FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch & Bunnies Coming Soon

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FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch & Bunnies Coming Soon

Posted on February 15, 2012 10:31 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch

There’s more news on the (still unreleased) FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch! You can see a preview of what the Baby Bunny Hutch is expected to look like below.

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Notice

The Baby Bunny Hutch is an upcoming building with purpose that will be used to house, harvest, and produce Baby Bunnies just in time for Easter! Similar to other recent animal habitats, when you harvest the Baby Bunny Hutch you will have the chance at finding a Baby Bunny Egg.

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Information

Check out this sneak peek at some of the Baby Rabbits:

FarmVille Gold Lop-Baby Rabbit

FarmVille Pink Lop-Baby Rabbit

FarmVille Chubby Purple Baby Rabbit

FarmVille Chubby Yellow Baby Rabbit

FarmVille Blue Baby Rabbit

FarmVille White Baby Rabbit

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch White Easter Eggs

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Blue Easter Eggs

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Pink Easter Eggs

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Yellow Easter Eggs

FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch Gold Easter Eggs

I’m sure you have lots more questions about this new animal habitat and we will be sure to keep you informed as it becomes available.

What do you think about this upcoming building with purpose?

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20 Responses to “FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch & Bunnies Coming Soon” »

  1. barbara holford Says:


  2. Stephanie Maiman Says:

    Absolutely! I love the little bunnies and keep a collection of them on every farm. It will be nice to give them their own home.

  3. rosemary plato Says:

    their so sweet can’t wait

  4. Katie Says:

    These are just to darn cute!!

  5. kim bringwald Says:

    i want it

  6. kamal Says:

    Great!..more Buildings,more building parts,more animals to buy,more used space……I don’t know how should I thank zynga..

  7. shannon97405 Says:

    If i can use the multitude of bunnies I already have I will probably do it. BUT from the looks of what is currently posted it appears to use/produce more, and uglier, bunnies! Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the concept and final product I will not waste time and effort on this.

  8. Brian Says:

    Let me guess we will need six new building supplies…

  9. Stabby Elf Says:

    How about just a basic looking hutch to house our current bunnies? The new bunnies don’t look as nice as the ones already available and the hutch is just another cookie-cutter storage building. You can do much better Zynga!

  10. KaraS Says:

    Looks like we should expect it around Easter.

  11. Elizabete Says:

    So cute. I like, very like <3

  12. bob Says:

    It’s rediculous…I am sick and tired of building things that you need 10 of each, then 15 more…etc.
    I have had it, I will not partake in buying any bunnies and If I miss any Quests….fine, & so be it…there are way too many to begin with. Instead of continuing to bring out new animals, pens etc…..FIX THE DAMN PROBLEMS THAT YOU HAVE HAD FOREVER ZYNGA!!!!!!


    Get real Zynga and listen to your customers!

  13. Sofie Says:

    I can’t wait to build this bunny hutch and collect all these pretty little bunnies! They are so cute!!!

  14. cbs326 Says:

    if you want them they are in the store if you search bunny. Range from 5-30 fv cash

  15. Seung-li Says:

    The bunnies are cute. >_<

  16. Kirt Says:

    No, I will not. And I bet Zynga will not have the stones to say that this is in celebration of Easter, either.

  17. sunny Says:

    This is one of the most adorable things I have seen on farmville! =D =*
    And for you constant complainers, you don’t have to build anything if you don’t want to. let others have fun!!!

  18. Amy Says:

    This is gdamn adorable!
    Hopefully we can house our current bunnies in there…

  19. Tina Williams Says:

    Love it! Can’t wait!!! :) :) :)

  20. Susan Says:

    Ok so I built my bunny hutch. The directions say I can go to friends farms and look for baskets with bunny eggs. I have visited many farms and low and behold no baskets with the eggs.