FarmVille County Fair Treetop Contest Arrives: Grow your best tree!

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FarmVille County Fair Treetop Contest Arrives: Grow your best tree!

Posted on April 1, 2013 11:17 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess


FarmVille County Fair Treetop Contest

FarmVille County Fair Treetop Contest

The new FarmVille County Fair Treetop contest arrived today in FarmVille! This is a new addition to the County Fair contest that joins the previous Animal Flower challenge, still available.

The new FarmVille County Fair contest features a new Treetop Contest that you will be able to participate in to earn free tree rewards, as well as other useful stuff for your farm. It works the same as the County Fair Animal Flowers contest in that you will need Mulch to “grow your best tree”.  Instead of animals, it’s all about the trees! Once your tree is full of Mulch and “happy” you can enter the contest and redeem your reward for that phase. Each phase has its own unique tree reward and once you complete all the phases for that stage by winning a ribbon for each contestant, you will win another exclusive bonus reward.

For a refresher on how the County Fair contests work, continue reading below.

Where is the County Fair?

To access the County Fair feature, you can find it in your in-game FarmVille toolbar located on the bottom right. The blue Rossette Ribbon icon represents the County Fair.

Getting Mulch

You can find Mulch on your farm simply by farming and working your crops. Planting and harvesting your crops will yield Mulch. Every crop in FarmVille has the possibility of producing Mulch when you harvest it. Each crop will always yield the same type of Mulch. For clues about what crops to plant for specific Mulch, see below. You will receive a pop-up notifying you of which type of Mulch you’ve harvested when you are working your crops. The Mulch goes straight to your County Fair, not your Gift Box.

Mulch Cravings 

There are five types of Mulch that trees and animals crave.

  • Green Mulch
  • Blue Mulch
  • Brown Mulch
  • Yellow Mulch
  • Red Mulch 

To find out what Mulch your trees or animals are craving, hover over the Mulch bag found above each of your County Fair tree/animal contestants with your mouse and you will see examples of which types of crops to grow for that specific Mulch.

FarmVille Freak has taken out the guesswork for you and we’ve listed the Mulch that each crop yields below! Please share this post with your friends, to let them know too!

Blue Mulch
Green Mulch
Red Mulch
Brown Mulch
Yellow Mulch
Alfalfa (18 hrs)Cucumber (1 Day)Acorn Squash (10 hrs)Bean Sprouts (8 hrs)Apollo Aster (8 hrs)
Barely (12 hrs)Forbidden Barley (8 hrs)Aloe Vera (6 hrs)Brussels Sprouts (14 hrs)Begonia (1 Day)
Carnival Squash (8 hrs)Gingerbread (8 hrs)Apollo Aster (8 hrs)Coffee (16 hrs)Dandelions (8 hrs)
Edmane (2 Days)Iceberg Lettuce (20 hrs)Bell Pepper (2 Days)Forbidden Tea (1 Day)Darrow Blackberries (4 hrs)
Green Beans (1 Day)Lemon Balm (6 hrs)Black Tea (8 hrs)Ghost Chili (6 hrs)Forbidden Udon (3 Days)
Kidney Beans (16 hrs)Millet (3 Days)Broccoli (2 Days)Hawaiian Ginger (2 Days)Golden Poppy (1 Day)
Kale (1 Day)Nori (12 hrs)Buckwheat (1 Day)Hay (1 Day)Heirloom Carrot (12 hrs)
Licorice (1 Day)Oyster (4 hrs)Bugleweed (1 Day)Moon Flower (12 hrs)Lavender (2 Days)
Parsnip (8 hrs)Pumpkins (8 hrs)Carrots (12 hrs)Square Melon (1 Day)Lyre Leaved Sage (18 hrs)
Pink Roses (2 Day)Rock Crab (1 Day)Cotton (12 hrs)Pineapple (2 Days)Peanut (16 hrs)
Purple Poppies (8 hrs)Sunflower (1 Day)English Rose (6 hrs)Peppermint (1 Day)
Rice (12 hrs)Swiss Chard (14 hrs)Flax (12 hrs)Royal Hops (10 hrs)
Royal Taro (4 hrs)Tomato (8 hrs)Forbidden Onion (8 hrs)Soybeans (1 Day)
Snap Pea (2 Days)Udon (3 Days)Forbidden Unagi (8 hrs)Super Yellow Melon (4 Days)
Shrimp (15 hrs)White Rose (1 Day)Ghoul Garlic (3 Days)
Sugar Cane (8 hrs)Hops (10 hrs)
Yellow Marigold (18 hrs)Kelp (12 hrs)
Kennebec Potato (1 Day)
Okra (12 hrs)
Ono (2 Days)
Orange Marigold (1 Day)
Pea (1 Day)
Radishes (18 hrs)
Red Gogi Berries (10 hrs)
Red Wheat (3 Days)
Sage (1 Day)
Sorghum (10 hrs)
Spectre Berries (1 Day)
Unagi (4 hrs)
Viola (8 hrs)
Water Lily (3 hrs)
Note, the type of Mulch your trees/animals crave varies and changes! Make sure to check back to see what they are craving if you are actively working on a contest. The cravings change after a certain number of hours and is indicated on the County Fair window.

