FarmVille Birthday Countdown Begins & Prize Reveal!

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FarmVille Birthday Countdown Begins & Prize Reveal!

Posted on June 8, 2011 12:03 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille FarmVille's 2nd Birthday Countdown Notice

FarmVille’s counting down the days till it turns 2 and wants you to join in on the fun!

The FarmVille Birthday Countdown kicked off with the first day of the Countdown starting tonight. Each day you visit FarmVille and participate in the Countdown, you will receive a special prize or “Item of the Day”. Collect all 12 prizes and you’ll be rewarded with a special exclusive prize, a Blue Mane Gypsy Horse! (Read more about the Blue Man Gypsy Horse below).

Today’s featured item is the FarmVille Doghouse decoration. All you have to do is post a Facebook News Feed or click on one of your friends to fulfill the day’s featured item and get your own Doghouse decoration too. Simply click the green “Ask/Share” button that’s found underneath each “Item of the Day” to post a notice to your Facebook Newsfeed which will let your neighbors know that you are looking for that item and that they can help you out and get one for themselves by clicking on your share.

FarmVille Birthday Countdown Revealed

Day 1: FarmVille Doghouse

Day 2: FarmVille Cowprint Balloon Arch

Day 3: FarmVille Lamp Post

Day 4: FarmVille Bluebird

Day 5: FarmVille Orange Duck

Day 6: FarmVille Bird Bath Fountain

Day 7: FarmVille Garden Shelter

Day 8: FarmVille Bicycle Planter

Day 9: FarmVille Flower Bed

Day 10: FarmVille Ivy Archway

Day 11: FarmVille Bench Planter

Day 12: FarmVille FV Haybale

Collecting all 12 “Items of the Day” will earn you an exclusive Blue Mane Gypsy Horse. After you receive your free Horse, you will also be given the option to share one with your FarmVille neighbors by posting a Facebook News Feed.

FarmVille Blue Mane Gypsy Horse Prize

The Blue Mane Gypsy Horse can produce a Blue Mane Gypsy Foal when placed into your FarmVille Horse Stable as seen in the picture below.

FarmVille Bluemane Gypsy Horse

FarmVille Bluemane Gyspys Foal

What do you think of the Birthday Countdown and its prizes? Will you be counting down the days with FarmVille?

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95 Responses to “FarmVille Birthday Countdown Begins & Prize Reveal!” »

  1. raven Says:

    Okay I got the new daily prize for my dog on my farm but tell me this why does the dog house look nothing like the drawing of the picture we post? The post picture is a white dog house with a water bowl and a dog chew toy but the dh I put on my farm is red with a dog food full bowl? I WANT THE ONE IN THE POST!!! :(

  2. Shaun Says:

    the items in this one are pretty nice. i will do this

  3. Melyssa Says:

    i am so excited to get that new horse!

  4. fluffysquirrel Says:

    Really? They couldn’t come up with something more snazzy? We have blue ponies/foals/horses; thils lresembles something we have. How about making it polka dotted or something??

  5. notimpressed Says:

    I am not impressed with the final prize. Nope. Not impressed at all…

  6. drew Says:

    Good prizes

  7. Tasha Says:

    Can’t wait to get the Bluemane Gypsy Horse and breed the foals for my friends. So cute!

  8. Joshua Says:

    they spelled gypsys wrong in the foal name lol

  9. Pareja Cr Says:

    that’d be great, thanks Zynga, Happy ;)

  10. SKSahu Says:

    Happy B’day Farmville !!!

  11. paulet Says:

    plz… farmville realize a movieng train im crasy to get a moving train it will be so coolllllll!!!!1

  12. Ayan Ahmed Says:

    The Prizes are Great and I love the Gypsy Horse but…… I don’t play Farmville anymore LOL

  13. kathy brophy Says:

    love this wonderful game!!
    i wish i could buy the fv gifts with coins, not having to pay higher prices on the 5fv trees
    and also 12fv trees?? really people are doing their best to continue to play and buy stuff but it would really help us to enjoy our game more- if the prices weren’t going to br raised any more— just a thought.

  14. stefanie ramirez Says:

    loving the blue horse

  15. Villemar Says:

    We need more storage already, some of these things I like but I’m out of room.

