12 hours would be good. I’d be happy with 4 hours though. I hate waiting. I just mastered the regular blueberries and I’m working on blackberries now.

  14. Rawb Says:

    “We’re working to replicate as much of the real-life Cascadian Farm within Farmville, from our famed Roadside Stand to all the crops we offer, including our organic blueberries and pumpkins. ”

    Wonder if organic pumpkins will be available as well

  15. Mary Jean Says:

    I’ll be participating Sounds like fun!!

  16. Christy Says:!/farmerjoecascadian?ref=search

  17. Isabelle Says:

    Like #5 said, the link doesn’t work.

  18. Amy Says:

    This sounds interesting, but the question is, how much will it cost to “purchase” the ability to plant this crop?
    And what does “and the opportunity to build their farm at a rapid speed.” mean? How will purchasing this seed help build our farm?

    I do like the idea of this promotion however, but if it costs a lot, say..more than real blueberries we can eat, I think we might opt out.

  19. FarmGoddess Says:

    Apologies, the link to Farmer Joe Cascadian has been updated with the correct working URL.
    Thank you! :)

  20. Jade Says:

    LOVE, Love, LOVE this collaboration! I’m uber excited about it, although i’ve never heard of Cascadian Farm, i’ll be on the lookout now lol

  21. ramgo Says:

    so you have to add farmer joe as a friend to do the promotion?

  22. NYCGirl Says:

    Cool! I actually am a fan of Cascadian Farm on FB.

  23. WeirdJedi Says:

    heh. I thought the same as you Ramgo (Post #20). It states that this will be available to everyone, and then states that something will happen if you add him as a friend. Why not get a page we can “like”? Will having him as a friend only get us real life discounts and tips? I’ll have to know more about the event. Glad it doesn’t start today.

  24. Ben Larson Says:

    Link worked for me. I sent a friend request just now. Can’t wait until Monday.

  25. D_is4_Dawson Says:

    Ok now this is so Awesome! Being that I only eat Organic and Natural food this is just what I like to see. Organic is a movement and becoming a way of life for so many and I hope to see more people go that direction. Stay away from fast foods and processed foods. Not good For you! I’m so excited about this promo!

  26. MooMooMoo Says:

    Link works fine, thanks for updating FarmGoddess.

    Wow! Already confirmed on Facebook.

  27. Cynthia Zittel Says:

    I will have my farm ready for these very healthy and safe Organic Blueberries. I would like this to be a Mastery Crop with the possibility of a CO-OP connection??? CO-OP Trophy? How about a Blue Berry Vine Bushel or Basket Style?? Just a thought. Thanks for letting us all post here!!!

  28. Skannarr Says:

    “, as there are images of Organic Blueberries Crop Mastery signs.” What does the mastery sign look like? Post it, please and thank you.

  29. susieqfarm Says:

    Yeppppppers @@@@@@@@@@ Washington State San Juan Islands Anacortes Cascadian Farms SWEET ****

  30. Kerri Says:

    I am waiting for Farmer Joe to accept my friend request so I can neighbor him!!! This sounds fun!!!!

  31. xxx Says:

    This smells fishy. A user can only have 5,000 friends. It would not accommodate all the players.

  32. Jim Says:

    add Farmer Joe as neighbor..hope he accepts…love blueberry pancakes!

  33. xxx Says:

    NVM, business week has a article about it

  34. DarkAnise Says:

    Will Farmer Joe’s neighbor restriction of 300 be lifted for this?

  35. angelika Says:

    I like it! It sounds like they thought a lot about what they are doing and I appreciate that. I also LOVE that everyone can participate, not just U.S. residents! So thank you very much Cascadian Farm(ers)! :)

  36. Bunston Says:

    Now this is some cool stuff.

  37. Anastasia Says:

    Is anyone else having trouble adding his as a neighbor on FV? I added him as a friend, he accepted, but when I try to add him as a FV neighbor he isn’t showing up. Anyone else know what I can do to add him?

  38. Santhosh Says:

    good one. i’ll do it if it have mastery. Hope it will be a 12hr crop or 1 day

  39. Misty Says:

    love it!!

  40. Farmer Says:

    Is it like Haiti Seeds when you have to pay 25FV or like a Superberries which were free?

  41. Exurius Says:

    This farm in RL is only 30 miles from my house :) also will they be able to take more than 300 nieghbors. Or are most of us going to be unable to neighbor rhem.

  42. Raelene Says:

    I am so all about this I was born and raised in OR. and lived along the Columbia gorge with tons of fresh local produce nearly year around. ii think this is a good way to encourage green and local habits . yea for all of us who luv FV

  43. kaylia Says:

    i’m not a ‘hater’ please let me explain…
    of facebook a personal account can only have a maximum of 5000 fiernds after which they cannot accept or send friend requests… therefore only 5000 people will have access to this… see the fail?

  44. xcite Says:


  45. natsumi Says:

    i love organic foods… this is a great promotion. i’m sooooo excited to plant those organic blueberries… and i want to be neighbors with farmer joe cascadian… that would be way cool… ^_^

  46. Farkle Says:

    I planted organic blueberries this morning and was getting ready to harvest and replant….can’t though, they’re no longer in the market!?! Can anyone else see them?

  47. michele hill Says:

    hi ive not got this crop in my market and i would realy like to have it can you help please

  48. yuko Says:

    give me 100 facebook credits

  49. Jake Says:

    I like this crop alot…high XP and coin value. Plus the fact that the crops do not wither is outstanding.

  50. Sculls Says:

    This could be a fun promotion but what are we supposed to do with the blueberries after we get the bushels? Will there be formulas to use the bushels in some way? Craftshop, Pub, Spa, etc.

  51. Ravin Wind Says:

    Cry babies I think they should make it even less than real time since they are organic, after all organic fruits are eaten best when fresh lol. Make it a 3 hour crop mastery. Definitely hope there is a crop mastery sign, Would be cool to see more organic vegetables and fruits in the game as well.


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