FarmVille Introduces New Crafting Recipes

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FarmVille Introduces New Crafting Recipes

Posted on October 2, 2012 12:36 am by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Artichoke Spirit Recipe

FarmVille Freak crafters will be happy to see new recipes added to the crafting buildings! Each crafting building got three new recipes. The new recipes can be found in your Bakery, Spa, Winery, Tiki Bar, and Tea Garden.

Now, if only we could get bushels easier! If you’ve noticed, crafting has become more difficult than ever. There are very little active neighbors to buy bushels from, no room to store them if you are lucky enough to find them, and if you prefer to grow it yourself? Be prepared to re-grow some old crops that you’ve probably already mastered. Some of these new recipes require very old ingredients. Artichoke bushels (for Artichoke Spirit recipe), now? Yep, that’s a four day crop! Please Zynga, give us more crafting options and solutions to make our crafting more successful.

Zucchini Muffin – 3 x Zucchini,  1 x Red Wheat, 3 x White Grape
Ginger Pumpkin Pie – 4 x Ginger, 4 x Pumpkin, 4 x Wheat
Saffron Falafel – 6 x Saffron, 6 x Chickpea, 6 x Onion

Dreamy Scented Oil – 1 x Lavender, 1 x Pink Rose, 5 x Raspberry
Rejuvenating Mask – 4 x Cucumber, 4 x Pumpkin, 4 x Green Tea
Calming Bodywash – 6 x Lemon Balm, 6 x Peppermint, 6 x Aloe Vera

Artichoke Spirit – 1 x Artichoke, 3 x Elderberry, 3 x Rhubarb
Chardonnay Wine – 4 x Chardonnay, 4 x Sugar Cane, 3 x White Grapes
Sweet and Spicy Liqueur: 6 x White Roses, 2 x Potatoes, 6 x Peppers

TIKI BAR: (FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise farm)
Grilled Ono – 1x Ono, 3 x Hawaiian Ginger, 3 x Soy Beans
Taro Croquette – 4 x Taro, 4 x Onion, 4 x Wheat
Pineapple Daiquiri – 6 x Hilo Pineapple, 6 x Golden Sugar Cane, 6 x Lemon Balm

TEA GARDEN: (FarmVille Jade Falls farm)
Onigiri – 3 x Nori, 3 x Sesame, 3 x Rice
Tom Yum Soup – 4 x Lemongrass, 3 x Saba, 4 x Pepper
Kimchi Pancake – 6 x Green Onions, 4 x Sesame, 3 x Cabbage

Are you excited to craft these new recipes? How would you make crafting better in FarmVille?

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5 Responses to “FarmVille Introduces New Crafting Recipes” »

  1. Winter Says:

    New recipes are great, even If I still have like 90 % to master to level 1.

    But nothing new for the Pub, Restaurant and Sweetshoppe, at least for now.

    And I think they should fix and re-released the recipes with the Century Club Crops first, before releasing new recipes.

  2. Erin Probst Says:

    does anyone know where I craft root beer? i am doing a quest, and you are supposed to craft it. Is it in haunted hollow? I’m not doing that farm, way too many to keep track of now Thanks

  3. LuisFilipe Says:

    A couple of weeks ago some recipes appeared in:

    Garlic Vinegar
    Goji Berry Wine
    Vita Drink

    Marigold Soap
    Marigold Lotion
    Begonia Sachet

    Chili Muffin
    Verdant Tart
    Rascal Cookie

    Since they all required the new crops and I still didn’t have them I waited.
    They disappeared.
    Now we have some new ones. WTF…

  4. leslie Says:

    Yeah, ditto to what LF said. whatever happened to the marigold lotion and soap and the begonia sachet? I have emailed support about it 3 times past week but they wont give me a straight answer. the support person just replies that they will get back with me with an answer but then they never do or I get the lame “we’re sorry u r not enjoying the game…” stock reply. I was excited about making the marigold and begonia crafts but never got the chance. they came and went so fast. It seems pointless to grow the marigold and begonia crops if there r no crafts that require them. I wish they would make more old crops into super crops for crafts. I can hardly craft anything in my english pub anymore unless i plant already mastered english crops. there are certain crafts in the english pub i have not crafted in months bc none of my neighbors grow those crops anymore. Very few english crops have super versions. I am always missing crops (especially on english farm) for my pub crafts bc my neighbors never grow them unless there is a super version. i think bc the english farm is the oldest theme farm there are a lot of ppl that started playing after its intro and never got access to that farm. I think i am going to have to start planting mastered english crops.

  5. Bob Says:

    I see new recipes, but there were other recipes deleted?
    I have been growing and cooking on EC crops and Pub recipes for the past 4 months, since I got my EC farm.