FarmVille Changes Mystery Seedlings Water Requirement

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FarmVille Changes Mystery Seedlings Water Requirement

Posted on February 9, 2011 3:04 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Watering Can

In response to the FarmVille drought, Zynga not only upgraded Orchards to produce Watering Cans they have also lowered the requirements to grow Mystery Seedlings.

You now need only 8 Watering Cans to fully grow a Mystery Seedling. The previous requirement was 10 Watering Cans. By making the Mystery Seedlings a bit less thirsty, perhaps farmers’ water supply will be less scarce.

FarmVille Freak LDawggie's Mystery Seedlings

Do you think this is enough to make an impact on the FarmVille drought? Are you satisfied with this new Watering Can requirements for the Mystery Seedling?

FarmVille Freak Sammie's Mystery Seedling

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38 Responses to “FarmVille Changes Mystery Seedlings Water Requirement” »

  1. Julie Falletti Says:

    I think that’s great. But I have a system to where I put 12-15 seedlings out at one time and gradually add one can of water at a time until all of them have 9. Then when I get enough watering cans I grow them all at once. Right now they all say 9/8 which means each one has an extra watering. What happens to that can when I do the last can??

  2. donna Says:

    I enjoy the whole seedling tree growing thing, and although these adjustments help, those of us with lots of orchards are always struggling for cans. I hope they think up more ways for us to get them quicker. Not everyone post can or send them.

  3. Gregory Says:

    Finally they’ve lowered the requirements and the orchards are giving out watering cans which means we can master the Level 2 trees ALOT quicker. Maybe they’re planning Level 3 Trees within the next few months?

  4. Chris Fairchild Says:

    Let us trade in valentines for more watering cans. I have almost 600 valentines and don’t want anything that is offered for trade in.

  5. alister Says:

    5 cans would be accetable, just taking two off what is needed is a joke

  6. Dot Says:

    They need to make it easier to do instead of so boring!!! It takes forever just to get 1 done cause it’s so slow, then you have to send out the message that your growing the seedling then o back in the gift box to finish up. For peets sake just let us do them all at the same time and be done with it. I have over a 100 in my gift box to do and can manage 10 before I have to do something else, so when I widdle down the 10 by the time I’m in the mood to do it again I have gain another 30 so I’m getting no where’s fast right now lol…………..

  7. evil empire Says:

    How about also getting money for a Mystery Seedlings. Maybe somewhere between 10 to 20 coins each.

  8. aud Says:

    now i with they would do something about upping the stupid 125 limit and throttling. punish us more fv

  9. Tosha Heart Says:

    It’s an improvement. Is there a place one goes to get more friends? So many have just left their farms and now I have to get new neighbors to expand. If it’s not water, it’s something else :)

  10. Elijah Says:

    I could probably manage with 8 cans, I would rather have 5 though.
    I also think trees should harvest to get bushels, 5 harvests = one bushel, use bushels for crafting (i.e. Spa). That would be great!

  11. Trix Says:

    Lowering the requirement to grow seedlings isn’t enough! They were suppose to ALSO make watering cans available from orchards that do not produce a seeding at harvest!!!

    I’m very ticked that they implemented something that is near impossible to accomplish “growing” all our seedlings at a reasonable pace.

  12. Andrea Says:

    I think 5 would be just fine! 8 is still to much. My opinion anyways…

  13. Two Monkeys Says:

    It doesnt matter since the new 125 limit my game play has been so limited i almost dont play at all I stopped collecting valentines collection items and everything and collect only watering cans. Now even with the new 8 cans if i never take another feed item only seeds and watering cans i still can grow only 13 in a day. Gifts I go through growing them, then most of the time to delete them because they turn into trees i dont want. I have loved farmville for 2 yrs now and pretty much stopped playing because of the limitations I play maybe an hr a day now where i was and 8-10 player i love the seedlings but limiting our game play is a joke they must not want farmville faithful.

  14. Robert Says:

    I still think you should be able to get water from trading in goods, but i’ll take it!

  15. Donna Says:

    I just want to know how I can catch up with the 128 seedlings I have in my Gift Box now!!!! I can never seem to get the ones I have grown before I have to harvest them again. How about just giving us about a 100 cans to get caught up and then maybe it would be ok. And also keep the Snowman giving us cans, which I heard was only going to last another 3 weeks. Help!! We are stll needing more ways to get water.

  16. dmbfan Says:

    I think they should create a buildable (or digable) well. Farm have these things, why can’t farmville? Maybe it coudl produce a certain number of watering cans each day. Maybe 4 or 5? It would be much more appreciated than the snowman. And probably more than whatever is going to come out of the orchard. I need more than 1000 waterign cans ot grow all of my trees. I cant keep up :(

  17. Claudia Says:

    I am overwhelmed with trees, so I water seedlings only once a week.

