FarmVille & Citi Rewards Offer Exclusive Prizes

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FarmVille & Citi Rewards Offer Exclusive Prizes

Posted on December 5, 2010 9:32 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

It looks like Zynga is making more deals. In another Zynga partnership with a financial service, this time Citi card is offering exclusive FarmVille redemption prizes for Citi Rewards customers.

Citi Reward users can redeem accumulated points for the following FarmVille prizes.

  • FarmVille Purple Harvester – 1,400 points
  • FarmVille Purple Tractor  - 800 points
  • FarmVille Red Pinto Horse – 1,000 points
  • FarmVille Toggenburg Goat – 600 points
  • Zynga Game Card $25 (universal) – 3,500 points
  • Zynga Electronic Game Card – 1,500 points

FarmVille Purple Harvester

FarmVille Purple Tractor

FarmVille Red Pinto Horse

FarmVille Toggenburg Goat

Other participating Zynga games include Cafe World, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Treasure Island, and YoVille.

Do you like the idea of exclusive prizes from Citi Rewards? Will you participate? Vote on our poll below.

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42 Responses to “FarmVille & Citi Rewards Offer Exclusive Prizes” »

  1. shei Says:

    can’t get those items :-(

  2. christine Says:

    no fare i live in austrlia and cant get them

  3. FarmerB81 Says:

    Nice job, Zynga! You’ve managed to piss off 93% of your players!!

  4. Jim Says:

    They should have the option of reedeming awards from gift cards (I assume a visa or mastecard gift card) from Citi are available as gifts from friends or family, if you don’t have a Citi Rewards Credit card.

  5. Chris Whitburn Says:

    Im from america i can do this but this is way unfair for the rest of the world. here should be a virtual thing that gets you points torwards it on facebook from playing apps and leveling up and stuff. not being an adult in america with a citi card. thats bull.

  6. shelly Says:

    I think this is getting out of control! why should people have to have a credit card to get items now. I thought being debt free and cc less is better! I don’t get it! Not to many people are happy with you about his! But thats ok you seem to enjoy making people mad! LOL whats next?

  7. Robbin Says:

    There is no excuse for this nor the American Express Point promotion as well…make these things available to all or nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Susan Says:

    I have a citibank credit card outside of the US.. can I still get the pinto horse??

  9. Shelly Says:

    I am getting tired of losing my gifts and other things. Just today while trying to build this stupid Santa workshop, I was almost finished with the last stage and then within seconds I was starting the step before it ALL OVER. So sick of their so called glitches that never get put right again. Oh, unless you get something out of the glitch then they are quick to take it back.

  10. Trillion Says:

    Citi is a bad baaaaad company.

  11. HATE ZYNGA!! Says:

    Pretty soon it will be.. You have to be an american citizen to have this!! or or.. You have to wear a thong and run around in the rain to get this item!! UGH!!! EFFF Zynga!!!

  12. Trillion Says:

    I do not like that non US Zynga players don’t have access to these (or the 7-11) items. Boo.

  13. Shannon Says:

    Just another way to get people to apply and use credit cards; another way to take peoples money! I will not be participating in this!

  14. Rogue Robot Says:

    Zynga must have a better deal with American Express because these prizes kinda suck.

  15. Jackie Says:

    ive had purple calfs for a few weeks now..
    but im a breeder and i want that darn horse!!! i have all the rare ones, including the unicorns (which i hear will be made breedable)
    and just got the black mini (on the second throw)
    its gonna bother me so much to know what i cant have that horse… =[
    i hope one of my friends gets it so i can atleast have a foal. =/

  16. Lisa Leikjafrik Says:

    FarmVille becomes more and more just for people from USA.
    I paid with Visa card, 650 FVC. The day after I paid they took off my game. Why can Zynga take my money and do not let me have what I paid for. I have not been in the game since I paid. FV does not load.

    Has anyone in the USA a loadng issue?

  17. anastascia Says:

    this sucks!!! what about us that want to get some of the items!!! i want the red pinto horse!! I don’t have a Citi card…and don’t plan to get one anytime soon!!!

  18. Drag Racer Says:

    Typical bloody Zynga.

    America is the epicentre of the world and if you don’t live there, well tough.

    Thanks again Zynga for pissing off the rest of the world

  19. camelia Says:

    thanxs farmville ……..i want mor calfs…….

