FarmVille I’m Done Over Avatar Feature

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FarmVille I’m Done Over Avatar Feature

Posted on May 11, 2011 9:40 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Freak CupCakeMomma's I'm Done Feature

Thanks to CupCakeMama for giving us a heads up about this new feature.

Now when neighbors visit your farm, after you accept their help, you will see another notice indicating they are finished on your farm and a button option to go visit their farm.

This is a great feature for those who love to repay the favor for visiting your farm.

Do you like this new feature? Does it make it easier to be kind to your active FarmVille neighbors?

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26 Responses to “FarmVille I’m Done Over Avatar Feature” »

  1. Amanda Says:

    I think its a good idea

  2. Wendy Cundiff Says:

    Visiting Farms is always a hassle for me, very slow and some of the farms take for ever to load.To time consuming. Nothing wrong with my computer either..

  3. NAtasha Says:

    I have seen that. It helps me to help those that help me

  4. nathan Says:

    Really don’t see the point. Most of my neighbors do all of their neighbor visits at the same time. I’m not going to stop what I’m doing at that moment to visit a farm & throw my scheduling off .

  5. Farm-ette Says:

    REALLY? I have sooooo many neighbors……soooooo much to do………I’ll get to my neighbor’s farms when I can. I’m sorry to say I can’t get to everyone everyday…and they can’t get to me on a regular basis either. STOP THE PUSHING! We all do what we can!
    There are other things you should have put your attention to.

  6. Eileen Miller Says:

    all good……..please address the limit on the sheep…….can’t breed

    always have to sell…in order to breed WILL NOT… new

    sheep in market till this is changed….I have purchased potion

    sheep and other stuff with farmville cash…NO MORE AS YOU



    what is the problem anyway in giving us the freedom to breed our sheep……you give us something fun and take the joy out of it…

  7. Crickett Says:

    I love this idea! That way I can avoid helping selfish neighbours that don’t come to my farm… I can weed out the stinginess! Woo Hoo!

  8. Linda Says:

    I’m glad you let us know, because I could never get close enough to see what it said. not very speedy in my old age.

  9. Linda Says:

    can you say “waste of time”? With all the other areas that need attention you are doing what????? Disgusting and and and ….just sputtering at the stupidity to …. did I say “waste of time”?

  10. fallenangel1098 Says:

    Oh great more pop-ups. Thought we players have been asking them to get rid of all the pop-ups…………

  11. Lou C Says:

    why has FV brought out a new task to grow morning Glory and Wheat when you cant grow them on the Engish Farm are they thinking about wht they bringing out before they do or just after peoples cash? have a nice day everyone X ( )

  12. monkey Says:

    Bloody hell! Why don’t they just fix the problems first!
    My farm has been rolled back 24hrs!

    Now I have crops wilted that were harvested!
    At stage 2 of quest, but now have no craft cottage!
    Spent Cash on Tree that have disappeared! but FV cash is less the trees!

    Giving up playing the game now for good!

  13. Imagine Says:

    When I first started playing I was quite gung ho about making sure I visited every neighbor every single day, but as you progress on and get more neighbors you realize that this is nearly impossible. I don’t consider my “selfish” in anyway at all. I visit my neighbor’s farms at least 2-3 times a week but that is it.

  14. Marilyn Says:

    It says it gives you the OPTION to visit their farm. Doesn’t say you HAVE to visit their farm. I think it’s a good idea, especially when some of the missions have us visiting neighbor’s farm. This way we will visit the neighbors who are also doing the missions. I always forget who visited me by the time I click on all of them and finish some work on my homestead. Just a way to be a courteous neighbor and maybe help neighbors who are back on their farms after a little R&R. Just saying………

  15. cindy Says:

    I finished that quest and I was confused to, but u have to grow them on your regular farm and when u get the gift it has to go to that farm not the english farm, which sucks. I think everything should be able to go to either farm.

  16. Jim Baron Says:

    When I tried to click on the “visit farm” button above the neighbor, it wouldn’t work for some reason.

  17. Linda Says:

    Cool idea! I like this idea. That will tell me if I’m done with my visit neighbor. That way, I won’t get confused who I was already visited or haven’t visit yet.

  18. Donna SF Says:

    I like this options, makes it easier to return the favors

  19. Rasms Says:

    I did a “thumbs up” for two different comments above – on both sides of the issue. I think it’s a good idea for some to make it easier to visit those that visit them. On the other hand, there is so much other stuff that needs to be fixed that perhaps this should have been further down on their “to do list”.

  20. flmdrpeena Says:

    Totally agree with Rasms. Good idea BUT have had too many problems that Zynga needs to fix 1st & ones I’ve contacted them about but IF Customer Service ever does they say “Have Patience” They still haven’t fixed my home farm expansion from the day they released expansion. Meantime, they’ve lost buildings & returned them when I screamed & gave me a grotty decoration because “they understand my frustration.” They lost entire gift box contents often, things don’t post. I’ve blown by them. I reset my browser & player. For better than 1 yr. they’ve been promising game bar for Safari – not that it’s important but they really need to make the game compatible with Safari.– too many other problems to list that they need to fix rather than create stuff to keep us running around after instead of bothering them to fix problems. — smoke & mirrors to get more cash from us – yes! My neighbors (especially those that don’t get hit much) think I’ m crazy when I post a problem I’ve had or say chill. Neighbors used to post warnings & were appreciated. Lost too many good neighbors. I don’t have many visitors any more. Most have left & I may too soon. They just don’t care – more customers out there to replace us. HAVE PATIENCE?!?!

  21. Diane Jurgens Says:

    Thanks, Zynga! This is a great way to reward good neighbors and avoid the headache of remembering which have visited you. I am interested in seeing if you have to manually return to your farm each time or if it happens automatically…

    I have frustrations, too, but this is not the proper place to whine about them!!! Find the right feed, please!

  22. ratorr2 Says:

    I don’t like it at all. It’s just another pop-up. If I wanted to send things or visit farms or accept gifts I can do it on my own without the help of constant interuptions and reminders from Zynga.

  23. TheTechnician Says:

    I do agree that many other issues need attention. I’m glad some of the breeding issues have improved, but many remain. This is a great idea to help repay people for visiting when you don’t have time to go through and visit every single neighbor every day. I like to make sure I help when someone does something for me.
    Zynga is getting a little better, or I experienced a fluke. I purchased mystery game items and they didn’t show up in my gift box, ao I filed a complaint and mentioned the breeding issues and other major problems I’ve had lately, so they gave me 10 free mystery darts and 10 free animals (5 each of the two that didn’t show up after purchase) as well as 50 farm cash. THAT is how you do customer service. You fix the problem and you make a gesture to show the customer that you’re sorry for screwing up!


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