FarmVille Birthday Quest I: Happy Birthday to FarmVille

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FarmVille Birthday Quest I: Happy Birthday to FarmVille

Posted on June 13, 2011 11:46 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Freak FV 2 Birthday Quest I

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday dear FarmVille, happy birthday to you! FarmVille introduced three new Birthday themed quests tonight.

The first Birthday Quest is called “Happy Birthday to FarmVille” and it has you completing three fairly easy tasks to then be rewarded with some very special prizes such as Farm Coins, XP, and in this quests case, an awesome Gnome!


  • 1. Get 6 Party Hats (By using “Ask For Help”.)
  • 2. Harvest 100 Cupcakes. OR Harvest 100 Strawberries.

*Note, there seems to be an error in this quest as many FarmVille Freaks are reporting that their quest changed its original objectives from Strawberries to Cupcakes. Your quest may require that you grow 100 Strawberries on your farm instead of Cupcakes.

  • 3. Buy 1 FarmVille Flag decoration in the FarmVille Market ( Farm Coins).

FarmVille Birthday Quest I: Happy Birthday to FarmVille Information


  • 200 XP
  • 2.500 Farm Coins
  • Birthday Gnome decoration

According to FarmVille, Gnomes really know how to party (duh!) so this little guy would be an wonderful guest to have at your farm’s party and he’s so cute who wouldn’t want to invite him to a party?

FarmVille Birthday Gnome

FarmVille Birthday Quest I: Happy Birthday to FarmVille Completed

What do you thin of this quest and its rewards? Do you enjoy getting free stuff for participating in quests like this one?

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125 Responses to “FarmVille Birthday Quest I: Happy Birthday to FarmVille” »

  1. Leo Landry Says:

    I like the gnomes.

  2. lisa wilkinson Says:

    i wish these quests would stop asking me to plant long mastered crops. Im trying to master all the new limited time only crops released before they expire. Every time i get closde to mastering another crop is released ugh!

  3. tay mueller Says:

    More quests? This is why I left frontierville!

  4. Angela Says:

    Lovin’ the party gnome!!!

  5. Carol Says:

    Party Gnome is really cute-look forward to getting that (and the cash and XP)

  6. Jane Says:

    I don’t have this quest on either farm. At first I thought I didn’t get it in EC because it’s a home farm quest, but when I travelled back to my home farm, it wasn’t there either :(

  7. Tracy Says:

    Why haven’t I gotten this quest yet?

  8. Aye Says:

    why i haven’t seen Farmville Birthday Quest in my farm??

  9. TIm Says:

    Havent got this yet :(

  10. Adrian Says:

    Where is it, can not see it!

  11. Sophia Says:

    1st task is done but it didnt prompt me to the 2nd task! wth?!

  12. DeeDee Says:

    Well, where the hell is mine & about 20 of my friends haven’t got it yet either!

  13. adam Says:

    look people u dont have to do the quest

  14. Malinda Says:

    Eeps, do i have to be finished with the craftshop quest to do this?? i don’t have it available yet =\

  15. Leah Says:

    still waiting for this quest to appear on my farm! :(

  16. Feya Says:

    Why don’t I get the quest yet??? Or do you need to do something first to activate it?

  17. Angelique Says:

    I’m not even seeing any of these quests on my farms! :o(

  18. mia Says:

    ? I can’t see any quest on my farm…

  19. erma Says:

    I haven’t received mine yet but I have neighbors asking for hats.

  20. lblancelot Says:

    I don’t see this quest anywhere. Has it been released?

  21. Grace Says:

    Do you all have acess to the quests? i don’t have any pop up or else..

  22. Rusty Says:

    I agree, I HATE!!!! replanting mastered crops. They should give you a free pass if you’ve already mastered that crop.

  23. Anita Says:

    No Quest on My Farms Tues.june 14,2011 9:40 am

  24. Kara S Says:

    The reason they ask you to plant crops you have already mastered is that they are choosing lower level crops which lower level farmers can plant. If they required orange dasies for the quest a signifignt number of players couldn’t participate.

  25. Evan penn Says:

    Mmmm, I loaded my farm 3 times, no quests pop up for me, and no link on the upper right.. All my friends are asking for party hats. I must be a 2nd-class-farmville citizen :p

  26. Lee Says:

    why cant i do this task its not came up for me to do????