  18. joefish Says:

    looks like a good deal going into the future. but what about the hundreds of seedlings already in my gift box?

  19. Lacie Says:

    I didn’t think there was a problem with ten in the first place. Stop whining and grow a pair, ‘kay?

  20. Outre Says:

    It’s too much – period.

    Five would be better, but two five dose cans would be ideal.

    Stupid developer idea in the first place to make it ten cans. Oh yeah that’s – right they want to SELL water.

    Too bad Zynga keeps disrespecting the non-cash players who’s numbers are used 100% when Zynga sells ad space and ad campaigns to corporations.

  21. ruSh.Me Says:

    I want the Snowmen back! Getting water was so easy! :(

  22. marthaiz Says:

    I think each seedling should get 5 cans of water.
    OR Zynga should make orchards for 20 seedling each so we can water the whole orchard of seedlings at once with 20 cans of water. Once trees mature, we can organize them into orchards of similar trees if we choose.

  23. Gurk Says:

    At the moment it is an improvement, especially for professional tree growers that grow more than a pair ;)
    But we have to wait and what happens after the orchards will replace snowmen as watering can producers…

  24. Steve Pecoraro Says:

    I think this is amazing!

    I have a couple ideas, and I noticed that we now get watering cans from harvested orchards (awesome!), but I have 400 some odd saplings in my gift box, and I have about 200 sitting out on my farm waiting to be watered.

    I think it would be highly beneficial if we are able to click on a sapling and tell FV that we want 8 watering cans to be used, at once! It would save TONS and TONS and TONS and TONS and TONS of time, which I already waste too much of!

  25. Crazigyrl Says:

    I now have plenty of water and can grow all my seedlings…but I’m finding my orchards now produce less seedlings…I was getting between 25-30 seedlings at every harvest, today I only got 16 :( now I have a water surplus…maybe I need a pool… :D

  26. MTM Says:

    Anyone with more than 25 to 50 seedlings should sell the rest. Why hoard them if you’ll never get to them.

  27. Vaibhav Says:

    they lowered the can requirement…but still 3 pop-ups per seedling. :(

  28. Anne Says:

    what’s the use of harvesting watering cans if you cannot harvest any more seedlings?

  29. mad_twinkie Says:

    I like 8 cans better than 10, although it doesn’t seem like much, it does save a lot of water. But the problem is now I am getting this “Slow down there Farmer, you’re trying to claim too many rewards from your friends at once! Try again in an hour.” from trying to grab water from my wall. I think this is even slower than a few days ago, when I needed 10 but could grab unlimited cans.

  30. lee Says:

    i wish we could c wat kind of trees b4 adding water so that we can save some time n water for growing up the trees we don’t want……..guys beware of losing some fc while u do watering, fv keep on deducting 1fc while u growing up a seeds . fv alys post everything for fc u might accidently click on it…beware

  31. Christine Merten Says:






  32. lee Says:

    Christine Merten i hv this problem too, in last week n now i got them back…. u need to send email to zyngar or vote ur problem ………

  33. Steve Says:

    The eight watering cans per tree plus two cans gained per harvest have solved my water shortage problems. If they made cans like special deliveries it would work. Use can, “how many?”, eight, then click the mystery seedling to use them on. Done. It takes too long to grow a tree right now.

  34. Rob Says:

    They must have lowered the percentage of orchards that produce seedlings. 36 full orchards, I got only 5 seedlings, 7 the previous harvest. It used to be 15 to 20. So now I have 500+ watering cans.

  35. Nell Says:

    I don’t know if you can, but it would be really helpful if your neighbors could water your seedlings. I really like the tree growing part of FV. It’s all I really do anymore… it’s just kind of slow as far as getting to where I want to be. :(

  36. bruiseviolet Says:

    I have been playing around with my orchards and have found that seedings produced from orchards- are not reflective of the orchard they came from. I have orchards divided by trees that i paid farmcash for- and they seedlings they give off are turning into “regular” things like Ponderosa Lemon’s etc…. once in awhile i will get a fv cash tree from a seedling- but not as many as I should. (currently i ditch all the seedlings from the ‘reg’ tree orchards) and then save and grow the seedlings i’ve harvested from my farmville cash tree orchards and grow those- but 9 out of 10 of them will turn into a ‘normal tree’ seems silly to have seperate orchards then—

  37. Rubina Ramesh Says:

    at least let us collect water cans from the feed.. pl. dont limit us in that.. foal and other
    items are fine but not water cans specially when they clash with valentine collectibles or other such collectibles… they first make it into a competition as to how much u can collect and then limit the number.. that is not fair…

  38. Sanjay Sharma Says:

    I think watering can now should be placed in market to buy from coins . It will be easier to purchase watering can from coins BUT NOT IN CASH.
    I have got 200+ seedlings in my gift and hard for me to get the watering can . OR should think of some well for watering can shortage .