  16. Mark W Says:

    Could of done with a stallion for the english farm, but im happy enough with that. (“,)

  17. Christine Merten Says:


    Very Nice Prizes, Looking forward to each one of them…

    Thank you very much !!! Lots of thought went into this B-day…

  18. Kaycee Says:

    If you turn your dog house it will be like the one in the picture. Likely glitch that will get fixed, eventually.

  19. Mei Farmington Says:

    Some of the collection items are cute–sure, I’ll give it a shot! The horse may be another recolour, but a cute, free horse is a cute, free horse!

  20. qz Says:

    this is what we need MORE OF…. not the crappy crafting prizes!

  21. Karen Says:

    I like the duck and the horse, in particular. The other stuff is cute, but just clutter on my farm, really. I’ll do it all to get the horse, and probably sell most of the other stuff.

  22. Andrea Says:

    I love the prizes…. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

    My doghouse is red!! No bowl, no chewtoy!!!
    Why they do that?????


  23. kamila Says:

    I really want the WHITE doghouse!!!! not red! :(((( why is it different?

  24. Harika Says:

    The prizes’s are super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But even i want more storage space

  25. meg Says:

    Is it wrong, that all I really want, is an orange duck?

  26. Donna Says:

    I love all of the prizes and the blue mane Gypsy is gorgeous; like all of the others. But, an american robin would have been better than the Bluebird :oP

  27. Harsha Says:

    ALL zynga does is change the colour LOL but i still want the horse

  28. tejal Says:


  29. Neil Says:

    Only going to keep the Orange Duck and the Dog House and the Horse.
    Sell the rest for coin.

  30. Carl Says:

    I want the duck and the horse. The other stuff is going for coins.

  31. Andrea Says:

    Wooohooo They fixed the doghouse… Its the same as the picture now!!

  32. Rachael Says:

    Happy Birthday Farmville! Thanks for the enjoyment you give me and my FV friends! x

  33. Jen Says:

    rotate the doghouse and it turns into a blue and white one with the bowl and toy :-)

  34. Montana Says:

    these are some of the best items I have ever seen from something like this!! That dog house has been an unreleased item for a while!!

  35. Montana Says:


    (Im not yelling, I just wanted this to be visible so everyone will know!!)

  36. Vikki Says:

    I am so excited to get the gypsy horse at the end!!! And I love the ivy archway, fountain, birds, and orange duck. Really good prizes FV!

  37. Horsyfarmer Says:

    when we get a foal from a friend then, does it grow up te be the same or are we stuck with the black horses again?

  38. jason Says:

    really a horse! lol :p it would have been nice to get like 10 cash for at least a few of the new trees lol not to sound ungrateful because of the horse they could have gave us 10 or 20 cash to buy trees since they are flooding the market with trees lol :p happy birthday farmville! :D

  39. Hayden Says:

    If you rotate your doghouse it will be blue and white.

  40. stavroulareese Says:

    truth is how many arches does one need? i also will get the duck and horse and sell the rest, i think changing up visiting our neighbors farms would be nice give more of a reason to visit its been the same since ive started playing. I enjoy farmville but its becoming expensive and and that stresses people and in return you lose interest, just my opinion…

  41. Rusty Says:

    I do like the springy colors, but they should have gone with a blue and orange color theme rather than the blue and white. It’s not like it’s a “real” horse anyway. Why not jazz it up a little and make it a Farmville theme?

  42. stacy Says:

    if you rotate the dog house you will get the blue one, when you place it it’s red :) hope it helps

  43. Tasha Anthony Says:

    Rotate the doghouse, it changes color

  44. Gazoo Says:

    I am very excited about Birthday am really enjoying game Happy Birthday Farmville!

  45. Debbie Says:

    rotate the dog house for it to look different.

  46. cheryl Says:

    Happy bday farmville but I want storage not crap not intrested in any of the prizes I have better horses than the blue gypsy in myy stable already sorry but ur prizes arent intresting

  47. Katie Says:

    I was rather pissed off with the kennel as well, WTF is going on??? I think that it is bad that we get to see one picture of the kennel and the one we get is nothing like it!! Come Zynga what is the deal?

  48. Bwitchen Says:

    FYI If you ROTATE your DOG HOUSE, it will turn into the blue one(from the picture), that way you have a choice of which one you get.

