FarmVille Birthday Quest III: And Many More!

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FarmVille Birthday Quest III: And Many More!

Posted on June 13, 2011 11:55 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Birthday Quest III

Part three of the FarmVille Birthday Quests is called “And Many More!” FarmVille reminds us that it’s hard to believe that we FarmVille Freaks have been farming for two years and that time flies when you’re having fun- farming!

Complete three tasks to earn some exclusive rewards for you to keep.


  • 1. Harvest 200 Peppermints on your farm.
  • 2. Get 6 Party Favors (by posting a Facebook News Feed).
  • 3. Place 1 set of Birthday Fireworks on your farm.

FarmVille Birthday Quest III: And Many More! Information


  • 200 XP
  • 2.500 Farm Coins
  • 4 Glitter
  • 1 FarmVille Trophy decoration

FarmVille Birthday Quest III: And Many More! Completed

What do you think of this birthday quest?

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54 Responses to “FarmVille Birthday Quest III: And Many More!” »

  1. LB Says:

    If there was a way to “cancel” or x out of these quests, and not do them, to get rid of the stupid icon that pops up, I would totally do it. These prizes are pretty crappy. They reward their players a big fat happy birthday with boatloads of items that cost farmcash, and stupid rewards. Man, what a game.

  2. catzilla Says:

    totally agree with LB.this game is become so greedy !and then this shit wit the birthdaycrop !

  3. darralyn Says:

    Waste of time Will not be playing this crap.

  4. Julia Says:

    I haven’t gotten a prompt for any of these quests.

  5. Sandy Says:

    I love the Quests but i can’t plant until they fix the game! So frustrating!

  6. Debi Says:

    Wait, Quest III, I’ve never even gotten I or II.. What the heck.. I just had a neighbor send me a request for a party hat needed for a quest.. Why did I not ever get it? Time for support ticket I suppose.

  7. Mary Says:


    200 XP
    Okay, i can use that

    2.500 Farm Coins
    I can use that too

    4 Glitter
    I can deal with that

    1 FarmVille Trophy decoration
    I don’t want that at all!! Hope it sells for good coins!!!

  8. Sandra Says:

    My screen doesn’t show the quest in the upper right corner. What’s up? Is this only available to some areas and not others? I’m in California, I’ve played all the other requests. If anyone knows anything about this let me know, please?

  9. ruffneck61 Says:

    im haveing problems getting into my market. i cant get thier using the market icon or by using my combine. havent been able to plant anything for two days now. anybody else haveing this problem

  10. margaret glaser Says:

    for two days now iam not able to plant any crops on both my home farm or my england farm i cannot go to the market to spend my fv cash on the new birthday stuff iam upset i been playinf fv for 2 years now and iam upset can you please help me tell fv ty m glaser

  11. Peter Pan Says:

    I can’t play this quest. I can’t get the pop up, or something. Only some of my friends can accept this quest, so I don’t know how it works. I have to buy the Birthday Cake crop for 10 FV cash to accept this quest? Zynga and its’ shameless deals.

  12. Nevaeh M. Says:

    So happy to see there is another bday sign!!!! I loved the one from last year now I will have one for this year. :D

  13. Kat Says:

    I’m so pleased! FINALLY FarmVille has released a quest with prizes SO LAME that I won’t even feel the SMALLEST inclination to complete it. It will disappear from my screen eventually, right? lol.

  14. Annie Says:

    Glitter?? What kinda gift is that? I bought like 60 of those durning the gaga theme…. This is BS!!!! I want a tree or an animal, what about 1 fv cash. I think if people have a little cash they r more likely to go buy more to add on, when I c something I really really want n I only need 1 or 2 more fv cash. I just break down and buy a card, then I have a free dart to!!! Win for me and win for zynga. Just help us a little more!!!

  15. Garnet Says:

    So I have to PAY FV $$ to purchase the crappy flags, and then I win crappy prizes? Oooo…sign me up…..NOT!

  16. Kathy G. Says:

    I didn’t get to do the third part of the quest…the icon isn’t there to click on anymore so I won’t get the lovely Gee wiz….I’d rather have potions and bottles…

  17. mia Says:

    why is it that only some ppl are able to do the birthday quest??? this isnt fair! Zynga.. u suck for this!

  18. Snarksville Says:

    Interesting….I don’t have any pop up for the birthday quests. So that probably means I can’t do the quests, huh?? Shucks.

  19. LMG Says:

    I don’t have this quest at all. Am I the only one?

  20. Bonnie Rae Says:

    I never got the chance to complete these rewards… :( I guess some people were left out? Not a fan of that..

  21. Karen Says:

    The only flag you have to buy is the Farmville flag, and it costs 500 coins. No FVC required.

    I bought the birthday cake planting permit, and the quests aren’t coming up for me, either. So the speculation that you have to buy that to get the quests if false.

    I wish people who don’t know what they’re talking about would STFU.

  22. Muze226 Says:

    I don’t even have the icon for this quest. My friends have all asked me for party hats, but I haven’t been given the option yet, I wonder if they are rolling it out, or what?!?1

  23. Bon Says:

    I don’t have this quest on my farm either. Did anyone figure out why yet?

  24. Crimsy Says:

    The flags are bought with coins, NOT cash. Doesn’t make it *great* exactly, but it’s only 500 coins for each flag. That’s easily made with the crops they have you plant.

    Also, I am having the problem of not having the second quest pop up, let alone the third.

  25. Farmer B Says:

    I didn’t even get it. If it’s that lame I don’t care. LOL!

  26. Cindy Says:

    Haven’t received one of these quests yet…whats up with that?