  27. Jari Says:

    I still haven’t gotten this mission. I already planted strawberries ready in the morning when I saw this (7 hours ago) hoping that it would pop up soon but now my strawberries will wither any second now if the mission doesn’t show up.

  28. matt Says:

    I still do not have the option to start this quest, is anyone else having this issue, or is there something i have to buy for this quest to be unlocked.

  29. Nathalie Says:

    Still don’t have this quest. What the hell is taking so long?!

  30. Danielle Says:

    I don’t even have this quest….

  31. margriet Says:

    I dont see this quest on my farm….where is the link for it??

  32. Chris Says:

    I do not even have the option to start this quest??? Did I miss something?

  33. Fatima Says:

    I can’t find the birthday quest! It doesn’t appear in my farm!

  34. summer Says:


  35. cougarah Says:

    So, did you have to buy into the Cupcakes to get this? ‘Cause, it’s 11am here (USA) and I still haven’t seen one of these quests…

  36. bette Says:

    My market still will not open. I CANNOT plant anything, am I going to get screwed out of these quests and the LE crops????? This isn’t fair. Fix everybodys markets before starting stuff that we cannot do. :(

  37. Diana Lablover Says:

    I haven’t got the quest screen on my farm and with me lots of other people how do they epect m to do it if I cant see it

  38. M Says:

    I can’t seem to do anything, ’cause the Market won’t open — you click it, it does nothing. I’m gonna miss out on these quests (and the fruit-pop crop) ’cause I can’t plant anything. Any word on this problem? :(

  39. rebecca snatchko Says:

    I was not included to do the birthday quest

  40. Ikue Says:

    I’ve not seen these quests… Are they taking a while to roll out to everyone? Waited a whole day excepting to see it today but alas, nothing.

  41. Tob Says:

    Have yet recived the quests

  42. Joyce Says:

    No Evan #15, you and many of my neighbors are THIRD class citizens. They don’t have the first one and #3 has been released. I understand about slow roll outs but how about people get a chance to do at least the first one before a few “privileged characters” can get the third?

  43. Kat Comet Says:

    Get a hold of Zynga customer service. If enough people are having issues, they will extend or help to get this working for everyone.

  44. Barb Delander Says:

    Don’t have this quest yet but almost all of my neighbors do…what gives? Why don’t we ALL have this? This is stupid! :(

  45. karen Says:

    same here – haven’t received it yet

  46. Melanie Says:

    how can you do the quest when you can’t see it

  47. Mei Farmington Says:

    Finished this one, now waiting on #2 to show up. It’s a simple enough one to finish (with friends to help with the hats, at least), and the gnome prize is really cute.

    I’m not loving the deluge of constant quests, though. With the quests on regular and EC farms, limited crops, and limited crafting recipes going on all at the same time, I’m really starting to miss being able to plant at my own pace. Yes, it’s fun having some occasional special things to do, but right now it’s out of control. Take a deep breath, FarmVille. Relax.

  48. Karyndraconis Says:

    I, myself have not seen those quests pop up. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I want that adorable horse! I hope they plan on fixing it soon!

  49. Karyndraconis Says:

    Well at least they DO KNOW about it :)

  50. Kim Says:

    I as well don’t have the quest but have been asked for party hats sense last night from alot of my neighbors. I feel left out.

  51. Lynn Says:

    still waiting on the quest. keep checking periodically. No sense in planting strawberries yet. wouldn’t want to unwither or replant.

  52. Leo Janowick Says:

    completed quest 1, still waint for 2

  53. NIKKI Says:

    Don’t have any of the quests, and still can’t plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Aty Says:


    Why didn’t you simply travel to your other farm and pause the farm on which the strawberries were growing?

  55. ali Says:

    so i am not the only one that didnt get my quest yet boo

  56. Jenn Says:

    I can not do the quests yet either but several of my neighbors have been asking for party hats so I know it has started. I LOVE the quests. I love that I can make a little xp, money and get a gift. It gives me something exciting to look forward too!!

