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FarmVille April 30th, 2012 Mystery Game & Prizes

Posted on April 29, 2012 9:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille 04.30.2012 Mystery Game

The FarmVille Mystery Game will be updated and restocked with new animal prizes Sunday night.

You can purchase your chances at playing this Mystery Game for 20 Farm Cash per dart. As always, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the Mystery Game so you should play at your own risk. Whenever you play and win all six regular prizes, you will receive an exclusive Bonus Prize. This week’s Bonus Prize is the Carolina Parakeet.

Before you play, make sure you check out the prize spoilers listed below and be a good neighbor by sharing this article with your farmin’ friends.

  • FarmVille 04.30.2012 Mystery Game – 20 Farm Cash

FarmVille 04.30.2012 Mystery Game Confirmed Prizes:

  • FarmVille Caspian Tiger
  • FarmVille Cave Lion
  • FarmVille Aurochs
  • FarmVille Quagga
  • FarmVille Moa
  • FarmVille Great Auk
  • FarmVille Carolina Parakeet (Bonus Prize)

FarmVille Freak Mohammad's 04.30.2012 Mystery Game Board

FarmVille Caspian Tiger

FarmVille Cave Lion

FarmVille Auroch

FarmVille Quagga

FarmVille Great Auk

Will you throw any darts this week? If so, which prize(s) did you receive? Which prize is your favorite?

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19 Responses to “FarmVille April 30th, 2012 Mystery Game & Prizes” »

  1. sherri Says:

    I wish to have more darts for few but i can’t wait to get new one

  2. Cate Says:

    I don’t see it published anywhere, but the one thing that all the creatures in this mystery game have is that they are all extinct, most due mankind’s impact, such as over hunting. The Carolina Parakeet went extinct in the 1920, considered a pest by farmers and killed for its feathers. The Moa from New Zealand went extinct due to over hunting around the 1400s. The Caspian Tiger went extinct in the early 1900′s due to the Russian Government placing a bounty for these animals being killed, for you guessed it… farmland. The Quagga, a type of Zebra, was hunted into extinction for meat and farming reasons to reduce competition with livestock. It went extinct in 1870. The Great Auk, last seen in 1852 was another victim of over hunting. It coexisted with the native/indigenous people but the arrival of Europeans proved deadly. The Auroch, a type of wild cattle, went extinct in 1627 due to over hunting, farming and loss of habitat. Some breeds of cattle do have Auroch features but its wild form is gone. Last but not least, the cave lion is thought to have gone extinct 2000 years ago; over hunting is thought to be the main reason.

  3. Tricia C. Says:

    All of these animals are extinct.

  4. Jes Says:

    Server 1

    Second column from the left, Red, third down Caspian Tiger
    Third column from the left, Yellow, second down Cave Lion

    Hope this helps :D

  5. Sara Says:

    The extinct animals really do nothng for me.

    I’d like some sweet prizes, like butterflies and spring flowers. You know, uplifting things, things to make us smile, and so on.

  6. Phillip Says:

    got the Caspian Tiger: left corner, it’s the red balloon

  7. Josh Says:

    YIPES! i’ve got free dart

    server two, Cave lion


    red ballon

  8. monster2000 Says:

    anyone know where caspian tiger is on server 1?

  9. monster2000 Says:

    Server 1 caspian tiger bottom row, second green balloon from the left.

  10. Shan Says:

    i hate getting free darts and winning the stupidest item offered! bitoch i know..

  11. anna Says:

    In this game, Quagga is a horse and goes into paddocks!

  12. Kalipso Says:

    Sooooooo happy for my Quagga!!!

  13. okta Says:

    anybody who gets quagga on server 0 ?

  14. Mandy Says:

    Does anyone know where the Quagga is on Server 0? I want to make that 1 dart count! =D

  15. Sky Says:

    I don´t know wich server i have….
    but: if the tiger on server 1 is in the second green ballon, bottom row from the left…. I must have server 2, I find him in the green ballon second row, second collum from bottom.

  16. Sky Says:

    sorry!!! blue ballon (not green)

    …. I don´t know wich server i have….
    but: if the tiger on server 1 is in the second green ballon, bottom row from the left…. I must have server 2, I find him in the green ballon second row, second collum from bottom.

  17. lori Says:


  18. Brenna Says:

    I got the Quagga..

    Server 3

    4th row down and 4th row over red balloon ..

  19. Kristi Says:

    thank you Brenna.. got the Quagga right where you said it was :) server 3 ..4th row down and 4th row over red balloon Q

    I also got great auk center blue balloon A

    the Moa 1st row 5th blue balloon M

    and got the Caspian Tiger 3rd row 2nd red balloon C