FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Arrives!

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FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Arrives!

Posted on February 21, 2012 1:46 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch

The Baby Bunny Hutch is here! Get started by building your very own Baby Bunny Hutch on your farm today. The Baby Bunny Hutch is a new animal habitat that just like the name says houses Baby Bunnies (duh!). Unfortunately, this is not an animal habitat for your adult Rabbits, so they can not be placed inside your Baby Bunny Hutch. When you harvest your Baby Bunny Hutch you’ll have an opportunity to find Bunny Eggs. Bunny Eggs can be shared and collected with your friends and special Golden Eggs have special prizes inside.

Building Your Baby Bunny Hutch

After the update is made available to you on your farm, you will receive the pop-up asking you to place your Baby Bunny Hutch frame on your farm. If you don’t have enough green space to place the frame, that’s okay too, the hutch will go to your FarmVille Gift Box for safekeeping and can be accessed once you clear up some space. To get started with your construction project you will need to collect the following supplies to complete your Baby Bunny Hutch. Expansion is also available, but will require more parts.

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Parts:

  • FarmVille Baby Carrot Bunch x 10
  • FarmVille Wood Block x 10
  • FarmVille Hutch Wire x 10
Collecting Building Materials
  • Use the Ask For Part button located when “Looking Inside” hutch
  • Send and Receive free parts via the FarmVille Gifting Page
  • Find supplies on the Facebook News Feed from neighbors’ shares
  • Purchase supplies directly using Farm Cash via the FarmVille Market

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Parts

 What do you think about the Baby Bunny Hutch? Are you happy to build one for your farm? What surprises have you found inside your Golden Eggs? 

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23 Responses to “FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Arrives!” »

  1. Jena Long Says:

    OMG – NOT something else that needs to be built! :( I can’t finish what I’m trying to build now let alone adding something new.

  2. Sue van der Werff Says:

    What are the other parts listed on the gift page for?

  3. Rogue Robot Says:

    Anyone remember when FarmVille was fun? You know, back before the quests, limits to the number of plots on farms, and collecting all these f-ing parts to build increasingly stupid crap.

  4. Guinastasia Says:

    Can you keep them as babies?

  5. powzie Says:

    I thought we were going to get a real hutch – this is just a new collection of pastel cartoon uselessness.

    I want my farm to look like a farm!!

  6. shannon97405 Says:


  7. Felix Says:

    I am glad that Zynga is releasing new things but the amount of gifting and requesting that are becoming a mandatory part of this game is getting very irritating… My solution is to put the required items in the Mystery Gifts as soon as a new bu8ilding is released.

  8. kristine riccardi Says:

    what good is it if we can’t put the gazillion rabbits we have in it? I built it and none of my rabbits can be moved into it.

  9. Natalie Says:

    Its only cash bunnies… is this a permanent thing or the special for easter time?

  10. Joyce Says:

    Well, they give you one baby to start with and then you have 2 choices to get more: lurk on the news feed and hope the ones someone is sharing stick around longer than most of the other good stuff. Or buy more. With any kind of luck they will give some eggs with the first few harvests but they will probably take as long to grow up as the aviary eggs. NO WAY will I spend cash for a bunny no matter how cute they are!
    I am really disappointed with this.

  11. kamal Says:

    I remember when we were having one quest a year,extra building every 3 months….when we were using bricks,wooden boards and nails…when we were really happy when something new is released….

  12. underdog1970 Says:

    Will we be able to get an egg ourself or just able to share…?

  13. Rob G. Says:

    The bunnies are all FV Cash!!!
    $30 fo ONE !!!!!

  14. Melly Says:

    Well, if you are lucky enough to get one of those eggs.. you will NOT find it in your gift box: no bunny, no egg. nothing :(

  15. Joyce Says:

    I think they should have just made it so we can put our rabbits that we already have in it. This collecting eggs is a waste of time.

  16. leslie Says:

    I completely regret just building the bunny hutch. i was excited at first bc I thought it would be like other animal pens where i could store my existing animal pens. Had I known that none of my current rabbits would go into it, I would never have bothered building it. I dont care for new buildings that create more work for u to do and dont store existing animals. the bunny hutch creates a new type of rabbit that is only stored and created by the bunny hutch. it is very is very infuriating that the bunny hutch doesnt store any existing animals. and what the F is up with bunny eggs? umm, i guess zynga hasnt heard mammals dont lay eggs. that is so bizarre.

  17. brad Says:

    Wow, all you guys do is bitch huh? You can’t just like keep it to yourself or go play your fishville crap.

  18. sanchita Says:

    I am not given the baby bunny hutch ….

  19. Tala Says:

    I stocked my pen with white bunnies to get it started. I found one yellow one, and it also found a home in the pen. I got a blue one off of the wall, so I was going to remove the white rabbits so just the colored ones would give eggs for my neighbors.


    Is this a limited time thing, are we either forever stuck with what we’ve got in there, or do we have to build a new one if we want better stock?

  20. Rob G. Says:

    Why can’t we remove bunnies???
    This sucks!!!!

  21. Carla Rahn Says:

    I came to FarmvilleFreak today looking for a hint on how many bunny eggs you get in each basket harvested. I have only been on the site for a couple of minutes so I read all the below comments. I built the bunny hutch with the impression that when we find eggs we could collect them and my only disappointment is that I can only gets eggs from friends or with farm cash. Many of the below comments have many untrue facts. You are able to remove bunnies you just need to look. You cannot remove them by holding your cursor over the bunny you have to look at the bottom where it shows how much the bunnies cost. There are numbers of how many of each color you have and there is an option to remove right there. I dont think people should complain about a cute “bunny egg” just because bunnies are mammals. Its just a game. I have over 150 bunnies between 2 different hutches and am having fun trying to get the more elusive colors. When I harvest my full hutch I fine 15 eggs per time and even tho i cant get any…when I share with my friends…they share with me. Some of the “rabbits” you already have should go in the other pens and while I do agree it is one more thing you need parts for and that they should be easier to come by. We should all just take a deep breath and remember…its only a game…its only a game. You are not required in any way to spend farm cash on a cartoon bunny…and you dont have to stalk the home wall hoping to find eggs. Let your friends know and when they post they can lock them to you just like everything else.

  22. guest Says:

    how come you can’t remove the bunnies from the hutch?

  23. Daniel A. Says:

    I’m not sure If Zynga/Farmville makers are more interested in Game Play or Making money. Its seems that everything good costs more and more farmville cash and the supply is limited. I don’t feel like spending my own personal money to complete tasks in the play the Farmville game. If you made it easier to earn Multiple Farmbucks I might feel differently.