  57. LESLIE Says:

    B-day Quest I not on my farm yet: 6/14 3 pm central u.s. time. A c.s. person told me this AM there was a glitch while rolling out the quest last nite and that i would have it by this afternoon but no such luck so far :-(

  58. Golden Gnome Says:

    I think you have to buy the birthday cake crop for 10 FV cash if you want to accept this quest.

    I’ve only seen this quest on those neighbors’ farms who bought the 10 FVC birthday cake crop. I’ve mastered the other birthday crop (for coins), but don’t get this quest, so I think if you don’t want to give Zynga a 10 FV cash present, you can’t play this quest…

  59. Rob G. Says:

    Did I miss part one?
    I didn’t even see this on my farm!!!!

  60. Mari Says:

    From Zynga Forum I found this:

    Birthday Quest Inquires
    Last Update: 6/13


    As of 6/13 users have reported that:

    – they have not gotten Birthday Quests
    – second birthday quests disappeared


    The FarmVille team is aware of this issue and looking to release a fix as soon as possible.

  61. Farmer brown Says:

    I haven’t gotten the quests yet either! :( I really want the prizes. I am all over the birthday stuff!

  62. Hannah Says:

    Finished my first one, had 100 cupcakes planted along with strawberries, used an instagrow…and option for the second question..this game sucks monkey balls lately.

  63. Donna Says:

    It’s 5:35 p.m. on the east coast and I haven’t seen the birthday quest yet. Are only a select number of people getting this quest???

  64. Geraun Says:

    I still have not seen these quest yet??? Whats up Zinga? It’s now 7:14pm and no quest :(

  65. Kim Says:

    I still don’t have it either.

  66. Nancy Says:

    No quest yet on my farm. Still waiting.

  67. Mark W Says:

    No sign here yet either 12:38am (UK Time), probably one of those slow roll outs, hopefully when the game refreshes at 5:00am it’ll be ready

  68. Kelly Says:

    still havent received this quest yet.

  69. leela Says:

    i haven’t had this quest show up, does anyone have it?

  70. Farmer B Says:

    I have no quests although my neighbors do.

  71. Mike Says:


  72. Jeremy Says:

    No Quest here either.

  73. Rochelle Says:

    I was asked earlier in the week for a hat. I sent the request, but I was puzzled as to what it was for. As of 5:31pm West Coast time I still have no quests. But I suspect my neighbors are doing them since EVERYONE is selling strawberries. FV has no love for Cali.

  74. stephanie Says:

    how do i get the quest? A bunch of my friends (neighbors) have it…….. i want it to.

  75. Penny Says:

    When will this be out on all farms?

  76. Darlene Says:

    There is a glitch and it will be up as soon as its fixed… You all should go to the farmville forums link underneath your farm to keep up to date with issues…..
    And NOO you do not have to buy that birthday crop for the quests to show up../.. I have bought that crop because i buy all the crops and i am still waiting for the 2nd part of the quest. It never gave me special powers…. So just chill and relax… I too have a crop that’s ready for harvest and just gonna decide shortly if i harvest and replant…. If you let yours wilt I guess that’s your choice. But venting here is just that, venting…. As this is not Zynga and they definitely cant hear a word you say!
    Happy Farming

  77. MJ Says:

    Finished quest #1 have the cupcakes and peppermint planted for quests 2 and 3 but haven’t gotten quest 2 yet. Better get it soon or cupcakes will wither

  78. Jeff Says:

    I want my mini party pony that we were supposed to get after quest one. All I got was a party gnome. BOO Zynga!

  79. Jaana Says:

    Wed 6/14/2011 10:15PM ET
    No quest here

  80. Shana Says:

    No quest for me either and I did buy the birthday cake crop(and mastered it), so that puts some assumptions to rest. Just some technical difficulties from Zynga…we’ll get it when it’s all worked out.

    I do love the quests though…at first I thought I wouldn’t but it does give a better chance to get XP and a gift. I’ve leveled up WAY faster since the quests came about!

  81. Jeff Says:

    Misread which quest I was on, but heard that the second quest was going to be a sheep instead of the pony.

  82. Claudia Says:

    Got and finished the first one – had cupcakes planted for the second and peppermint for the third – 2nd never showed up….Zynga says : they are aware and working on the problem – LOL!!!

