FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: “Step 3: Profit”

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FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: “Step 3: Profit”

Posted on June 3, 2011 3:07 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3

The third Craftshop Quest is “Profit!”. Since your Craftshop makes items that you need around the farm, you will get the ball rolling by fulfilling some Work Orders (Ask your friends for items). You’ll also be planting and harvesting Soybeans- remember them?! Finally, you will need to make the Pine Fence recipe in your Craftshop building to complete this quest.


  • 1. Get 6 Work Orders (Ask Friends).
  • 2. Harvest 100 Soybeans crops on your farm.
  • 3. Make the Pine Fence Recipe in your Craftshop (x1).

FarmVille Step 3: Profit! Quest Information


  • 500 XP
  • 7,500 Farm Coins
  • 5 Love Potions

FarmVille Step 3: Profit! Quest Complete

On the reward page you will see that you can share some free Farm Coins with your friends by clicking the blue “Share Coins” button which will post a share to your Facebook News Feed. This is the last Craftshop quest (for now).

What do you think of this quest and its rewards?

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41 Responses to “FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: “Step 3: Profit”” »

  1. darralyn Says:

    ohh really ,i dont know if its worth the hassle or not -probably try it see how it goes..

  2. Mark W Says:

    Pfft not worth al the effort, too much going on at once…

  3. bearysoft Says:

    Not worth the hassle for me. I’ve mastered almost all the crops the “craft” items want and I don’t re-plant crops I’ve already mastered. The thing that annoys me is now I’ll have to put up with TWO annoying icons wanting me to do a new task because that stupid pig one isn’t gone yet. I find it most annoying to constantly have those arrows pointing at an icon that I have no intention of doing and we don’t have the option to delete them.

  4. Tina Says:

    So what is the pine fence recipe?

  5. Morcash Says:

    LOL! Really! L.O.L!!!

  6. nancy Says:

    Not worth the hassle. Too many quests at one time as it is.

  7. Barby A. Says:

    Why does this remind me of Frontierville? Probably why I quit playing the game. I got tired of the icons to the side.

  8. Carol Says:

    These quests are in an inconvenient order..I planted soybeans to craft the fuel can, crafted it, and now I have to plant soybeans again? Should have just combined it into one quest.

  9. Kerrinda Says:

    For a game that is supposed to be Social & about helping & sharing with others, you all are a bunch of whiners….when asked for some thing new to do, all I see are complaints about “I’ve already mastered this or that” or It’s too hard, or Who’s got the time,..etc.. Great! that means when you plant it again to help someone else craft something, you will get more than the avg # of bushels!!! I think that is a good thing!
    I have friends who have crafted single items over Lv 200!!! You KNOW they mastered those crops a LONG time ago. lol Sounds to me like this part of the game will just take longer to work on. It’s not a race. It might even take some communication skills to line up friends to work together!
    I’m disappointed the craft shoppe is connected between the 2 farms. Seems like we should be able to craft diff. stuff in each shoppe like we do the bakery/spa/winery/pub now. Oh well. Maybe it will change.
    I really like this game…but it does seem like there are a whole lot of issues/ out of sync/ SLOW publish to wall/ etc that need to be taken care of…
    OK Back to farming! At least we don’t have to deal with the rain!! LOL

  10. Tiffany Says:

    Hehe Type 3. Make the ***Pince*** Fence Recipe in your Craftshop (x1). <3 farmvillefreak :)P

  11. mel Says:

    im tring to master the limited addiotion crops its way too hard if i have to finish quests. not worth it for love potion

  12. dandylion Says:

    wtf? I’d rather ask my neighbors for love sweat!

  13. Lynn Says:

    Here are the things that are a thumbs down for the craft shop

    A. You only get 1 extra potion craft at a time with FOUR helpers. It should be something more beneficial especially since it takes 24 hours for one craft.

