FarmVille Century Club Crops & Recipes for High Level Farmers!

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FarmVille Century Club Crops & Recipes for High Level Farmers!

Posted on September 24, 2012 10:01 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille New Crop & Recipes Notice

UPDATE 09/24/12: The Century Crops are now on a much wider release than when they first rolled out ever so slowly back in early September.

FarmVille has a new perk for higher level farmers! You will now have access to grow Century Club crops and craft Century Club recipes! The “Century Club” crops and recipes are permanent (non-Limited Edition) crops and recipes especially for Level 100 and 125 (and higher level) players. We’ve already showcased most of these crops as unreleased FarmVille crops. You can visit that FarmVille Freak article by clicking here.

A request for more crops is one of the consistent pleas from FarmVille farmers. Mastering crops is not only a favorite FarmVille past-time, it is also an area of gameplay that still interests a large majority of players, especially veteran FarmVille Freaks who have been playing FarmVille for years. The Century Club crops and recipes give you a new incentive to level-up if you haven’t reached these higher levels yet. And if you’ve already reached these levels in FarmVille, well at least you get to master new crops and recipes!

Level Requirements for Century Club Crops

You will be able to unlock the new Century Club crops and recipes when you reach Level 100 and Level 125. Of course each crop and recipe does have mastery. The crops will be available with Farm Coins and do not require Farm Cash to plant.This means that before you are able to purchase these seeds and plant the crops on your FarmVille farm, you will need to achieve a certain FarmVille Level to unlock them from the FarmVille Market.

The upcoming high-level crops include Alfalfa, Begonia, Brussels Sprout, Buckwheat, Celery, Flax, Garlic, Goji Berry II (different from 7-Eleven Goojii Berries), Green Beans, Kale, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Lettuce, Okra, Orange Marigold, Yellow Marigold. It’s hard to believe that some of these crops never existed in FarmVille isn’t it?

We’ve listed the high level crops as well as their Level requirements below.

FarmVille Reach Level 100 & 125 Loading Screen

There’s also some nifty Level 100 and 125 Signs.

  • FarmVille Level 100 Sign
  • FarmVille Level 125 Sign


FarmVille Level 100 Sign

FarmVille Level 125 Sign

Here’s a list of the Century Club Crops and Recipes as well as the level you’ll need to obtain before you can unlock them.

Are you having trouble locating these crops in the FarmVille Market? Try keyword searching any of the crops listed below.

FarmVille Century Club Crops & Levels:

  • FarmVille Lentil – Level 100 Needed
  • FarmVIlle Kidney Bean – Level 102 Needed
  • FarmVille Flax – Level 104 Needed
  • FarmVille Celery – Level 106 Needed
  • FarmVille Lettuce – Level 108 Needed
  • FarmVille Brussel Sprout – Level 110 Needed
  • FarmVille Begonia – Level 112 Needed
  • FarmVille Yellow Marigold – Level 114 Needed
  • FarmVille Alfalfa – Level 120 Needed
  • FarmVille Buckwheat – Level 122 Needed
  • FarmVille Okra – Level 124 Needed
  • FarmVille Garlic – Level 126 Needed
  • FarmVille Kale – Level 128 Needed
  • FarmVille Green Bean – Level 130 Needed1
  • FarmVille Goji Berry – Level 132 Needed

FarmVille Begonia

FarmVille Brussels Sprout

FarmVille Buckwheat

FarmVille Celery

FarmVille Flax

FarmVille Garlic

FarmVille Goji Berry II

FarmVille Green Beans

FarmVille Kale

FarmVille Kidney Beans

FarmVille Lentils

FarmVille Lettuce

FarmVille Okra

FarmVille Orange Marigold

FarmVille Ywllow Marigold

FarmVille Century Club Recipes:

New Bakery Recipes:

  • FarmVille Verdant Tart: 4 Green Bean, 4 Brussel Sprout
  • FarmVille Rascal Cookie : 4 Okra, 4 Alfalfa
  • FarmVille Chili Muffin: 4 Kidney Bean, 4 Pepper
New Spa Recipes:
  • FarmVille Begonia Sachet: 3 Begonia, 3 Lentil, 1 Morning Glory
  • FarmVille Marigold Soap: 3 Orange Marigold, 3 Yellow Marigold, 1 Aloe Vera
  • FarmVille Marigold Lotion: 3 Yellow Marigold, 3 Flax, 1 Raspberry
New Winery Recipes: 
  • FarmVille White Garlic Vinegar: 3 White Garlic, 2 Kale, 2 Jalapeno
  • FarmVille Goji Berry Wine: 3 Red Goji Berry, 2 Buckwheat, 2 Blueberry
  • FarmVille Vite-Drink: 3 Celery, 2 Kidney Bean, 2 Carrot

Does this give you more of an incentive to level-up in FarmVille or have you already reached these Levels? What do you think of the new crops and recipes?

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