FarmVille New “Chat With Your Neighbors” Feature Slowly Rolling Out

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FarmVille New “Chat With Your Neighbors” Feature Slowly Rolling Out

Posted on April 9, 2012 12:00 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Chat with Neighbors Loading Screen

FarmVille’s new Chat feature that allows you to chat with your FarmVille neighbors is slowly rolling out to all players.

As the FarmVille Loading screen above states, the new “Chat With Your Neighbors” feature allows you to chat with your neighbors and is accessible through your in-game neighbor bar. There’s also the option to visit that friend’s farm and send gifts. We can see how this feature could be useful for real time requests and communication. Hey, Kelly! Send me a chicken please!

Of course you can always use Facebook Chat, but this feature is different in that it is in-game, allows you to see which one of your Facebook friends are FarmVille neighbors and also has the ability to send gifts. Check it out for yourself and see what you think and be sure to leave us your review and any feedback in the comments section of this post.

What do you think about this new FarmVille chat feature? Do you find it useful? Take our FarmVille Freak Poll below!

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44 Responses to “FarmVille New “Chat With Your Neighbors” Feature Slowly Rolling Out” »

  1. Leo Janowick Says:

    wouldn’t be too bad, as long as it worked better than farmville, and didn’t slow down the game, or cause more loading problems that all their other new stuff does. Let’s try to get all the other bugs fixed first, before we try to introduce new stuff, huh? And now these idiots are thinking about a SIXTH farm? Are these people just STUPID or can’t they get enough MONEY from us already! Giveme a freaking break….just saying…..

  2. Louise Says:

    Will this only be for facebook neighbors, or will farmville and facebook friends be included?

  3. J-Train Says:

    this is a good idea having it to ask your friends and neighbors if they need anything sent over to them if you are not on facebook to send a im or email.

  4. Moneshwar Says:

    Leo.. We also need more items for farm coins

  5. Johnny Glaze Says:

    Totally agree with Leo Janowick, fix what you got first, & get some quality assurance.

  6. bamababyboomer Says:

    I would love it! I usually have to call neighbors on the cell when we are trying to get things or work together on the farm….something else I wish they would have is a paid farmhand. Someone who would tend to your farm when you are busy.

  7. marie Says:

    for the love of god NO.

  8. dawson Says:

    i like your framville and i what to like all the stuff u guy have.


  9. Soozka Says:

    Isn’t this more than a bit unnecessary?

    Don’t FarmVille neighbours already use facebook chat to talk to each other and to ask for FV things?

  10. Karen Luke Says:

    I think it’s a great idea as sometimes posts don’t show up on the newsfeed so its a great way to communicate with friends/neighbors.

  11. shein achik Says:


  12. Nancy Says:

    cool, i will love it :P

  13. janice901 Says:

    Only if it allows you to ask for quests items in real time. What good is having FV neighbors that are not FB friends if they are unable to see your posts for the items you need help with. I want what I need rather than 1,000 mystery gifts that don’t contain the building items I actually need!

  14. MaryKaye Says:

    they are starting to roll it out….i have it!

  15. Jenn Says:

    I just wish that you could ask non-friend neighbor’s for quest items. what good is it to have 50+ neighbors when they can’t actually send you quest items?

    I don’t need 50 special deliveries as much as I need the 4000 items required for the 4 quests open at a time.

  16. Joan Says:

    I only have one (1) question?
    Can you ‘chat’ w/friends and play the game at the same time.
    With FB chat I’m talking on one (1) tab and playing on another.

  17. Stabby Elf Says:

    Why does this seem to be mandatory instead of optional?

  18. Aida Cordero Says:

    I think is great, I really love it, I just wish we could do the same with Zynga or reps, it would be so nice to be able to chat with them about the problems (issues)…

  19. Cheryl Says:

    I love it, I don’t have to use FB chat which blocked out the game every time I clicked it. Now I can directly get and give help to other farmers :)

  20. Kelly Says:

    Des anyone know how to turn it OFF?!? If I wanted to chat with my friends I would just turn on my chat!

  21. jason Says:

    oh guys this is so great its zyngas solution to our need for 5000 parts at a time as oppose to lowering amounts of parts needed we can now beg one another via message as oppose to begging on the feed way to go z love how much you take notice of what players want

  22. Jason Says:

    So where is the option to skip this whole chat thing? Nowhere! I can’t play my farm currently as it keeps putting up this “Try chat now” thing being forced on me. So it will just have to be goodbye farmville until that goes away..

    A level 120 Farmer

  23. June Says:

    It’s too bad that now that it has rolled out, they were not able to spell “received” correctly. Your screenshot above is close, but not exactly what I get when I log on. Just near the bottom it says “messages recIEved”.

  24. Tiffany Cole Says:

    I like the idea but I hope people don’t abuse it…I want to play the game not have to get chat pop ups constantly from players who are too impatient to wait for the stuff they need. I had a couple “friends” that I accepted just for FV and I ended up deleting them because they would send chat requests every two minutes asking for stuff…not fun!