    B. The helpers should get something in return for helping. They get no coins, no item of whatever they helped on.

    C. These aren’t like the pub, and other crafting buildings. Our neighbors can’t buy the items from us.

    D. You can only make one craft at a time. You can’t be making potions and fuel, ect. at the same time.

    E. Having two craftshops is a waste. The shops are synced up and whatever you do on one side, the other shows that as well.

    F. The number of bushels required for ONE (or two with 4 helpers) for these things is really outrageous. 15 bushels for a potion?

    G. Who in the world wants a mastery for the post cards? I mean, really, let me spend all those bushels and time to get a post card that I will just sell.

    This craftshop is really dumb. I thought it would actually HELP us, but really, it’s more of a pain in the rear. It’s easier to collect SD boxes and ask for potions then deal with this crap.

  14. Shaun Says:

    i’m not gonna complete any quests which don’t have farm cash as one of the rewards… :P

  15. Rio Says:

    what a co-incidence i grew soyabeans yesterday after seeing that fuel can requirements..

  16. Vito Says:

    The Craftshop seems interesting and I’ll continue to check it out but it looks like you can only craft one item at a time and they take 24 hours. I hope that changes. I don’t want to hang on to chickpeas forever while I could use the space for Winery items (I know they just increased the space!).

  17. Ania21 Says:

    Hay! has anyone noticed the requests are all messed up..
    like when you go to accept a request and then go back for more they’re still there! … is anyone else getting this.. I’v been accepting the same request for like ever since yesterday and it’s still not gone,
    even when I click the x it still comes back.. wth..this is soo very confusing I hope they know about this and fix it very soon…

    Is anyone else getting this. or is it just me.? :/

  18. Pugland Says:


  19. Jessica Says:

    This is such a let-down. It’s too much hassle for such simple items – you can easily obtain most of these from gifts or the feed.

    I wish Zynga would come up with new permanent & masterable crops instead.

    Unless it’s altered significantly, my craft shop will be going “buh-bye!” Even the fact that these items are “masterable” isn’t enough to get me to spend my time bothering.

    It’s such a shame because I LOVE this game. They need to get back to basics instead of this inane nonsense.

  20. Sharon Goodwin Says:

    I only have one problem with the whole thing. I can’t get any cotton what soever and the shop will only allow you to make one thing at a time. It’s way too slow and people are going to give up on it, I know I will if it doesn’t change. Otherwise its a great idea. Thanks.

  21. Ella Says:

    Meh…..use more fuel growing the crops needed to craft it. Not interested!!! Much easier to ask neighbours for most of the items anyway!!!

  22. Frogz Says:

    they are going to delete the ability to get them any other way dandylion

  23. dorkie Says:

    24 hours and all those bushels just for one pine fence? laughin my ass off!
    the new craft shop is a total joke!

  24. Sandyeb2 Says:

    Where are the directions regarding adding neighbors to your crafting project? It’s all very vague.

  25. laurette Says:

    dumb and doesn’t work right I paid because it told me I had to make a board which I did then it came back saying oooops it should have been a fence – waste of time and real money

  26. kim Says:

    24 hours for 1 nail or whatever…not worth it….if they lower the time i will do it. for now I am only doing it for the quests

  27. Tiger Says:

    It’s frustrating when your ready to “take on” the new quest and aren’t allowed to send requests to friends for logs.

  28. rob Says:

    farmville is getting a little carried away

  29. Golden Gnome Says:

    Messed up requesets here too. If you try to delete the accepted ones, and then go back for more they’re still there. But this error is not only for Farmville requests, but all. Now the problem is with the sync between Zynga and Facebook requests (i think).

    Crafthouse is a piece of shit. A number of craftable items have goddamn silly recipe, with a number of long term seeds, and huge amounts of bushels from them. And this 24 hours…

  30. Josy Says:

    I think this Craft Shop is a big pain in the Butt!!!!! Not worth my time to worry about when a can of gas is going to be ready or a piece of fence!!!! Yes I am complaining, which I do not do very often but this is one of the times that I feel something is worthless!!!