  83. Jessica Says:

    i didnt even get do mission 1 of the birthday celebration and im level 72

  84. Sue Says:

    Up top is says 100 strawberries. I started the first quest and planted 100 strawberries, now it says for Quest 1, 100 cupcakes, Ummm yeah, dumb. You can’t change the first quest after it is started. Cupcakes are supposed to be for the second one. Stupid Farmville.

  85. Kim Says:

    Finally got quest 1 but now it’s harvest 100 cupcakes not strawberrires. quest 2 was cupcakes so who knows what’s next

  86. Brittany Says:

    What is up with the quests?

    I’m on the first one, and it said to harvest strawberries, so I planted them, but when I went to harvest them, it had changed to cupcakes… What’s going on?

  87. Jari Says:

    I got the mission too, but no strawberries ! Cupcakes instead, and I had the starberries already planted. Oh well…. what’s in mission part 2 then instead of the cupcakes?

  88. Beastachu Says:

    WTF??????? It was originally strawberries but they changed it mid mango to cupcakes!!!!!!

  89. JJ Says:

    Nooo! My Quest 1 said to harvest 100 strawberries so I planted my 100 strawberries and stayed up late waiting the 4 hrs for them to grow. I harvested them with the combine so I could plant sugar cane for my Crystal Mist wine. And when I was done harvesting/planting there was no “quest complete” pop-up. So I check the Quest 1 and now it says harvest 100 CUPCAKES?? Arrg!! What gives??! >:(

  90. Chloe Says:

    @ Jari – In mission 2 they changed 100 cupcakes into 100 electric roses.

  91. Shawna Says:

    I know that your NOT Zynga… but you seem to have a very reputable site for FV fans. So, I am going to vent a bit regarding the “Happy Birthday Farmville Quests” I think this is much more than technical difficulties and VERY unfair! This happens WAY to often and it’s wrong for Zynga to have some farms working and other farms not working. Now wonder some folks can start FV after me and now be 300+ levels ahead :( Very crappy and poorly running game for VERY loyal & active players, that are really getting fed up!

  92. Frosty Says:

    thought i would have this quest done when i just harvested my strawberries nothing happened checked out why and it was now cupcakes. almost as bad as frontierville with the constant refreshes

  93. upset_player Says:


  94. TamTam Says:

    I have the quest, but now if i could only get into the market and buy the cupcakes. :( I haven’t been able to plant crops since Friday! I’m about ready to give up.

  95. Autumn Says:

    They changed strawberries to cupcakes and for part 2 they changed cupcakes to electric roses. I think Farmville knows we are using cheats.

  96. anna Says:

    im doing this quest atm but its collect 6 party hats,not 8, harvest 100 cupcakes, not strawberrys, and buy 1 flag. lol that bit’s correct!!

  97. alison Says:

    I just turned in the crafting quest line and the birthday one immediately popped up (after not having had the birthday line at all like everyone else)

  98. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    The quest just turned up for me today and requirements are:

    Harvest 100 CUPCAKES
    Get 6 Party hats
    Buy FV Flag

    Lots of varieties to this Quest huh!

  99. Shana Says:

    lol, good old Farmville switcheroo! I got the quest this morning as cupcakes, but remembered reading about strawberries on here so I planted cupcakes in EC and strawberries at home. Surprised no one mentioned that the first photo of this asks for 8 party hats and now they are only asking for 6! Oh well, I think it’s funny even though I mastered all the crops it wants planted on this quest. I’ll probably just instagrow to get it over with!

    But for the sake of others who are frustrated, I hope Zynga gets a little more organized!

  100. Julie Smith Says:

    Quest 1 – 100 cupcakes, buy FV flag and collect party hats
    Quest 2 – 100 electric roses, buy another FV flag, buy 5 white sheep (like we need more of these)
    Quest 3 – will be interesting – haven’t gotten there yet. Planted peppermint in anticipation, but I’m not holding my breath that that is what I will actually need

  101. gayle Says:

    Don’t worry if you’ve haven’t gotten it yet cause I did and all I have to do is buy the flag to finish Q1 but when I do I just get OOS error—

  102. Carla Says:

    At least you guys/girls can plant some crops!
    For more than 24 hours I can’t seed anything! :((

  103. Angel Says:

    Every GD time I buy that ugly Farmville flag to finish the first part of this annoying quest – I get OOS.
    I refresh the page and then the flag is gone.
    So I buy it again. And get OOS again.
    I’ve bought that flag 9 or 10 times by now but every single time I do, I get that OOS and after refreshing the flag is always gone.

