FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Challenge: Beat the challenge & get a free Jade Falls Shipping License!

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FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Challenge: Beat the challenge & get a free Jade Falls Shipping License!

Posted on September 13, 2012 8:20 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Tasks

The Beat Jade Falls Challenge is now available!

Travel to your FarmVille Jade Falls farm and you can start working on the “Beat Jade Falls Challenge”.

You will have to do several things to accomplish the challenge and the payoff? A Jade Falls Shipping License as well as a Beat Jade Falls Trophy! The Jade Falls Shipping License will grant you the ability to transfer items between your FarmVille farms.

Here’s the complete list of Beat Jade Falls Challenges:

Complete Mountain Palace to Level 10

Reward: 2000 Zen Points
Parts Needed:

  • Stone Pillar
  • Terra Cotta
  • Hanging Incense

Complete Imperial Shipyard to Level 10

FarmVille Imperial Shipyard
Reward: 3000 Zen Points
Parts Needed:

  • Sail
  • Rigging
  • Wood Plank

Reference FVF article for complete part breakdown here.

Master Jade Falls Crops to Star Level 3

(specific crops listed below)

  • FarmVille Sticky Rice
  • FarmVille Azuki
  • FarmVille Grouper
  • FarmVille Sichuan Pepper
  • FarmVille Chinese Daikon
  • FarmVille Imperial Tea
  • FarmVille Chinese Cotton
  • FarmVille Prawn
  • FarmVille White Cloud Tea
  • FarmVille Rock Cod
  • FarmVille Bok Choy
  • FarmVille Lowland Ginger
  • FarmVille Water Cress
  • FarmVille Horseradish
  • FarmVille Ramen
  • FarmVille Green Onion
  • FarmVille Imperial Rice
  • FarmVille Sesame
  • FarmVille Lemon Grass
  • FarmVille Brown Rice

Reward: 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille Master Select Jade Falls Crops Page 1

FarmVille Master Select Jade Fall Crops Page 2

FarmVille Master Select Jade Fall Crops Page 3

Have a 5 Star Tea Garden

Upgrade your Jade Fall crafting Tea Garden restaurant to Star Level 5.

Reward: Instagrow Potion


Complete All Four Tasks Above

Once you complete all four of these tasks (we know, it’s a lot) you will earn yourself a free Beat Jade Falls Statue decoration and the coveted Jade Falls Shipping License. Well earned for all your hard work!

Reward: Beat Jade Falls Statue & Shipping License for Jade Falls

FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Statue

FarmVille Jade Falls License

Will you be working on the “Beat Jade Falls” challenge for your free Jade Falls Shipping license?

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18 Responses to “FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Challenge: Beat the challenge & get a free Jade Falls Shipping License!” »

  1. G Says:

    Since it is next to impossible to acquire the Terra Cotta item for the Mountain Palace levels, I doubt I will succeed at earning this Shipping License. I have been trying for weeks now, and with only being able to make 1 post every 24 hours and receiving only 1 response it is a slow go and very frustrating. At least we should be able to send gifts to friends in order to acquire these parts. I am only at Level 8 and at this rate it will take another 2 months to get there.

  2. Shorty22 Says:

    Any word about if this has time limit on it?

  3. Jacquie ZIegler Says:

    Question – I have gotten three star mastery on quite a few of the crops already, but they don’t show as absolutely complete on the Beat Jade Falls crop screen – there are three stars filled, but some space left on the bar below. Do I need to plant more, do you know?

  4. Jacquie ZIegler Says:

    And, yes, I have completed all of the rest of the challenge already – all I need to do is get three-star mastery on a few crops.

  5. JS Says:

    Looks like I already mastered everything except for three crops so hopefully it won’t take too long.

    Still confused on Hawaiian Paradise though. Where’s the ‘free’ shipping license for that one?

  6. shannon Says:

    I finished everything necessary, but the reward didn’t come through… I thought “Another Zynga foul-up.” BUT I just checked and it’s done! Got the free shipping license and the statue. Statue doen’t really matter, but the free shipping license was worth the wait.

  7. Leopardo Azul Says:

    how do we start the quest? do we simply wait till it appears or is there somewhere we have to go or click?? thanks in advance for any answer

  8. Kerri Carney Says:

    Oh yay, a shipping license for Jade Falls. I still haven’t received my shipping licenses for my other farms that I was supposed to get.

  9. Nancy V Says:

    The Beat Jade Falls Challenge is NOW available? If this is true, then I haven’t I gotten this challenge yet? There’s no such icon anywhere on my Jade Falls screen. And I haven’t yet received my free Hawaiian Island shipping pass. :-/

  10. Yasmin Ahmed Says:

    i will work on it.

  11. Tala Says:

    Got it! Thank you, Zynga!

  12. April Says:

    How to I check what else is needed. is their an icon on my Jade Falls farm? i dont see one. please help

  13. AtomicDNA Says:

    I’ll have all of these complete as soon as I get the third star on the Brown Rice, I’ll have that done completed by the afternoon of Sept. 17!

  14. Stephanie Says:

    I am still waiting for the popup telling me I can start this – anyone else not get to start yet???

  15. Cathy P. Says:

    I have no indication when going to Jade Falls that this is available, how do we know if we have it?

  16. lucy ouellette Says:

    would love to work on it., but don’t have it yet. working on the crops just the same.. probably will have it done before i get it. I still don’t have the 10 crops that were released almost a month ago. This probably will be just as long getting to me. most people will be finished before i ever get it!!!!

  17. Nancy V Says:

    It is now the 19th and there is still no such icon on my farm. I feel like I have been forgotten once again….I have completed ALL of the requirements on this list, and there’s NO free shipping license or trophy anywhere to be found on my Jade Falls farm. Sometimes I wonder if our accounts separated into several groups and assigned to different groups of Zynga employees and my account fell into a group of employees that could really care less. I have been forgotten so many times and the only way I can get things that should have been coming to me in first place is to email them with a complaint. I’m getting very tired of this and it’s getting really OLD!!! The Zynga Farmville business has become beyond sloppy…. :-/

  18. Nancy V Says:

    FINALLY a week later I got the Beat Jade Falls Challenge. I was on the verge of sending a complaint email to Zynga…Don’t have to do it now :)