  25. allen Says:

    I do not always want to be visible when on line. Will we be able to disable or go ‘off-line’ like facebook? I don’t care if they want to add optional features but do not appreciate being forced to have it on without the option to turn it off. I also don’t like to be rude. I would rather turn it off than to appear rude and ignore messages when I don’t have time to blither.

  26. catzilla Says:

    I get vision of pop-ups when I am playing I hate the chat!

  27. May Says:

    I didn’t get the option to “opt out”. I had to click the “Try Out” button. Ever since that happen, I’ve been having problems accessing the game. Probably another bug.

  28. Kirsten Says:

    Probably not gonna use it. If I need something, I ask my neighbours through facebook. And if they’re not online, they don’t want to be so I’m not annoying them via this chat.

  29. June Says:

    One more thing about the screenprint you can see when you click on my name…. you will notice that the farmer is chatting with Kelley, but her name in the neighbor bar has only one E, not 2… It is Kelly.

  30. Tala Says:

    Everyone I knew in real life stopped playing Farmville. So I added dozens of people I didn’t know as friends so I could keep playing. My Farmville neighbors are the reason I turned off the chat function in Facebook in the first place. It was just really awkward being contacted in real time by people I didn’t know, didn’t need anything specific from, and whom didn’t need anything specific from me.

    Now Zynga has rerouted them straight back to me. =(

    Meanwhile, the game crashes at least 4 times each night as I try to harvest and post the goodies from the pens and orchards from each of my farms. Why do I play this again?

  31. Pooh Says:

    My farm froze when I was playing this morning. When I reloaded, this feature came up on my farm. It is in-built on the neighbours tab of the farm and you can see a search tab added just above the neighbours tab. The online neighbours are visble on the extreme right side on the tab with a green icon showing they are online.
    Honestly, I am neutral about this chat feature. It might be useful and it may not. I think it would be useful to ask for some specific gifts but then if the person is not your FB friend and only your FV friend, they can’t send you a specific item even if you ask as gifting options are limited to SD boxes for them. You can ask for quest items only to those who are your FB friends as they can view your wall and send different gifts to you. Zynga will have to expand their gifting options of FV friends to make this feature useful.

  32. Karl Says:

    I want to be able t turn it OFF.

  33. Irene Thaden Says:

    I want to beable to turn it on and off sometimes I dont want people to know Im on, I cant get a lot of work done on my farm if I have to stop to chat

  34. Ele Says:

    Is there any chance to deactivate this chat? And how can i delete my chat protokoll?

  35. D-- Says:

    It has rolled out on my farm, but seems NO OPTION FOR TURN OFF.
    I prefer system stability than such a garbage function :(

  36. LuisFilipe Says:

    Karl Says:
    “I want to be able t turn it OFF”

    So do I, So do I…

    Intrusive and not optional…
    I want to control if people can bother me or not.

    And by the way 139 new trees … WTH…

    Thinking of leaving FV all together

  37. LuisFilipe Says:

    There are so many things they could improve upon …

    Re-gifting any item owned.
    Moving all items between farms not just animals, trees and death buildings.
    Preferred list on the Get Goods since you can’t buy all the available goods (limits).
    Faster loading times when changing farms.
    Faster Crafting navigation.
    Faster Finishing the recipes.
    Fix the eclipse thing (farm just disappears).
    Stop the annoying pop ups.
    Stop the stupid games.
    Control the craft’s you are selling (preferred on the beginning delete unwanted ones).
    Either put the progress on each craft or leave then in the natural order.

    And one million more annoying things…

  38. H. Says:


  39. allison Says:

    ive been away from farmville for a bit and just recently saw this. I was wondering what it was. I’m not going to be using this feature, i dont even use fb chat

  40. whitelotus Says:

    I’m not a fan of this I always have my facebook chat off I wish there was a way to turn this one off. I don’t like talking to people I don’t know.

  41. m l cole Says:

    The only way I’ve found to “get rid of it” is to “accept” it ..then “hide” it..meaning it is still in your memory on your computer..another invasion of our privacy. I have not been on my farm in two days because of that chat sign…and I won’t ever be back on farmville until it is either removed or we have the option to remove it…SORRY FARMVILLE…NO MORE..THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW..I’LL FIND ANOTHER GAME TO REPLACE YOU !!

  42. Elizabeth Halling Says:

    Mmm just had my 1st experience of this *chat*..a fellow fv friend (not fb friend) just popped up with the msg ‘hi’, I responded ‘Hi, busy farming, you?’….he then replied ‘Do I like sex’.
    FFS! There are places for that & I don’t need it in my game thank you very much. Honestly am I supposed to chat about kinky stuff whilst planting my artichokes??! lol. Good idea but can I opt out please.

  43. dipti Says:

    how do we delete this new farmville chat ?

  44. broknwing Says:

    I hate this feature, how can I turn it OFF?