FarmVille Baby Nursery Arrives: Store Mystery Babies & Get More Animal Feed!

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FarmVille Baby Nursery Arrives: Store Mystery Babies & Get More Animal Feed!

Posted on August 23, 2012 10:03 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Baby Nursery

FarmVille’s new generation Nursery Barn, the Baby Nursery is here!

Many of us were a little confused about the purpose and function of this new building after we saw its unreleased images. Now that it’s here we can give you the scoop.

Basically, the Baby Nursery is a place for you to store your various Mystery Babies scattered about your farm. You can neatly shove them in this building and wait until you have enough Animal Feed to grow them up. It kinda makes sense- they are babies and babies do go in nurseries, right?

As a bonus, the new Nursery Barn is also harvestable for Animal Feed. You know, so you have something to feed all those Mystery Babies  stored inside and have some growing up to do. Not all a bad idea really, but maybe not what most of you would have expected from a new Nursery facility.

Build Your Baby Nursery
Start off by building your Baby Nursery. If you are having trouble finding this feature, try keyword searching your FarmVille Market with keyword “Baby Nursery”. You can pick up the frame for 5 Farm Coins. There’s also a completed Baby Nursery that can be purchased with Farm Cash.

Once you place the Baby Nursery on your FarmVille farm, you can start adding construction materials.

You can only have ONE Baby Nursery per FarmVille farm. If you want more than one Baby Nursery per FarmVille farm, then you will need to purchase additional Baby Nurseries using Farm Cash.

Baby Nursery Construction Materials

The first level of the Baby Nursery needs the following parts to get it functional:

  • FarmVille Baby Blanket x 15
  • FarmVille Pacifier x 15
  • FarmVille Baby Mobile x 15

Store Your Mystery Babies
Place any of your Mystery Babies inside your Baby Nursery. An expansion can increase the capacity of Mystery Babies you are able to store inside.

Feed Your Babies
Add Animal Feed to your Baby Nursery to grow up Mystery Babies.

Harvest for More Animal Feed
Your Baby Nursery can be harvested for more Animal Feed that you can use to feed more babies. The cycle of life.

The Baby Nursery can be harvested for Animal Feed every 24 hours (daily). You also have the option of using Inta-grows to immediately harvest the Mystery Baby Nursery for Animal Feed.

Baby Nursery Barn Expansions

Your Baby Nursery can be expanded further to house more Mystery Babies. The Stages and their capacity as well as their construction materials are listed below.

Stage 1 Baby Nursery
Parts: Pacifer x15 , Baby Mobile x 15, & Baby Blanket x 15
Capacity: 20 Mystery Babies

Stage 2 Baby Nursery
Parts: Pacifier x 20, Baby Mobile x 20, & Baby Blanket x 20
Capacity: 30 Mystery Babies

Stage 3 Baby Nursery
Parts:  Pacifier x25, Baby Mobile x25,  & Baby Blanket x 25
Capacity: 40 Mystery Babies

What do you think of the Baby Nursery, FarmVille Freaks? Do you find this new building with purpose useful?

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3 Responses to “FarmVille Baby Nursery Arrives: Store Mystery Babies & Get More Animal Feed!” »

  1. Sandra S. Says:

    Can you decide which babies to grow? I’m thinking of leader-board contests, where you just want to concentrate on one type of mystery baby (like the Wildlife Mystery Baby one going on right now)…

  2. cHRISTINE Says:

    this item is a waste of time!

    Yes, you can put ANY type of baby inside.

    Before this item came on board….a farmer could grow a baby up simply by choosing option FEED BABY….with ONE CLICK all 10 feeds were given to baby.


    If you place your babies inside this item….you will have to CLICK 10 TIMES TO FEED THE BABY.

    I do not understand why this was created because it wastes my time. Keep your babies all on one farm and feed them as you have time with ONE CLICK!

  3. Maja Says:

    The nursery should be to grow babies to grown up animals,like foals to horses or calfs to cows,like the old nursery! Zynga,you ruined everything,all the fun on farmville! I dont like that I should collect a million parts for everything now.You just want money and release new items just for that.And now,you can’t grow babies like that,you should pay for it :S And the old nursery (which I still have) grows every foal to black or cream horse and every calf to holstein or brown cow :((((((((((((