FarmVille April Fools’ Day Decorations: Lake Nessie, Mystery Gnome, & Mystery Outhouse

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FarmVille April Fools’ Day Decorations: Lake Nessie, Mystery Gnome, & Mystery Outhouse

Posted on March 31, 2011 11:49 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Lake Nessie

FarmVille Mystery Outhouse

FarmVille Mystery Gnome

FarmVille treats us with some new Limited Edition April Fools’ Day decorations and a classic favorite, Lake Nessie.

Lake Nessie, a water feature has been available only once before and became an instant classic for the enormous size and friendly faced Loch Ness Monster that occasionally pops out. You will also find there are two brand new decorations including a Mystery Gnome and a Mystery Outhouse.

The Mystery Gnome make look just like an average gnome with regular good looks from its icon image, but click its market preview and you’ll see why its special. Hint: It’s gigantic! The Mystery Outhouse has a hairy occupant inside with a striking resemblance to Big Foot and it’s also available with Farm Coins. Yay!

FarmVille Lake Nessie

FarmVille Mystery Gnome

FarmVille Mystery Outhouse

Will you be adding any of these fun decorations to your farm?

FarmVille Freak Joelle's Lake Nessie, Mystery Gnome, & Mystery Outhouse

FarmVille Freak HatchetHolic's Mystery Gnome

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27 Responses to “FarmVille April Fools’ Day Decorations: Lake Nessie, Mystery Gnome, & Mystery Outhouse” »

  1. VADIRAJ Says:

    Got another Gnome for my collection :)

  2. AMANDA BABY Says:

    like nessie BUT 56.. NAWW im cool

  3. Smile Says:

    what no crop?

  4. Ness McLeod Says:

    I want the Nessie cause my nick name is Loch Ness but not paying 56 for it

  5. sinisista Says:

    I was intrigued by the Nessie but 56 FV cash is too much right now. I spent a lot of cash on my England farm on sheep and 2 horses so nessie will just have to stay in the Loch Ness for now lol.

  6. AMANDA BABY Says:

    Nessie COST 10 REAL DOLLARS… WOW, wht a crock of shyt…. :/

  7. Martha Justice Says:

    Really like the lake but NO would I pay that for it !!! Just had to have the outhouse. My grand children will love it ! Nana has to keep her babies smiling = )

  8. Echo Says:

    are they out of their minds??? good grief!!!! 56 FC. they can keep it and put it where the sun don’t shine!!!!

    betcha there are a lot of fools who will pay for it. and the more fools that buy, the higher the prices will keep going!!!

  9. Kimberly Says:


    I often purchase FV cards. A $10 card redeems for 55 FVC. That makes it more than 10 bucks. That tricky Zynga…

    And I wholeheartedly agree – it’s a crock!

  10. Garnet Says:

    Wow, I guess that Russian billionaire I read about earlier, needs some extra cash to make his new mortgage payments. He’s invested heavily in Facebook and Farmville. He just purchased a $100 million dollar mansion in California.

    I’d love to have Nessie…but not at that price! Not making the mortgage payments for a billionaire!!!!

  11. Jean Says:

    I have a neighbor who has Nessie. I’ll just visit them when I want to look at it…for free!

  12. Gonçalo Says:

    Shit me man, I really would love to have Nessie as it’s one of those awesome items only very few people have/will have for a while but 56 farmcash is pretty damn excruciating. And I even see myself pondering, good God. It’s phone money, though, money I have to put into it monthly regardless, so it’s not as painful as if it were *actual* money, so to speak.

    I’ll probably end up buying a couple of horsies instead, though. Don’t know what Zynga’s plan is bringing out these absurdly overpriced items every week (hell, I even considered that Outhouse to be pricey at 30 FV$, and the 45 cash castle I really wanted and ended up not buying), but ah well.

  13. Frankie Says:

    Whoa Nessie is way too huge for my farm right now and way too expensive at 56 FVC??? but I do love the dragon and the Gnome.

  14. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    Wasn’t Neesie 42 FV$ last year?

  15. JB Says:

    The only joke here is the $ for this stuff. April Fool’s for sure.

  16. bob Says:

    I’ve wanted just the basic gnome but that guys too big. I’d buy him if he wasn’t a giant.

  17. Susie Q Says:


  18. scotslady Says:

    Just another way for them to get you to pay to play a “free” game.

  19. Servant of Christ Says:

    Yet again… So stupid and expensive!!! Tired of items priced at 1 farm cash, but 56!!! And then when they do have coin items, they’re always above 100,000! 250,000 for an outhouse with giant feet!!! Can anyone say “stupid”?!

  20. Highland Cow Says:

    Servant of Christ: The Outhouse is pretty cool. Big Foot peeks out and then jumps out confused of where he is.

  21. Alex Gonzales Says:

    I wanted the mini villa to go with my big villa :(

  22. Jena Long Says:

    I was trying to figure out what that Mystery Gnome did but it doesn’t look like it does anything. lol Just bigger then the average Gnome. Maybe that was the April fool’s joke on us folks who bought it thinking it would do something! HAHAHAHA Actually it was a gift didn’t buy it but I thought about it.. It’s cute.

  23. Scorpion Says:

    For those that are complaining about the nessy price, I have it and ill tell ya how I feel about it. The large lake is 65 FV dollars with 2 tiny goldfish jumping around. Nessy is that same exact large lake only with an excellent animation. So the real fools are the people who got the lake without the monster.. try to enjoy the game people its only a GAME.

  24. Michael Says:

    I know this comment is late but when nessy was out in the market, I did not hesitate to buy it. And believe it or not, nessy is worth every farm cash I paid for it!


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