FarmVille One Click Plow, Plant & Harvest Turbo Charge

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FarmVille One Click Plow, Plant & Harvest Turbo Charge

Posted on June 23, 2011 4:22 pm by FarmVille Freak Dr. Green Thumb

FarmVille Turbo Harvest

Thank you to FarmVille Freaks Craig & Ryan for the heads up on this Flyby Notice! Both of them saw this new Turbo Charge feature while switching farms!

Pricing for these Turbo Charges range from 5 Farm Cash to 100 Farm Cash. Several FarmVille Freaks have reported getting different prices for the same Turbo Charges.

In case you missed it there’s also news from Lexilicious about One Click Sharing.

“Hey Farmers,

We have started slowly rolling out a new feature called One Click Sharing to a lucky number of Farmers!

What is One Click Sharing?

It’s a new way to use Extended Permissions to make your Farming easier! When Farmers who currently have this feature click “Share” on an item, they won’t have to wait for a Facebook window to pop up. Instead, the post is automatically made for them!

We wanted to make our randomly selected Farmers currently enjoying this feature aware to avoid confusion when they encounter this option.

If this feature has rolled out to you, and have not given FarmVille Extended Permissions yet, you will be prompted for it and can choose to opt in or out.

If you have already given FarmVille Extended Permissions, the feature will work automatically and your posts will go out right after you click “Share” on items!

We look forward to your feedback on this feature! Happy Farming!

- Voltai

FarmVille Plow, Plant & Harvest Flyby Notice

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41 Responses to “FarmVille One Click Plow, Plant & Harvest Turbo Charge” »

  1. Kevin Says:

    then you cant lock things to peoples walls…..

  2. desley smith Says:

    whoop whoop ;o{]

  3. sharon steele Says:

    awe I want this :)

  4. Lilith Says:

    I think I don’t like this feature, sometimes I’d like to customize my posts.

  5. Ted Says:




  7. Karen Says:

    This is interesting information. I’m a little confused, though. What’s the correlation between the Turbo Harvest and one click sharing?

  8. Sherry Says:

    I thought Adobe Flash was giving me a problem when the box quit popping up. I’ve restarted and reinstalled. Too bad I didn’t know that it was on purpose earlier.

  9. Amy Says:

    I’ve had the one-click sharing now for a while. It’s nice…although it doesn’t always work 100%, but still better.

  10. Deb Says:

    I want my castle for finishing English towns quest…Why didn’t I get mine?????

  11. CarrieBee Says:

    This post is strange.. confusing. I also like to customize my posts so I don’t spam neighbours with FV posts etc. Any clue what this turbo business is? How is it different than the combine?

  12. Nq. Says:

    euhmmm… what has one-click harvesting/plowing/planting to do with sharing your stuff without the FB pop-up!?

    I saw the image on my start up screen, but nothing to see in-game so far.

  13. Diane Says:

    Sounds good, but we should have the option to stop it if we want to customize our shared items. There are certain things we share between certain friends that we arrange our ‘trades’ to help one another finish a task.
    Do you think it will be made possible? If so, then I would indeed like it, but if the answer is not able to, then I say they can keep it, I’ll just keep clicking :-) <3

  14. Danielle Says:

    the one click thing would be cool but I dunno about extended permissions..

  15. brian Says:

    this is 2 more features nobody wants its crap i like posting to my wall the way it it is and will not opt this in and if it is i will figure out how to turn it off

  16. Barbara Hocter Says:

    why is this so terrific I don’t get it

  17. Loretta Ayres Says:

    Sounds great. The fewer times I have to click something the better.

  18. Linda Says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to start like that.

  19. Cathy Says:

    I think we have two stories mixed together here.

  20. letty88 Says:

    it’s probably going to cost farm cash

  21. Cozmosiss Says:

    Lazy, Lazy, Lazy! That’s all I think about when I read this. I could see the one click posts for people that DON’T lock things. They might enjoy it, but the turbo harvest? Really? I have 500 plots and it takes me under a minute to do my farm. How much simpler can you get? I will NOT be spending FC to have my plots harvested, plowed, and planted. That’s just silly IMO. Why not just have the game play for you? Which is basically what it’s doing.

