FarmVille Carnival Booth Arrives!

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FarmVille Carnival Booth Arrives!

Posted on March 1, 2012 5:53 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Carnival Booth

The FarmVille Carnival Booth arrived in FarmVille this evening! The Carnival Booth is the new place-to-go for all your favorite FarmVille mini-games such as the FarmVille Mystery Game, Raffle Booth, and Sweepstakes. And guess what? More FarmVille mini-games are “coming soon”.

After you receive the update on your farm, you will be greeted with a pop-up inviting you to place the Carnival Booth on your farm. If you don’t have enough green space for your Carnival Booth, don’t fret it will go to your FarmVille Gift Box until you can clear more land.

FarmVille Carnival Booth Loading Screen

The Carnival Booth is a convenient place for you to access all your FarmVille mini-games and serves as a hub that houses each mini-game. To access your mini-games simply click on your farm’s Carnival Booth and choose the “Look Inside” button. This will take you to the Carnival Booth menu which will allow you to access each individual mini-game. As you can see in the image below, there’s three vacant spots open for future mini-games that are “coming soon” to FarmVille. Hmmm…interesting!

FarmVille Inside Carnival

Do you like the new FarmVille Carnival Booth feature? Tell us what you think FarmVille Freaks!

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15 Responses to “FarmVille Carnival Booth Arrives!” »

  1. Debi Says:

    I hope it is a completed building and not something else we will have to build. There is way too much going on now that we have to beg our friends for.

  2. Anna Says:

    So does this mean we can get rid of our raffle booths? I am assuming so but I’d kind of like confirmation.

  3. dave ubermensch Says:

    What a waste of space. Can’t they fix the broken junk they have before bringing out new useless stuff?

  4. Darrid Says:

    Stupid! Enough Said.

  5. Dana Says:

    I don’t see the sense of this – I only play darts if I get a free one, The Sweepstakes seems to be only for Cash, so I will never play it. And the Raffle game I only play if I have the time and the prizes in it are no longer interesting they just help fill my need for SDs, Fertilizer, and Unwithers. So it looks like a waste of time.

  6. dave ubermensch Says:

    it’s just a bldg the size of the raffle booth and when u open it, it has pretty tiled links to the other games. it’s utterly worthless. as i said the first time, it’s a waste of space. it does nothing that isn’t being done already without taking up space.

  7. mia Says:

    mini games? you mean, mini money-grabs. hey zynga, how about some acutal GAMES, like fruit-tetris or something, to EARN building parts and stuff??

  8. matt Says:

    The space between the mystery game & sweepstakes is the fortune wheel.You get 3 spins per day.From the spins you get a % discount off whatever you spin.You also have the chance of spinning and the spin will result in free items as i have done many time now.

  9. Scottish Farmer Says:

    How many annoying pop-up messages advertising this feature will I receive that I have to close carefully to avoid accidentally spending farm cash on something that I don’t want?

  10. Kamal Says:

    I can’t place it..It says “Whoa farmer!” when I try to place it on wy farm :P ..

  11. richard Says:

    the very least you can do is make it functional!!!! if I have raffle tickets and this booth access the raffle game why cant i add my raffle tickets? outside of that I agree with posts before me, a useless item!

  12. Kathy Says:

    It doesn’t work! I have raffle tickets sitting in my gift box and every time I try to add them it tells me I need a raffle booth…I’m just thankful I didn’t have to BUILD this piece of junk!

  13. Carl Says:

    Another fail… we must keep our raffle booths if we want to use tickets in our gift box.

  14. Jill G Says:

    I have raffle tickets in my gift box, the carnival booth is placed on the green. When I open the Carnival to get at the Raffle Booth to play, it won’t allow me to move the tickets into the Raffle Booth. It says the Raffle Booth must be placed to move tickets. So…I have tickets but can’t play!!

  15. Cathi S. Says:

    I have played a Gazillion coins on the spinning wheels where you spin it, like a slot machine… get three items (or 2 and a miss) and a discounted price, at which you may, or may not, buy them.
    The first evening..
    I got an XP book, some nature-water effects, which I like, and one spin, I got some
    goodies for FREE….
    THEN…after that. I went back many times, and at different times of the day. Neither at my earlier visit or the subsequent ones…did it ever stop on anything a long time player didn’t already have many of, or wouldn.t want in the first place. I saw many things I would want, but it NEVER, EVER..on any visit, stopped on a garage, i believe-a train, other buildings, a Tavern and more desirable gifts. Lots of bunnies,
    trees and othe things for an early player…but they wont have millions of coins!
    15,000 coins a spin is obscene! Get Real! These are pictures on a screen that we pay for-but we work our butts off to get these coins, at a pittance, for our labor!