FarmVille New Animal: Flying Squirrel

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FarmVille New Animal: Flying Squirrel

Posted on August 17, 2011 11:13 pm by FarmVille Freak Eva16

FarmVille Flying Squirrel

Tonight, a new permanent animal was released in FarmVille – the Flying Squirrel! We saw its image and animation (as can be seen above) as unreleased a few days ago, but it is now available in the FarmVille Market for purchase to all players.

The Flying Squirrel is available for 16 Farm Cash, and also comes with Animal Mastery.


  • FarmVille Flying Squirrel – 16 Farm Cash

FarmVille Flying Squirrel

Will you be buying this animal and placing it on your farm?

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12 Responses to “FarmVille New Animal: Flying Squirrel” »

  1. Patty Barton Says:

    i love this it is so neat

  2. Grant` Says:

    Got 2 :D I have 2 or more of all the squirrels they are my very favorite :D

  3. Roney Says:

    i will buy this and put inside Wildlife Habitat.. i Share the babies.. done worry..

  4. Deborah Says:

    Will not….Farm Cash is too hard to come by and I don’t have enough left to buy anything with it….I would if it were for coins…

  5. sunny Says:

    cute but expensive

  6. sunny Says:

    cute but expensive (as always)

  7. besian Says:

    I don’t have the “SEND” button in my farm.Does anybody knows why?

  8. Mehster Says:

    This is so frickin’ awesome!!!!! So cute, too. I would buy it, if it were for coins….

    Have a nice day ;)

  9. nm Says:

    I couldn’t help myself this little fella was so cute. 16fc is not that bad compared to other animals.

  10. besian Says:

    i don’t have the “send” button .does anybody here have the same problem? at my other facebook account i have the “send” button.please help me

  11. DeeDee Says:

    Mine hasn’t moved from plant earth yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. FarmVille New Animal: Flying Squirrel