  22. Dogmom Cheryl Says:

    Have no interest in one-click sharing. I like to customize/write notes with many of my posts.

  23. Linda Says:

    So how do I “opt out” of extended permissions if I have given permission for trading post and English Farm map only…. so far? Doesn’t sound like I will have a choice in the matter of general postings if I have already opted for extended permissions for these two items. For some items extended permissions is great for others it’s not what I want.

  24. Manuel Says:

    Im totally agree with Cozmosiss. Its just silly get the game playing for you! even more if you have to pay for it!.
    And about the one click posts, im very dissapointed, but not just for not been able to personalize posts (which i usually do), but to been able to keep my non-FV friends wall clean of FV publishjunk! and also mine, of course… otherwise you just loose your friends post in the middel of FV crap.
    They did it much better o Empires & alliates. there you have one click post but only to your neighbors. Why didnt made same way???

  25. Marti Says:

    I am wondering about the ability to customize posts with this. Doesn’t sound like it would be possible anymore if you got this.

  26. Charles Says:

    i got 3 for 1 FC, but then it said i had 6 afterwards. weird but whatever…. was nice but since i have the 4×4 combine i wont do it again

  27. Rewanda Says:

    Yes bring on the 1 click feature, it sure saves time when you flippin’ between the 2 farms, especially since I do co-ops ALL the time. We have so much to do now, co-ops,beehives,ponds,pigpen,sheeppen,craftshops…etc etc. I love farmville…Peace!!!

  28. Jena Long Says:

    I wont be using this option to expensive I would rather save my cash and use my combine so what if I have to click a few extra times it’s not as bad as having to do all three.

  29. Raindrop Says:

    It’ll cost you FV cash for the fuel. It’ll add up fast for the convenience each day.

  30. letty88 Says:

    Oh wait, it does cost farm cash. I will not be paying for this, I’m happy with my combine. Another way for zynga to make make more money.

  31. jtjunkie Says:

    I got 3 freebies this morning. Used 1 on my one farm, traveled to my other far, went to use it there and guess what….no more freebies. Seriously??????

  32. tisa Says:


  33. keiji Says:

    The FARMER FIX-IT for the problem:

    1. Go to your Privacy settings
    2. Apps and Websites (bottom left hand corner) and click on Edit Settings.
    3. Edit Settings again and choose FarmVille/Edit Settings.
    4. Remove Post to wall.

  34. ragenia73 Says:

    Thank you for “One Click Sharing”, but in case I want to personalize posts, what I have to do?
    On the other hand, if I buy 3 turbo once, I can still use? Or should I pay each time?
    and how if I want to plant half of the farm with rice, for example, and the other with grapes?

  35. chelsea Says:

    how to remove / turn off one click sharing for farmville ?
    Go to Privacy Settings.
    Click on Edit your settings under Apps & Websites, then find FarmVille and click Remove on posting to your wall.

  36. Deb Says:

    I opted into one-click sharing without realizing that I can no longer lock something to someone. I do use the lock occasionally. I would like the option to change back and forth; therefore, the lock would still work if needed and I could also opt in again to allow instant publishing permission. If there is no option, I would choose to OPT OUT of one click publishing. How can I do that now that I have opted in?

  37. Lynne Says:

    I spent a lot of Farmville Cash and I do mean a lot, I don’t see that I have anything different than I had before. I wish I had my cash back. Very disappointing.

  38. Lawrence Says:

    Thanks chelsea because I didn’t like that one click share.

  39. Becky Says:

    I want the one click sharing!! But it will not work all the time…I said yes to it when it came up…a lot of my neighbors have it but not me

  40. Carmen Says:

    beware farmers, turbo is now forced on farmers whether they want it or not. It’s now on by default.

    *will be surprised if this post gets though*


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