  27. Jim Says:

    I didn’t get parts 1, 2 or 3……whats up with that?

  28. Rhoda Says:

    Why do you people even bother to play if its such a hardship on you to do so? Zynga needs to make money to keep the game playing, so if I have to buy a few farm bucks to get the really cool stuff, so be it. If I cant afford it, I dont buy them. If you hate the game so much, STOP WHINING and STOP PLAYING! You all sound like 5th graders who dont have icecream money..waaaa waaa waaaa!!

    Grow up.

  29. karen Says:

    I didn’t even get the 1st quest yet :(…..

  30. rebecca Says:

    why is part 2 to the quest not SHOWING up anyone else having this promble?

  31. Kippi Says:

    Me neither!! What’s the deal?

  32. juliana Says:

    Garnet Says:
    Posted on June 14th, 2011 at 10:31 am

    So I have to PAY FV $$ to purchase the crappy flags, and then I win crappy prizes? Oooo…sign me up…..NOT!

    hi that is a NECK it cost 500 coins

  33. Erin Says:

    I would love to do the quest, but it hasn’t shown up on my farm!

  34. Jin Says:

    Is this still accurate? Day 2 has been changed to buy 5 sheep, 1 flag and harvest 100 electric roses.

  35. linda latimer Says:

    Well, these would be nice if you are one of the lucky ones who can plant right now. My market is frozen, one of many, so I cannot do the part of planting. Zynga finished the first round for me as it was obvious that I could not plant. So, I am one of the ones who are not real happy with the fv game right now.

  36. Penny Says:

    My goals are not the same. Does anyone know why this is? Goal #1 ~ Get 8 Party Hats, Harvest 100 Cupcakes, Buy 1 FarmVille Flag. Goal #2 ~ Buy 5 Sheep, Buy 1 Zynga Flag, Harvest 100 Electric Roses. I am not to the third goal yet so I am not sure what it will be.

  37. liz Says:

    the quest are different for everyone…i for example didnt have to plant strawberries it was something else..and i was only asked for 6 party hats…on the second quest it asked me to buy 5 sheep…get flag and harvest 100 electric roses….

  38. Tired of whiners Says:

    Most of you sound like you’re 5 years old…have you not been playing FV long enough to know that there are always bugs (FarmVille is still in BETA people!) and that eventually everyone will be included.

    And those of you who complain about the prizes: it’s a GAME. No one is holding a gun to your head to play the GAME. If you don’t like the GAME, then either don’t play, or go build one of your own.

  39. farmer priya Says:

    The 2nd quest had ELECTRIC ROSES instead of “cupcakes”… Needless to say wasted time in planting cupcakes…

    Am guessing the info abt the 3rd quest is also wrong… wasted time planting mints… when the quest hasnt shown up yet…

    ps… the rewards sux… i kno i kno u r thinking da same…

  40. Cyn Says:

    First I totally agree with ALL THE COMMENTS I also have been having problems with my market, the quests not showing up or not working etc etc etc. but to be honest . the final straw so to speak. was we have to buy 5 WHITE SHEEP??? HELL OR HECK we can breed them all day long. why make us buy them????
    OH Pleaaseeeeeee
    stop already

  41. ED Says:


  42. Julianna Says:

    I love the second quest prize the best.Mini party horse=D<3

  43. Samantha Says:

    I keep doing quest one then when I leave the game and come back later it just pops back up and says I never bought a flag. The flag is gone as well as my gnome. I also bought the birthday cake permit which was farmcash well spent since it locked me out of the market for 4 of the 7 days so I couldn’t even use it. I usually don’t complain about the game because it can be a free game but I do occasionally buy farmcash and I think the majority of players do so it does suck to spend money on stuff and then not be able to use it.

  44. andrea Says:

    i dont know if this will work for anyone else but i wasnt getting the prompt for the birthday quest either so i traveled to my england farm and THEN finally it popped up, b.t.w if ur ever having problems, you should contact zynga support they’re usually pretty good about making up for it.

  45. Matthew Says:

    Purchase the flag to finish the first birthday quest and then get the prize window pop up and when try to share the news I wait a couple of minutes and then get the game is out of sync with server please refresh. I then refresh repurchase the flag then get the prize window pop up and close the window instead of sharing and then a couple of minutes later get the game is out of sync with server window again. Hope this gets fixed soon.

  46. Keva Says:

    For those of you who just continue to complain…why in the world do you play at all? I enjoy the quests, I enjoy farmville, so I play. If I didn’t totally enjoy it, I wouldn’t play. Seems pretty much like a no brainer to me.
    I agree with Andrea, zynga support is usually really good at helping.

  47. Mary Says:

    To everyone complaining that they have to use farmcash to play the quest, YOU DON’T. To those who are mad that the game says you did not buy what you did, REPORT IT TO FARMVILLE. They might actually try to fix it when they know. A little while back I had a problem putting animal feed in my trough. I didn’t run complaining to someone else. I went to the official site and saw that they were already fixing it. Your hate comments just take up space on the internet anyway. Nobody wants to read that crap unless it’s useful.

  48. Rebekka Says:

    Well I like the rewards that we get. It’s kinda fun.
    But what really annoys me today is that the market doesn’t open! I can’t buy anything, no decorations and no crops… :(

  49. juliana Says:

    man just be happy for what you have guy’s you know facebook dosent need games but they do it for you

  50. Sarah Says:

    The reward for this quest is the worst out of the three.. weird. I’m only on quest 2 now but i hope i finish it cuz that pony is so cute!

  51. yujin Says:

    [CONTEST] Happy 3rd Birthday FarmVille!


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