  31. Joanna Says:

    Has anyone received any orders yet? I’ve sent out requests for orders but received none. I too have the same problem with the requests not going away after accepting them. Grr. I don’t like the fact that you can only craft one thing at a time. I’m trying to master the Gagaville recipes at the same time. I’ll probably give it a few days for the problem to be fixed. I email them and asked about it no reply yet. It would be NICE if FarmCash was a reward. BTW an option to buy fuel with coins would be great.

  32. Mei Farmington Says:

    The Craft Shop was a great idea, but it’s been poorly executed. The bushels-to-yield ratio is so disadvantageous as to be downright prohibitive, especially when FarmVille has been experiencing such problems with the ‘ask for bushels’ function.

    On one hand, yes, it’s an interesting way to give people a reason to go back to planting crops they’ve already mastered, crops they would now consider “useless” to continue to plant. It’s also nice to have a new use for all those bushels we’re not turning into pig slop anymore. But 15 bushels for ONE bottle? 16 bushels for ONE piece of pine fence? FORTY-FIVE bushels for a table?!

    No, I’m not going to master “modern tables”. I’m not going to use up my fuel trying to make fuel. I’m not going to spend weeks trying to master “double avatar speed” (again, at 45 bushels a pop). My farmer’s been penned in for ages, and she’s going to stay that way. Especially when that double speed will clearly only be temporary.

    Actually that “double avatar speed” one is indicative of the larger flaw with this concept’s self-defeating execution. Much like the can of fuel, for which you’ll use more fuel farming for it than you get for making it, the amount of time it takes (both in terms of gameplay and the passage of real-world time as you wait for crops, then wait another day for the shop to produce your short-lived perk) far, FAR exceeds any benefit gained from getting your farmer to walk a little faster for a bit.

    I may or may not even bother trying to clear these quests, but if I do finish making a pine fence it will ONLY be because I want the square on my screen to go away.

  33. Jamdown Farmer Says:

    Here are my issues since the craftshop…
    1. Gift acceptance not working
    2. Special delivery boxes only giving shovels nothing else.
    3. Unable to share seedlings or cans from orchard harvesting

    In short…the Craftshop sucks

  34. keribear Says:

    Yeah I don’t usually complain about FV’s stuff… if I don’t want to do something, I just don’t do it.

    But alllllll this hype about the craft shop – and now it takes 24 hours to make one item at a time? And it takes SO many bushels for one item I can get from my feed in under a second. Has there really been hints that they will discontinue gifting of boards/nails/bricks, and stop them from coming in the SD boxes? Can’t be – if you had to make everything, and nothing about the craft shop changes, it would take a month to build an orchard! It would kill the game. They need to either increase the yield of items or the time required or both.

    It’s also poorly-laid-out – I can ask for helpers but why are random neighbors (who haven’t played the game in over a year) listed on my side bar instead of the neighbors who have agreed to help, or are asking for help?

    I’ll be finishing this quest only if one of my poor neighbors grows some cotton I can steal – I will not be growing the most worthless crop in the game during double mastery week when I have already mastered it.

  35. Cougarah Says:

    ADVICE…Don’t try to Buy your way through the Pine Fence. My and my wife’s farms both got cheated out of the 2FV and still had to do the fence craft a second time in order to complete the quest 3.

  36. Beth Says:

    I put a craft shop on each farm, and I can only craft in one at a time. Very frustrating.
    Also, how many “teams’ can I join at once?

  37. Winter BelViso Says:

    My only issue is that the Pine Fences are graphically HUGE. What’s the problem with that? I’ve had to store them because they are too big to place.

  38. Dria Says:

    @Winter BelViso having the same issue with Pine Fence I… thinking it’s a glitch since Pine Fence II seems to be “normal” size. IDK


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