    And on the quest I have it’s the cupcakes I have to plant. What’s the deal???

    Is it possible for Zynga to release ANYTHING without the GD glitches?!?!?!?

  104. Sara Says:

    I get the OOS with the flag too!! Same thing! GRRRRRR

  105. Michelle Says:

    I keep getting OOS too, I don’t know zynga, too many quests that actually don’t work……………….

  106. Sonia Says:

    I had to plant cupcakes for Quest I and Electric Roses for Quest II.
    No strawberries and no sign of peppermint yet. Anyone else getting this?

  107. Amanda Says:

    @ Angel-Aaaaahhhh! Me too! Every time I buy that blasted flag it freaks out and gives me a OOS messsage! Now I’m super pissed because I was planning ahead and I already planted my electric roses and peppermint. My electric roses are ready to be harvested right now and I swear if this glitch doesn’t get fixed before my roses die, I will be furious! Ugh. Please Zynga fix this issue! :(

  108. lethalncute Says:

    i have completed quest 1 ten times… everytime i finish it it says that my game is out of sync… i had to get 6 party hats, harvest 100 cupcakes and buy one zynga flag… its after i buy the flag the game goes out of sync… anyone else having the same thing happen?

  109. Fenchurch Says:

    I’m getting the OOS error when I buy the FV flag too :(

  110. kelly Says:

    I am sick and tired of farmville everytime i buy the stupid flag it always says you game is out of syne and have the time only part of my farm shows up what the hell fix it befour you bring new thing out.

  111. Lena Says:

    me tooooo :(( when i place the flag in my farm, i get out of sync..and i cant finish my quest

  112. Clare Bear Says:

    Why can’t I complete this quest?? just keeps going ‘out of sync’ everytime I try to purchase the flag!!!!!

  113. Gemma Says:

    I’ve bought the flag about half a dozen times, the game goes OOS and when I go back I’m supposed to buy the silly flag again. AArrgh! And I already have one and don’t want a second one — or a 16th one — anyway.

  114. Vanessa Says:

    I thought I was the only one who was having the out of sync issues with the stupid flag, which by the way I already have one.

  115. rina Says:

    I got the quests since a few days .. but first there was the same tasks as in the pictures now one day laters there is another one ..
    harvest 100 cupcakes get 6?party hats and buy a flag i think …

    quest two
    buy 5 sheep
    buy 1 zynga flag
    harvest 100 electric lilies ….

    idk for quest 3 for now .. so why they changed it ? and why are there no posts of the changing quest tasks ???

  116. apps101 Says:

    i bought the flag a 100 times but it kept going out of sync

  117. Agnes Says:

    I completed the quest then game went OoSand I did not receive my reward and in addition all items from GB disappeared…..of course support does not want to give them back
    sometimes I really hate this game :(

  118. Becky Weaver Says:

    I’ve completed the first quest (many times) and each time I place the farmville flag…”Your game state is out of sync with the server. Please refresh the page to continue.” Once I refresh, the flag is gone and the quest is not complete. SUX!!!

  119. Christine Says:

    I am also having problems with this quest and it’s “Your game state is out of sync with the server. Very frustrating as I collect the gnomes. :(

  120. Grazi Says:

    I am also having problems with this quest and it’s “Your game state is out of sync with the server. Very frustrating

  121. Frosty Says:

    The flag isnt in the market clicking to buy it opens it to put on the farm but since its not found in the market it goes out of sync.

  122. Gillian Says:

    Does anyone know if you can plant the cupcakes on your English farm and it will still register (even though the birthday thing seems to be associated with the home farm)?? Just trying to get part 1 done after having trouble with my flag… darn thing wouldn’t stay on the farm but I read I wasn’t the only one having trouble :) Thanks!

  123. juliana Says:

    dudes go to your other farm and come back that’s how i got mine!

  124. farmerbillye Says:

    Did anyone not receive their gnome from the Bday request #1.. Ive completed all three quest and I never received my gnome.. Ive contacted Zygna..Still no gnome.. it ticks me off..cause I collect them!


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