  20. Denise Says:

    For all of you who are complaining, save your breath. I have a Citi Rewards card and get points. Believe me– this is a total rip off. With my CitiCard, 10,000 points can be traded in for a $100 giftcard. So using 1000 points for a dumb red horse (that looks exactly like the other horses, but red!) would be like paying $10 for it (over 100 FC!!!). Not exactly a good deal in my opinion!!!

  21. Denise Says:

    ^^^ EDIT ^^^ $10 = 55 FC. So it would be like spending 55 FC for the horse (not 100 FC). Still a horrible deal!!!!!!!!

  22. ANONYMOUS Says:


  23. Edd Says:

    As a protest I recommend that you don’t buy FC for two months… lets show them were and how we can hurt them… is not with words but with money!!

    Greedy is to FAIL!

  24. JB Says:

    This is how the banks treat those who bailed them out? As I see it, every tax payer should get all of these items plus as much farm cash as they want all things considered. It looks like credit card companies are back to deceptive tricks to lure credit card potential customers. Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

  25. Freaker Says:

    Zynga only want money its too unfair for us first 7-eleven codes then iPhone not this!

    they must give us at least 1 fv cash everyday all good items are for cash!

    Rate up if you agree

  26. Gurk Says:

    What a mess… just when a Bank has a chance to give something back to society… Zynga funks it up for the majority of players. I am a very active foal breeder, and on behalf of all foal breeders I would like to say:

    THANKS VERY MUCH ZUNGA…… NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. garrett Says:

    wat the fuck is a citi card

  28. Heather Says:

    @Edd Zynga doesn’t care that much if we buy farm cash or not judging from all the cross promotions now. They’re raking it in by shoving other companies’ products/services down our throat. And no matter what people will always buy cash for their games. If 25 million people play Farmville and only 1% of those people buy $10 of farm cash a month, then they’re making $2.5 million a month JUST on Farmville. How many games do they have again? You do the math. Zynga knows they’re set and they obviously don’t care whether their customers are happy or not. They know we’ll play anyway b/c we’re all addicted. ;)

  29. FarmVille90s Says:

    I want the FarmVille Purple Harvester and Farmily Purple Tractor. I don’t want to open another checking account.

  30. Frankie Says:

    Great, another reason to keep Americans in debt forever.

  31. mabel Says:

    we want to be treated with respect..after all if it wasnt for the players zynga would be out of business..maybe they need to listen to the players and what they want .

  32. Denise Says:

    On the bright side….the Citi Rewards card is actually a pretty cool card! It is the card I mainly use for purchases. no annual fee and for every purchase you accrue points that you can trade in for items or giftcards (or even cash). If you decide to link a checking account or do billpay, you get even more points. (and no, I’m not a Citi Rewards card employee!!!!).

    I’m still not shelling out $10 worth of my points for the stupid horse though!!!! Maybe I would consider it if it were cool looking, but it is totally boring and looks just like the other horses.

  33. Jenn Says:

    Ha! I just had Chase rip me off for $400 and now this? I tried to make a withdraw with my debit card, the machine froze and went out of service. Their own technical support showed the money wasn’t processed and they took the money anyway. They gave it back, then took it away again, saying they double checked and I had the money all along. Yup, I spent 4+ hours with them on the phone, five seconds after it happened because I was trying to steal from them. Chase is the worst company ever! I’m ashamed of Zynga.

  34. FarmVille90s Says:

    I just called Citi and they don’t know about this promotion..

  35. Uri Says:

    So who’s Zynga’s competition? Someone jump up on this one while players are upset! I only bought 20 real dollars worth of FV bucks, that’s my limit, like buying an affordable wii game. The 2 month protest that Edd (posted Dec 6th) talks about sounds good. Let’s do it and make Zynga upset this time!

  36. Jim Says:

    Not sure if anyone noticed this..the pop-up page for Zynga and Amex Promotion shows the Purple Cow but also the Red Horse (The red horse is for the CitiCard only) Shouldn’t the Window say Zynga as partnered with Amex and CitiCard? Left Citi out of the picture in that add…major ad blunder.

  37. Chas Greene Says:

    Has anyone gotten this horse from citi?

  38. Li Says:

    Hello eveyone,
    can you please contact me if you purchased a red pinto horse through the Citi Rewards?
    Thank youu x

  39. Ericka Says:

    If anyone has a citi bank card and is willing to redeem the 1000 reward points for the red pinto horse and send it to me I’d be willing to send a farm cash gift card with an agreed amount in exchange for it…let me know if anyone is interested…..thanks :)

  40. Mercedes Says:

    Does the Red Pinto make foals?

  41. Mercedes Says:

    Nevermind I found it on Farmville Wiki. It does :)


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