What happens if your contestant’s cravings change before you enter it in the contest? No problem– you will maintain the progress you had with the original type of Mulch, but you will have to complete the rest of the Mulch feeding with the new type of Mulch your tree/animal is craving.

Entering & Winning in the Contests, Plus Leveling-Up

If you’d like to enter the County Fair contest, simply click the “Enter” button under your tree/animal contestant. You can enter the contest as soon as you’ve fed a contestant  Mulch . Remember, the more Mulch you feed your contestant, the happier it is and the more likely you are to win! In fact, if you feed your contestant 100% it’s a guaranteed win and a guaranteed prize!

The County Fair contests also have a leveling system as the contests are repeated. Each time you win the County Fair contest, you win one level-up from the last ribbon you won. For example, the first time you play the County Fair and win, you receive a 6th place ribbon. The next time you enter the same contest and win with the same animal/tree, you will receive a 5th place ribbon and so on.

Each time you win you receive that animal or tree “contestant”. It can be placed anywhere on your FarmVille farm and is harvestable as well. Fun fact– get this, harvesting that County Fair animal/tree near other animals/trees actually increases the amount of XP the animals/trees nearby produce! Nice. Also note, the contestants that you are able to collect get better each time you win, which makes leveling-up fun.

Winning in All Categories

If you are able to win for each type of tree/animal offered in the contest, you will earn an additional prize, which is shown at the bottom of the County Fair window. The bonus prize for winning all categories improves for each level as well. So it’s more of an incentive to level-up your contestants and get better rewards! 

FarmVille County Fair Treetop Contest

Stone Fruit

Seedling Lemon Tree
(18 Mulch)

Seedling Apple Tree
(15 Mulch)

Seedling Berry Tree
(6 Mulch)

Seedling Citrus Tree
(12 Mulch)

Seedling Stone Fruit Tree
(9 Mulch)

3 Pack of Turbo

Sapling Lemon Tree
(22 Mulch)

Sapling Apple Tree
(18 Mulch)

Sapling Berry Tree
(7 Mulch)

Sapling Citrus Tree
(14 Mulch)

Sapling Stone Fruit Tree
(11 Mulch)

Blooming Flowerbed

Pole Lemato Tree
(27 Mulch)

Pole Plum Apple Tree
(23 Mulch)

Pole Berry Tree
(9 Mulch)

Pole Citrus Tree
(18 Mulch)

Pole Stone Fruit Tree
(14 Mulch)

Flower Pond

Old Growth Lemato Tree
(33 Mulch)

Old Growth Plum Apple Tree
(27 Mulch)

Old Growth Berry Tree
(11 Mulch)

Old Growth Citrus Tree
(22 Mulch)

Old Growth Stone Fruit Tree
(16 Mulch)


Overgrown Lemato Tree
(36 Mulch)

Overgrown Plum Apple Tree
(30 Mulch)

Overgrown Berry Tree
(12 Mulch)

Overgrown Citrus Tree
(24 Mulch)

Overgrown Stone Fruit Tree
(18 Mulch)


Grand Lemato Tree
(45 Mulch)

Grand Apple Tree
(38 Mulch)

Grand Berry Tree
(15 Mulch)

Grand Citrus Tree
(30 Mulch)

Grand Stone Fruit Tree
(23 Mulch)

Flower Gnome

What do you think of the new County Fair contests so far, FarmVille Freaks? Will you participate in this feature? 

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  1. brian Says:

    durham wheat and yellow onions give me red mulch

    red peppers give yellow mulch

  2. PinkyPiratequeen Says:

    Gossamer Ivy also gives red mulch. I ALWAYS end up with an abundance of red mulch. Wish there was some way to share it, LOL! Thanks for the AWESOME job that you do with informing us and keeping us ahead of the crowds. This is my very favorite website! :D

  3. Rob G. Says:

    It’s April 5th and I still don’t have the treetop thing when I click on it!!!

  4. Sharon Says:

    It is now April 9th and I still don’t have the treetop county fair. Does anyone have any idea on how to get it?

  5. ronda Says:

    i still have the completed animal contest…. how do i get the tree competition??

  6. Cátia Says:

    Aloe vera gives me green mulch.

  7. Ali Jemmeson Says:

    How do I get the county fair cart? I don’t have it!