FarmVille Crops: Zinfandel and Chardonnay

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FarmVille Crops: Zinfandel and Chardonnay

Posted on July 28, 2011 9:39 pm by FarmVille Freak FarmGoddess

FarmVille Zinfandel

FarmVille Zinfandel Bushel

FarmVille Zinfandel Market Stall

FarmVille Chardonnay

FarmVille Chardonnay Bushel

FarmVille Chardonnay Market Stall

Tonight, FarmVille welcomed two new crops including Zinfandel and Chardonnay. Yum!

These crops are perfect for the current Limited Edition Vineyard theme, but for now, these new crops appear to be permanent market fixtures as they are not marked as Limited Edition.

Each of these crops do have mastery prerequisites. You will need to have already mastered Grapes to unlock Zinfandel. To unlock Chardonnay you need to first master White Grapes.

FarmVille Zinfandel

FarmVille Chardonnay

Thank you to FarmVille Freak Craig for the mastery information!

Zinfandel Mastery Requirements

  • Level 1: 500 harvests
  • Level 2: 1,000 harvests
  • Level 3: 1,500 harvests
  • Total: 3,000 harvests

Chardonnay Mastery Requirements

  • Level 1: 1,500 harvests
  • Level 2: 3,000 harvests
  • Level 3: 4,500 harvests
  • Total: 9,000 harvests

FarmVille Zinfandel Mastery Sign

FarmVille Chardonnay Mastery Sign

Will you be growing Zinfandel or Chardonnay on your FarmVille farm?

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20 Responses to “FarmVille Crops: Zinfandel and Chardonnay” »

  1. pinktink44 Says:

    Just planted some Zinfandel tonight!! Not able to plant Chardonnay yet bc I haven’t mastered white grapes yet :(

  2. Josh Says:

    Cool! And you don’t have to pay FVC to plant! But being having issues with out of sync. Must not have all the bugs worked out yet.

  3. Farmville100s Says:

    Zinfandel Mastery numbers:

    Star 1: 500
    Star 2: 1,000
    Star 3: 1,500
    Total: 3,000

    Chardonnay Mastery number:

    Star 1: 1,500
    Star 2: 3,000
    Star 3: 4,500
    Total: 9,000

    These crops can be planted on both farms. :)

  4. Kathy G Says:

    I can’t plant anything because I keep going out of sync…ready to chuck the game for the night…frustrating…

  5. Mei Farmington Says:

    Very excited to see some new crops! Hoping they’ll lead to new winery recipes, too. Not going to bet on it, but I’ll keep fingers crossed.

  6. kayla Says:

    I would be growing them now if my farm wasn’t out of sync! Oh Zynga.

  7. Rich Says:

    OOS OOS OOS OOS OOS every 30 seconds.

    zynga just fails again and again….all this money they make that actually goes into their pockets should be used a little more on games stability issues. geez

  8. BenMKM Says:

    These crops are permanent! Source:

  9. Anzeee Says:

    Welcome Welcome …
    New Crops (for Coins) are alwayz Welcome ;)

  10. Anzeee Says:


    New Crops [ for coins ] are AlwayZ Welcome …. ;)

  11. KiSS Says:

    yea new crops

  12. Doris Says:

    Farmville isnt woking?? I prchased h double mastery and now i cant even do anthing wth it!!

  13. Rewanda Says:

    Yes, I will be planting everything that Zynga presents. And as far as the game issues, I think we should address them to Zynga. Zynga has a survery “Tell us how we are doing”. Folks we really need to address our concerns with them. On that note, we don’t live in a perfect world…”things happen”.

  14. Dan Aptekar Says:

    My Zinfandel and Chardonnay both crops have disappeared from my inventory. Were these crops for only a limited time? What’s going on?

  15. Becca Says:

    My Chardonnay and Zinfandel seeds disappeared too! I thought these were permanent!!! I would love to know what is going on!!!

  16. Dan Aptekar Says:

    Zinfandel and Chardonnay have disappeared from the Market what’s going on?

  17. Stray Says:

    Mine are gone too! What the heck?
    Gone forever, another ‘glitch’ – who knows?


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