FarmVille New Crack Willow Tree from Mystery Seedlings

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FarmVille New Crack Willow Tree from Mystery Seedlings

Posted on April 13, 2011 10:40 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Crack Willow Tree

FarmVille Crack Willow Tree Mastery Sign

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Kristine for the heads up on the new Crack Willow Tree growing from Mystery Seedlings! Mystery Seedlings are growing into this new type of tree called the Crack Willow Tree.

Usually whenever we see a new tree in Mystery Seedlings, we can expect to see it in the FarmVille Market very soon along with its Level 2 tree counterpart.

And, yes, in real life there is such thing as a Crack Willow Tree! Crack Willow Trees are native to Europe and can often be seen growing near rivers. Read more about Crack Willow Trees by clicking here.

FarmVille Crack Willow FaceBook Notice

Have you been able to grow a Crack Willow Tree from a Mystery Seedling?

FarmVille Freak Nichanok's Crack Willow Tree & Mastery Sign

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43 Responses to “FarmVille New Crack Willow Tree from Mystery Seedlings” »

  1. M Cristina Says:

    O like very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. raayan Says:


  3. Silver Says:

    Looking so goooood. Would be nice to have one…

  4. belutsalt Says:

    already got 2 in my home farm :)

  5. Beth Says:

    What tree makes this willow???

  6. Robin Says:

    I love it!!!!!!

  7. Shirley Nicholson Says:

    hope i got this tree.

  8. Hazel Lin Says:

    Hope to get one of this!!!! So nice :)

  9. Farmville Freak nº 39291039 Says:

    Yeh!!! I already have one of this tree!!! Is good to use, because can gave me some money!!!

  10. fv Says:

    how can someone already have a mastery sign?

  11. Judith Berry Says:

    I’m really curious what trees produce this Cracked Willow. Could someone be kind enough to post?

  12. farmvilleplayer Says:

    how the heck can he have a mastery sign already???….THIS IS SOOO SET UP!!! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE THEM FOR SALE YET… are you really going to tell me that this person found a ton of them and them biplaned them…that would take a lot of bi plane flights over them…wheres the fun in just buying your mastery signs??? so which leads me back to my point that this so called “farm with the mastery sign” is FAKE.

  13. jimmybopper Says:

    crack? lolz maybe the hippie wants one

  14. Gurk Says:

    at neighbour at no 12. don’t have a cow buddy.

  15. uma Says:

    they release new tree too fast… i need to get more fv cash to buy at least the level 1 tree..

  16. Tootsie Says:

    Y’all are so lame! Can’t you see its a joke for all the people out there looking for Farmville “cracks” aka hacks? None of it is for real :)

  17. Fred Says:

    Lol! Farmville is so addictive it has crack trees growing on it :-p

  18. bonb Says:

    so does it say “harvest rocks”?

  19. Dell Says:

    from wich misteryseedling is that tree

  20. Dell Says:

    from wich mistery seedling is that tree

  21. Farmer Dan Says:

    There are hacks that allow for people growing the seedlings to determine which tree they want. I have a neighbor that grew 20 of these IN A ROW. Luckily, she shared her extras with me.

  22. Anita B Says:

    I want one :)

  23. diane hebert Says:

    jaimerais bien en avoir un mais personne de mes amis lon eu encore quand va til sortir

  24. charlotte Says:

    See, I knew there was crack in farmville….. no wonder it’s so addictive.

  25. Lynn Says:

    oh my,,, another new one….always makes me itch to get home from work so I can try to grow one : )….can check FV freak at work but not be on Farmville.

  26. ShiLeigh Says:

    I like these trees. Would not mind having one on my farm(s).

    Off the topic of trees…I suggest you establish some type of counter that keeps a running total of the neighbors YOU help out. If you do NOT help your neighbors out then you can NOT be helped out by your neighbors “hard work”. Its only fair. If I am home and see a help request from one of my neighbors it is an automatic thing for me to help them out. But, I unfortunately have some VERY selfish and self-centered neighbors who only think of themselves. They reap the benefit(s) from someone elses (mine included) hard work while offering nothing but requests for things.

    I have given up on the ducklings because very few of my neighbors will click the link to help with them. As well, I have also STOPPED asking for people to help with the greenhouse plants.

    If you give as good as you get feel free to add me as a neighbor in Farmville.

  27. virginia lamlin Says:

    A tree that grows crack? By the way, how come there is No mastery sign for the Red Alder tree and why can I harvest it? I keep looking the the sign but noooooo, it’s not there still. Hope you can answer about the Red Alder tree. Thank you.

  28. farmviller Says:

    lol at the people who think this person paid for the biplane flights to get the mastery sign :D there are programs to harvest orchards over and over again you now ;) and it’s FREE! i have also have the mastery sign on my farm, took me about 5 minutes lmao

  29. Moo Moo Moo Says:

    So many cheats and cheaters.

    If any of you are ever a neighbor of my neighbors you will be deleted pronto.


  30. dawn Says:

    I believe the type A tree to this is the white willow, which has pink blooms. It’s nice looking, I’ll probably get one.

  31. Farmer Dan Says:

    The real Crack Willows actually have bark that’s more of a grayish shade of color. The blooms are also more of a yellowish shade.

  32. Leo Says:

    I’ll pass on this CRACK Tree…I’ll wait for the Charlie Sheen Tree “Bi-Winning”

  33. sissy Says:

    i just got free 310 fv cash from this website

  34. Teretta Says:

    I agree with ShiLeigh I do have a few friends that will give me lamb. potions and trees if I want I don’t have to beg for this stuff either because they always give me. But if you want to be neighbors Shileigh I would be more than happy. I always help people whether the reciprocate or not. And I don’t ask for anything any more either its a waste of gifts.

  35. Derrick Says:

    Got 2 from a great neighbor!

  36. Johnny Glaze Says:

    What’s the daily yield ?

  37. Tai The Guy Says:

    The way they got the mastery sign SO quick is to have ALL there orchards (maybe 100 or more) ready ahead of time… Follow? They grow a couple of these, put them in the orchard, harvest, then move them 2 the next orchard & repeat the process till they’re mastered. It takes 4EVER but u wind up with all ur favorite trees mystery seedlings (or watever tree ur doing it with)

  38. FarmerHunter Says:

    #21-gives me a LOT of insight into why the few players/neighbors i have that keep zooming ahead with trees will not explain to me how they do it. I do not wish to cheat-no fun in that. I have spent many hours and $$ for the gazillion trees I have (still from Holiday season 2010) in an out of 35 orchards that I cannot sell or get seedling from (they give mint or bubblegums which I no longer need) blah, blah, blah. Now these 10+ new trees since the Spring and they have already Mastered all of them. YET the “seedlings” they “harvest” and put on their feeds yield crummy old trees like Alma figs, Ruby guava, etc-again, long ago mastered. CHEATERS.CHEATERS. Don’t tell me to “get over it”-you must be one of these people.

    I also ditto #21 (I said this yesterday in some form)-be neighborly. If you just want to “Game”-play World of WarCraft, and stay off of my feed without giving back. Thankyou.

  39. my name is nun ur biz Says:

    Um…CRACK tree!? When did you start growing drugs on FarmVille? LOL


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