  49. Nathan Says:

    I like how the doghouse looks completely different than the drawing they showed when it’s actually usable. Honestly, I prefer the red one anyways :)

  50. Noel Says:

    Thank goodness we don’t have to pay for another gypsy recolor :) these prizes aren’t bad, I’m actually looking forward to some of them

  51. a Says:

    Kamila when you rotate the doghouse , it is like the picture , it’s like a two for one… You have the one on the pic and when you rotate again the red one

  52. Jo Says:

    Wow! All the stuff’s really nice! =)

  53. Laura Lee Says:

    Most of the prizes aren’t that great, but for a gypsy for free… I’ll take it, even if it’s recolored again… I would never pay FC for it though… But I’m very glad I can get it for free! :)

  54. powzie Says:

    I have to admit – I do like the garden shelter, But I would like it even more if it replaced our ugly garden sheds….

  55. Sarah Says:

    haha glad I’m not the only one. I put the doghouse on my farm, and I was like, is this the same one? lol

  56. blueangel0704 Says:

    I want the first dog house back. It showed up much better on the FARM and had a food bowl. Ugh!!!

  57. Michelle Says:

    Hey Farmville People, know we all got a dog house, but if you rotate it – it changes to the one that is shown – if you are lucky enough to have two, then you can have both, Happy Farming x x

  58. Aman Shah Says:

    cooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll thats a gooooood oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    best of luck to all the farmers

  59. mich Says:


  60. bob Says:

    Love the horse!

  61. Lela Cogar Says:

    Rotate the dog house. It is red one way and blue the other way.

  62. Leah Says:

    love the free horse, love the dog house (and I like it glitched as I have it one way one home farm and the other way on england farm so really hope that never gets fixed) love the duck, and a few of the others are great too. Yeh, really like this countdown Zynga!

  63. Nicole Says:

    @ Raven Post #1 If you click rotate on the dog house, it will look like the picture does. If you freshly take it out of your giftbox………. its red with the white bone on it. I actually think its a really good feature to have. :) This is not a glitch either, this is how it will stay. : )

  64. Sandra Says:

    The cow arch has got to be the ugliest thing farmville has ever released. Gadzooks

  65. christine Says:

    finally some new gifts to work toward on FV..thank you for’s so boring when it’s always the same ole stuff

  66. J. Says:

    Just wondering, is there any reason to keep multiples of these (assuming no way to turn them into an extra gypsy horse)? The prize is gained by just getting the checkmark, not having kept the items, right? Thx!

  67. WistariDakota Says:

    You don’t have to keep the items :) FV isn’t going to take the horse off you if you delete any :P lol.

    And Since I have a ‘thing’ for collecting horses I’ll definitely be doing this. Love everyone saying ‘I want FC’ because they’d be the same {never happy} players who would be sitting there saying ‘I’m not paying that much for a recolour’. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Least most of you are in the right zoning to get the sponsored cash ads :)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARMVILLE now send everyone 1,000 farmcash each cos u make millions of bucks off of us since starting farmville if it wasn’t for ur players (us) u would have no money think bout it!!!

  69. Bedpanrn4 Says:

    I had so many of the first 5 that they wouldn’t let me have anymore now no checks WTF?

  70. alexius Says:

    for gods sake people the doghouse features both!!! red and blue you just right click and rotate it

  71. Jin Says:

    so basically, other than the orange duck, it’s nothing but useless clutter until we get our horse.
    Gives me something to sell off, and the puppies DO appreciate having a house to duck into, even if they DO have to share them.

  72. Jin Says:

    J – no.
    Even if you have 20 of each item, you tend to get only ONE final reward.
    Just keep the ones you actually like.

  73. Cindy B Says:

    I want RED fences. I want to do a red white and blue farm, need red fences for that…

  74. jen Says:

    to raven the doghouse is the same just when you pull it out of your gift box its red but once you rotate it its the same as the picture or if your farm refreshes its the same be patient it will catch up to the image

  75. jen Says:

    anyone know how long the gypsy horse share link is good for once you post it like how many hrs / min like when does it expire because i know when asking for those items the links expire very quick and would like to know if the gypsy link is the same way because that’s very irritating

  76. Say Says:

    NO HORSE GIVEN, No horse in gift box after collected all 12 items !!
    :( :(

  77. Pang Says:

    No Bluemane Gyspys Horse in my gift box after collected all 12 items.

  78. Desiree Says:

    wish this was a stallion! i need one for fvec!


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